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ROLI Songmaker Kit $489.50 + Postage @ JB Hi-Fi


Any wanna be DJ's around?

Usually around the $900 mark for these bad boys.

The Roli ROL001833 Songmaker Kit provides all of the tools to create your tracks anywhere you want. You'll get the power of the seaboard block, light pad block, and loop block in this customizable modular system. There are 100's of free sounds and a software bundle that's valued at over $400 included with this kit. The protective snapcase will keep your Roli ROL001833 safe and sound on the go.

Combine two state-of-the-art, touch-responsive playing surfaces. Play melodies with the Seaboard Block, a super-powered keyboard. Play drums and control effects with the Lightpad Block M. Record loops easily with the Loop Block. Everything's right there for building any style of track, anywhere.

BLOCKS is the modular music making system that grows with you, each Block is incredibly powerful, putting musical expression right at your fingertips. Start with one Block. Connect more Blocks together. Customize the instrument that’s right for you, and grow all the way with your music.


  • Create the perfect song | combine 2 state-of-the-art playing surfaces. Play melodies on the seaboard block, play drums and control effects on the light pad Block, record loops easily on the loop block

  • Explore a universe of sound | seaboard block pairs with desktop and mobile software that include hundreds of sounds, from strings and synths to drums and guitars. They’re all custom made for 5D touch

  • Customize your sound | song maker kit consists of three blocks, seaboard block and light pad Block Also work independently. Mix and match them. Add more blocks. Build the instrument that's right for you

  • Case It and carry it | the song maker kit comes with a stylish, protective snapcase. It holds the Kit together and protects the blocks when you carry them around — so you can make music anywhere

  • Every movement is musical | shape sounds with 5D touch on the seaboard Block’s expressive surface. Strike, glide, slide, press and lift off with your fingers to bring your musical ideas to life

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  • Thanks OP, got one :)

  • Cheers! How'd you find the deal?

  • +4

    Tempting… just spent $500 on Albeton yesterday.

    • You mean Ableton Live?

      • Yep, i had Ableton lite so I just upgraded

        • +2

          I have Ableton suite too. Worth the money

          • +3

            @xxxamrit: Im new to it all. Ive discovered a rabbit hole.

            • @Arnor: Have a play with Fruity Loops studio too.
              Another rabbit-hole, if you want a more 'hands on' feel.

            • @Arnor: I was there last year, nice learning experience, but then I moved house and now I have a whole bunch of DIY to do around the house :(

              Best purchases were Elektron Digitone/takt and Ableton Live, but I think I prefer DAWless.

              Also have a Roli Seaboard, but never gelled with it.

              • @raybies: That Elektron is an expensive piece of kit. Looks pretty schmick though.

                • @Arnor: I paid $1090 29 Dec 2018 with ebay vouchers. I had to think about it for a couple of months though as I thought soft synths were technically better. Then I got it and I was so much more creative than I had been with anything else I had to get the Digitakt too, which while good wasn't as special for me.

         this dude told me he got his the same week as me, so if you want to see what it can do, check out his ch.

                  On the sw side I like:

                  • @raybies: Really impressive bit of kit. I will keep an eye on it for sure. Any idea if theres a newer version coming out? That would depend on commercial success. I couldve got that instead of the Roland tb303 clone because it seems the Digitact can be that synth too. Another rabbit hole opening.
                    Ive seen Serum in many tutorial vids.

                    • +1

                      @Arnor: The newer version is the same synth with an attached keyboard. Elektron don't develop new products that regularly.

          • +1

            @xxxamrit: How are you going with it? Been using for long? Im working through Collective Intelligence series on youtube. Hes really good at explaining the basics.

            Oh and i bought a Roli, damn, expensive hobby.

            • @Arnor: Isn't practically every hobby?

            • @Arnor: Ableton was Easy to learn the workflow is super easy and clear.


              This video is where i learned ableton but its just basics.

              I just love Ableton live. If u needed a midi keyboard you should have get a casio keyboard. i have this CT-S300 and its awesome.

            • +1

              @Arnor: Compared to knitting?
              Compared to motor racing, I think not.

              • @raybies: Mate those fancy yarns can get out of control.

  • Damn so tempted, but I don't think Reason has full MPE support.

  • Is devices like this one of the reasons why most songs these days sound similar and lack individuality?

    • +3

      Hopefully devices like these actually help create more diverse music. The pitch-bending capabilities of this thing should sound a lot more natural than some of the other MIDI keyboards around which sound more digital and generic.

    • +2

      No, that's because the people who make decision about what gets played are all listening for the same sound. People will change if they actively don't like something, so why take any risks? Same thing happens when they want to greenlight movie scripts: Show us examples of when this was previously done successfully.

    • It's not devices it's artists. And if you're talking about pop music nothing has changed.

    • +6

      Music is more diverse now than it ever was. When I grew up we had three 3 music radio stations, now I have access to literally thousands of them, across of every genre you can imagine.
      Maybe stop listening to Top 40 radio and expand your horizons a little.

    • +2

      Google Max Martin

      He writes most top 40 songs.

  • +14

    I don't know what this is but I think I want one.

    • +2

      Welcome to ozb 🥳

  • hmmmm just buy a Dropmix game? almost the same thing, but at a fraction of the price. jk

  • JB have this but not the PC monitor I want. Great.

  • +2

    Just watched the videos on JB’s website. What a cool piece of kit; great for getting teenagers into making music

  • +2

    Looks cool but maybe a bit form over function from the looks of it? No audio out that I can see, so always need a laptop or phone app (which seems to be iOS only) - makes the portability of it less helpful. Maybe for this price might be worth having a play with, but I think most people would go back to their existing pads or midi controllers before long. Still kicking myself I didn't get the MK3 when it was $680.

    • +2

      For someone who always carries a laptop anyway, the lack of built-in audio processing or output isn't a barrier :)

    • Which MK3?
      Im looking for a new Midi Controller, but this looks really amazing. 24keys is small, but for dance music it'd be good.

    • I have mk3 Maschine.Love it..
      But got discouraged by the amount of time and money required to make a living out of it.
      So its just sitting around unused thesedays

  • No more in QLD by the looks of it - closest pickup to Brisbane is Melbourne at the moment.

    Shipping still works though.

    • +1

      Given everyone just closed their borders with Victoria pickup might be a challenge for you!

  • I like playing around with stuff like this, but not $500-like.

    Are there any good App or software alternatives?

    • There are loads, depending on the platform you're on e.g TouchOSC on iOS. But that is kind of missing the point, which is that hardware is for those people who want tactile control of software.

      • I'm on every platform other than iOS. Completely understand the point of this product, but I'm not a music producer or musician, that's why I can't justify the cost of hardware. Wish I could!

    • Ableton Live is the go-to standard for this.

  • Thanks OP - got the email too and have purchased. Nerdmatics do some pretty cool set-ups with the ROLI Blocks.

  • +7

    Didn't know I "needed" one until I saw 50% off

    • Haha I thought the same thing. Started researching it straight away

    • Same here, but hopefully it's an impulse buy that works out for the best

  • Nice ! Picked one up online - it said backorder so maybe I will get it sometime this year :)
    Watch these Guys totally destroy a seaboard while playing it :)

  • Thanks OP! My girlfriend has been wanting some Roli gear for a while and it's her birthday coming up.

    • +9

      hey its me, your girlfriend.
      Can you just ship it to this completely different address…for…reasons

      • following

      • +2

        Hi honey! I didn't know that you used OzBargain. Sure I'll send it to you <3

  • This has been in my wishlist for long time. Bought one. Thanks!

  • +5

    I have 2 of these I use on MacOS. But the iOS apps haven’t been updated in 2/3 years. No iPad Pro resolution support. That long without an update just feels like it’s been abandoned.

    • That’s important insight - much appreciated. I’m on the fence now. Do you think the apps haven’t been updated because of GarageBand integration now being perhaps the more popular software to roll with?

    • I might be interested in getting two of these as well for extended playing surface. How seamlessly do they work together? Any thoughts?

  • +3

    Finally I can fuse Flashdance with some MC Hammer shit.

  • +2

    I have a 49 key seaboard and while it's really fun at first, it gets old fast especially if you already have a DAW set up. If you like jamming and playing around it's a lot of fun but for actually producing tracks it's kind of gimmicky and I've found myself preferring a standard midi keyboard controller. However I think at this price it's worth it just to play around with

    • You don't think it's worth it? It seems like it'd make melodies much easier than using a Midi Controller. Any recommendations?

      • +1

        At this price it's definitely worth but it's what I consider a "low priority" item. I'd buy a midi keyboard first, then a DAW and some VST plugins before spending money on this. I use my digital piano as a midi controller but really any basic midi keyboard will work fine, just decide how many keys you need and pick the most affordable one. M-audio mk3 is really popular, around $200.

  • +3

    If you guys want to see one of these in action check out Neon Vines on Youtube. She uses one of these to make some incredible music.

  • After some deliberation - grabbed one - was always going to, was just trying to stay chilled and hold back till the stock levels got low ;)

  • Needs more sosig

  • +4

    If anyone has an EDU account you can purchase Abelton Live for 40% off


    AUD $629
    AUD $377


    AUD $1049
    AUD $629

    Also does anyone know how long the battery last?

  • +1

    These do look amazing, but it's small.
    Roli Seaboard Rise 25 is around $1200 tho

    Id love the 49 key, but it's like $1800!

  • Does it have the ability to create guitar or country music or it is mainly electronic and rap?

    • My understanding is this is just a keyboard and you can create any music you want with the plug ins you buy through software like Ableton and FL Studio etc

  • +1

    Glad I read the specs sheet on the site before pulling the trigger. The roli software isn't on Android, which sucks because this would have made for nice travel kit.

    • +1
      I believed this until I found that they actually do have an app - it's only (barely) supported on the Pixel (which I luckily have)

      • Yeah from what I hear Apple has their stuff together when it comes to their audio hardware. Too many hardware variables when you go Android :(

        I'm gonna save the $500 I would have spent on this and grab the Polyend Tracker though.

        • The Polyend Tracker is a ripper. Any good deals you've seen?

          • +1

            @yjm: From what I've researched it's a little cheaper to buy direct from Polyend: Sites like foundsound and audio chocolate throw $150-200 on retail. But you'll have to deal with the preorder times from local or international sellers regardless :(

            • @monky: I really like this all-in-one tracker. The only problem for me is the price. I'd buy one in a heartbeat if the price was around $850!

        • +1

          Never heard of the Polyend tracker before so i searched it. As soon as i saw that screen, reminded me of trackers on the Amiga. good memories trying to make some music as a 16-17 year old.

  • Thanks OP - Got one earlier tonight.

    Out of stock now.

  • These units are known to have the rubber peel off which is probably why it's cheaper now. Even after getting sent new ones as a replacement, the rubber will eventually come off.

    There are several complaints about it from other users too.

    Luckily Roli have great support when you will eventually need to replace it.

  • Just managed to get one even though it's out of stock. Had item still in cart last night so hopefully the item gets shipped and won't get canceled.

    • I did the same thing at 4pm.
      Hope it actually comes through.

    • +2

      Fingers crossed for you. Will depend on whether stock is reserved from cart or at payment. Let us know how you go. Got my order in when there was still stock.

  • +2

    My expected delivery date is July 27th for those wondering about speedy delivery. VIC metro.

    • Mine arrived earlier today. VIC metro.

      • Nice one! Post a review later when you've had a play around with it yeah? I doubt they'll be at this price again anytime soon unless the the stock is getting deleted, but still!

        • Yeah, or people who bought won't enjoy it.

          Apparently their very hard to play well, but they do look fun hence why I held off. Im keen to see what everyone says in here, as it looks like 5-10 minimum bought it. I wish this website had some review section or something!

      • haha figures .. oh well I ordered late, maybe missed out on local stock.

        • Mine is currently on back order and will also arrive on the 27th :(

  • I messaged 3 of my musical friends, and they said they're very cool but really not needed. One mentioned it's also difficult to play, and he's a classical pianist. He said 24 keys wouldn't be enough, but glad so many guys bought it here. Please leave reviews and let us know your thoughts and in future if it's worth dropping money on one. :)

    • You could get additional blocks and connect them up like so:

      This thing isn't meant to be played like a piano. If used properly, it could be great fun!

    • "and he's a classical pianist" ;)

  • +1

    Received mine today and it's in awful condition.
    Major peeling of the silicon all around, extreme marking across the whole body of the seaboard device (possibly water damage?) and the rubber bottoms are peeling also.

    Really disappointing - hopefully JB has stock for a replacement.

    • Seems like you received display stock!

      If mine is like that it’s going straight back! 😖

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