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Q-SEE 720p Video Doorbell $29 (Was $79) Delivered @ Australia Post


The Q-See 720p video Doorbell is perfect for any household wanting to upgrade their security. With the simple ring of doorbell, see exactly who is standing at your front door.

Night vision
Motion detection with sensitivity adjustment
180 degree field of view

Dimensions (L x W x H):
19 X 18 X 4.5 cm

0.46 Kg

Details refer to

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    Battery operated? Anyone own one and can comment. Cheers.

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      Battery that lasts upto 6 months in stand by from what I can find.

  • +21

    there's little details on the site, and little reason for me to buy…..
    but still bought it because $29.

  • Found this on eBay, comes in a smart version.
    Edit: I'm confused, is this one smart? Doesn't say.
    I.e integrates with assistant.

  • +10

    Bargain price. Includes the rechargeable 18650 batteries which are worth $9 alone

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      • +1

        "2 x 18650 Lithium battery (included)"

      • +1

        That's the QDBCH01-AU, which is a model that does not have video function. Since all other models listed on their website includes 18650's, the model Auspost is selling will almost certainly include the batteries.

        • +1

          Fair enough.

          I scrolled down too far on the spec sheet to the chime (QDBCH01-AU), not the video doorbell(QDB03) on the first page.

          Video doorbell specs on page 1 list "2 x 18650 Lithium battery (included)".
          Bottom of Q-See page also lists "5V USB Charger Cable" for this model, all suggesting it is rechargeable.

          Suspect dimensions and weight on AusPost site are for the box, as a bit bigger than the Q-See spec sheet.

  • +1

    For this price. Why not!

    • +10

      Privacy, security.

      • +2

        I mean, it’s just filming your front porch, so privacy isn’t so much a concern.

        Security… well who’s on the other end watching your packages get dropped. Doubt someone that’s coordinating package theft.

        • +2

          Not just filming the front. But listening to surroundings. And with Wi-Fi connected, who knows which iot’s it’s sneaking at and where exactly is sending data to.
          I mean the possibilities are more than just filming porch.

          • +8

            @PopCounty: I'll have to stop sunbathing naked on my porch

          • @PopCounty: Not to mention that these require an internet connection to work most of the time. I really wish they'd come with independent chimes that don't require internet as a backup.

            For security you can at least put these on a guest network or separate vlan for the IT enthusiasts out there. That way these are at least not on the same local network as your devices. Worst case in that instance someone else can access a feed of your front door, which I'd say isn't a big deal personally.

        • Just knows when anyone comes to the house, when people leave the house, can put online for people to watch which is a huge thing.

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  • Thanks OP!

  • +15

    Just letting you all know I bought it

    • Like a ninja…

    • +9

      Thank you for letting us all know

    • i just came here to say thank you to ninja

  • No chime? Only notification on phone only?

  • This doesn't say whether it comes with the doorbell chime.

    • Then not good I think. Chime cost extra

    • Maybe we can set our own chime via the app that plays through the phone? I suggest Bon Jovi's Knocking on heavens door.

      • Yeah sometimes we keep phone silent at home, or out of charge. I prefer chime as a backup

      • Why not Bob Dylan's original 🙂

        • I'm a child of the 80's.

        • Did Guns and Roses ever do a version?

          • @Jackson: Yep in 1990. Like SonofaTA above I'm also a child of the 80s and do like the GnR cover the but i've always rated the original

      • +1

        You mean Gunners right?

        • True, so many versions. Yeah you're right, but it is a well covered song.

          • +1

            @SonOfATightASS: Haha made me look it up and Bon Jovi DID do a 'version' in 2007, but Gunners version in 1990 was the one that introduced that song to us 70's and 80's kids.

    • Found it. Doorbell chime is sold seperately for $49.

  • would this be good if I put it in the fence gate?
    Easy to steal it right?

    • +2

      I'd imagine it'd have security screws of some sort to deter theft

  • +4

    Bought to use mainly as a security cam for parcels

  • +1

    $50 on the Electronic Bay:

  • +11

    Fuggit I'll buy 1 I've not bought nothing today

    • +19

      You keep the economy moving

  • -3

    buy it to get spy by Ch1na.!

    • +3

      Unfortunately this company is headquartered in California..

        • -1

          What's your point?

          • +5

            @victorheaven: It's a Chinese company based in China with a US front.

            • -2

              @Zotech: Did you come to this conclusion based on a contact page on Q-See website in HongKong?

              • +8

                @victorheaven: You're probably right, its most likely a US company manufacturing electronics in the US for dirt cheap and selling them in Shenzhen China and Hong Kong.

                • +1

                  @Zotech: Hahaha … that sarcasm is brilliant … but one day…This will be seen as a prediction!

                • @Zotech: Good logic buddy, i guess there is no chance that it is a US company whose products are made in China.

        • +4

          From the contact us
          They dont even have email
          only "E-mile"

          • @littlesoldier: Yanks aren't up to standard with English in the product spec info. "Battery Life- If press 10 times a day and 25s each time, it will last for about 6 months".

    • Chyna or USA its your call!

    • "Active the red army! RacingBull1 order from Amazon has just arrived!!"

  • Maybe can be modified to use as a dash cam

    • +5

      But you'll never fit your house in the vehicle.

  • Anyone know if it can integrate with home assistant (HASSIO)?

    • Was just about to ask this too. Quick Google bash reveals nothing, of course.

      • I couldnt see anything either, but wasnt sure if it is a re-branded product that is supported

        • Again, my thoughts too. The PIR sensor would be handy to utilise for sure! I haven't found anything about what it's mother brand is.

  • +1

    1700+ clicks? Sure hope they've filled the stock levels in their online store correctly.

    • Auspost store is shocking for pay now, refund ya later type stock control.

  • Thanks

  • Seems like a good deal, thanks OP.

  • +3

    Reviews for this isn't that good. Its just a cheap Chinese model

    • Can always return!

      • +1

        Not worth the hassle.

  • Thanks OP, picked one up. I expect at this price these things will be OzBargained good and well!

  • Does it work with Google

    • +2

      From their US website
      Note: Not compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT.

      I would say this is just a piece of junk….

      • Haha thanks

    • Compatible with Baidu, TenCent, or others listening from behind the GFW.

      Or to be more accurate, anyone on the interwebs who can access the doorbell device via its beaconing, remote access functions or more simply, an exposed port- whether that be automatic (by the router's UPnP), the user, or an interested third party.

      Much better IMHO to run a monitor from your CCTV near the door, wire it to a video doorbell (not connected to big brother), and to have a glass eye in the door as backup, assuming you need proper protection from intruders.

  • What stops it from getting ripped out by my neighbour, or anyone for that matter?

    • +1

      Nothing, but at least you'll have the offender on camera lol

  • +14

    Sample of night vision image:

    • Very funny, haha

    • excellent dynamic range

    • Breathtaking

    • +4

      I pumped the white balance and ran an edge detection over it and I could see someone picking their nose while standing at the door. Was that you?

      • Picture or it didn't happen

      • It wasn't my nose :)

  • Bought - Don't forget Cashrewards.

    • I forgot cashrewards :(

  • -2

    Nest compatible?

    • +6

      With no due respect, have you not read this thread?

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