Scotts 950ml/1 Litre Hand Sanitiser $10.99/ $11.99 @ Bunnings (in Store)


Australia's favourite hand sanitizer has dropped in price even further.

Was $13.20 previously

Instore only

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  • Be aware, 50% alcohol according to the msds.

    • Not exactly true. SDS always contain some smoke 💨 to protect the magic recipe.

      It is greater than 50% ethanol by weight. May be higher measured by volume, given more dense additive ingredients. Could be as much as 70% ethanol by weight.

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        The exact same labels used to say 70% I recall from earlier posts. Its interesting they no longer do.

      • Quite right. Data sheet shows weight not volume and ethanol weighs approximately 80% that of water. Along with other ingredients it translates to an alcohol volume of at least 62%.
        @Tuba yes they were initially claiming 70% for some reason

        • Pre covid, 70% was their stock label I think. It was the early days of santiser shortages that the label changed. At least, Im basing it on old lisitngs on various websites (chemists with bottles and tool stores with small pocket size toothpaste style tubes etc) that no longer had stock all showed 70%, while new listings of stock a few weeks later lost that specific detail.

          But that could simply be rushing production meant less stringent testing for volumes etc, so err on the side of caution and remove it from the label, or more cynically thin it down to make more bottles from a limited supply.

      • Could be as much as 70% ethanol by weight.

        But why would they choose a lower figure to display when a higher figure looks better?

  • smell horrible

    • Like washing your hands in tequila.

    • Yeah I can vouch for this…They had a bottle open at the exit at my local and by the time I started sanitising my hands with this stuff GAME OVER, this S*** stinks!

    • I was just at a hotel and they had like citrus flavoured sanitiser and it was kinda nice. Wish I bothered to check the brand now.

      • "limoncello" :)

      • I'm no chemist, but my local chemist told me that a drop or two of cirtus essential oil is unlikely to effect the product in a negative way.

        ymmv; not a chemist, etc etc.

    • It's not a great smell and what makes it worse is that it doesn't go away. You can wash your hands 10x over the next 5hrs but good old Scott still likes to hang around.

      • Just came back from Aldi which had this brand at store entrance. The smell (raw alcohol) disappears after a minute or less. Despite the hyperbolic comments on this website I've yet to encounter any sanitizer which smelled "bad" or whose odour didn't disappear in under a minute or two at most. Seems Ozbargain has some particularly sensitive noses and skins

      • It at least gets rid of the pooh smell.

    • Could you mix in some Lavender or Eucalyptus oil without any detrimental effects, might help?

  • Australia's favourite hand sanitizer

    According to which survey? All I ever see is people commenting on how much it stinks. Alcohol % is also vague.

    Which is probably why it is cheap.

    • Probably total sales numbers.

      Scotts has been around for SO LONG as a brand, they could probably have 5 years of zero sales and still be ahead in raw numbers :P

  • i feel sick just reading the title, putrid stuff

  • Seems a bit expensive at this point 5L - $30

  • True OzBargainers use E85 petrol ⛽️ for hand 🖐 🦠🧫🤚 sanitiser

    • I have done this at the racetrack.
      Got a bit of steel from a radial belt in my hand at a drifting event.
      Shit burns.

      Healed well.
      Didn't get infected.

  • This stuff is like petrol, terrible.

  • Skip this crap and do yourself a favour and get Aqium 1 Litre ($13.99-$14.99). Much better product.

  • The Scotts hand sanitiser smells not pleasant, but does the job.
    If you are around Pascoe Vale VIC area, Pascoe Vale Road Market shop has 5L for $36.

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    Smells like a turd covered in burnt hair

  • -1 vote

    Zoono is expensive but not a hand sanitizer. Like wearing protective liquid gloves that kills pathogens on contact!

    • LOL, the problem with these NZ based things is like A2 milk (another NZ business), the only people shouting its benefits are the company that owns it, and sometimes under the guise of independent business names and websites, that when push comes to shove, they own or set up. Alternatively they claim to have all sorts of results, but dont share who did the testing, at least not freely.

      Its got scam written all over it. They make enough money to pay say the CSIRO or another well reputed independent testing facility, to test it, and let the testing facility freely publish results so I can just click and see without asking the seller company for a version of the results they exclusively control.

      Anyway, Im pretty sure I dont need it with my steady diet of Manuka and A2, Im gonna live forever. Side effect is I sometimes catch myself saying chups, and worse still Ive almost stopped being bothered by it. And the whole thing makes no s(i)nse when Im not even buying chups.

  • I bet the Victorians are the only state still spending big on hand sanitizers…

  • Made in China?

  • This is double the volume for what i paid for 2 months ago at CW. Added some scent oil to make it smell better.

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