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Gaming PC Bundle: R3-3100 RX 570 + 22" 1080P Monitor: $699 + Delivery @ TechFast


Hi folks,

Rounding out EOFYS deals with a hot Esports / Entry Level gaming PC bundle with a 22" 1080P monitor and wired keyboard/mouse, offered as a base spec for those looking for lowest entry point and have their own storage etc, which would need to be upgraded from 120G as usual to store more games/files if not.

Ryzen 3 3100 / RX 570 4GB Esports Bundle: $699 after 3100-570-EOFYS

All EOFYS Deals Ending Jul 1

Maybe time for 1 or 2 more deals if anyone has any suggestions not covered in the above.
Cheers and merry EOFYS.

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  • Can this play Warzone well?

  • I have an older gen and spec pc i7/ddr3 ram and presuming you mean COD warzone i had 8 Gig ram and while it ran it was very choppy and i had to run on the lowest graphics
    upgraded to 16Gig ram and now running all max specs smoothly

    so while im no longer keeping up with all the latest tech i would suggest upgrading ram as a minimum on any pc you look at to min 16

  • Ryzen 5 3500X | RTX 2060 6GB Gaming PC [B350/240G]: $999 - is this deal actually active? If so, is there a new code to enter at checkout to get the $999 price?

  • It would be great if Techfast only offered 80+ PSUs as standard on all their $1000+ builds.

    I reckon the risk to their brand is significant with using these cheaper PSUs especially on the higher end builds.

    • You always have the option to upgrade the PSU if you want. It is up to you and your budget if you decide to go with the standard cheaper PSU which most people are happy with.

    • I hope you realise that a PSU being 80+ does not imply it's of a higher overall build quality or is less likely to kill your PC.

    • The issue with Techfast's standard PSU is that it's a ticking time bomb. I don't care if it's a gold rated PSU or whatnot, but they should at least provide a more reliable PSU as standard. The current PSU they provide as standard doesn't even have the proper connections. They used molex connectors and a PCIE adapter.

  • would be cool if you guys can find a 144hz monitor to pair this with

  • doesnt come with windows add $170 comes out to be pretty shite deal then

    • I managed to get windows 10 pro free through uni. I'm at Monash but I'm certain others can access it. There's an old ozbargain thread t1hat had some info on it. Won't help everyone, but if you or someone else close to you is at uni you might be able to grab a key through them.

      • Link to thread ?

      • Hey man, I'm at Monash as well and was looking around for the education Win10 license but didn't see it free for us. Where/how did you get it?
        Ended up getting it through Swinburne Uni thanks to a friend lol.

        • I think it's only for the IT department. If you're doing business or something, you won't get it for free.

        • Sorry, can't remember the link. I googled 'ozbargain windows 10 free student' and it was one of the first few links. Had to sift through a couple of forums. I'm studying a health/medical degree and I was eligible. So you don't need to be studying IT.

    • Actually, it is possible to download the official Windows10 ISO from the Microsoft website, then install and use it for free.

  • Would like to see RX5700 deal back for $999.

  • Would you get 200 plus FPS on valorant with low settings? Thanks :)

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