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Beko 7kg Heat Pump Dryer $733 @ Appliances Online + Free Delivery and Removal of Old Dryer


Decent price for a heat pump dryer. You will save $$$ on your power bills especially so if like me you use it almost daily.

Also added bonus of free delivery and removal of old appliance and packaging.

This Beko heat pump dryer has the capacity to dry up to 7kg of washing. This dryer features 15 types of drying programs so you can select the setting for best results such as Cottons Iron Dry, Synthetics iron Dry and Gentle Care/Shirts. Opti Sense Technology Optimises the drying cycle with advanced humidity and temperature sensors, therefore no need for guessing how long it will take to dry the clothes. The 6-star energy rating also means you will be able to save on your power bill.

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    We bought this at the start of the year for around the same price, I can vouch for it being a great dryer. It's the first condenser dryer we've owned and it's great.

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      But this isn't a condenser

  • Aldi have a Stirling 7 kg heat pump dryer for $599 from the 11th of July. No delivery or pick up of old one.

    • How do you know? I have been hanging out for this heat pump dryer at ALDI.

    • Any idea if they are of similar quality?

  • Are these the ones that need a hose to the outside?

    • Not typically. You can use a hose, but they have a unit that collects water. Though needs emptying after every big load.

  • How would you work out the running cost difference?

    Would you make your money back within a year, for an average household?

    • https://www.energyrating.gov.au/calculator

      On my daily usage I save around $250 to $300 a year on electricity compared to a standard vented dryer

      • Thank you for the link.

        FISHER & PAYKEL - de7060g2
        $2,683.10 = Total cost of ownership over 10 years

        STIRLING - shpd7
        $1,581.40 = Total cost of ownership over 10 years

        • STIRLING is the one on special buys at Aldi.

          • @Rycon9: BEKO - bdp700w
            $1,617.16 = Total cost of ownership over 10 years

    • Massive. My AEG has an 8 star energy rating.

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    I always dry my clothes outside even though my apartment came with a dryer. What's the advantage of using a dryer over the traditional outdoor drying?

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      Other than convenience and no bird poop, none really.

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        Covered balcony takes care of that hehe

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      Speed and convenience. Drying clothes in winter may take 1-2 days. If it's raining you need to hang undercover.

      A dryer can dry your clothes in around an hour.

      • Thanks I'll stick with not using it and racking up my electricity bill

        • +7

          I almost never used a dryer until I had kids. Now we're doing two loads of washing a day and that wouldn't fit on our line let alone dealing with rainy days.

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      Towels stay soft without fabric softeners that tend to make towels seem waterproof. In the sun sans a softener, they are hard and rough. Spend a fortune on bath sheets, then dry them in the sun? No thanks.

      • The fabric softeners stop them absorbing water. Scratchy towels dry much better.

        • Defeats the purpose of buying plush towels. Just use a drier, and no fabric softeners.

    • We stopped using the dryer regularly many years ago, now only use it occasionally for "emergencies," but in winter we just set a clothes rack in front of the heater in the lounge room and the clothes dry pretty quickly.

  • 5 year warranty too (2 years standard + register with Beko within 90 days for additional 3 years). Only problem is it's out of stock and not due in until middle of August although they sometimes get them in earlier.

    • In stock for Sydney/NSW

      • Hey you're right. Didn't realise it changed depending on where you live. Surprising they would make someone wait several weeks when another warehouse has them in stock…

        • Must be based on warehouse stock in certain regions. Their site has some funky sales algorithms. Sometimes a bigger capacity machine will be cheaper than the same model with less capacity.

    • Stock not due in Perth till August either as I enquired with them. Winter will be over by then…

      I ended up recently buying the Teka 7kg from Appliances Online, got it delivered last week. A bit pricier, but used their price match guarantee as found it somewhere else cheaper. Extremely happy with it.

  • We have an Electrolux condenser drier, after a bit over 8 years its starting to have quirks, is Beko a quality brand?

    • Mixed would be a fair response. Had a few Samsungesque issues. That said I’ve had a beko washing machine for 6 yrs and no issues. Though, looking at prices am thinking of getting a bigger capacity no name chinese machine from appliances online.

  • 45 days delivery in Adelaide. Sigh. No one here has decent deal dryers in stock, have been looking for 3 weeks.

    • Have you called them to see if they can get one for you from one of their other warehouses? There seem to be plenty available for NSW & Qld deliveries.

  • A lot of houses can use dryers for free if they have solar panels and only use the dryer during the day.

    • You mean at the cost of whatever FIT they ridge received otherwise?

      • You mean at the opportunity cost…

  • Stretch and get the Electrolux EDH803BEWA ($992). I had the Beko BDP83HW for a bit over twelve months and it was fine except at the time it was advertised as having a reverse tumble action. Later on that was removed from the marketing material so Beko agreed to accept a return on the item. The Electrolux has a real reverse tumble action- so if you dry everything in the dryer like I do then this is an essential feature.

    • We bought the Electrolux and are very happy with it… Except the fact the price dropped a week after we bought it because of eofy sale… Works well. Power usage is very reasonable. Only downside is the window is made out of plastic.

      • +1

        Yeah, Beko was a glass window. One dryer dries bedding and the other doesn't so I'm glad with the dryer I ended up with. It has better drying function than my older Bosch dryer that I had which was top of the range. Build quality is average and I guess I'll have to wait and see how long it lives.

        • which ones you are referring to here "One dryer dries bedding and the other doesn't"
          which one is good and which one isnt?

          • +1

            @bashar20: Pretty much regardless of price, in my experience, if your dryer doesn't have a decent reverse tumble action it will ball up your bedding. The two Bosch dryers I have used and the Beko were no good, you would have to pull the ball out and shake it out in the hope it might dry. No good in North QLD putting something in the dryer and heading out for the day to come home and find a moldy smelling ball.

            The Electrolux works well in this regard as long as it's at least half full. It seems if you have say only a single bed set the volume is so small the items fall on themselves and seemed to tangle, rather than a more full load which seems to tumble over and not tangle. I wrote a lengthy review on product review for the 9kg if you wanted more info.

            • @bxpressiv: care to share link? as we are considering buying the Electrolux tonight.

              • +1

                @bashar20: I found your detailed review.
                Many thanks we purchase the Electrolux. Unfortunately delivery is not until end of August :-(

                • @bashar20: Hope it helped. Six months of use and the only annoying thing which remains is the app notification issue which I doubt will ever be fixed. Other than that all my points still stand- great dryer.

                  • @bxpressiv: Cheers mate. Are you stacking this on top of washing machine? What did you use to stack?

                    I will Followup with them regarding app notifications.

                    • +1

                      @bashar20: No stacking kit because I got a Beko washing machine with the Beko dryer I returned. I just have one of those rubber mats on top of the washing machine, the dryer won't move.

  • The essatto heat pump dryer they have is also fantastic.
    682 currently
    Purchased one and will not look back over 200 reviews 4.7 hard to come by with products these days.
    Also their service is impeccable.

    • We just returned our Esatto after 12 months as it would sometimes take 4+ hours to dry a normal load, which is not covered by warranty but fortunately (?) for us it recently would intermittently stop and make a grinding sound. They said this was not fixable and wrote off the machine. This was covered by warranty and we decided to upgrade to the Beko 8kg heat pump as they have a 5 year warranty. The repair guy said the heat pumps have a much higher failure rate than the other types which is not surprising as the vented ones are pretty much a heating element and fan. He said the compressors are the failure point and also that he sees a lot more Electrolux breaking down than any other model. That scared us into going with the longer warranty model.

      • They are, compared to vented dryers, still fairly newish so I expect failure rate to be much much higher than an established tech. I essentially make my money back on the dryer in about 2.5 years compared to vented so anything beyond that is bonus.

        • But heat pumps aren't new. This is basically an air conditioner unit which heats clothes.

  • +4

    Use EOFY2020 for $20 off. Just bought one despite the mid-August delivery to Melbourne. Thanks, OP!

  • Anyone know how this goes drying sheets/towels??

  • Price jacked up to $779 now.

    • price jumped to 789. Unsure of why the price happens to be so volatile for it to fluctuate so much within a couple days, let alone weeks.

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