This was posted 10 years 3 months 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Razer Spectre $47 at EB Games (In Store Only)


Lowest prices on staticice are around $76-$80.

Lowest price on eBay is $70 + $10 postage. Max. price is $139.

$129.95 from Razer + a minimum of $25.91 postage (According to their shipping guide).

I haven't looked in any stores or phoned any, so feel free to try.


Go easy on me as it's my first deal. :P

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EB Games Australia

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    Good research mate, very well done!

  • probably doesnt hav stock but i will give it a try tomorrow

  • Totally dig the lights and the APM monitoring, but does it have side tilt scrollwheels?

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    This mouse is very small compared to other gaming mice. If you're going to game for hours it would be better to invest in a more ergonomic mouse.

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      From a review on Newegg:
      "The mouse is like a feather. If you are like me and like a heavier mouse, I wouldn't really recommend it.
      Also, it is a claw style grip mouse and for people with larger hands this can be kind of uncomfortable."

      I suppose the deal's still useful for those who don't have large hands. :/

      • u know what they say about large hands…

        • what?

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          It's hard to find gloves that fit.

        • Keep your dirty thoughts out of OzBargain and in your bedroom.

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          If your hand is bigger than your face then you have cancer.

        • +5


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          if the mouse does not fit, your head will get hit.

        • large arms?

        • able to hold more coins

      • I bought a Razer Mamba 4G ( ) the other day and it's too small for my big hands so it is just sitting here used for less than 2 hours.

        If anyone finds or lets me know of a big mouse - it'd be much appreciated! :)

        • interested in selling @ozbargain price or already returned?

  • just me or is site down?

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    Wow this is a p unbelievably find.

    1. EB is always more expensive.
    2. Razer peripherals are overpriced.
  • i think the apm lights are pointless because
    1. you hand will cover the lights most of the time
    2. your eyes will be on the screen and not the mouse

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      you can check out the lights while you are waiting to respawn

      • specially in Battlefield, BF :1942 was my first 3D FPS Multiplayer game.

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    If you can manage to get a worker at JB Hi-Fi or somewhere else to price match the DeathAdder with (unfortunately there's no image available, making it harder to), then you can possibly pay $52.97, instead of $79.

    I price matched a $48 headset at JB Hi-Fi Top Ryde with a printout of the product on MSY, who had it for $29. The worker was happy to accept it without calling MSY or checking the website. :P

    The conclusion of the review here seems quite promising:
    More reviews can be found at

    • Thanks, looking to replace my lachesis

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    o damn. my local store has stock. Guess I'll pick one up to match my maruader +1 to you for a good find OP

  • fall back to the shadows

  • I bought one from the Carousel, WA store about a month ago - it was the last on the shelf but it is one amazing mouse.

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    WOW did i just see EB games on ozbargain??!!

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      Yea.. very surprising. I had to go check my totem.

      • I was about to check my totem - then the world cut to black.

  • George St and Galleries Victoria stores sold out.

  • I just rang the EB stores in Epping, Bundoora, Greensborough, Northland, Heidelberg and Doncaster and theyre all sold out =(

  • i just got one today…lucky i live in Launceston haha they have plenty of stocks there

  • Yeah apparently the online stock checker is ~2 weeks out.

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