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Dell G5 15 - 5590 Gaming Laptop i7-9750H 16GB RAM 512GB SSD GTX 1660ti 144hz Screen $1599.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Dell G5 15 - 5590 (previous Gen) Gaming Laptop

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Not cheapest it's ever been, with this same spec cheapest was (also smaller 256GB SSD).

I prefer this older design than the newer 5500, most of the ports are in the back, more exhaust outlet and has way more USB 3.0 ports also.
This has the 144Hz screen, which I believe has the higher 91% sRGB Colour Gamut.
Also I believe from the previous post, this 1660ti model comes with the 180w power brick, not the 130w brick as per the spec, although it was never confirmed.

9th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-9750H (12MB Cache, up to 4.5 GHz, 6 cores)
Windows 10 Home (64 bit) English
16GB, DDR4, 2666MHz
NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 1660Ti
512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive
Abyss Grey
1Yr Ltd Hardware Warranty,InHome Service after Remote Diagnosis
15.6 inch FHD(1920 x 1080) 300nits IPS Anti-Glare LED Backlit Display with 144Hz refresh rate
802.11ac 2x2 WiFi and Bluetooth
4-Cell 60 Whr Battery (Integrated)
English Backlit Keyboard with Blue Print
Dell G5 15 - 5590
Intel Wireless-AC 9560 Driver
Palmrest Label for FHD Non-Touch Config (English)
Intel® Core™ i7 Processor Label
130 Watt AC Adapter
Power Cord (ANZ)

Original Coupon Deal

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  • How would a person change its wifi to AX?

  • Just swap out the standard Mini pcie wifi to the AX


  • this is last year's 9th Gen CPU, the price should be lower by now.

  • +2 votes

    2.68kg, thats why heavy mofo!

    • +15 votes

      Get a thin one and them complain about the thermals.

      • -4 votes

        what thin one?

        • Any thin notebook with a medium gaming spec. I am not saying beefier notebook won't heat up. But is better have space to ventilate inside.

      • To be fair 2.7kg is still high even for gaming laptops… The mag15 (believe aftershock vapor here was under 2KG and didn't have serious heating issues. Or the Helios 300 which would be considered heavyweight of latest generation is only 2.3kg and has great thermals with the default undervolt

        Should add they cost considerably more though

        • The only gaming laptops with great thermals have huge fans and vents. They weight about 2 bricks. The Acer helios does have them, but also costs like an extra 1k.

          • @RI4V4N: Suppose depends on definition of great do we mean no throttling or maximum turbo.

            And damm didn't realise Helios got do expensive swear it was on sale for just $2000 before covid hit.

    • Never really understood why an extra kilo here and there on a gaming laptop is such an issue for people. Where are you guys taking your laptops? On your mountain treks to Kilimanjaro?

      • Some people just want one computer for everything. I still carry mine around to class (engineering at Uni so use it for CAD) and another case weight comes in is trying to fly carry on only eg visit home for a weekend (not that flying is an issue currently). 1kg extra is felt over a few km walking and it all just slowly adds up in a backpack.

        I wouldn't say it's my top priority but definitely a factor. My current one is 2.7KG and I just know when I upgrade I'll be eyeing to shave off 500 grams if I can though at the same time there's no right answer. As said in this node thicker laptops = cooler = faster. Simple as that all a balancing act for the individual.

  • Increased from $1300…

  • anyone know whether the tb3 port supports power delivery on this one?

  • Can you claim TRS… oh, never mind.

  • If you click the links to the cheapest ever it only received 14 votes. Currently on 34 votes.

    • do you reckon it would go back to 1300ish after corona?

      • They probably might discontinue this model long before that.

        • because of the cpu?

          • @baldur: Most probably. The 10th gen intel chips have a few bugs fixed. No point for them to manufacture old CPUs for long other than for warranty purposes. The 9750 is a good chip though, made to look obsolete by 4000 Ryzen processors.

            • @vinayAU: Ryzen 4000 series also make i7 10th Gen look dated, Intel reminds me of Nokia, they're on top of their game and sit on their @ss not developing anything new and keep on milking consumer by release the same chip with slightly faster CPU but added more heat and keep the price the same.
              Like 8750H vs 9750H vs 10750H, not worth the upgrade.

              • @kml22: They cant help it. Thier engineers are doing thier best to bring out CPUs that compete with 7nm performance staying on 14nm. What else can the chip division do if the foundries cant help with 10nm? Thier 10nm processors still have very good single threaded preformance compared to AMD clock to clock. Thats the best they can do without good support from the foundry division. On the other hand what pisses me off is thier malpractices of bribing OEMs not to use AMD processors. The best thing we can do as consumers is to buy AMD and support them as thier processors are really doing well. The more money AMD has, better the competion which is better for the customers overall in the coming years.

    • EOFY madness

  • I tested these Dell's and while I love the deals they have and warranty/support etc. I found the build quality was chunky and had VERY spongy keys for my own preference.

    MSI and HP had much nicer keys.

    • And how much more are you paying for MSI or HP? Do they have the equivalent at this price?

    • What are the latest MSI laptops like? I bought one of their netbooks in 2008. A friend has it now. Are they expensive? I never see them on OzBargain.

      • They're generally light, do what they're supposed to and manage thermals decently well.

        I'm actually now just waiting for the amd Lenovo to come out with a 1660ti.

    • I had this one in my cart yesterday, ready to checkout, then I browsed at the local stores and found this MSI with 2060 graphics, and their reviews were good as well. So I thought I will give it a go and bought this instead. Hoping not to be disappointed with this:


  • I got this a couple months ago - it’s been a great gaming laptop!!

    • Yes, great laptop once you undervolt.

      • How do you under volt?
        And why?

        • Undervolt the CPU prevents it from overheating then throttling. I’ve undervolted my CPU which would reach 100 degrees then throttle quickly. You can use either intel xtu or throttlestop. I had issues with the former so now use throttlestop

          • @FireRunner: Can you please share your recommended settings for these apps for gaming? I've never noticed it going slower when gaming, so I'd be interested to follow your recommendation :)

            • @katz: The thing undervolting is that it is specific to your laptop. Not the type of laptop but yours specifically. The CPU provided is always within a tolerance range which means that you might not even need to undervolt or that you need a relatively large drop. You need to trial and error it. Follow this guide to do it with Intel XTU. Mine eventually stopped working with XTU so had to switch Throttlestop but I think finding the right value to undervolt is easier in XTU so I would start there.

              Also don't worry about damaging the laptop, it's not possible with undervolting. The worst that could happen is it crashes which means you set the voltage too low so just re-adjust.

  • Looks pretty thicc, so shouldn't thermal throttle, but I think you might need to turn off hyper-threading anyway.

  • this or ASUS TUF FA506 15.6" 144Hz Ryzen 7 4800H for $1599 ( https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ASUS-TUF-FA506-15-6-144Hz-Ryzen-...)

    only do minimal gaming. also will be buying with 28 degree so will claim cashback whenever price drops

    • heard good things about it. The 1650 is a fair bit worse tho i think than the 1660. I know there is a TUF version out there with a 2060.
      If your not gaming a lot, who cares. Just remember there will be a significant bump to minimum requirements for most games when the new consoles come out.

      if you only buy 1 good laptop every 3-4 years, id wait for the next gen nvid gpus.

      • what about the difference between the cpus?

      • thnx for replying..i pulled the plug on asus tuf..bought from futu_online..aparently the 20% coupon code expires today also the delivery says 1st july so fingers crossed..

        i do very minimal pc gaming so not worreid bout 1660 ti …heard about ryzen 4000 so jst went with it…also since this is a new model , price will drop and will help in cashback…not so for this dell i beleive as some have said it will be discontinued

    • Asus has a horrible screen, awful colour and awful response time.

  • Anyone know what the screen is like? Or even better what it's running? Just want decent response time.

    Also know if it works with freesync/adaptive sync?

    • Good screen good response times

      No adaptive sync, only the 2070+ models have it

      • Ahh well. Bought one. Only casual gaming on the go so lack of adaptive sync isn't end of world. I do hate stutter though hehe.

        Got to be better then the 19ms g2g of the A15 I had!

  • Damn OzBargain. Was watching this and keeping quiet (very anti ozb i know) while I messaged Dell for a warranty upgrade listing. Then 30 got sold in under 24 hrs and had to jump in!

    Only 2 left.

  • dammit, i had one in my cart and was just doing my final bit of research, and boom, sold out

  • 2 back in stock.

    Never mind, seems dell has ended the 20% off early

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