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Plex Pass Lifetime Subscription $99.99 (37% off)


Check your email for a targeted offer and unique code to a Plex Pass lifetime subscription for only $99.99. Be sure to check your spam/junk folders as these emails often end up in there.

Plex Pass features: https://www.plex.tv/en-au/plex-pass/

We’re going old school with a throwback to the original lifetime Plex Pass pricing. Thank you for all of your support!

This exclusive discount on a lifetime Plex Pass is available now through 11:59 PM PT on Monday, July 6, 2020. This code is for your account only and can be used once. As a reminder, a Plex Pass gives you access to all premium Plex features, like Live TV & DVR, Mobile Sync, Movie Trailers & Extras, Premium audio features, and many more.

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  • Lifetime plex pass subscriber here. Love plex but man I hate the new crappy free content they’re trying to shove down my throat (and the throats of everyone I share mine with).

    • I hate how difficult they have made setting up for friends/family now.
      The default settings for both content and stream/transcode quality are incredibly frustrating and make it even more difficult that all of these types of settings are user side.

      It's my server, I should be able to choose what quality I send at, I also shouldn't have to explain that all the default crappy ad based content has nothing to do with my server and explain how to remove it, which is a completely different process for every single different device.

      • Yeah I just setup a Jellyfin server last weekend, sick of Plex's shit.

        • How did you go with that? I tried that some time ago, but it could not do HW transcoding on my Synology and still was not "up there" with the interface, bit rough on the edges….
          Also bit disappointed with some of the user requests being ignored by the developers and some crappy things get implemented without anyone asking…

          • @tm001: I tried it about 6 months ago and the experience was pretty terrible. Seems like they've improved it alot now! Really happy with how it's been going. Give it a go… haven't tried streaming outside my local network though.

    • Well you can just turn it off… don't thinks it's that much of a problem.

    • Yes it’s super annoying how they add these things without asking, much much rather than opt in situation.

      At least it can all be disabled.

  • Shame nothing in my inbox , been waiting for one of these

  • 99 usd?

  • Anyone to privately PM me their code please if they are not using it? Thanks

  • Do you need to have the newsletter enabled to get these deals?

  • Can I get a code if someone isn't going to use theirs?


  • Also looking for a code too if anyone doesn't need it.

  • Would really appreciate a code via PM if anyone is not using it. Thanks.

  • Probably too late but also keen for a code

  • Didn't receive one, shame. Would have purchased so I can sync to my phone and plex at the gym.

  • +2 votes

    Those that have it, is it worth it?

    • Depends what you use it for and your needs. The free version suits many but if you want Live TV etc then it’s worth it.

    • For me, yes for the sync and hardware acceleration. Hardware acceleration probably the bigger benefit for me (esp since no travel ATM, which is what I would normally use sync for), to not have such a big load on the cpu and therefore increase my servers ability to handle multiple transcodes at the same time. If sharing with others outside of your house, the way I see it is the cost of Plex pass for hw acceleration is offset by not having to buy better/more expensive hardware.

      Mind you plex's hw acceleration is very finicky, supporting mainly Intel quick sync (off the top of my head, needs at least 4th or 5th gen Intel core with integrated graphics), and maybe nvidia GPUs to a limited extent. Plus it's also very picky on what OS it is enabled on - managed to find instructions on how to enable it on FreeNAS, but supposedly only up to 7th Gen Intel core. 8th gen and newer supposedly have additional problems on FreeNAS. If Plex could better address hw acceleration, including support for ryzen APUs and/or external nvidia/amd GPUs and more universal default support across OS without resorting to copying and pasting code that I don't understand into the shell, this would be much much better.

      • Thanks.

        I have Plex server running on my NAS and we really use it to watch stuff on our TV and dont really share. Maybe if we shared it will be more beneficial for us.

  • Also after a code if anyone would like to share?


  • Didn't receive one, really looking for this for past 2 months now… setup my Synology DS918+.
    if anyone can share their code (if not using) would be great help.

  • Just checked email and no code.
    As other users are asking……if your not using the code, msg me please.

  • Would love a code if anyone has one!

    Anyone know if the same code can be used multiple times?

  • In the same boat, been waiting on a $100 Plex deal for a couple of years, if anyone has a code that'd be sick!

  • Why not Emby instead?

    • Plenty of debates online about Plex Vs Emby. If you already have one and are happy with it then don’t change.

  • If anyone was humble enough, would really love a code as well!

  • Really random, nothing on email as well

  • What is this? Is this Netflix and Spotify combined?

  • Would love a code if anyone has one!thanks!

  • If anyone has a code they're not planning to use, I'd love one please!

  • Nothing in my email :'( whyyyy PLeX whyyyy!

    Would love one if anyone has one spare .

  • If anyone has a code they’re not planning to use, It’d be highly appreciated if you could PM me.

  • My kingdom for a code friend. :)

  • Didn't receive the email either

  • So apparently these are extremely targeted.

    Any truth to the trick of paying for 1 month, cancelling your subscription and then within the next month or so you get emailed the promo code?

  • For those wondering previously when this came up, although I didn't receive the email I reached out to Plex
    and simply requested they re-send the promo as I missed it, and wanted to sign up.
    Had an email within 48 hours

    • Cool, I'll try contacting them now. Thanks!

    • I tried yesterday just to ask for one but that didn't work.

      I've tried again with your technique.

      • No joy with my request.

        Occasionally, some Plex accounts do get selected to receive short-lived offers related to Plex Pass subscriptions. Those offers are available only to the selected account and only for a limited time. The offers aren't available to other accounts, sorry.

        To help make sure you don't miss any potential future offer, our recommendation is to ensure you're receiving our emails. A couple of things to do:

        • Whitelist (or put on your approved sender list) our [email protected] and [email protected] addresses
        • Make sure you're signed up for our Newsletter (https://app.plex.tv/desktop#!/account)

        We occasionally run promotions or giveaways through our social media (e.g. Facebook and Twitter), so paying attention to those is a good idea, too.

        Thanks for your interest in Plex!

    • Tried this and got the same message as VerticallyIntegrated, so would welcome a spare code by PM if anyone has one spare! TIA!!

      • You’d think it would be in Plex’s interest to issue codes to people who contact them, during a promotion window. I’m reaching out suggesting I’m willing to subscribe at the discounted price because I’m not interested in Plex Pass at full price.

        How many would get the offer and ignore it? Lots.

        How many would upgrade if offered after making contact? Lots.

        Why would they want to lose a guaranteed customer?

  • I was lucky enough to get a lifetime sub for free, and I'm so glad because I use it daily. Live TV streaming, great customisation, and you can even skip intros now.

  • how is a targeted email a bargain?

  • I have emailed Plex Support service asking for a code, hopefully they will send me one. I'll let you know if they do.

  • Does this use torrents?

    • It's a media server that hosts your own media. How you obtain that media is entirely up to you. It basically reads your movies/TV shows, makes them look pretty and easily accessible from anywhere.

      • Similar to kodi? Can it do anything extra?

        • I think the difference is kodi loads multiple sources in one device
          while plex server creates one source that can be loaded in multiple devices

          Say you have a tv downstairs and upstairs, you have to setup your kodi and the sources in both, and your viewing progress is not synced
          with plex you just set it up once, then you can open it on your pc, tv, ipad, phones and see the same content and progress, and optionally share it with your family and friends over the internet

  • can i use this code to pay for the pass within the app so i can use itunes cards?

  • Plex need to pickup their game. I haven't seen any value in any of their updates or new functionality in literally years. They keep building shit no-one cares about instead of working on the features people actually want.

  • So I sent an email asking for them to send me a targeted code. Their response was (in my words) "Well buddy, if you dont subscribe to our emails, you are going to miss out. Arent you a silly little goose. Please keep an eye on our facebook for offers".

    To which I responded "Im not sure why I should be looking at Facebook when I know these are custom generated codes. Can you just re-send me a targeted code please".

    I await their response.

  • I will pay in crypto if anyone has a code.

  • I think this must be extremely targetted as I haven't found anyone targetted.

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