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Motorola G7 Power (Dual SIM 4G/3G, NFC, 5000mAh, 64GB/4GB) $284.71 Delivered @ Allphones eBay


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$15 cheaper than the official Motorola store

The Oppo A52 is $30 cheaper and has better specs so why buy the G7 Power?

  • Dedicated SD card slot to run Dual SIM + extra storage at the same time (not unique, A52 also has this feature)
  • Bootloader can be unlocked directly from Motorola
  • Custom ROM development is very active and long term support will not be an issue https://forum.xda-developers.com/g7-power/development

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  • The Oppo A52 is $30 cheaper and has better specs so why buy the G7 Power?

    No color os

  • LTPS IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
    6.2 inches, 94.0 cm2 (~77.6% screen-to-body ratio)
    720 x 1570 pixels, 19.5:9 ratio (~279 ppi density

    :( This makes me very sad if it had a decent OLED screen I'd buy it in a heartbeat, it'd be the perfect phone. Does anybody know of a similar phone with an OLED, big battery, active rom community?

    • i've an Mi A3 at 282ppi (Android One, 4000mAh, GCAM…) - screen resolution isn't a concern. I don't even notice any display compromises.
      You do notice, when you're actively looking for pixels, with the phone screen up to your face.

      I say get on it!

  • So is OP saying the bootloader cannot be unlocked on A52?

  • The A52 has 2 x SIM slots + dedicated SDHC slot. Source? One in our family.

    And said A52 has replaced a Moto E5, which only ever received security updates. Not sold having to go to XDA to get custom ROMs to update my phone TBH.

    Oh and Color OS 7 - have you tried it? It's actually quite good…

    • Custom ROMs are actually one of the highest priorities for me.
      Not only is it about choice, but moreso, ongoing support for the device once the manufacturer has long discarded it.

      Even my old Nexus 7 2013 has Android 10,(with current security strings), available thanks to the enthusiast developers over at XDA. Google gave up on it way back at Marshmallow.

      I still prefer to run Nougat on it though, (Lineage OS), as it's a bit leaner on memory, and it still gets regular weekly updates.

      That's XDA!

  • Is there any reason to go for this over the G8 Power Lite for $248 at Good Guys - https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/motorola-g8-power-lite-64gb--... - a brief comparison of the specs looks like the G8 Power Lite is marginally better, and should have a longer update lifespan.

    (For those with Good Guys Commercial Access it's $204 there - https://www.thegoodguyscommercial.com.au/motorola-g8-power-l... )

    • Both phones seem to be 720p, and the G8 Power Lite doesn't have a Snapdragon CPU.

      For such a big screen, you'd want something at 1080p.

      In terms of update lifespan, Moto are known for being pretty poor with updates, though custom ROM community is often pretty active for them which is good.

    • Tempted to jump on that good guys commercial as a backup phone…

  • The first two points are true for the A52 as well (dedicated microSD and can unlock the bootloader).

    Nice to see custom rom development for the Moto though, however the A52 just came out a month ago so I'm sure something will pop up eventually.

  • I was hanging out for the Motorola G8 Power but settled for the Oppo A52 yesterday instead. At this price, there's no advantage going to the G7 Power. If the G8 power comes back in stock under $350, it's the obvious winner. Then a toss up between the the A52 and G8 Power Lite, depending on price and your willingness to stray from a cleaner Android experience. Not sure why buying last year's model at an umcompelling price is a deal.

    • I've been waiting for the G8 power too to replace my worn out G6 plus but so far we've only gotten the Lite with the crappier screen and no punch hole display. Meh. I'm thinking I might do the same as you and get the Oppo A52 instead of waiting any more. Everyone seems to like it.

  • A52 is so far the best budget phone with FullHD screen and great ColorOS 7.1

  • Bought this phone, typing on it now. The stock os is awesome, power is uncompelling. Since the Color Os update is more stock (as mentioned above) and that I'm still on Android 9 (with vague updates to 10 for OS clients) I'd probably hit the A52. And the camera on this phone is poor, even with Gcam.

  • Had one of these phones for work. Best thing about the phone was the battery life. Camera was pretty poor but overall experience was good.

  • Optus website, Oppo A72 with $30 optus prepaid sim for $299

    Oppo A72 has specs higher than Oppo A52, mainly for camera and 128GB storage, and cpu/ram/screen are same.

  • Allphones and Mobileciti (same store?) are now reporting out of stock on this phone

    Good feedback on the A52 with the dual SIM + SD card, did not see that on the Oppo specs page

    For unlocking the A52 bootloader, they look like third party tools.

    Deal will be clarified to say unlockable from Motorola directly

  • Is the G8 power through Amazon worth considering? Currently $360. Otherwise I might lean towards a52 as others have done.

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