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AMD Ryzen 5 3600 $256.02 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU


You have to follow the method described below to get it to this price

Credit for the method to get it to this price goes to sylon from this post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/550308
The method copied from his post is:

Click the item and then add it via this "Frequently bought together" section: https://i.imgur.com/n6mwx4V.png

After adding in cart: https://i.imgur.com/DIuKvMb.png

The only difference from sylon's screenshots is that you will be selecting the R5 3600 rather than the processor that sylon selected.

Don't forget cashback

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Why is that “expired”? Just tried and it still working. Just search AMD 3600 then click add to cart it works with $244.68

  • Just bought thanks OP.

  • I thought Amazon UK wouldn't ship to Australia due to the GST tax issues?

    • Just read what you mean here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeI...

      Due to Australian and New Zealand GST law, we are currently unable to ship physical items from Amazon.co.uk to New Zealand or Australian shipping addresses. Please check if Amazon.com.au or Amazon.com sells the item you would like to purchase, or choose a delivery address that is not in New Zealand or Australia to proceed with placing an order.

      It will be an interesting to see what happens, considering we bought it from amazon.com.au

      • Yeah, I just ordered and the GST was back-calculated from the $244.
        Based on the "Amazon Global Store Conditions of Sale" linked from the checkout page:

        "Responsibility for Importation, Import Tax and Fees
        When purchasing International Products, you acknowledge that the sale occurs outside of Australia and that you are importing the products for your personal use, which will be reflected on customs documentation. You will be listed as the importer of record for customs purposes. You are also responsible for paying any taxes, customs duties, and fees levied by Australian customs and tax authorities ("Import Tax and Fees") which are triggered by the importation of International Products into Australia. We will estimate an "Import Fees Deposit" which is an estimate of the Import Tax and Fees that will be levied on the items in your order and will be collected at checkout.

        If the actual Import Tax and Fees are less than the Import Fees Deposit, you will automatically be refunded the difference. You will receive a notification e-mail confirming the amount of the refund. You will receive your refund in approximately 60 days from the time of import. If the actual Import Tax and Fees are more than the Import Fees Deposit, you will not be charged any additional amount."

        This means that the GST has already been added to the sales price as the estimated "Import Fees Deposit". This also means that when it gets here, any additional GST would have to be absorbed by Amazon. At least, that's what we can hope for…

  • Thanks OP

  • I am confused - I can't see Amazon UK in the list of sellers… I can see Amazon US and Amazon AU…

  • whats a mid range gpu to go with this

    • RX 5700 XT is a good choice, 2060 Super if you stream.

      • 5700 XT is more powerful than a 2060 Super. Heck it’s very close to a 2070 Super in many instances.

        • is there something a lower tier than a 2060 super that wont bottleneck with the cpu? $650+ a bit out of my range

        • I'm comparing the two because of the price range.

        • Nah 5700 XT is pretty closely matched to 2060 Super.

          Hardware Unboxed observed 8-9% better framerates from 5700 XT on average over the 41 games they tested:


          2060 Super was faster in a couple of games too.

          That's close enough that some people may prefer the reputation for driver reliability, and the few minor features, that the nvidia has over the amd.

          (e.g.: AMDs awful OpenGL support means nvidia cards get decent framerates in recent-console emulators when the equivalent amd card can't)

      • 2060 Super if you stream

        Or don't like hassles with driver issues etc.

        • Ehh many would beg to differ. But I even tried to upload a video from ReLive to YouTube, what a blocky monstrosity! It looked fine on my PC. I can't imagine how much worse streams would look.

        • They have tidied up a bunch of those annoying driver issues.

  • I thought I had missed out on the cheapest EOFY R3600 deals, and then this comes out of left field, Almost $50 whole bucks off the local price!

  • tempted to sell my i3 9100f pc and completely rebuild with this cpu.

    • The 3600 runs circles around that i3.

    • It'll be better. But whether it's worth the cost and hassle will depend on your needs.

      9100f is well within the same ballpark for gaming performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gX2s5ANjVFc

      Some games get significantly higher frame rates, some don't.

      If I were you I'd wait until your current CPU is actually insufficient for what you need. Better tech will be cheaper by then.

      • I'm currently using a 1660 super with the i3 and I can play Bo2, valorant and cs fine. But I get stutters and input delay on fortnite.

    • 9100f is good enough for modern games at 60 fps, unless if you game competitively at 144fps or higher where CPU bottleneck comes in.

  • What cashback?

  • AMD Athlon beats Pentium.

  • What motherboard would be compatible with this cpu?

  • Does anyone else see the Crucial P1 2TB NVMe SSD for $99? https://imgur.com/pP2GJeC

    I just placed an order. Lets see if they honor it considering the 1TB is usually priced at $170+.

    • That must be for the 500 GB.

    • TechData Crucial P1 2000GB 3D NAND NVM PCIe M.2 SSD, CT2000P1SSD8
      Brand: Crucial
      4.6 out of 5 stars 5,080 ratings | 6 answered questions
      Price: $99.99 & FREE Delivery. Details
      Capacity: 500 GB

    • I just bought one also took screen captures, it keeps sayings 2tb all the way to purchasing and even after purchasing so will have to wait and see what happens either i win or don't :) for $100 its not a big gamble.

      Thank you, your order has been placed.

      Please check your email for order confirmation and detailed delivery information or visit Message Center to review your notifications.
      Order Number: XX

      TechData Crucial P1 2000GB 3D NAND NVM PCIe M.2 SSD, CT2000P1SSD8 will be delivered to XX from Amazon Commercial Services Pty Ltd.
      Delivery date: July 9, 2020

      Review or edit your order

      • Click on the item in your order. It takes you to the 500GB SKU. That's why I just cancelled.

        • ah okay i see, thanks! did the same :)

          • @ridical: For anyone who keep their order, if you message Amazon that you didnt get 2tb from your order. They will refund you and let you keep the item.

            • @Garbage Doll: Hm, I had ordered it for $100 but will screen cap the order page instead of cancelling it. Will be interesting to see how amazon support handles it when it clearly says 2000gb all the way through unless you click on the item.

              • @jezza10: My R3600 and SSDs got shipped today. Even the invoice says 2000GB. Let's see what the package contains.

                • @buzz1988: Mine arrived as 500gb unfortunately. Was offered full refund + 10 dollar credit + an exclusive 1-off discount on a similar item which they gave me 24 hours to choose and will call me back tomorrow to sort it out.

            • @Garbage Doll: Really? Is this part of their policy?

              • @yoke2018: Not sure if it's policy based but it has happened to me before where I got 10 polaroid films instead of 50 that was listed on my invoice/receipt if I recalled correctly and kept 10 polaroid films for free.

  • Any ram to go with this ?

  • trying to find an B550 iTX haha id definitely buy one if it was a good price …

    Edit: x570 iTX gets listed as soon as i post this .. LOL

  • Huh in the frequently bought with section it shows a 2000Gb nvme drive for $100 then when you go to the actual page it's only the 500Gb version at that price

  • Price is actually $243.56 and then delivery on top, for me it was 11.34 for delivery

    • people should choose expedited. the difference is only about $2-$3 I think compared to standard

  • Been sitting on this for a while, pulled the trigger. Got the Order Confirmation email, but no delivery date yet. We'll see!

  • Price has dropped for me to $243.56 and $7 prime free expedited shipping. Bargain! Thanks OP

  • If anyone is hanging out for the better binned XT versions of these AMD 3000 chips, forget about it. Check out the review comparison, a very bored reviewer, basically saying, nothing to see here:


    • Yeah only 2-3%. the price of the 3600XT will probably drop down to 380 and the 3600 hovering around the 300 mark for a while…not very exciting stuff tbh.

  • Hmm watch out.. price has changed to $268 with free expedited delivery for me.. but that's with some no-name seller. Amazon UK no longer appears in the seller list for me. (YMMV)

  • Deal has now expired

  • Available fulfilled from Amazon US (via Amazon.com.au) with Prime shipping for AUD$277.37.

    Probably more legit than the cheaper one from the new seller called 'tianjinwurunjinshucailiaoxiaoshouyouxiangongsvnf'. Seriously.

  • BTW, thanks OP. I've been considering an upgrade for over a year and finally grabbed this today.

    • It's not.

      The one you linked is sold by:
      Whereas the previous one was sold by Amazon UK.

      This seller also has no reviews or anything.
      Personally wouldn't trust them but you never know

  • my bad.. deleted

  • Anyone getting this message with their order

    We'll email you when we have a delivery date

  • Still no dispatch or tracking for me

    • same here. are we expecting these won't ship?

      • Entirely possible.
        The 3800X folks had reports of items showing and delivered.
        One of them had the box arrived opened with the chip gone and only the heatsink left. Amazon was unable to help him other than return and refund, at his cost.
        Another had Amazon offer to price match but then reneged.
        A lucky guy got given $200 voucher to cancel and reorder from Amazon au instead.
        So much drama

      • Might not be worth the $20 savings, I may cancel if they don't hurry it up

    • i have contacted amazon.com.au support and was sent running around in circles. They told me to contact UK support. UK sent me to US support. US sent me back to AU support.
      In the end it looked like the order was meant to be fulfilled in the UK, but they have no order in their system so it was not going to get shipped.
      Amazon AU let me place the order locally and credited me the difference so in the end i paid the same price and the local order is due to arrive this saturday

      • I just contacted them and was told it's a payment issue and so my order is stuck. Told me to reorder but at AU prices but I said I'll try again with a different payment method. Told to try and see if the payment goes through on my card.
        No offers to credit the difference. :(

      • I was told "no stock" order it elsewhere and we'll give you 10 bucks

      • I just rang amazon AU support and had a bit of a sook. He suggested I wait for an update and I said not good enough so they said I can buy the Ryzen 3600 from amazon AU and they will refund the difference + waive shipping costs should get it by the 20th. I also bought the Powercolor Red Devil 5700 XT deal but he said theres none in Australia but that they should get them in soon and that I am guaranteed to get it eventually. Pretty happy with the out-come nothing worse than being uncertain if parts are coming or not halfway through a new PC build haha

        • If you don't mind sharing, was payment already charged to your card when you called Amazon? Sounds like BS that it was a payment issue as I have other orders that only charged when shipped.

          • @Navanod66: Nah payment was not charged. The guy on my end didn't mention any payment issue just that the items just weren't in stock yet. Sounds like everyone will get their parts just a little bit late tho.

            • @shaneiwey: Thanks for confirming, I've got a XFX 5700XT too. I'm going call and give them a whing too then. Sounds like everyone's getting totally different responses and looking at all the missing CPU chips in the 3800X thread, the ideal case is to get a price match and order from AU or US.
              A little late is fair

              • @Navanod66: wow just had a suss at that thread, fkn dodgy as. Now I'm really glad I cancelled the 3800x order I made and got this instead!

                • @shaneiwey: Good on ya. Yea, must be some sort of inside job to be targeting CPU chips so precisely. Dodged one!

                  Just got off the phone with a nice rep. At first she was just trying to get me to reorder from US, but upon hearing my disappointment with the price difference, she put me on hold and came back with a price match. Happy as
                  Bonus: No worries bout dodgy UK shippers

  • My payment has only gone through today, but yet to get a tracking email.
    Can anyone else confirm they have tracking or have received? Otherwise may attempt to complain and see what comes of it.

    • @TheRedJar27

      Same mate. Payment gone through last Friday. DHL Tracking now available.
      Looks like everyone's shipment should be coming soon.

      • Just an update. I have received the package today in a perfectly sealed box.
        Item originated from Poland packed and delivered on Friday (night time). Got them today - 2 Business days. That's a very fast turnaround time.