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Dell Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard AW768 $111.20 (OOS), Alienware AW568 Gaming Mouse $36 @ Dell eBay


Dell Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard AW768 $111.20 delivered RRP $289

$139 less 20% with PDTECH20 $111.20
keyboard is currently $187.86 in Dell Store EOFY deal
was once $83.33 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/525878 so good price not all time low

This keyboard has a good action, 'Brown' keys so are clicky without being too noisy for housemates/workmates
RGB colour is zoned - doesn't allow control of every key

Dell Alienware Advanced Gaming Mouse AW568 $36 RRP $82.99

$45 less 20% with PDTECH20 $36
mouse is currently $53.94 in Dell Store EOFY deal

can try cash rewards but not sure you'll get it because of voucher

mouse and keyboard together come to $147.20 a portion of which may be tax deductible if you use for working from home
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  • Darn, had a feeling this would become discounted. Paid $125, two weeks ago

  • mouse out of stock already :(

    • +1

      one guy brought 10

      • +2

        Must've been the same guy that bought 9 monitors last time

        • Lol, I am looking for a mouse, but not gaming mouse. People here suggest MX ergo trackball.

          • @ce5himm: Logitech MX Master

            People here suggest MX ergo trackball.

            Only if you know how to use trackball.

            • @superforever: I do not know. But would like to give it a try. MX master is on my list. Don't see any good deal pop-up.

  • Does anyone know how this compares to Razer BlackWidow Elite for $144?

    • +1

      I use the Blackwidow elite (green switch) and I'm very happy with it.

      I can't use a keyboard without a comfy wrist rest anymore :p

    • +1

      I have the AW and a slightly older BlackWidow. AW is a decent keyboard. If macros and rebinds matter to you, run for the hills (choose the BlackWidow).

      If you want like the aesthetic and don't care about macros, it's perfectly serviceable.

  • +3

    What the hell some guy bought 10. Sigh dislike flippers

    • Back in stock if you were after one

  • +1

    Thanks op.

    This keyboard is exactly what I was looking for.

    I need to return my Lenovo k500 though.

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    does the keyboard have a silver top cover or is it black?

    • +1

      It’s a metallic colour. A lot darker than the silvery colour in the image

      • thanks, sounds like it's painted then. i'll avoid.

        • I don't think it's painted. Just the colour of the plastic

    • yes I'd call it gunmetal grey

  • Only zone based lighting.

    • I never understood this needs of customise individually key.

      • +1

        Some people like to have certain keys lit differently, e.g WASD or QWER

        • The WASD is a zone in this keyboard. Don’t think QWER is

      • I have a Logitech and was surprised the keyboard lights up like a rev limiter on Asserto Corsa.

        • +1

          I saw somewhere saying it light up according the game played…I didn't understand how it would be.

          • @Dienk: think you'd need to configure the alienware command centre and launch the game from there

  • +1

    its a decent plastic keyboard but it seats really high, without the extra hand/wrist rest it is not so great if you had to type a lot. prefer a lower profile keyboard like the logitech 815 to just use it on the desktop.

  • +1

    So I bought the basic version of this keyboard during the 50% off EB Games sale and there are a few quirks. Firstly, for people who use feel to find the Left CTRL rather than looking at it, the macro keys may put you off. Also, you'll note that for punctuation, they print the characters weirdly. They put the lowercase character at the top of the key and the uppercase at the bottom despite the functionality being the same as a normal keyboard (e.g. the characters < and , are printed on opposite sides). So if you don't touch type, this could be confusing.
    Otherwise, I really like.

  • +3

    Mouse back in stock

  • Mouse is AW558 and not AW568. As Nage advised, is back in stock.

  • Goodness, shipping is slow. Still waiting.

  • Ordered it on 30/06 with original ETA date of 7/07-9/07 and it has been delayed for a second time now. The new ETA is 31/07. Pretty unprofessional from Dell.

    • Yes, I’m still waiting as well. Ordered 27/06

    • Did you get an email from Dell advising the delay? I have got a tracking number like this: DELLORDERNO8324456

      • I got a similar tracking number on 5th of July. Looks like they have no stock, might take a while.

      • For what it's worth, I contacted them and got this reply:

        "We do apologise for this set of circumstances, but we are optimistic that the item should be with you within the week or by next week."

        • +1

          Finally shipped today!! ETA tomorrow.

          • +1

            @cookie720: Mine shipped yesterday and arrived this morning. Very annoyed at their deceptive stock information. It's not the first time either.

        • Received mine today too. Post details were not updated. Still said tracking info received.

          • @EnALup: I got today the mouse only still waiting for the keyboard.

            • @Brgc: They have contacted me and offered the AW510K Keyboard, as this one is sold out

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