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Galax Nvidia Geforce GTX 1660 Super 6GB $349 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Conveniently was speccing up a PC for a friend, found this might be the cheapest price for 1660 Super so far.

$11 shipping to Victoria.


Clock Speed (MHz):1530MHz
Boost Clock Speed (MHz):1800MHz
Memory (VRAM): 6GB
Memory Type: GDDR6
Length (mm): 228mm
DisplayPort (DP):1x DisplayPort 1.4a
HDMI:1x HDMI 2.0b

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  • That seems pretty good, maybe finally prices aren't so insane?

    For those too skint, the 1650 super version is pretty cheap atm too ($239 + shipping)


    I put one of these Galax 1650S in my daughters SFF PC a couple of weeks ago when $280ish shipped was the best price I could find, even with the restricted airflow of the teeny case on the desk next to her monitor it doesn't scream too loud under load or overheat (the CPU cooler is actually louder, incoming Noctua fan for that), so in a normal mATX/ATX case it'd be basically silent.

    The 1660S is physically larger but a similar design (90mm fans up from 80mm, 1cm taller 3cm longer, 3 heat pipes instead of I think only one, seems to have a back-plate where the 1650S doesn't) so I'd imagine it'd be a good card too (was borderline for fitting in the SFF case, I needed the 1650 version's end entry power connector and it's only an Ivy Bridge i7 so this is its last upgrade)

    • Which sff case that you have? My Dell optiplex sff only fit with these low profile card. https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/gigabyte-geforce-gtx-...

      • It's an old ITX compatible shuttle cube, so I can go full slot height but no higher as most cards these days stick up over the slot on the inside, which is why the side entry for the PCIe power was a big plus as it'd be a tight kink for the normal top of the card position for the power even for an only slot high card. So I'm luckier than you at least, half height really makes it difficult/expensive :(

    • There were 2060 models on sale for $425 5 months ago. This isn't much of a deal at all.

      • The situation was different 5 months ago. Prices are higher at present due to a number of factors such as reduced supply and reduced shipping capacity.

        I agree (of course) that all else being equal a 2060 for $425 is probably superior, but that kind of price doesn't appear to be currently available, and plausibly won't be for the near future.

        • Read my comment history, and you'll realise you're preaching to the choir, but you only have half the song sheet.

          The shipping logistics have already improved in the rest of the world, so that should be quickly rectifying here in the next few weeks at worst.

          RTX 3000 series launches in September, and either in late Q4 or mid Q2, there will be an RTX 3050, and this card will be a relic, particularly at the price, due to a lack of DLSS capability.

          This is just Shopping Express doing their usual crap as prices come down, they play around with margins twice a week.

          If you have a working GPU, wait, and buy RTX 3000.

      • People had jobs 5 months ago.

        • Amazing justification for spending more money…

          New graphics cards are launching in 3 months, and there'll eventually be raytracing models that sell for cheaper than this (literally an RTX 3050), complete with DLSS capability for huge performance bumps at the price point.

          Anyone who can afford to wait absolutely should, because this is a bubble due to the logistics of covid, not because the PC sector of retail has been struggling (far from it).

        • So less demand and more supply; means cheaper GPU.

    • Great choice on the Noctua cooler they punch above their weight!

    • you know if the Galax 1650S that you put in to your daughter SFF PC can fit into my HP elitedesk 800 G1 with 300w psu? how does that compare to the GTX 1050ti low profile?

      • No chance it'd fit as its a full height not half height card, but it'd be way more powerful if it did cause the 1650 super is basically like a 1060 6gig performance wise. Daughter's SFF case is a cube, not low profile like that HP, and the 300w PSU would be marginal to run it too, hers has a 550w 80+bronze.

        I haven't seen any half height/low profile cards past the 1650 non super, which is basically a direct replacement for a 1050ti with only a minor improvement in FPS, and there's a big jump in performance going from those 75 watt slot only powered cards to externally powered 125w and up cards

  • Ahh, I remember the Gigabyte OC 1660S from FTC Computers for $297 shipped. That was such a crazy deal. How prices have changed.

    I originally missed the double stacking and paid $330 ish for it. Then I messaged FTC computers and they gladly canceled my order so I could replace with voucher at $297.

    I remember this vividly because I literally ordered, messaged, and re-ordered while recovering from my surgery in hospital lol. Thanks for listening to my Monday AM musing.

    • I too vividly remember my FTC 5700XT purchase. The disbelief at the price, the original week delivery ETA being missed, the lack of communication from the company, the increasing number of posters on ozbargain angrily cancelling their orders that never came, the fake tracking number.

      I got it after three weeks but I almost handed in my ozbargain membership and just paid the extra $150 to buy it from a bricks and store.

      • I never got my 2080super, 2 months it took to get the refund.

      • I bought my Sapphire Pulse 5700XT for $660 back in October. Felt bad a couple of weeks later when I saw a Gigabyte 2070 Super for not much more money, but given recent prices I feel like it was a fairly good purchase overall.

    • And now FTC have gone under. Their low cut warehouse1 level prices were never sustainable.

    • Man FTC prices were crazy.
      I bought my 2070s from them at $639, with 18% off gift cards, with a bonus 1TB SSD(which I sold for $150). And it arrived in 3days.

      • You were in the minority. They over sold on their products massively. There were literally hundreds of people that never got their products on the forums. I was one of them. took 2 months to finally get a refund after waiting over a month with no communication.

  • Great card. Only about 20% slower than a 2060 and no native RTX support but for a much lower price.

    • Which ones have native RTX support? Do you think it's worth getting a GPU that supports it?

      • The ones that start with RTX and not GTX (so RTX 2060, 70, 80, 80 Ti, and super variants). And IMO no, if you actually care about raytracing wait for Ampere which should have significantly improved ray tracing performance, 1st gen RTX is very meh.

  • Sometimes I am having blue screen with my Asus GTX 1060, is it worth to upgrade to this gtx 1660 super?

    • If you can wait, the new models of GPUs will be out before the end of the year.

      • Why wait? Do you think the current gen. cards are going to drop in price substantially?? If so, IMO, don't hold your breath.

        As with the RTX release, alot will be disappointed with the pricing of the new releases.

        • It'd be hard to imagine current GPUS not dropping in price with the new consoles coming out, and a new line of GPU's.

      • There is always going to be new hardware coming. With next gen consoles around the corner unless you’re willing to upgrade your whole computer to a beefy pci4 / ray tracing monster; it won’t make sense to wait and wait.

        I’d say it’ll take about 2-3 years before majority of gamers would have matching systems for next gen consoles, so game makers will have to scale their games to support existing hardware for sure.
        Consoles have a target to match with their 4k advertising and ray tracing. So regardless of you using it with a basic full hd tv or a 4k/ hdr tv the hardware must support. Not the same with pc.

        Look what happened with B550 chipset boards. Everyone (including myself) thought it would be launched at previous B450 but instead previous gen remained same and b550 sat between b450 and x570.

        So my advice is wait if you think there is a price cut/ not because there is going to be new hardware.

    • Try to fully reinstall the Nvidia drivers. Had to do it on my computer Nvidia program was stuffing up.

      • My GTX had been glitching graphics and black screening, reinstalled drivers a bunch of times with display driver uninstaller in safe mode still did it. Had to disassemble it fully and clean out all the dust and reapply thermal paste and that solved it. Temperature wasn't even an issue beforehand but maybe a chip somewhere not measured by the temperature reading had an issue? Who knows, could've even been dust in the PCIe slot was the issue or something.

    • If your card is 6gb version then it won't be an upgrade, they are similar in performance for gaming.

    • It could be because it's become unstable at those clocks due to temperature (so do the clean and paste as others have said). Then you can underclock/lower the clock and memory speeds a bit after that it should be good

  • I have a 970. Dunno if I Should I buy this to tide me over till next gen.

  • Hi, my son is building his own pc. Would you mind posting a photo of your daughters pc? I didn’t know there was no back plate. Aesthetics is important. I might buy him a customised rgb plate later.

    We have the Galax 1650s. Looks like Shopping Express dropped the price on their website. It was only $260 after promocode on their ebay store. There are a few good deals from shopping express ebay store.

    We bought

    AMD Ryzen 3 3300 $205
    Gigabyte 450 Gaming Mobo $127
    Gskill 16GB 2x8 DDR 3200 RAM $116
    Kingston 480GB SSD 2.5” $83.20
    Galax 1650 Super GPU $260

    I think we only need to buy case, monitor and power supply. Any recommendations? Also, on partpicker, the Galax 1650 super is not a listed part eventhough many shops sell this GPU. Anyone know why?

    • Case is simply your choice. However you want the PC to look. Just make sure you get a mid tower case or bigger (you likely won't need bigger). I just went cheap because it only sits on the floor literally gathering dust (I do need to clean it).

      For the PSU and case I looked what my local MSY had in stock and went there. Saved paying shipping for some of the heavier and bulkier items. You'll just need a PSU with 550W. I personally have this and it's been running well for a year and a half now.

      Monitor depends on how much you want to spend. The 1650 is really only good for 1080p @ 60fps gaming so that narrows down the choices. It can run some games higher (lower spec games like Minecraft) so you COULD get a 144hz monitor to start off with and upgrade the GPU in time.

      Here's a deal for a 1080 @ 60 monitor $169
      And here for 1080 @ 144hz $269

      Note that I'm not claiming these are the best monitors around, just the best deals that are active.

      • Skip that 1080p 144hz one since the AOC 24G2 exists which is IPS for $299, and it's also not Kogan branded.

      • You'll just need a PSU with 550W.

        That system won't need anywhere near a 550W PSU for a 3300X and a 1650S.

        I run a 3300X with a GTX 1070 on a Corsair CX450M and it's perfectly fine.

        • Yeah true. The 550W was just the cheapest in stock and I knew I could upgrade in the future and not have to get a new one.

          • @SnowDragon: Nothing wrong with the PSU you linked to, but it's more just advising people not to get stuck in the thinking of 'bigger = better' when in reality I'd rather have a smaller rated PSU that's higher quality than a cheap old POS that's rated for 700W and likely to cause issues - case in point the PSU's that Techfast include in some of their systems where people have reported them using a molex to 6-pin adaptors for the GPU's.

            Computers nowadays are relatively power efficient in general, except for something like a Intel Core i9 10900K with a 2080 Ti type of thing.

            • @Porthos: Yeah it's quite impressive that they are becoming more efficient. I think my PC back in 2011 had a 750W and to Crossfire it required 1000W.

      • I bought this monitor on recommendation from another post herd this morning. I was in a rush. I think Imade a big mistake.


        Oh well, too late now. The reviews in Amazon are terrible. It’s under $300 so can claim back 60% back in tax.

        • Not going to lie; it's not the best for gaming.
          I'd find 25" too small for 2560x1080, but thats only because I am using a 32" with the same resolution. You won't notice the pixels, that's for sure.

          Look, it's not going to be horrible, but you could have better gotten for what you paid. Such is life sometimes when there aren't bargains to be had or you are on a time crunch. I assume because it doesn't mention a refresh rate it's probably 60hz.

          I'd advise you to see if you can cancel it. If not then you've learned a lesson. Sorry :(

    • https://www.pccasegear.com/products/49915/phanteks-eclipse-p...


      These are both on the smaller size of ATX, there is also a P400a which has more room inside

  • Or RX 5600 XT for $449?
    I was thinking of a $270 RX580 8G, maybe this green side is a good option to save $

    • The 1650S version of this card is on sale too, similar performance to the RX580 for cheaper if you want to go that way, so a no brainer vs $270 RX580

      The RX5600XT should be faster than this card (more an RTX2060 competitor, in theory), but is it $100 faster?
      Especially if that price is a model with munted speed vram when Navi is vram bandwidth starved. 5600XT is a bit of a pain cause of AMD's last minute spec change, have to check model to model if the card is a true RTX2060 competitor or not, does it need a vbios flash to run properly etc. Most have the new higher core clocks but not all have the vram bumped up to match.

      Don't get me wrong, so long as you do your research first you'll be fine. I'd buy one of the good models at a good price in a heartbeat, and even the munted ones would be good if cheap enough as they should still be faster than a 1660S, but against this 1660S $450 ain't cheap enough for a munted one.

  • Still waiting for 2060 to go down to this price.

  • probably clearing out the old stock before the 3000 series hits. apparently the new cards is so strong it can casually bend space time and cook spaghetti bolognese for you.

  • Been waiting for one of these for my HTPC, pulled the trigger!

  • Great GPU.
    Have this exact one and plays all games smoothly at 1440p.

    Works great with my Oculus Quest too streaming games via Virtual Desktop

    • How are you finding the Oculus Quest? I saw the deal the other day and I was tempted. I have the PSVR which is great, but have you tried using the Oculus Quest linked to your PC? I know it's standalone but always keen to hear experiences first-hand.

      • My experience has been great. It doesn't get as much use now I've had it for 8 months or so, but I try to use it maybe 5 hours a week.
        Most played game would be Beat Saber with maybe 40 hours in total.

        I have yet to try Alyx and Boneworks on the PC. I can use Virtual Desktop but I just can't be bothered yet.

        It would be used more if I had house mates or kids as well. It's great for parties. Seeing your drunken friends roll around on the ground playing Super Hot is always fun.

        If you have the disposable income I'd say go for it. If you're on a budget I'd say buy/upgrade a computer as you'd use it more.

      • I love it! I started with the HP Mixed Reality headset which was great but the upgrade to the Quest is incredible.
        I have the Quest connected directly to my PC via a 5Ghz Mobile Hotspot within Windows 10.

        Im trying my hardest to notice the lag/latency but honestly can't tell. Even with Beat Saber.

        Im glad I went for the Quest over the Rift S because my IPD is 72 and the Rift S doesn't have adjustable lenses.

        Edit: Haven't tried Oculus Link yet as I don't have a USB C slot on my mobo/GPU but from what i've read; the quality is better via Virtual Desktop on a 5Ghz connection

        • Ah thanks, I just changed motherboards as part of my upgrade, so I do have a USB-C now. Sorry, are you saying that you can adjust the lenses so you don't need to wear glasses? For my PSVR I have some 3d printed inserts to keep my lenses from scratching the screen.

          I wish there was an easy way to try the Oculus Quest before committing, but that would be huge if I can adust.

          • @kensaiD: Adjusting the lenses is only for eye spacing (IPD). You may still need to wear your glasses.
            The Quest comes with an attachment that allows use with glasses but I have not tested it as I don't wear glasses.

            Trying a Quest would be best but unless you know someone who owns one, it'll be quite difficult

          • @kensaiD: You can adjust the distance of the lenses within the quest. So if you eyes are closer together or further apart, you can slide the lenses inwards or outwards.

            And not sure. Maybe some internet cafes/gaming places may have them to hire?

  • It's out of stock now. That was a great deal though - I missed out, so I'm looking for other recommendations

  • Back in stock at $359

  • Anyone know how long these guys take to dispatch? Mine still hasn't been given a tracking number.

  • Many deals from Shoppingexpress.com.au have been posted in recent times. Great deals in terms of pricing and value for money. I had placed two orders on 29 June 2020 containing two items, one DDR4 RAM and second item is 480GB SSD. I have unsuccessfully tried to contact Shoppingexpress via their phone number which is unattended. I have sent them emails asking when do they intend to dispatch my order, I have not yet received any response. Is this very normal for ShoppingExpress? In my past experience with them, they are pretty quick at shipping the order, not sure what has changed now.

    • My GPU was purchased then and just dispatched, they might have just been a little behind on orders!

    • I'm in Melbourne and ordered on June 29th too. Ordered Asus GTX 1660 Super as the Galax one sold out, Ryzen 5 3600 CPU, Seagate Ironwolf 2TB, Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB.

      Dispatch notice 30th June. Order arrived today 2nd July.

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