Kogan 27" QHD 144hz FreeSync HDR400 Curved Monitor $449 + Delivery (Free with First) @ Kogan


A monitor I bought last October thats price has dropped discovered through an email I got lol The picture is fantastic and only gets enhanced more with settings changed on your pc. When you easily smash 144 frames on games in the 2560x1440 resolution you play with it looks pretty good for being "Just a Kogan" Monitor.

I am new as a poster here but i'm more than happy to talk and give info on anyone potentially wanting the monitor. I've used it with my PC for gaming and part of my streaming setup (TTV/DunkyMak shameless plug yes) and it's still performing great 8 months later!

  • Stunning 27” curved display with QHD 2560 × 1440
  • Swift 144Hz refresh rate and 5ms (OD) response time
  • 1500R Curve allows eyes to track smoothly across the screen
  • Uncompromising colour quality with 99% sRGB and 90% DCI-P3 colour gamut
  • Intense colour display and dynamic imaging with HDR
  • Eliminate tearing and stuttering with FreeSync

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  • Colour Gamut DCI-P3 90%
    Colours 16.7M
    Contrast Ratio 3000:1
    Curvature 1500R
    HDR HDR400
    Monitor Resolution QHD
    Native Aspect Ratio 16:9
    Panel VA
    Panel Manufacturer Samsung
    Refresh Rate 144Hz
    Resolution 2560 x 1440
    Response Time OD: 5ms
    Size 27"
    Viewing Angle 178° / 178°

    VA, also looks like comes with a vesa adapter

    • One potential problem with VAs is the low brightness. I got an AOC CQ27G2 recently and it's too dark to use in a sunny room during the day. Make sure you have at least 300cd/m2, better yet 350cd/m2, if you are not using the monitor in a basement only.

    • Eh, the latest iteration of Samsung VA panels is more interesting. Their upcoming QHD 240Hz monitor seems to be as speedy as IPS options at the price point, and while it sacrifices contrast to do that (and perhaps inky blacks) it's probably still a better viewing experience than comparative IPS implementations (unless you're viewing from an angle).

      I'd wait and see if that tech trickles down to other resolutions and refresh rates. If they set it up so you can alternate between a high contrast mode and fast response time mode, it could be the ultimate gaming panel until we can grab microLED options in 3-7 years.

  • What is the historical low?

  • ^ this, plus 5ms response time. far better quality monitors for similar value.

    • recommendations? looking at getting gaming monitor in the near future

      • All personally choice really.

        I went for the Viewsonic VX3258-2KPC-MHD, its $50 more that this Kogan, but you get 4.5 more inches and Freesync.

        also i just realised that response time is Overclocked for 5ms! (Overdrive) on that Kogan

    • 5ms response time

      4-5ms response time is the minimum for IPS/VA panels. The "1ms response time" IPS/VA panels are lying.

      • I'll have you know that 1ms response times are absolutely as advertised.

        Just ignore the fact that in order to achieve it, you need to overdrive the bajeezus out of it and the error rate is through the roof and the ghosting is absolutely unlivable.

        It's 1ms bro don't be a hater

    • 1ms monitors don't really equate to 1ms most of the time since the panel can't keep up

  • I've been eyeing this one off for a while, so may need to pull the trigger on it now.

    Apart from Samsung 27" curved QHD 144Hz screens through their portals, which could just be the same panel as this one, I struggle to find these features in a screen for this price.

    Anyone suggesting people should buy something else, I'm keen for your suggestions please!

    Edit: I should have waited 5 mins to post - some good Viewsonic options if you don't mind waiting for stock.

  • Wonder how it compares to the viewsonic vx2758 you can get it for around 500 with shipping and the reviews I have seen are really good


    • I spoke too soon, this guy delivers a great option at $469! Shame it's been on pre-order for a while.

      • I see them going for the same price on Ebay from NSW. With a 5-10% voucher that is, just make sure you don't buy tech on Ebay without.

    • You'd be better off with the VX3258-2KPC-MHD as its only another $50.

      also Kogan response time is 5ms with Overdrive on, i think stock is 8ms!!

      • I haven't got a monitor bigger then 24" but I have read a few things saying 32" is to big for a gaming monitor even if it's curved. How has your experience with it been?

        Edit: I should specify for fps games not rpgs

        • Total nonsense. I use a LG GK650F 31.5" eyes about 70cm away, It's flat screen, no issues at all. FPS is great.

      • You'd be better off

        "Better off" is entirely subjective…(and largely dependent on your usage).

        I would take the 27" 1440p Viewsonic over the 32" 1440p Viewsonic any day of the week. Especially at $50 less (but even at the same price).

        (Between the 27" and 32" versions of the Viewsonic monitor, I am referring to)

        • yep, 32” is a bit big and pixels spread out …..27” is nice and tight resolution ….. go 4k if you want a big screen but you won’t get the speed for gaming …

          • @garage sale: 32" is fine for 1440p. It's an adjustment compared to 4K (i have both), but other than losing a bit of real estate its fine for 90% of use case.

        • Yep, I bought the 27" IPS VX2758-2KP-MHD over the VX3258-2KPC-MHD when they were the same price, and I'm extremely satisfied with the purchase.

          On the larger monitor you've got a lower pixel density, worse viewing angles from it being VA instead of IPS, and the curve on 16:9 monitors is a gimmick that just makes multi monitor setups painful. Lower colour gamut as well.

      • 5ms is perfectly acceptable for 144hz, that's within the 6.944ms window. Everything else might feel like it has less input lag, but there should be no noticeable ghosting.

    • vx2758-2kp-mhd is IPS which is superior for colour accuracy and response times. Theyre both reviewed on rtings.com

    • This seems to be a good deal=-=My primary usage will be gaming. I'm thinking of a 27G2 for $390…I'm not sure which one to choose now lol.

  • Hope the Aldi deal with the Medion Erazer monitor with the 144hz, QHD, PLS panel comes back this year. Those were an amazing price for the panel.

  • Hmmm, buyers remorse… Does anyone want to buy my 34" LG WQHD so I can get a couple of these? Less than a month old…

  • I have an i5-8400 and a RX580. Will I see a noticeable difference to my current 23 inch LG IPS monitor from 2013? Would I even be able to run 144hz properly with my specs?

    • depends on what game

      CS:GO? without a doubt

      Cyberpunk 2077? Lol

      144hz is good even on a 2d Win10 desktop.

      I think 144 is worth it even for a non gamer but I wouldnt trust this brand.

    • A bit underpowered for 1440p 144hz. I would recommend a gpu with the power of at least a rtx 2060

    • 580 will struggle to maintain 60FPS at 1440p on max settings. It will never reach 144Hz.
      E-Sports on low settings will largely shift the bottleneck to your CPU. In this scenario being able to hit 144Hz is definitely achievable, and will be game-dependent.

      • I like the 580… I got one but its like 3 gens behind? and even in its day it was a medium quality FHD 60 card.

        Its upgrade bingo for many of us if we truly want to get behind 144hz even at FHD.

        • Very good bang for buck card. Don't consider myself a graphics snob so couldn't justify paying $1000+ for a GPU. Built my rig in the midst of the bitcoin mining boom.

    • I have an RX570 which is about 15-20% slower than a 580 and run a 1440p 144hz 32" LG monitor for gaming on it.

      It really depends on the game. I can get 144fps pretty easily in games with lower visual quality, indies or older games. It can generally achieve around 100fps if you turn down something like shadows to medium in some more demanding games. For example, you can get 90-100fps in Forza Horizon 4 with a few tweaks to the settings (nothing drastic). You will still get the full benefit of 100fps and enabling freesync makes the experience almost indistinguishable from the full 144hz experience.

      You're not going to be running any high fidelity games at 144fps though, but then those games would require a 2080 or 2080 Super anyway.

      Overall I'd say it's well and truly worth it even with low to mid end hardware. The general desktop experience at 1440p 144hz is great too.

      • I play mostly COD warzone, dota 2, CSGO and a lot of indy games on steam. Will probably get cyberpunk but am realistic with the detail I will achieve.

        Thinking of getting a 28-32 inch 75hz 1440p monitor since I can't get near 144hz anyway, I might as well get 1440p with a larger screen and have low fps but nice resolution. Is my logic flawed?

        Didn't really think about the desktop experience for refresh rate…Is it THAT noticable?

        • 1440p @ 75Hz on max settings is perfection at the present time without blowing the bank.
          Personally I can't play with everything on low, and there's no point in chasing triple-figure FPS unless you get paid to play (sorry all you self-proclaimed "pro's"). Yea high-speed motion is more "fluid", but the difference pales in comparison to the loss in visual realism IMO.

  • Looks good but I think I'd rather a flat panel if not ultra wide.

  • Has anyone tried removing the kogan engraving? I'm trying to scratch the logo of out steam cleaner bought.

  • I also have a 27" 240Hz Samsung 1080p Monitor and I still prefer the Kogan one to play on, The MS response time in all honesty feels like a facade if you want to spend hundreds of $ more for a 1ms monitor. I play fast paced games like SIege, Overwatch Valorant and CoD and dont feel at any disadvantage due to the monitor, i mean the 144Hz is still the bigger gain even with a slight ms "delay"

    And idk about that lowest it's been site/link, I bought it last october for $380 but the reason I posted was because I think it's ok for what it is and being a kogan monitor of a certain spec it exceeded my expectations for sure.

    • The MS response time in all honesty feels like a facade

      It is. A lot of monitors advertise 1ms response times, when they're actually 5-6ms average, or even higher. There's no consistent standard on reporting response times, so whatever the manufacturer says can be taken with a huge grain of salt. It's always best to check out reviews and see how the monitor actually performs.

      The absolute minimum GTG response time for a VA/IPS panel might be 1ms, but the average response time is highly unlikely to be below 5ms.

      I bought it last october for $380

      At $380 it's a good price. At $450 it's up against a lot more established brands and probably not worth it.

  • Do people really rate curved monitors?

    • It helps with regards to colour consistency from different viewing angles across the screen, especially for VA panels. 27" probably doesn't need to be curved though.

  • Personally I'd buy a non-HDR Samsung or Viewsonic over this. I have a dozen or so local dimming zones on my monitor and HDR still looks fairly underwhelming. You really need 100+ zones or OLED to get decent HDR performance.

  • Can anyone confirm if they know anything of the panel quality? I can see its a Samsung manufactured panel, I don't know if Samsung uses the same panels in the JG50s, which would mean typical brightness would be 300 nit with a minimum of 250, which would make for a questionable HDR400 experience.

    Don't get me wrong for this price even without HDR400, it would still be pretty good. Does anyone have experience with this particular one?

    Edit: If you don't need HDR, go for this deal if you can: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/549071

  • remember no Phone support and it take a long time for a response if any thing goes wrong. I got a monitor. Had a Dead pixel and I feel so let down by Kogan response.I know that this can happen it the action from them to fix the problem. I payed Freight care waste of money. So just be careful as 3 weeks and still waiting. Took over 2 and a half weeks just to get them to agree to return it. They emailed the delivery information to repair shop and they paid for post but not for packaging. Because it was new I still had that. I payed extra for fast delivery they pay standard.

  • I bought a gas lift arm/stand (via Amazon) and had to do a bit of DIY to get it attached. Perhaps there was a vesa bracket in the box that I had binned several months prior!

    For $37 dollars, changing of the stand was a real improvement of this monitor for me because I like to get that curved shape perfectly lined up.

  • anyone recommend AOC CQ32G2E 31.5inch VA Curved 144Hz FreeSync QHD Gaming Monitor?


    Not sure if it's the best price

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