10% Temporary Relief on Your Home Insurance Premiums for 3 Months (Plus Extension of 10% Car Insurance Relief) @ Youi


Got this in my email this morning. If you log into your Youi Home Insurance policy, answer a simple question asking if you are staying home more due to COVID19, they'll give you a 10% refund on your premiums for the next months.

Similar to previous deal 15% discount on Youi Car Insurance. In fact, that offer has been extended automatically for another 3 months, albeit at a lower 10% discount rate.

It’s for new and existing customers. Full T&C’s here.

There will be Youi haters in the comments, but they are cheapest insurer for me by a country mile (as in less than half Bingle/Woolworths/Coles and even bigger savings compared to NRMA/AAMI/Allianz etc). Plus in the past 10 years I've been with them I've never had a problem with claims or customer service. My brother lives 15mins away in a different postcode and the premiums Youi quote him are exhorbitant. So I guess Youi is heavily postcode dependant.

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  • Never see medibank do the same. Disappointed.

  • Apparently Youi are so expensive that this relief will still end up being more the most of the other insurers. So it's probably just a marketing scam.

    • Like the OP said, it depends. They worked out cheapest for me compared to all the usual suspects. As soon as that changes I'll jump ship.

    • Don't comment on what you don't know. Youi was the cheapest for me.

    • Youi has always been more expensive me. Even when I walked to work and kept the car in an underground lock up. I really wonder who their target audience is.

      • I really wonder who their target audience is

        I wonder too. My brother and I (similar ages, similar demographic, similar area) have vastly different Youi premium quotes for the same car make/model etc. We think the main difference is postcode and we're only a handful apart. His quote was $2400/year and mine $500/year. Other major insurers were $1100-$1500/year.

      • yep did 6 different quotes for a pretty recent 2018 suv. Youi was pretty comprehensive with a complete inclusive - hire car, lodge, etc etc.

        But came at a whopping almost $300 more than the average "others" Aami, racv, bingle,budget!!!!!! avg 1525 plus/minus. .youi 1806 (with an onhold lets see what we can come up with calc for the clients best bottomest price of 1755).

        thats already inclusive of a 20% with multi policy.

        sooo.. who is their target audience.. I am guessing the people that drives only a couple of thousand km/yr like what they depict on the tv ads.

  • Thanks OP, helpful.

  • Worked for me. Thanks OP.

  • That's decent of them. Does the cashback get credited to your Youi account to use on your next policy, or do they actually apply a refund to your CC/payment method?

    • They refund to your CC (or they have for us for our yearly policies).

    • As evanjd confirmed above, they refunded to our credit card each month for the past 3 months. We have yearly policies that we pay upfront.

  • Thanks op bit of extra cash in my pocket

  • Have not gotten any email from Youi yet, but have gotten the initial 15% discount. Happy to get any discount, what ever the quantum. I too found Youi to be relatively cheaper than others I've been on/compared. And with reduced driving due to COVID19, that helps too.

  • is it 10% on the monthly portion of your annual premium or 10% on annual premium then break down into 3 months? Their staff were telling me different things

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