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Tenda Nova MW3 3pk Home Mesh Wi-Fi System $99.95 Delivered @ Shopping Square


Use coupon code MW3 to get the title price, Discount shows at Checkout.

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            @OzDJ_: Probably too late but if you're still tossing up about whether to go 3 or 6, you can borrow my 3-pack to test out the coverage. Currently not yet deployed while I'm trying out a few options myself. Can bring in to the office one day (whenever that might be!) or else can work out other arrangements. LMK

            • @mad1dude: Thanks mate. Stay tuned. I'm up to my eyeballs with "projects" at the moment (incl deploying EUFY cams and doorbell) so will need a bit of time before I start another ;-)

  • Will this work with cashrewards?


    Ignore it seems like Shopping Square not on the list.

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    Keep in mind this system can operate in addition to the wifi frequencies on your router as a separate network - this is a huge plus. So you effectively get mesh over these 3 devices plus the ability for items which are close your existing wifi access point / existing network. to remain on that network.

  • great deal - annoying though. I got a 2 pack for 86 delivered the other week. this is great

  • Is it I only need to connect one to the router and the rest leave it wirelessly?

    • Yeah.

      • Already have FTTN router so should plug it into the LAN port and it will setup as access points only, right?

        Is this also can work as a router because it comes with WAN port.

        • Yeah you can configure it both ways. Who is the ISP your with?

          • @Twix: AussieBB FTTN

            • @superforever: Setup option 1: configure the bridge option on your existing modem & let the MW3 do the router function & wifi.

              Setup option 2: don't do anything to your existing modem FTTN modem & configure the MW3 as access point but you loose a few features when doing so

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                @Twix: Understand now better option is to use it as a router

              • @Twix: The problem is my FTTN router have home phone on it.

                • @superforever: Who is the phone provider? Aussie BB?

                  • @Twix:

                    Aussie BB?

                    Yes , don't want to put another VoIP device.

                    • @superforever: You have to go with setup option 2 then.

                      Setup option 1 with VoIP you would need an IP base station and IP phone handset or ATA device to use your existing handset.

                      • @Twix: I have TPG's FTTB connected with supplied modem. What be the best option to connect MW3? Does it automatically detect bridge mode or should i leave it as it is when it detects what connection? If bridged is there any way to enable UPnP?.. Thanks

                        • @dingdong3000: The best option is to enable bridging on TPGs modem and to set MW3 for routing and UPnP duties.

                          Leave it as is.

                          • @Twix: Thanks for the input. Just found out how to enable bridge mode on their website. Looks like need to enable VLAN 2 when bridging.

                            • @dingdong3000: A change of plans. I forgot about TPGs silly VLAN ID requirement!

                              The best option is to set MW3 in AP mode

                              To enable bridging on TPGs modem purchase a different brand mesh router that has VLAN ID.

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                                @Twix: Damn that means it be very limited..
                                What budget mesh you recommend that has VLAN ID feature?

  • Can this be used with a nbn HFC connectio box + Optus modem. (for example, connect the MW3 mesh router to the router (seagate etc..) that was supplied by optus, which is currently connected to the nbn connection box).

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      You can do it that way but you loose a few features when doing so.

      To get all the MW3 features hook up the MW3 to the NBN connection device.

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        can confirm after setting this up it works extremely well.

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      Apart from telephone, I don't know why haven't you changed to a better router.

      • yeah unfortunately telephone attached

  • Can these be used as Access Points instead of Mesh. I've got CAT6 laid throughout the house.

    • You can do it that way but you loose a few features when doing so.

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      Yes, they do support Ethernet backhaul. (100mbps for the MW3 and 1gbps for the MW6). But if you have Ethernet throughout the house, do yourself a favour and get a couple of Ubiquiti Unifi AP's and you'll never have to worry about wireless again.

      • @aldroid, i looked at the unifi APs but price seems way higher than buying a mesh system? ive got optus hfc nbn and wired ethernet through the house, looking at a solution for this, mesh systems like this seem to be the most cost effective?

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          The MW3 is cost effective. The cons are you won't be able to take full advantage of your cabling, no support for ethernet backhaul & your limited to 100 Mbps WAN & LAN.

          Unifi APs are more pricey but they provide much faster throughput.

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          Yep, don't get me wrong, the MW3's are an incredibly good piece of kit for the price. I personally use 3 of them in my home in a true wireless mesh setup. But if I had Ethernet throughout the place I would not be using them. It really comes down to economies of scale. I don't know what the size and layout is your house is but you might find that a single Unifi AC-LITE (which can often be found for about $115) covers the equivalent of 2 or more MW3's. 2 Unifi's will likely cover much more area than 3 MW3's. The Unifi gear offers much more control and the management console is the best in the industry.

          • @aldroid: @aldroid appreciate the reply, i've only just started looking, but i would be going for something that supports ethernet backhaul and 1gb minimum, which i think a set of MW6's can be had for sub 200. Wondering whether or not this would be worth it or you would still think unifi? also was looking at upgrading my router which is stock ISP shithouse router, a mesh would cover this, whereas if i just got a unifi AP, i would need to invest in something else (edgerouter etc..)? house isnt huge, 3bdr, probaly only 2 APs in the house needed, and then another 1/2 in garage / granny flat (ethernet backhaul)

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              @quappz: See here for a pair of mw6 for 120 odd from Amazon. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/549051

              In regards to your question, you are right to assume you would need max of 2 mw3/mw6 (mw6 as main, mw3 satellite)in the main house. They will be plenty for a 3 bdr, I have 2 mw3s for mine. You'll just connect one more mw3 (mw6 is probably overkill, how often do you transfer large file from your house to granny flat?) for your granny flat via ethernet and you'll be done.

              These Tenda mesh systems will be the cheapest entry point for you to test the wifi setup for your needs. You'll probably find that they'll be more than enough for you if you are doing no more than using the internet. Unifi APs are designed for local traffic too, which most households have very little.

  • After a spare if anyone has.

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    Bought one, thanks OP

  • Will this work with Telstra NBN modem or should I go for another brand.

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      Yes, it should. Just plug it in to the modem.

      • Thanks Hamlet.

    • What kind of NBN? FTTN, FTTB, FTTC, FTTP, HFC?

      Do you use the Telstra landline or mobile to make calls?

  • Has the price gone up on these? I’m getting $128.95 at checkout

    • coupon?

      • Worked on desktop πŸ‘

  • I'm tempted to go for this but the site runs HTTP and not HTTPS. Passing for now. (Can a store rep comment?)

    • Just ordered and from my observation all the checkout pages run on HTTPS

  • Set one of these up at the folks place. They currently are on a hfc connection with mate internet. Works for their needs and is great.

  • Are the stock coming from China? In that case, how long will delivery take…

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    iOS 14 developer Beta reports that the MW3 wifi has weak encryption (TKIP instead of AES). Can anyone please confirm ? I am hoping that this is a bug in iOS. Otherwise, I will have to throw away the router (I have thrown away the boxes :( ).

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      It's TKIP, checked on android. Happy for you to throw your router my way ;)

    • Why would you throw away the router ?

      Yes it may have weak(er) encryption but we're looking at most things being layered for defense anyway.

      e.g. your home banking transactions are directly encrypted between your device browser and the remote server - so the underlying wifi simply adds another layer of encryption but it's not necessarily the end of the work if it was subverted.

      If you're worried about someone sniffing your netflix video streaming.. or access to your local fileserver (which should also be access controlled..

  • Was waiting for this. Got one for the olds.

  • Does this ask for permission to access your Messages,
    Contacts etc via the app?

    • +1

      No for messages and contacts. On android, it asks for location, camera, phone and storage. I've denied all and the app still works.

    • At the bottom under Permission open view details.

  • FYI MW12 is due in mid august.. rrp of 499 inc gst though lol

  • Got one Thanks~!

  • Hi all, tech noob here.

    Have NBN HFC 50 with an Ethernet cable running to a smart tv from the current router. Wifi at router gets 45mbps and is 1-2 mbps at smart tv. It’s only 20m and 3 internal plaster walls in between router and smart tv (single story).

    Is this suitable to improve the WiFi in between whilst maintaining the Ethernet connection to the smart tv?

    No phone Line - tried both a netgear and the supplied Optus modem/router.

    • Yeah these should improve your wifi.

  • Do these mesh systems have something special by way of how they work compared to simply buying 3 x WAPs and connecting them using ethernet ?

    I currently have 3 around the house that simply advertise the same SSID/passwd - all connected via ethernet to a switch. They can all do n/ac and the devices around the house are a combination of n and AC.

    I've configured the APs to advertise one SSID for 2.4Ghz and one for 5Ghz as some devices won't do 5 unfortunately..

    I've been looking at the mesh wifi and (short of wifi6) am really unsure of what it is they do differently than buying 3 of the same wifi APs and connecting them yourself ?

    • Mesh systems connects each node over a shared or dedicated wireless connection. Mesh systems connecting each node with ethernet is the same as using WAPs.

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    Be a little cautious with this manufacturer and make sure if you do use their products that you patch them and ensure they are up to date.


  • Looking to setup for following configuration to share one inrent connection - small 3 bedroom house, currently served by ASUS AC66-U wireless router, plus small 3 bedroom house 40m across the road, currently served by $10 Xiaomi wifi extender, albeit with very slow resulting connection - only used by olds for basic internet, but wanting netflix hence the upgrade consideration…

    Any opinions on what would work best out of;
    *2 x MW6 (basically just to offer point to point access across the road)
    *2 x MW6 + 2 x MW6 (for full mesh at both houses)
    *2 x MW6 + 3 x MW3 (some posters have indicated MW3 slaves work fine off the back of main MW6 connection, so would be cheaper than 4 x MW6)
    *Other Ubiquity Unifi gear - if so which model? I presume I'd need one at each house, or just one "pointing" at current ASUS router?

    I'm not sure that I need gigabit ethernet, but I'd pay the extra for the MW6 if the range was better. Similarly, it sounds like Ubiquiti might be better suited, but most models only seem to include one device. Surely I'd need 2?

    Any advice from the helpful experts who've been helping out above? TIA…

    • +1

      I think the ideal setup (when not getting Unifi gear) will be MW6 in each house and then 1 MW3 in each house as nodes. If the wifi extender is able to cover the distance, these mesh should be ok for netflix speeds, especially if you've got line of sight.

      If I was doing it, I'll just buy the 3 pack MW3s to start off with. Especially if you are not doing much file transfers locally (one computer to the other), gigabit is probably overkill in this scenario as I said above.

      • I hope you're right, because that's basically what I've just done!

        I had already ordered the 2 x MW6's for $120, and your recommendation sealed the deal on my preference of adding one of the 3 x MW3 packs at $100 from this deal. It all cost less than I thought I'd have to pay for just one decent router to beam the signal across the road and still be limited by the cheap wifi extender once it got there.

        I'll be using the beam-forming prowess of the MW6's to take the incoming 100/20 Superloop FTTC NBN feed and hold a connection between the two sites, with two of the MW3's etherneted to a PC in rooms at the opposite end of each house.

        I've heard conflicting reports about whether more units is a good or bad thing, with some people saying overlapping signals has led to more dropped packets, so may have to wait and see if there's any benefit in adding (and ethernet connecting?) the remaining MW3 to the main smart TV and/or Nintendo switch. I presume neither Netflix or a child's Mario Karting require the marginal speed increase an ethernet connection provides over 5Ghz/2.4Ghz wifi…

        Really appreciate your advice, assailantsky - many thanks.

        • +1

          No worries and good luck! I hope it works out, please do report back and let us know how it went?

          In the manual or app during setup (I forget which), Tenda do recommend spacing the units out by at least 10 metres. Keep that in mind when you are positioning the nodes, to avoid the problems you've described.

          I'm using the ports at the back of one of the MW3s for my PCs' network connection (ethernet cables to node) and this configuration works fine, saves me buying separate wifi cards for my PCs. So I think it should work similarly for your TV/Switch if you want to make do without physical cabling and hopefully improving internet speed for those two devices.

          • @assailantsky: Will let you know how it goes. As I mentioned, both houses are relatively small, so I may have no alternative but to encroach on the 10m recommendation. Will run a few tests and see what functions best. I gather there's also some benefit to placing them higher on the wall given they are all described as "wall mount"? I suspect that stowing them under a PC desk may not optimise signal.

            Sounds like I'm going to spend some time nerding away a weekend…

            • +1

              @UncleRico: Less is more when it comes to how many nodes.

              Yeah place them as high as possible and not under a desk.

              MW3 = limited to 100Mbps WAN/LAN.

          • @assailantsky: Follow up question regarding your comment that you're "using the ports at the back of one of the MW3s for my PCs' network connection (ethernet cables to node)".

            Are you using both ports for different connections ie one to PC, the other to a different PC / switch / NAS? I'm curious to see what speed transfers between two devices hard-wired to a MW3 would achieve, 1000Mbs or just 100Mbps? I don't want to be limited to just 12.5Mb/s for transfers between my PC and NAS, so may have to fork out for another MW6…

            • @UncleRico: Just tested by transferring a large ISO between the two PCs connected via ethernet cable to the same MW3, the transfer was happening at 11.4 MB/s, so at <100 Mbps speeds and not 1 Gbps as advertised.

              • +2

                @assailantsky: I thought MW3 was 100Mbps and MW6 was 1000Mbps? :)

                • @LukeB:

                  was 100Mbps and MW6 was 1000Mbps? :)

                  Yeah, I am just wondering if two PCs connected to WiFi at full speed AC1200 and not going through ethernet on the Mesh what will be the transfer rate?

                • @LukeB: excuse my lack of punctuation and wording… :)
                  should read: "so at <=100 Mbps speeds as advertised, and not 1 Gbps. "

                  • @assailantsky:

                    should read: "so at <=100 Mbps speeds as advertised, and not 1 Gbps. "

                    Mate that is big difference πŸ˜‰, did you try transfer between two WiFi PCs?

                    • @superforever: No, haven't try that. Lets see if I can remember to test tonight. Most likely the speed will be higher than 100 Mbps.

                      • @assailantsky:

                        Most likely the speed will be higher than 100 Mbps.

                        Should be faster but that is a bit weird, WiFi to WiFi faster than WiFi to LAN devices.

                        That is why I prefer MW6.

  • Received my parcel this morning, much quicker than expected.

  • +2

    Received my units today and it works wonderfully. I have HFC NBN and connection was as follows (connecting the mesh system straight into the black NBN box):

    1. Connected Primary unit > Ethernet Cable from NBN to Ethernet Cable of primary unit.
    2. Download App. Once the green LED light on your primary unit is solid, that means its ready to connect.
    3. Download the app, I used the QR code in the instruction manual.
    4. Open app, and connect to the wifi of the Primary unit.
    5. Navigate in the app to where you're prompted to put your log in details provided by your ISP. Primary connected now connected to the internet.
    6. Plug your other secondary units into a power source of your choice (no need to play around with it any further).
    7. Done Deezy.
  • Ordered a week ago. No sign of delivery or shipping/tracking details.

    Anyone else still waiting?

  • Just got mine today, very easy to install with the mesh wifi being much more stronger and reliable compared to my wifi extender before.

  • I am in WA and am using Pentanet fixed wireless internet with a disc on the roof. They gave me a Netcomm Wireless router. I can see the Cat6 cable from the roof connected to the WAN port. Does anyone know if i can get this MW3 pack to work? I am keen to get it and about to pay for it. I just need to know if it will work for me. All comments ealier are referring to NBN and i am on a fixed wireless.

    • I can see the Cat6 cable from the roof connected to the WAN port.

      Yes it will work, MW3 is also a router with WAN port same as your Netcomm, just connect the main one WAN port and the other leave them wirelessly.

      • Thanks. I did some research last night and have paid for this set. I can't wait to play with it. It is still $99.90 delivered without MW3 code (expired) just in case anyone wants to get it.

        • Or you can set it up as wireless access point only, if you want to keep the Netcomm as router.

          Because some said MW3 doesn't have all the features like a normal router, like reserve IP, etc. but I am not sure.

          • @superforever: I will try it out with the two options, but i think i may have to keep using the existing router as i have reserved an IP for my wireless printer, another one for the NAS and one for the DVR (security camera system). I bought this mainly to extend the coverage in our front main bedroom where all three Apple devices have been experiencing bad signal and drop-outs with the doors closed, well my Samsung Note 8 is fine.

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