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Free - Send Your Name to Mars @ NASA


Similar deal to these.

Why are you reopening this opportunity?
There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the Mars 2020 mission and its Perseverance rover, which will carry the names of 10.9 million people aboard. However, since the Mars 2020 opportunity closed, many people have since expressed interest in sending their name to Mars. For those who missed the chance to fly their names on Perseverance, we want to give them the chance to sign up to fly their names on a future mission to Mars.

Who sees my name and email address?
All names are reviewed by a team of people at NASA and then sent to the microchip manufacturer. Your email is only used to allow you to track your Frequent Flyer participation, and to receive notifications of "Send Your Name to Mars" events, such as launch or landing. See our Privacy Policy Statement for more information.

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    Scheduled Departure: July 2026

    • +1

      I know you're joking, but for others that don't know its less than a month away.
      You can track and watch it here.


      • +1

        My boarding pass literally says July 2026. So I assume that's when my name on a microchip will depart for Mars haha!

        • weird mine doesn't, but i signed up a while ago.

      • That's what it says on my boarding pass

      • negged because they are not joking

      • +3

        You must have put your name in before 30 Sep 2019. They took 10.9 million names for the Perseverance launch. Anyone who has submitted their names after that goes on with the next mission (currently 10217 new reservations).

      • I will wait until its a fortnight away so i can say…..twwoooo weeekkks

    • Same here

  • -3

    My name and my partners name are already up there , but hey one more time won't hurt.Cheers

    • +12


      I assume you have just one partner, apologies if you have multiple 😂

    • +7

      Your partner should have sent her name to Venus.

      • +2

        And his name to **Uranus*?

    • Not sure why you were downvoted. You gain more frequent flyer points if you have multiple boarding passes :D

  • Cheers OP!

    Have put my son's name on a couple of other missions previously as well.

  • +6

    Marsy McMarsface

    • oh you have made Marvin the Martian very angry, very angry indeed

  • +6

    Since it's free may as well make it worth while.

    Ovuvuevuevue Enyetuenwuevue Ugbemugbem Osas!!!

    The name forever legend.

  • -1
  • +6

    Spoiler : your name is sent to Mars factory.

  • +6

    Woo hoo Mr Ball Sack is going to Mars

  • +2

    Bought this last time and still haven't used it.

  • Hasn't this same deal been on OzBargain before? Vaguely remember doing the same thing a while ago

  • +5
    • +1

      You're literally spamming Mars! Be cool guys, the Martians are watching!!!

      (Honestly, doesn't anyone at NASA watch The Simpsons?! They sent Homer up after all)

  • +6

    Would Aliens also adhere to NSSA privacy policy and not send me junk mail of some Martian Prince trying to send me some money.

  • How many names will an $87 400gb micro SD hold? 10.9mil seems a bit limited.

    • 1 character is 1 byte. You do the math.

      • 1 character can be 4 bits

        Edit: I am wrong. Modern references to characters are 8 bits/1 byte.

      • +3

        Use 7zip.
        Text compresses very well.

        The Martians will assume those identities.

  • +2
  • I need my name on a gold disc like in Voyager not in a chip.

  • +3

    Is this a list for slavery working camp operated by Martians and Musk?

  • +1

    Is there Covid19 up there too ?

  • -1

    This is very cool and I encourage everyone to do it, but how is this a deal?

    • +1

      Aliens can find you and abduct you for free

  • Jane Doe because I want to be completely anonymous.

  • +1

    Now I become one of the first 10.9mil people to get probed by alians :(

    • 10.9 million people; if your name starts with an 'A' and they do it by alphabetical order then you might not have to wait so long…

  • I thought it said send your nana to mars

  • +1

    Perfect for narcissists.

  • Do you get frequent flyer points ?

    • Only on spaceships

  • +2

    This is great for kids and families.
    Please don't spam with fake names. Memory on the modules is limited and people will miss out.
    And it's still not a deal no matter how many times I am down voted. I'm not aware of this ever being sold as a service and DYI is only possible if your first name is Elon.

  • Australia is the top country in terms of reservations. Ozbargained? lol

    Just got one for my son.

  • +1

    i don't see any purpose of doing this…

    sending rubbish to mars?

  • Like… why? I don't get it.

  • how much frequent flyer points do one accumulate from a trip from Earth to Mars?
    I heard a ticket is worth $1m USD, so it's good that we've started accumulating flyer points in our 20's.
    Now just waiting for Tesla to start a flyer points system and i can convert my Qantas points.

    • how much frequent flyer points do one accumulate from a trip from Earth to Mars?

      33.9 million miles…

  • +1

    If it only wasn't another NASA hoax

    • how are they going to cover this one up?
      there's no weather balloons up there in Mars

  • At least it is cooler that the last place I signed up to for NASA, it was for that probe for the sun,
    I can tell you that was not the coolest deal I ever signed up to :p

  • My name went on a CD to mars a long time ago, but it crashed - the probe, not the disk. Well I guess the disk 'crashed' with the probe.

    • Just looked it up. It was polar lander. Nasa says "Mars Polar Lander and Deep Space 2 were lost at arrival December 3, 1999." Another report showed it was 'cheaper, faster, better' mission and the systems were not properly tested together and afterwards they realised that the legs opening during decent made it think it had touched down so it turned off the decent rocket - cheaper, faster, oops.

  • I don't think the Martians read English. Best in hanzi (汉字/漢字)
    I will try with Esperanto

  • The Martians will send it back with a fine for dumping our crap on their land!

  • Pollute mars with Homo Sapiens shit

  • +1

    sorry but, what's the point in putting your name on mars?

  • For those of you who were wondering about this. Mars Rover is on it's way and going to land.

    NASA Live: Official Stream of NASA TV - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21X5lGlDOfg