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North Bayou F160 Dual Monitor Full Motion Desk Mount with Gas Spring 17" - 27" $69.30 Shipped @ ScreenMounts Amazon AU


Not the cheapest, but still a good price.

F160 - is a dual arm monitor stand by North Bayou. Fits most LCD LED monitors 17" to 27" and supports up to 14.3 lbs per each monitor. It is made from air-craft grade aluminum alloy material, what makes this desk mount light and reliable. Thanks to its gas spring system you can easily move your displays in any direction. The two monitors also have adjustable height. These full motion two monitor arms will give you all possible viewing angles you like.
Modern design of F160 will suit perfectly well anywhere you want. Use it in your office, class room or at home. This stylish and functional table mount will help you with your work twice as good, because the second monitor is a real advantage.
Please pay attention:
1. It is impossible to adjust the arms of the desk mount before complete installation.
2. Our Dual monitor mount fits two screens 17" to 27" in size 4.4lbs to 14.3lbs in weight each with VESA patterns 75x75mm or 100x100mm.
3. The diameter of the hole in your desk must be between 10mm-50mm and your desk thickness must be between 0.8 - 3.7 inch.

Also the new F80 is $37.95.


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  • Love these arms. They work really well, even used them to hold up my Dell 2407WFP-HC's previously (which were slightly heavier than the maximum rated load).

  • can this hold my Acer XR382CQK 37.5 inch monitor?

  • Dual arms sound nice, but really buying two single arms (each with a capacity of 9kg) is more functional. You can put each on one end of the table. The extra money spent on two single arms is worth it.

  • I use this with 2x 27" monitors and it's ok but definitely pushing the limits. When turning a monitor vertical, one of the non-resistance adjustable hinges will fail with just a small nudge. They're hard to do fine adjustments on to get alignment perfect.

    • have you chnaged the resistance? I have no issues with my MAG271C's and they are getting close to the weight limit

      • I think you can only change the resistance on the spring loaded section that holds the monitor's vertical position. The hinge closest to the back of the monitor that controls the angle the monitor faces up/down is the one that gives way.

  • Very close to what I'm after. Need one for a lap top, though at this stage in thinking I'll just hide the laptop and run cords to a monitor.

  • This is a very good monitor stand with two 24" monitors. I am using it for more than two years, it is very sturdy.

  • To anyone with this product already:
    I have a 27" and a 24". What I like I'd having the 27" straight in front of me and having the 24" off to the side (instead of both Infront of me with the split in the centre). Will this mount facilitate this?

  • I have a dual gas arm thing for Kogan and it works okay. But I need a really long arm so I can float a 32 inch monitor above those two.

  • Been looking at these and the vivo for $5 more but doesn't have the arms sticking out at the back https://www.amazon.com.au/VIVO-Monitor-Mount-Adjustable-Scre...

    Both very highly rated. Is there anything that makes one design better than the other?

    • This one is more adjustable. Each screen can be independently adjusted for position. With the Vivo, both screens will be fixed at the same height. If your screens are different brands, this will likely be a problem.

  • Do these damage the desks? I have an Ikea desk

    • Please don't mislead him.
      Both have clamps, you wont have to drill holes.

      • Yep. And the clamps have some padding to them as well to not damage the surface.

        Great mount, this. Bought it 2 weeks ago from this same seller, it is the newer model which can hold 9kg as opposed to the older one which was 7 (I believe).

    • I have this on a Bekant standing desk. No damage and the table top is perfectly strong :)

  • I have this with 2x24. Can definitely recommend. Works a treat. However, if you are dealing with bigger monitors, two single arms will be better.

  • Needed one and this looks great - Thanks OP

  • I bought this from Amazon for $57 in September. It holds up my two 27" dell screens.
    I wish I had bought two single arms instead. The entire weight of the screens and the mount is centred on the desk, and the cheap ikea desk can't cope with that much weight in the middle. The desk is bowed a bit now.
    Also, with the double-arm system, the elbow for each arm pushes into the wall so I can't push my desk all the way up against the wall. A single arm would allow the elbow to sit flush against the back of the screen, and a single arm would also mount further towards the edge of the desk, spreading the weight out and reducing the bow in the desk.

    I would recommend it to others with 24" screens and stronger desks.

  • Just a heads up for anyone getting this with a recessed mounting area, the bracket won't fit. You'll need to grind down the top corners to fit it in. After that it'll work fine.

    • Depending on the recessed mount of course. My Samsung LC34H892WGEXXY 34" Curved UW fits fine without modifying. Apparently other curved screens have issues though.

  • It's better to pay a bit more and buy two single arms.

  • Would these be okay for 2 MSI Optix G27C4 monitors? If not, would anyone have a recommendation?

  • Ordered two single arms. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

  • Anyone have a recommendation for a laptop tray (VESA) mount?

  • Is there any easy way to install this?

    It doesn't seems to have a plate to install so if I'm right, you have to attach the monitor first then put this to your desk…. which would mean you have to hold 13kg+ until you lock into your desk….

    • Pretty much how you do it. I did it with my 34" UW on my own and it wasn't a drama. I'm no strongman either.

    • Two of the screw holes are not fully enclosed. If you put the top screws in the monitor screwed in about half way you can "hang" the monitor on those screws while you tighten them and then screw in the other two

  • Got 2x single arm as well. Thank you all

  • +2 votes

    Single arm available on Ebay for the same ($38) price with Free Shipping.


    Or if you need to buy two and are Ebay Plus member, you could also use $5 monthly Ebay plus voucher to bring price down to $71 for 2x Single Arms.

    • Do you know if there's a difference with the one being sold on Amazon? Amazon's one saying it supports up to 9KG but the packaging on this Ebay one says up to 6.5KG :(

      • Hi tdubz, Amazon one is definitely newer version (got two from last sale) and supports up to 30 inch monitor as well as 9KG support.

  • Thank you! Ordered the single arm mount.

  • are the newer models the ones with holes in the cable management brackets as shown in the images?

  • I have a 28" UE590 UHD Monitor and a LG 32GK650F-B 31.5". Both well within weight limit of this F80. I know it says 17" to 30"…. but should it be fine for both if i buy 2?

  • For those that bought the dual mount, how much space do you have to leave behind the table? I'd rather something that would enable me to have my table as close to the wall as possible.

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