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Sony WH-1000XM3 $335, Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-AC-PRO-V2 $221.34, LG 29in FreeSync IPS Monitor $320.41 & More @ eBay Titan_Gear

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  • 346.29 for the headset. What am I missing?

  • none of these sound like a deal at all =/

  • I need help choosing from the UniFi range. I've got a Nokia 5G Gateway but the Wi-Fi signal is just not strong enough to cover the spans of a double storey home. I'm looking to add multiple wireless repeaters

    • The unifi range aren't wireless repeaters but access points per se. Don't bother with wireless repeater or signal boosters, they're mostly rubbish.

      They'll need a cabled connection back to the router/switch to be most effective. As you don't have the controller, you cannot configure them in a mesh wireless setup.

      So, either cabling around the entire house, or get a mesh network like the Netgear Orbi RBK50?

      Bought a BRK50 for my parents double storey solid brick house - works like a charm.

      • Cheers! I've read great reviews about the Orbi. Mesh sounds like a plan especially if I'm not going wired

        • RBK50's been as low as $300s - though I'm not optimistic that price will come back anytime soon.

          You also have google nest wifi as alternatives, but the fact its linked to your google account and limits your functionality when you're not online doesn't sit well with me. Technically speaking, if your google account got banned for any reason - it could stop working.

        • The unifi are all able to do mesh too. Wired backhaul is obviously better but they will work without it.

          • @dekekun: I believe only if you have the controller or the cloud key. Happy to be corrected

            • @lawyerz: Yea correct. You need to run the controller either via the cloud key or you can install it on a raspberry pi or something similar.

              Easiest way though for a home setup would be to get a dream machine (UniFi Dream Machine) and then expand with switches or APs as needed.

              • @ingster: I have 2 Unifi LRs set up with wireless mesh connection. I have the controller installed on my macbook, but haven't launched the app since setting up the network

    • A few points, listed for brevity.

      1) If you want to build a Unifi system, I recommend waiting for the new Wifi 6 nano AP's coming later this year, they'll give you a vastly improved experience (more bandwidth, work better with more devices). If you don't have the ability to run ethernet cable to the AP locations (ideally ceilings throughout your home positioned for maximum coverage, but you can also wall mount them if necessary) then you don't want Unifi.

      2) If your goal is to have blanket wifi coverage throughout your house and you can't run ethernet where you want the APs, you need a mesh system. If you need/want wifi 6, I strongly recommend looking at the Amplifi Alien (that still isn't out in Australia, despite a Christmas launch in the US last year). If you don't care about wifi 6, you just want really good, strong, reliable wifi, then get an Amplifi HD kit (comes with a router (with built-in wifi) and two mesh points). If your house is large enough that the three wifi APs aren't enough, you can add as many additional mesh points as you need for around $200 each. If you're not an IT pro and just want something that works and is highly reliable, there's nothing better than Amplifi HD.

      3) Yes, most Unifi APs will mesh, but you need to connect them to a controller for configuration. You can run them without a controller after they've been configured, but that would be pretty stupid - without the controller they can't be managed and won't receive updates (unless you want to SSH into them and update them manually, but that's not exactly user friendly). Unifi is great for your home if you are either technical or can pay someone to set it up for you, but if you want something simple that takes all the difficulty out of it and makes management and updates so simple absolutely anyone can use it, get Amplifi instead.

      A bit about me - I don't work for Ubiquiti or any retailer, I'm a business IT consultant and build business networks professionally, but I've done a number of Amplifi systems for company directors and other clients in their homes where running cable wasn't an option. We've never had a single call requesting assistance with any of them - in my experience they just work, and many of these are in really big houses with foot thick concrete slabs between floors. I'll happily recommend Amplifi over any other mesh network as they're so simple to manage and extremely reliable.

      • Such a good explanation and advice.👍

      • The new wifi 6 APs won't give significant real world speed differences over the existing APs

        • Hmm, a single unqualified yet authoritative statement.

          Wifi 6 (802.11ax) has numerous and substantial performance benefits over what has been retrospectively re-monikered 'wifi 5' (802.11ac). If all your client devices are limited to wifi 5 (ac) radios, they will experience improved performance over a wifi 5 AP due to improved spatial streaming and OFDMA (which boils down to they'll get more time with the AP when multiple devices are connected simultaneously and they'll get access to more overall bandwidth and a more stable connection, which means they'll be able to push more data). Wifi 6 clients will be able to take advantage of more streams themselves, will work with the 4x improvement in QAM and improved MIMO - 802.11ax clients will have three to four times the performance of ideal condition 802.11ac hardware, but in the real world the improvements may be much greater.

          The real-world difference is you might get up to 600mbps in absolutely ideal real-world conditions with the absolute best wifi 5 hardware with the device no more than a couple of feet from the AP, but in reality really good hardware is more likely to top out at around 400mbps. 1gbps should be easily achievable with wifi 6 hardware in the real world, to the point where the AP may need to be connected to 2.5gbps or 10gbps ethernet to avoid that becoming the bottleneck. And as I've written, a wifi 6 AP will even provide substantial, usable, measurable improvements for existing wifi 5 devices, they just won't be as stellar as a 100% wifi 6 environment.

          But I'm also willing to put my money where my mouth is - I always purchase new hardware like this when it's released for lab testing, benchmarking, and integration into my home and work networks so that it gets tested extensively prior to including it in recommendations and deployments to client environments. We've had an Amplifi Alien on order with the national distributor since December. We'll get one of the first U6-Lite APs once they're released and I'll put it through its paces with both ax and ac devices. We also do on-site live demonstrations for clients where they can see actual performance between different devices and configurations. I write all this because I don't just take manufacturer claims at face value, I put devices through rigorous testing so I understand exactly what can be achieved with them. I've been building Unifi networks since the 802.11n days, I've been banging my head against the wall that is 802.11ac for years - it has never ever delivered on the promised speeds in real-world devices. 'ax should be a massive step forward, particularly when we see something like a Unifi wifi 6 XG.

          Sorry, your statement is flat out false.

          So I have no idea what behoves you to make such an erroneous claim, but I'm sorry it's just flat out wrong.

    • Nokia has its own mesh WIFI solutions; Beacon 1, beacon 3 and Beacon 6

      which the Nokia 5G Gateway can be connected to and act as one of the mesh points according to the specs of 5G gateways here.

    • Checkout Unifi Mesh APs. These can hookup to your existing WiFi and extend coverage.

  • eBay sale flashbacks

  • I was really tempted but decided to wait for WH-1000XM4

    • go for it! but I'm just saying when I upgraded from XM2 to XM3 - it didn't feel like much of a difference at all. That being said - this is not a great price, so waiting is probably better.

  • I have the Sony WH-1000XM3, it is the best wireless headphones I've ever tried and I have tried many over the years.

    The range is amazing and the battery is very long lasting. Noise cancelling is top notch as well, I used to use it all the time on the train.

    • What about mic quality?

      • I use it for calls and video conferencing, so complaints from people. I don't really know since I'm the one using it.

      • These are some of the very best noise cancelling wireless headphones around. Sadly the mic for calling people and taking is crap. Still I use mine everyday and use my phone to call and talk to people instead.

        They may work OK in your house who knows.

      • It's horrendous unless you're in an absolutely quiet environment (which completely defeats the purpose of "noise cancelling" IMO). I've got these and the Bose QC35's and the Sony aren't even the same league when it comes to using them for phone calls.

        • I mostly use it in a quiet environment, like office or at home. I use the wired headphones for calls when I'm out, I don't like wearing noise cancelling headphones while walking, always feels like a bus is gonna run me over.

    • What other ones have you tried?

      • I have tried many others, but the most notable are:
        Bose 700 (its double the price of the XM3) but can't feel any benefits
        Raycon H100 - not as good noise cancelling

        You should try it yourself instore though. Go to JB Hi Fi or other retailers who have them on display (take some disinfectant wipes too) and try it out for yourself. Everyone's different, we have different head sizes, ears etc etc.

        To me the XM3 is very comfortable, I wear it for hours at a time working from home, taking video conference calls. My ears don't get hot like with other headphones.

        • Oh okay so you haven't tried any other more premium ones?

          • @onlinepred: The most "premium" I have tried is the Bose 700, not gonna go any more premium than that, I'm not made of money lol

            • @techlead: Yea okay, I mean you can get premium for less than the rrp of the Bose 700 haha. But you only need to go premium of you value audio ability, build quality, materials quality etc. I mean the xm3 is a plastic build, fake leather, focusing solely on bass and mass Market profit.

              Next time say the ones you have listened to, as cleverly you haven't "tried many others"

  • Thanks OP. Got sick of people talking loud in the train to work. This will do.

  • XM3s are 330$ at Costco too for anyone that wants to pick it up in person

  • The Qantas store often has XM3's on special around $320. Less if you use points, which you can't use for flights now anyway.

  • xm4 coming

  • Do we have any warrenty ? I checked ebay description but couldn't find any details for Sony WH-1000XM3.

  • Been looking for a good deal on the Eufy 2c 4 Camera kit for weeks. Missed the previous slightly better deal.

    With Ebay plus and the coupon code came down to $614.93 free shipping for me. Best price currently i believe.

    eufy 2C Wire-Free HD Security 4 Camera Kit with Home Base T8833CD2