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Q-SEE 720p Video Doorbell $29 (Was $79) Delivered @ Australia Post


The Q-See 720p video Doorbell is perfect for any household wanting to upgrade their security. With the simple ring of doorbell, see exactly who is standing at your front door.

Night vision
Motion detection with sensitivity adjustment
180 degree field of view

Dimensions (L x W x H):
19 X 18 X 4.5 cm

0.46 Kg

Details refer to

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  • Weatherproof with up to 7m night vision.

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    Thanks OP got the last one, it's out of stock now.

    *Update - Back in stock.

  • I wonder if it can connect to a Wi-Fi N network or only G… or B??

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    Hey guys did a bit of googling
    The app is called qh smart.

    This app is an exact clone of Icsee pro which is the app that most Chinese IP camera and doorbells use

    I bought a camera which used this app and it was terrible.

    Not sure if this hardware is better but definitely no Google home support or anything like that

  • Cheers op, have no door bell and now I have one , let’s see how bad this thing is .

  • OOS

    *Back in stock

  • Has got to be shit battery, stick with the Ring

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      For 10x the price, I'll take my chances

  • wow still stock.. just bought one.

  • Just bought 2. Wish i checked it out a bit better. had to fork out an extra $100 for the 2 chimes.

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      someone commented there is a chance chime
      i took a chance

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        QDB03 / 720P model
        18650 LIB for up to 6 mth standby
        5V USB Charger Cable
        Nill SD CARD
        Nill CHIME

        Link from the official website sends us to the Aus Post page so the part numbers match and no chime :(

    • Hey can i ask where you buy the chimes. The only place i can find is mitre10 and its 40 bucks not sure if it right 1. Thanks

      • ebay and aliexpress

      • I got this 433MHz chime from AliExpress as I have a few spare US $3 coupons :)

        Will let you know if it's compatible when I get it.

        • That would be awesome thank you

        • not working. tried to pair by holding the volume button for 4s. No cigar - this thing is a lemon

          • @poxy001: Oh damn… thanks for letting me know.

  • Any good as a dash cam?

    • Just press the door bell button before a crash

      • "DING DONG!" crash

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    all gone

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    Try and place these in the shade as the lithium cell shouldn't get direct sun it will over heat.

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    I wish there was more post buy comments on Ozbargain because I reckon this would be hilarious with all the troubleshooting

    • Or landfill threads.

  • Are these available in store or online only?

    • I think it was online only $29 shipped.

      • It was online only $29 sh*t. :)

  • If this is terrible we can all put them on Gumtree for $50 each and let the morons (not us) buy them.

    • I remember the deal for Huawei Y550 $40 and they were still flogged off second hand on eBay for ~$100.

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    I didn't want one until I realised it was out of stock.

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    Hi xxx,

    Thank you for your recent order with Australia Post.

    We've just been notified by our supplier that the following product(s) from your order is out of stock and cannot be fulfilled as additional stock isn't able to be sourced:

    42241 Q-SEE 720p Video Doorbell

    We've processed a refund of $xx for this. Please allow 2-5 business days for the refund to appear in your account.

    We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Kind regards,

    Australia Post Online Shop.

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    We've just been notified by our supplier that the following product(s) from your order is out of stock and cannot be fulfilled as additional stock isn't able to be sourced

    Just as well, I wanted to cancel the order because I had bought it on impulse and didn't actually need it :P

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    Got a refund email

  • Refunded :(

  • I received mine today and the model number is QDB03-AU. Have not installed it yet though.

    • Was the chime included?

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        No, only the door bell, no chime.

  • Arrived today. But confusingly it says it came from DHL….

    Isnt DHL a competitor to auspost?

    • Mine arrived with Auspost label that says DHL on it. Is that what you mean?

      My box had also been opened, but seems unused

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        Yes exactly that.

        Mine was all sealed up, but the shrink wrap was a little ripped.

        Overall it works well. Great purchase.

        It works with generic chimes running the standard 433mhz signal. I was able to integrate this with my smart home alarm system to ring a bell chime.

        • mine arrived today, i haven't been able to connect to it. which app are you suppose to use? as some of the app i 've installed asks for a QR code or a drop down list of products which doesn't have the doorbell.

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            @godofpizza: Qh smart.

            I've installed it from the Google Play store and Apple app store.

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            @godofpizza: I am having issues also. I cannot get the app to connect to my temporary 2.4Ghz open network. I am connecting directly to my modem-router, not my bridge. Any thoughts?
            The Android phone is also on this network.

            • @SonOfATightASS: Are you using mesh by any chance? If so try to shut down the other node and try again

              • @SnoozeAndLose: Nah, not using mesh. I just got it working now. I realised that if it fails to connect you have to reset the door bell by waking it up and holding the reset button. So for every failed attempt to connect in the setup phase you would need to reset the doorbell. Perhaps this will help others.
                Thanx for your reply though!

                • @SonOfATightASS: i am still having trouble with this, how do you know when you held the reset button long enough?

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                    @godofpizza: Push the doorbell button, then hold the reset button. You will then be voice prompted to "not disconnect power". It is safe to release the reset button at this time, as it is powered by the batteries.

              • @SnoozeAndLose: Have u been able to use an SD card?
                It seems that you have to insert the SD card before the battery. However I find that the SD card just pops back out and isn't recognised.
                Edit: it's a bit temperamental but it does take the micro SD eventually.

        • Can I ask how you integrated it with your smart home alarm system? Cheers

          • @SonOfATightASS: I just put my alarm system into sensor pairing mode then pressed the doorbell button on the video doorbell.
            It paired immediately without issues.
            My alarm system uses 433mhz sensors and wifi for internet

            • @edrift: Just wondering if it would work with Xiaomi Gateway device? Which alarm system you're using?

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                @c0nfus3d: Not sure about the Xiaomi one.

                I am using the Kerui W2 system which is another Chinese brand.

  • So it you don't have the door chime, is there any other way to get notification when someone rings the bell?

    thanks to sonofatightass, got it connected to a phone. But it doesn't notify you if the bell rings?

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      You have to turn the notification setting on. Just go to the settings, then 'Alert and Message'.Just turn everything on as it is off by default, from what I recall.

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    Ordered shortly after it was posted here. No shipping confirmation received.
    I expect it to be cancelled. They probably only had very limited stock and their inventory system sucks.

    • I ordered two and got one Thursday and the other Friday

      • Did you get shipping confirmations? Still nothing for me. Order confirmation on Monday, then nothing… Do you need 2?

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          There were no shipping confirmations at all.
          It just turned up unexpectedly.
          I checked my spam too and no dispatch emails there.

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    Are you only able to pair with one device for notifications? I Can only get it working on one device but unable to get notification with all the others…
    Looks like mine is DOA.. I can't charge the batteries… returning them

    • Specs say

      Stream to multiple mobiles and ring on multiple chimes

      • Hmm not sure whats up with it.. But right now the battery looks dud. I can see the battery when plugged in but won't turn on without it. Charged overnight too but still won't work

        • check the voltage on it. or raise a support question

          • @poxy001: The battery indicators won't light up to charge when plugged. Will try contact them, thanks

            • @dingdong3000: where are the battery indicators I dont see anything that tells me mine is charging either

              For free lifetime product support call 02 9748 8899 or email [email protected]

              • @poxy001: Oh my bad.. I'll try different charger. Have you tried setting up with another device with notification working?

                • +1

                  @dingdong3000: yes have it working. Just install the app on the other device and login with the same creds. Only thing I havent figured out is you get prompted with the password for the doorbell for some reason.

                  Shouldnt be too hard to figure out.

                  • @poxy001: What type of charger are you using? I'm using a fast charger 5V-2A / 9V-2A / 10V-4A MAX and still won't seem to charge the battery cos every time i unplug it, switches off.. Even tried charging all morning/afternoon. :S

                    • @dingdong3000: Use a multimeter to check the battery voltage. It should be at 4.2V when fully charged and no less than maybe 3.4v when flat. If it's lower than that then it's dead.

                      You should use an 18650 battery charger to charge the batteries rather than the USB.

  • Anyone know if there is a firmware update for this thing?

    mine shipped with release date 2019-01-24

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    Mine has a nasty screeching feedback sound with the audio.

    • crap tried a second doorbell it screeches in intercom mode also WTF

      • Are you getting feedback because your phone is too close to the microphone on the doorbell?

        • Doorbell is outside, I am on the other side of the house.

          Is your intercom audio clear?

          • @poxy001: Ok there is a workaround by turning off the full duplex audio. Push to talk works fine.

          • @poxy001: Yeah mine works fine

            • @edrift: Do you have it working full duplex or push to talk?

              • @poxy001: Duplex

                • @edrift: What type of phone and version of OS do you have?

                  • +1

                    @poxy001: I've got the app installed on:
                    Galaxy note 10+
                    iPad pro
                    And a few other older Android devices

                    • +1

                      @edrift: I also had feedback when installing. Took off all the plastic film and it stopped.

                      • @anthoneeyz: Hmm ok can't think what that would have to do with it. Seems echo cancellation not being tuned correctly

  • For those installing this over the next few days it will have to be installed quite low to the ground if you want to be able to see parcels on the ground.

  • How to return? It has no chime and no way i am buying one it’s expensive

    • -1

      You can't. Covid19… Suck it up.

    • Doesn't the chime work with any 433Mhz device? They should be very cheap.

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