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Kogan 24" FHD Curved 144hz Freesync Gaming Monitor (1920x 1080) $269 Delivered @ Kogan


Stunning 24” curved display with Full HD 1920 × 1080p
Rapid fire 144Hz refresh rate
5ms (OD) response time
1200R Curve allows eyes to track smoothly across the screen
99% SRGB for Uncompromising colour quality
VA Panel
Panel Manufacturer: Samsung

Free Shipping with code FREESHIP or with Kogan First which there is a free trial
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  • Would save me about $15 shipping not bad

  • I'm torn whether to neg this, on one hand this is a deal for the certain product… but on the other this product is just shit for the price in general. The AOC 24G2 exists and blows this out of the water for $299. It is IPS, a name brand, covers more of the sRGB colour space and was just at $274. Curve is stupid at 24" and is never actually gonna be beneficial unless you are like 10cm away from the screen.

    • Where was it $274??

      • Shopping Express. I'm pretty sure it's expired now, but it still regulars $299.

        Edit: It was $276 + a $40 Steam gift card. Required Ebay Plus though…

        • Oh ye, I wouldn't consider $40 card worth $40, like max 20

          my friend got that monitor, its also on umart, pcbyte

    • So $299 and no Steam gift card, would you buy 24G2 over this Kogan one?

      • Oh definitely. Probably a better stand, but IPS alone is enough to sell it to me. Also it isn't Kogan, so +100 value.

        • The $270 is VA, AOC $300
          Not sure how big a jump from VA to IPS is

          And the $270 is curved to a significant degree 1200R unlike 1800R

          • @Teemo4Life: VA is known to have inherent ghosting and poor response times, and I doubt Kogan have done a good job of solving it. As I said curvature is stupid at 24".

            • @Rajeh: so you're saying VA is bad?
              It's the best of both worlds/ a good compromise everyone says.

              • @Teemo4Life: VA has lower response times, but has "VA ghosting" instead of response time ghosting. So really even if it's within the refresh window it's still gonna ghost. So the only upside is maybe price, and the contrast ratio but I've never really noticed contrast ratio on VA panels I have seen.

              • @Teemo4Life: VA if you use it in pitch dark environment , else no brainer to go for IPS at $30 more

      • I have the 24G2, and got it awhile back since they had the cashback promo. Can't vouch for Kogan, but response times and just general colour is pretty good.

        It's no heavy hitter for sure, but at the price point it was good value purchase for me.

  • I would hate to be gaming or word processing on a curved 24" monitor. It has to be 27". The text and graphics will be too small.

    • word processing on a curved 24" monitor.

      I'm find it hard to find a curved printer to compliment my curved monitor. Any ideas?