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eufy Video Doorbell 2K Wireless with Homebase 2 $279 ($70 off) @ The Good Guys


I bought one of these on the Anker deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/544749) and it arrived yesterday. My neighbour wants one now but Amazon is back to $349. I found the Amazon deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/547168) which is expired, and the JB Hifi deal for the $279 (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/547064) but they are 'Awaiting Stock' and delivery estimated in early August (plus there is $6.99 delivery charge). The good guys have this for $279 and it is in stock for delivery ($8.00) or free pickup. In the Brisbane area, 4 out of 5 stores I checked have stock.

Plenty of good reviews on this, some drawbacks, but overall the ability to avoid monthly subscriptions with Ring or Google and save direct to the included homebase is the key winner. Also, the Homebase acts as a chime and I believe with Ring you need to buy this separately.

Also 2.5% cashback.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    Does anyone know if the homebase acts as a doorbell chime?

    or is it only the mobile that goes bing?

    Also is there a plugin chime?

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      The home base acts as a chime. Has about 10 different chimes, can go very loud. I have set mine to just under half volume. You can also have a chime on your phone/tablet with the app. Can set the chime to go off only when pushed, or when it sees movement, and have separate chimes for movement and push.

      There is a plugin chime mentioned in the manual, but it is sold separately and I dont know why it is required.

      Also, there is a section in the manual about connecting the home base to an existing chime in your home, but again I dont know why or how that works.

      • Do you know how to change the chime? I got one a few months ago and couldn't for the life of me find where to change it.

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          Open Eufy Security app, on the Doorbell, press the settings cog, click on Indoor Chime, click on Homebase as Chime. All the homebase alert tones are in there.

    • Yeah the homebase is a chime. There's a plugin chime that comes with the wired version, not sure if you can buy it seperately.

      Also any Alexa devices you may have can also act as a chime.

  • I've always been tempted to get one of these, but then my argument to self is that I've a EUFY wirless camera installed at the main door which kind of serves purpose…may not be apples for apples, but i think does the job…

    • IMO the doorbell is worth getting. 2k video recording plus it gives people a physical doorbell button to push when they come to the door. I have a eufy camera as well that I moved to get a different angle of the front yard, it works well in tandem with the doorbell to cover more area/angles.

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    Looking for one without Homebase as I have Homebase 2 already from previous 2c deal. Eufy informed that they are planning to launch model without homebase in end of this year.. just in case for someone who is in same boat as me.

    • You can buy separately. I ordered one from the the goodguys commercial store for $212 delivered.

    • They have the standalone doorbell without homebase on the Anker/Eufy site but it's out of stock…

    • I've been watching too. Looks like add on might be starting to come into AU - see TGG and mobileciti

  • Is 2K the fancy way of saying [1920x]1080P now?

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      A crystal-clear 2K image: high definition 2560 x 1920 resolution, combined with our advanced HDR and distortion correction, ensures video is recorded in 2x the quality.

      • Curious thanks.
        If I’m not mistaken that’s letterbox.

        • No, 2560x1920 is 4:3. Not letterbox. So the 4:3 aspect ratio gives you a taller image which is useful for a doorbell camera.

    • It's not the greatest but it is better than saying 4 megapixels. Easier for the masses.

  • What can the base be used for? If we later buy the cameras they come with a base right?

    • The footage gets stored on the home base. So if someone pinches your camera the footage doesn't get lost. Since the footage is stored there, you can stream/save it to your phone without a subscription.

    • The homebase is used for local storage and as a chime for the doorbell. Wireless doorbell won't work without a homebase.

      You can buy the cameras by themselves. I got the doorbell+homebase kit and an add-on 2C camera that works with it.

  • Is this in queue to get HomeKit support?

  • Is this the wired or battery version? Model no. & pics indicate battery. Description seems to be wired.

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      Pretty sure it's battery. Wired version doesn't come with a homebase AFAIK.

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      both, you can hard-wire or use battery

    • I was more referring to the description regarding the 4GB internal storage, etc.
      Specs seem to be of the wired version with the older base.

    • Yeah, the photos look like wired, but the model number is for the wireless (E8210CW1 https://www.myanker.com.au/eufy-powered-video-doorbell-batte...) and the wireless is the one that comes with HomeBase as @Timm mentioned.

      I have one on hold, will confirm tonight after pickup.

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      I just picked mine up from the local store and can confirm its the battery version with 16GB storage in the Homebase

      • Same here, checked mine tonight and it's the wireless

  • Slightly off-topic but I'd like to know if there are any battery-based models to the Nest Hello doorbell.

    I'm interested in the Nest Hello as it integrates with the Google Home Hub but the wired requirement is a no-no for me.

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      The eufy has Beta-version integration with google home, but I have heard you still need to push a button to bring up the video, rather than it being automatic in the Nest. I am hoping for a future update to improve the integration but I wouldnt count on it.

  • Any idea how to hardwire this? Currently am having 4 wire video intercom system. This one looks two wire system

    • Its two wire. Comes with a few connectors to hardwire

  • Question, as I've filtered through multiple ring/eufy deals in the past, but how would one of these go linking up with a home alarm, cctv/nvr, network, etc??

    I've always eyed off hikvision stuff but short of buying they're whole ecosystem, doorbell, cameras, alarm, I've yet to find any one device that allows everything to interact with each other.

    Would the pros have a bit of extended insight as to whether these play well with other devices or is it purely for people thag just want a video/camera doorbell?


  • Silly question.. how secure are these video doorbells/cameras? I mean, if you can put them on, then someone can pull them off? Is there a reliable secure mechanism to stop someone from stealing doorbells?

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      You need a pin to detach it, similar to extracting a sim card on a smart phone

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      Pushing via a pin, it is very easy to remove and run with it. Unlike ring where you have to use a special screw and unscrew it that can take a few seconds longer. However ring has full replacement policy if it gets stolen and this doesn't.

      • Oh that's interesting to know. I'd prefer not to pay a subscription though, which is what Ring needs doesn't it? Guess that's them covering their costs

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          Yes, it does need a subscription which is $40 a year. However there are cons and pros with both despite the subscription with Ring. I guess it depends on your circumstances and location of the actual camera.
          Ring has wider field of view.
          Ring has a much better HDR.
          Ring notification is quicker in my tests.
          Eufy has better resolution, I can read the car number plate clearly that is parked 3 meters away, but it is difficult wiht ring.

  • Does anyone know if the recordings can be stored in NAS, i know the 2c camera works with Synology but not sure about this doorbell.

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      No, i dont think it stores to NAS. Potentially in a future update.

      • Thanks, hopefully it will work in the future update.

  • Does anybody know if the addon battery powered one will work with the homebase from this deal? I think not.

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      Yes it will but the chime on the Homebase won’t work. You will still get alerts on your devices and it will chime on the device itself. Support claim they are updating it so the chime will work in the future.

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        Thanks heaps man, that's very good info!

  • Been looking for one without the Homebase 2 as I have one already with Eufy Cam 2C system - with hopefully lower price than OP's

    • ditto. see my comment above re listings at TGG and mobileciti

      • @gazer, I'm after a stand alone one. Is that correct one from TGG and mobileciti is battery one, but can be hard wired and footage will be stored directly on to Homebase 2?


        • yeh mate seems so to me

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            @gazer: @gazer, if you're still after a stand-alone one, here is the best price I could find. It's $214 after promo code.

            • @ja912son: thanks mate yeh grabbed one the other day and stacked with the 10% off ebay gift card Woolies deal. cheers

  • I just picked one of these up, quite happy with it

  • Can this stack up with first responders offer?

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    I asked for the best price and the assistant at TGG gave it to me for $250 + 5% off = $238. Good stuff!

    • Which store and why extra 5%

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        Oxley QLD, and I get cheaper gift cards.

  • The supplied 15 degree attachment seems to not help much. Anyone knows how to get 30 or 45 degree angle bracket?

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