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Intel i9-9900K & Manli 2070 Super 8GB Bundle $1460 Delivered @ CGB Solutions


Gear up with this limited-time combo, Save $100 on Intel i9 9900K with a triple fan Manli 2070 Super 8GB

Limited Quantity

Free Shipping Nationwide

What's included

  • MANLI GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB (M3423+N502

  • Intel i9-9900K

More Manli deals to come as we begin the Australian release

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  • Good bundle deal.

  • Left out the mobo. This combo is weird lol

  • where is the 10700k?

  • MOBO and RAM sold separately ?

  • Manli brand? Are they known? How's their warranty claims process?


    • -1 vote

      Warranties need to be submitted via us as we are the sole Australian store with Manli.

      We will then either replace your card or get it sent to be repaired


      • Thanks for the prompt reply. I don't think $100 off is worth the gamble for an unknown brand when you're spending $1,500. Thanks anyway.

        • +9 votes

          Hi Hybroid,

          They're actually more known than you think,

          If you do some poking on their about us page they're the same company that produces Zotac.

          This company makes GPUs for other major brands too, you can actually tell who from some of their designs


      • Sole Australian store but not a official reseller or distributor?

  • +11 votes

    a 10700k around 600 and 2070 super around 800…. making this 1460 "deal" utterly….. unattractive…….

    • Not to mention you can get 10900K levels of gaming performance from tuning the 10600K … but I guess if your on a previous gen mb that can handle a 9900K then this is a decent upgrade… basically maxing the cpu and a mid-high gpu …

  • Can you guys get your hands on the Manli 2080 Mini?

  • Don't wanna change to Intel -. -, just want the GPU

  • Yeah, nah

  • Look like rebadged MSI cards marketed to USSR judging by the quick look at their website lol

    • I wouldn't be complaining if there were rebadged MSI cards on the cheap!!

      • +1 vote

        It looks like you've solved who they produce for


      • If they are good prices it doesn't really matter who makes them as long as they have the same failure rates as the companies/products you're used to buying from here. Ppl seem to take issue with brands they've never heard of but have been around forever like dataland, colorful, maxsun, HIS, Bisotar, yeston etc. If it comes with warranty and is cheap buy buy buy. Usually only start to work if there's no reference if the company anywhere in English lol

        Manli are owned by PC partner group, which owns zotac and inno3d(at least majority share).
        Waiting to see what card prices are like myself. Can't be too expensive though if 1 of their target markets is RUS/eastern block(I assume as some of their marketing on their website is in rus/Cyrillic).

    • The lp and itx cards look identical to the MSI 1s, some others if you repaint them white and black would look like 3 fan variations of all the armor cards/shrouds. Hehe

  • Manli? who?

  • I thought this was the entire system and I was like wow but then I saw it was just the CPU and GPU alone and was like damn that's unbalanced.

    • Unbalanced?

      • 9900K + 2070 Super is a weird pairing, because if you're going Intel you're obviously going for gaming performance but if you were going for gaming performance you'd be better off with a 9700K + 2080 Super or even a 3700X + 2080 Super.

        • 9700k is terrible value/CPU imo. 9900k and 2070s (Pretty much 1080ti level) is great. I can't see nothing wrong with that. But I see your point. Maybe save some money on CPU and towards it to a better gpu. Sounds good as well.

  • I'm using I7 8700 paired with 2080 super and MSI Gaming M5 motherboard.

    Is my cpu and mb bottlenecking my gpu? Should I upgrade them to match the card?

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