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Samsung 970 EVO PLUS 1TB $299 ($257 after Cashback) + $13 Delivery (Free Pickup) @ Scorptec


Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB discounted to $299 from $339 with additional SAMSUNG cashback to $257 - Pickup ($13 Auspost standard delivery, $17 courier delivery)
Please note that 980 series is expected to drop sometime in 2020.

First post, please let me know if anything needs changing.

Original Samsung Cashback Deal

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  • Was considering this until i came across the Kingston A2000, much cheaper and i can't tell the performance difference anyway.

  • $296 at MSY, Online Computers, AllNeeds, Budget PC. I know MSY is eligible for cashback, unsure about the others.

    • Online Computers and Budget PC for sure. Was looking at their price, before I bought 1 from Computer Alliance last week at slightly cheaper price (different model).

    • TBH I would rather pay an extra $3 for 5 years of warranty from Scorptec over any form of warranty from MSY

      • the warranty is from samsung, so it shouldn't matter who you buy it from. i just sent my 970 pro back last week, samsung just refunded me cash as they didnt have any in stock

        • ok so people bag kingston for reliability and a samsung goes back …..reality is they are solid states devices should all be of similar reliability ….

      • Scorptec doesn't offer any warranty. It's the manufacturer, and it doesn't matter who you buy from as long as they are an authorised dealer.

        • Scorptec is the point of purchase. They deal with it for you. They are skidoo and no questions asked, they've been great for me.

          On the contrary, my experience, try to get msy to do that without an argument. Even if they're bound by Australian consumer Law to do it.

    • +1 vote

      Paid $313 from another store just two weeks back.

      It goes to show patience is a necessary virtue to become a true OzB-er.

  • Samsung Magician & Data Migration software here: https://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/minisite/ssd/download/...
    Can highly recommend these tools if you weren't aware of them.

    • I hate installing unnecessary "manufacture's tool" apps on my PC… Would you be able to elaborate on why you give a high recommendation?

      What uses are there on the apps, that you use personally?

      • It's a tool for cloning the drive. No extra software installed. Pure cloning.

        • I used the "Create system image" native to Windows 10 to perform this task when I recently went from a failing HDD to a QVO 860…

          So part from cloning, anything useful this manufacture's tool does?

          • @AnDyStYLe: it doesnt do anything besides cloning, thats exactly what the guy said?

            magician does some other performance tweaky stuff iirc. havent used it in years.

            besides being argumentative for the sake of it, do you do anything useful?

            • @Laserface: Not sure why and how I've hit a sensitive spot… Furthermore, I was directing my query to hoverboardrider but since you're keen to join the party, why not!

              I'm legitimately interested to see what the Magician app does and if it's useful as per their recommendation?

              Edit: If there are enough pro's, then I'd go ahead and install it… No point in giving a high recommendation without stating why.

          • @AnDyStYLe: I have had issues with the Windows tool and other third party tools when cloning system HDD's to SSD's, and system SSD's to SSD's.

            The mentioned Samsung one has literally never failed me, I would recommend it as well. It does only work if the destination drive is Samsung branded.

            • @jooncheez: Ok, I get it now after reading further here… https://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/minisite/ssd/product/c...

              Was a bit confused…

              There are in fact two software:

              The cloning tool you all refer to is "Samsung Data Migration Software"

              The "Samsung Magician Software" is not the cloning tool at all (which I thought it was in the first instance).

              The Samsung Magician Software seems like it's pretty handy to give stats on the state of the SSD. I think I may go ahead and install :)

      • Samsung magician is actually really useful.

    • Just use Macrium Reflect and CrystalDiskInfo. I don't get why you think it needs to be from the manufacturer.

    • Yup agree, mentioned it on the other Samsung thread. This tool worked where EaseUS didn’t. Samsung 840 SSD to 970 nvme m.2.

  • So I heard that if I have a SSD thats about 500GB and versus having this I should use the 1TB as the OS drive because more space makes it more faster and I should always leave about 20% unused so it doesnt slow down?

    Is that still a thing or is that false?

  • How does this compare to ADATA SX8200 pro or WD SN750 that recently on sales around $210-$220 @ 1Tb?

    • In simple terms - its about 28% better. Based on benchmarks.

      • Yes although benchmarks are not a very good indication of real world feeL or performance.

        Short answer is you wouldn’t notice any difference when using your pc over the sx8200 pro. Both are excellent drives for fast booting into windows or gaming.

        • Actually I saw in a few benchmarks the SX8200 Pro is actually faster (but probably just margin of error). The 970 Evo Plus is much faster in longer sustain write it seems.

          But yeah, not noticeable in real world, should just go for the cheaper among these options.

          • @Kingduytan: Yep. And as LTT has proven a couple of times, real world usage (ie using apps or games), it’s impossible to tell between high speed NVMe drives and regular SATA drives.

            A lot of the nvme speed thing is just epeen and matters little for regular users.

          • @Kingduytan: Is 10gb still considered a long sustained write?

            • @atj: 10GB write for NVME just lasts a few seconds, the benchmarks I read were showing 5/10/15 mins write. I don't think there's any realistic work load that can show off the advantage of this drive over the SX8200 Pro or SN750.

              • @Kingduytan: Benchmarks aren't that useful. Real world is what matters. Copying to another M.2 is stupidly quick. Copying to a SSD can be quick or can be as slow as transferring to a regular HDD. Most of the time it'll copy up to 2gb instantly. I've had my Ironwolf and WD Ultra Stars be great for some files. Depends on the file, depends on the remaining space on the writing drive. Also if any of the drives are in use for other tasks. M.2 to show the reference numbers needs another M.2 to copy to.

        • Yes, benchmarks are quite different from real world performance (booting OS, starting applications, loading a saved game in Skyrim from the main menu, etc). SSDs are about 60% faster than 7200 rpm hard disks, but very little difference between brands. Just purchase the cheapest when it comes it SSDs if you are an ordinary home user.

  • Good deal but I think the 980s are only a month or two away.

    • I wonder what affect that will have on prices. Being Samsung maybe it won't be too huge

  • Any deals on the 2TB model? Scorptec seems to have highest @ $658 with Centrecom @ $629 shipped (pre-cashback pricing).

  • As I am acquiring components for a new PC and gotten the the Aorus X570 Ultra board, this is good enough as the OS drive or is the 980 significantly better (probably very much dearer too) and worth the wait??

    • There wasn't a big difference between 960 and 970. I think you're good.

      • 980 will be PCIE4 tho, so could potentially make far more of a difference (in benchmarks at the very least).
        However in real world performance, its very likely you wouldnt really notice. Price is almost certainly going to be much higher on the 980 series, although i hope im wrong cuz i was gonna grab one for my PC.
        Also the other thing to take note of, I think only the 980 pro series has been announced so far with the max size of 1TB. We will probably have to wait a bit longer for the 2TB 980 Evo if that is something you want. The Pro series is normally considerably more expensive than the evo.

        what i REALLY want tho is an affordable (under a grand) 8TB M2 drive, preferably NVME but hell, id even take sata M2. I just wanna get rid of all the mechanical drives / drive cages / sata cables from my PC

  • Temping but im holding out till i can get a 2TB NVME for a good price at least before i bother to upgrade from my current 1TB Samsung 860 EVO.

  • I'm probably just going to opt in on a 2tb and leave the gap to price protection claims. Still on Coles 2 year price protection clause thank God

  • Online Computer worked out the cheapest shipped for me personally, @ $301.98

  • "Deal"

    Sure, for a Samsung SSD it is. But these days there are far better value offerings, the SX8200 Pro, the WD SN750, the HP EX950 (barely available here though) are far better values. While sure they don't match the Samsung in sustained writes some of these offerings outperform in I/O operations per second which are arguably more important in 99.9% of use cases.

    • TBH Samsung always has premium pricing part of the reason is because they use their own controllers. I guess my point is that some manufacturers have started filling in the gap with value priced TLC SSDs just like what the WD Blue and A2000 have been doing.

      • Yup. There was a time when Samsung reigned supreme, as the most reliable manufacturer. But then other manufacturers caught up. It's like how Apple are selling their phones at $2000, reputation.

    • I agree, any decent TLC NVMe drive will do the job perfectly fine. There's no real reason to go for Sammy drives unless you really want to bling out, the differences between TLC NVMe drives is not noticeable for day to day tasks