This was posted 1 year 3 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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YouTube Premium Argentine Peso $119 (~A$2.40) Per Month (VPN Required)


It's really simple:

  1. Change your VPN to Argentina
  2. Go to YouTube Premium and sign up.
  3. Takes two seconds to get a local address.

The amount will be shown in 119 Argentine Peso
— Equal in July 2020 to $2.42 Australian Dollars

It used to be India we would rely on for this hack, but as Argentina's money printer goes brrr… They're the current new leader.

  • Best if you use a credit card that doesn't have foreign exchange fees.
    — it'll only set you back a few cents if your does.

  • Please post your fave VPNs in the comments
    — Many here use Nord as it was 97% discounted here sometime ago

  • Please let us know if you find a more affordable country.

Worth noting this will fluctuate with the currency conversion.. That'll probably be a good thing as the pLandemic continues to spiral currencies ;)

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      • Citibank worked for me

    • How much do you save on Netflix doing it via vpn?

      • +1

        Depends which plan, I like HD So I got the highest tier ($19.99 AUD) which is $449 ARS which is between $9 and $10 AUD so you'd effectively be getting it at half price

        • Gold, thanks mate

        • I went for the mid plan, couldn't justify the extra for 4k. Mine, via Turkey, fluctuates a bit but last month was $6.50 AUD. Over half the price, keeps the Mrs happy and the subscription active :-)

          • @start3r: So did you make a Turkish Netflix account? My family member living in Norway came here on visit but couldn't use their Norwegian Netflix account.

            • @Lone star: I connected to Turkish VPN, then went to which took me to Turkish page, then I signed up from there. Sadly I don' remember much about the sign up process, but I do remember having issues doing it on my desktop PC so ended up doing it via my mobile phone instead (phone running the same vpn connection to Turkish server). Not much help, sorry. Perhaps others can guide you more.

              • @start3r: May I ask why you chose Turkish Netflix. Is it because it cost less than Argentinian? Would you know cost for the highest account with Turkish Netflix.

                • @Lone star: OK.. time to look like an idiot! I just checked my account and it's actually Argentinian not Turkish.. D'oh! :-D Whoops! I was certain it was Turkish. I recall playing around with both, clearly I got myself mixed up, sorry!

                  • @start3r: Haha… all good mate. Btw would you know if I made a family account, would the accounts I add have email addresses made with Argentinian VPN server addresses? Ehh.. you know what I mean?

                    • @Lone star: No idea on this, Sorry. I literally only have a Netflix account. My other sub service is Apple TV+ but that was free for 12months following phone purchase.

          • @start3r: Excuse me, but which VPN did you use to sign up?

            • +1

              @Lone star: I used IPVanish to sign up initially. Although I don't have it now, my sub expired and chose not to renew. I have a Surfshark (Got whilst on 90% cashrewards last year) & VPN Unlimited (Cheap lifetime sub) but neither of these actually have an Argentinian server. If I had to do it now, I'd probably look at Hola extension given it's free or get a cheap deal for something like Nord (I know they're had issues in the past etc..)

              Edit: OK, so Surfshark DOES have an Argentinian server. Didn't show in the list when scrolling country list in my app but showed up when typing it search field. Go figure.

              • @start3r: Ok thank you very much. I will do some VPN experiments and find out what's working.. :)

              • @start3r: Good afternoon. Sorry for interruption again. I have managed to get to last step (payment). However I use CBA Master CC. You think that's the reason I received the message "There appears to be a problem with the payment method you are trying to use".

                • @Lone star: That's quite possible. I had to try a few different cards of mine. Think I used my Westpac Ignite card which worked, then after 1st billing cycle I logged in and changed to my 28 Degrees card to get rid of all the fees. It wouldn't take my 28 degree card on signup, although others have said theirs worked fine. Admittedly, the fees on such a low cost are minimal, but there's a principle, hence why I wanted to change it.

                  • @start3r: Really? Strangely wont accept on signup but accepted later on… Ok thanks. I'll see whether I can temporarily use one of family members card and then swap back..

                  • @start3r: Did you ever try CBA card? I have tried 2 different CBA cards now, but failed. However, I'm trying to connect to Turkish Netflix currently.

                    • @Lone star: No sorry. I tied Westpac, 28 Degrees and AMEX. If one CBA card didn't work, another from same bank is unlikely at a guess.

        • If I cancel my normal subscription. And use VPN to set up billing using ARS. Do I get to keep my same Netflix account or do I need to make a new one?

          Also mine new month started yesterday, if I cancel it today do I get portion of 19.99 refund?

        • @Dnst If you made a Netflix account from another country, can it be used here in Australia? My family member living in Norway came here on visit but couldn't use their Norwegian Netflix account.

          • @Lone star: From memory, happy for others to correct me if wrong, but you can use your account anywhere but if you use it in a different country you'll see the local library only. So your friend would be able to use their Norwegian account here but they'd see the Australia content library. Likewise if you went to Norway and used your Australian account there, you'd see the local Norwegian content.

            • @start3r: Ahh ok. Im not sure what issues with the Norwegian Netflix account they had were. I will contact them a bit later. It's about 04:30 there now hihi…

            • @start3r: I've contacted my relatives in Norway. They said that they couldn't logon their account. However, I gave them my Netflix details and ask whether they could have a try. Wow, looks like Norway is one of the countries which are strict on Netflix policy or something. AUS Netflix can be used in NOR but not visa versa…

        • @Dnst How did you get 449 ARS? I use NORDVPN and on their Netflix website I checked prices. It tells me "Plans range from USD 8.99 to USD 15.99 per month".

          • @Lone star: Lots of the IP addresses used by the VPN have already been blocked.. you just have to try all the other VPN servers..

            • @PissLUR: Ok thanks for the info. Have you self managed to sign up using VPN? If yes please refer to me.

              • @Lone star: i was successful using windscribe vpn with their free Turkey server.
                that was roughly 2 weeks ago.

                • @PissLUR: Hmm… I would like to try out Winscribe and check Netflix prices. You think there is anyway to sign up a 7 days trial or something like that.

                  • @Lone star: Winscribe VPN is free to use.

                    • @PissLUR: What? From mobile or desktop? I installed on my mobile but it tells me Argentinian server will cost me subscription.

                      • @Lone star: try their Turkey server. its free. Turkey is cheaper than Argentina.

    • How?

    • +3

      @blackwalnut @Lone Star @n1ckwylie @fantoo @SirNobble @Joshhhy

      Based on the other forum, I'll post what I did to get netflix Argentina prices

      Step 1 Get the credit cards that people reported working (Citibank, Macquarie, 28 Degrees were the ones I remember)
      My billing cycle ended the day I started researching netflix Argentina so if you can't hold the wait for credit cards in the mail then Brazil is slightly cheaper and worked with my Australian ANZ debit card and express vpn

      Step 2 Cancel your membership completely (Netflix retains viewing history for 10 months)
      You will not lose profiles and settings if you cancel

      Once your billing cycle lapses and your membership is cancelled:
      Step 3 Download a reliable VPN such as cyber ghost or expressvpn (Windscribe was also getting thrown around a lot)
      Cyberghost is what I used because at the time , Express Argentina was showing me in the Netherlands and they use Euro
      You can use a throwaway for cyberghost - 1 Day trial

      Step 4 VPN to Argentina , sign in to netflix and renew membership
      You'll be prompted to choose what plan, the cost, credit card information and phone number
      This is where your multiple credit cards come in and you try as many as you can until one works, check your banks fees to maximise savings

      In my setup , I could change the phone number to Australian for verification but if you do not have that option then you can use gogetsms (Credit to one of the users in the previous forums), inject very little money and buy a temporary Argentina number for Netflix

      Keep clicking next in the prompts and you'll see that netflix kept your profiles, don't edit it, just click next, you'll be charged and you can continue where you left off

      You do NOT need a vpn to view netflix, or be connected to Argentina . Netflix is geo based meaning your current location decides what content is available

      Yes, you DO need a vpn if you want to unlock the netflix libraries, UNOGS is my recommendation to find what's available, personally after a few years of experience jumping between countries, United States, UK and Canada have the best content (UK has the most)

      I'm Currently being charged $9.34 AUD (Argentina netflix price) for the highest tier which is $19.99 AUD (Australian Netflix price)

      I also believe every time you register new iPhone or MacBook onto a new iCloud address and then add yourself to that family, you can get 12 months free Apple TV , after just remove device from iCloud and add it to your primary one

      PM or comment if you have any other questions

      • WOW. Thank you very much for this post. I just have an issue trying to find some family members whose use any of the cards you've mentioned. Most of them use CBA (including myself) and it won't work. One had Amex but no luck there either..

  • +1

    Signed up thanks OP : )

  • +3

    youtube premium india gang here

  • +17

    YouTube premium is the best subscription I’ve ever spent, and I highly recommend it. Not having to sit through ads, playing at the background while driving, is amazing.

    Paid $3.66 in July for YouTube premium family, Citibank debit, India version. Too much effort to change to save a few cents. Good deal though!

    • +9

      YouTube Vanced does the same thing for free lol

      • +5

        I also used Vanced but at least you're supporting the creators with this deal

      • +1

        I'm using vanced too, although my tin foil hat sometimes scared that the creator might activated my camera and mic without my knowledge…

        • Deny the permission. Either way, I'd be more weary of Google than that some 2-bit developer team will have the wherewithal to process video from millions of users (like Google and Facebook do).

      • +2

        Yea but not for browsing and viewing on TV & PC

        • +1

          I used to use Vanced but this works on all my devices at once so wins overall for so cheap.

      • I used to use vanced but the one I had no option to update from the app, you had to go find the new apk whenever it needed an update. Has that changed?

    • should have gotten an adblocker


  • What's everyone using for their VPN? I'm using SurfShark but it's not playing nice with Argentina.

    • +8

      Try Hola Free VPN Proxy Chrome Extension.
      Not sure if Argentina's in it's free version but worth a look

      • Yes it is. Handy extension.
        Does the job so well

        • Cant seem to see the VPN options in the extension, but somewhere I clicked it did ask me to install the Hola-Setup.exe, yes?

          • @theochukoo: You might have to pin it to the extension bar after you have installed it.

            • +1

              @rickb: Ok got it. Now I am seeing ARS 119 per month.

              Do I put in my CC numbers, name on the card (read of coz), and a FAKE Argentina address???

      • -1

        It worked it treat. However, it's still cheaper via Turkey.

        • +1

          No, it's not. It's 16.99 Turkish Lira per month which = $3.56 AUD vs 119 Argentine Peso which = $2.42 AUD

  • +7

    Already on an Indian subscription, which is $3.67, so can't be bothered changing to save a few cents (Ozbargain blasphemy, I know). But good to know what other options are out there if the INR strengthens.

  • okay, where to get free vpn for Argentina? windscribe doesn't have free Argentina server

    • +1

      If no one finds one for you, just go with India

    • +1

      Just get the nordvpn app on your phone and use their 7 days trial :))

    • +1

      Hola VPN. it's free and its just a chrome web store extension.

    • My Windscribe has Argentina as an option.

      • +1

        you need to speak to the support bot and ask for a pro free trial. it will give you 24h instantaneously

  • +4

    What is included with YouTube Premium?
    • Ad-free videos: Watch millions of videos uninterrupted by ads. Learn more
    • Download videos to watch offline: Save videos and playlists on mobile devices and play them offline
    • Play in the background: Keep videos playing when using other apps or when your screen is off
    YouTube Music
    • Easily explore the world of music with the new and improved YouTube Music app
    • Ad-free music: Listen to millions of songs uninterrupted by ads
    • Download music to listen offline: Save music and playlists in the YouTube Music app and listen offline
    • Play in the background: Keep music playing when using other apps or when your screen is off
    YouTube Kids
    • Ad-free and offline play in the YouTube Kids app
    Google Play Music
    • Included at no additional cost for select countries. Click here to see if Google Play Music is available in your country.

    Only downside I have is you can't change the speed on downloaded content.

  • Do you guys use your primary gmail account to sign this up, or your alternate/disposal gmail accounts ?

    • +1

      Use the regular one. Doesnt really matter
      Cancel plan and connect India server via vpn log in youtube and use the same email address to sign up or change membership.

      Currency will be shown on the INR

      • I have done that. However, The amount is shown in US dollars no matter what location I choose(India or Argentina)
        I am using SurfShark btw

        • +1

          I did my on the phone using tunnelvpn but through the brower if that helps.

    • I used a new one just for this and invited myself into the family. I was concerned that if they did an audit and started banning accounts, they’d hopefully just go for the primary account.

  • +1

    Please note if you have the subscription from india, you won't be able to install some apps (7-11, macca, kfc etc) from play store as those are country specific. You need to sideload those.
    I tried to update my address from payment settings later but no luck.

    • +9

      Just use your browser to sign up, no need to change Play Store location

      • exactly, but one thing to note. I'm on family plan and cannot add people who are living outside Australia (I mean if their gmail location is not Australia they cannot be added into group. Tried adding cousins in US and UK but no luck)

        • It is possible as long as they accept the invitation whilst connected to VPN

    • Yes I have the exact same problem.

      I have updated my address and payment settings to Australia, the region in Play Store is showing as Australia but it still shows Indian apps. I spent a lot of time with Google help center, cleared cache, uninstalled updates etc but no luck.

  • +1

    Thanks :)

  • -3

    I know haters going to hate this comment but still too expensive when you can just Skip Ads and watch for free.

    • +1

      Or use Background Fixes + Adblocks on Firefox Mobile browser and let the music play in the background for free.

      • +7

        YouTube vanced

        • Yep that's another option that I completely forgot.

      • This wouldn't work on Google Nest Hub/Hub Max i suppose.

    • +6

      I think google shuld pay you to watch youtube

    • +1

      no way, a couple of bucks a month to never get ads on youtube on my phone would be great. If I didn't have pihole coming my way and actually listened to music, I'd be all over this.

      • +1

        You didn't read all the comments in this thread did you?

        • oh are you referring to the firefox/youtube vanced? I don't really want to watch youtube on a web browser. Youtube vanced is cool though but there's no iOS version is there?

          • -1

            @bkhm: Nop iOS… :) But Apple users tend to lean more towards Apple music anyways.

    • Yeah and what do you do on TV platforms, like Android TV?

    • when you can just Skip Ads and watch for free.

      Sometimes ads still shows and it pain in the ass if you watching something and the ads shows up.

    • Depends on how much you value your time and mental bandwidth I suppose.

      • +1

        Unsure why someone with limited time and mental bandwidth would be reading comments on this post. Also not a true OzB sentiment..

        may be see if you've got some bandwidth left to read this comment tree.

  • Do you have to keep using a VPN whenever you watch youtube. Or is it just for signup?

    • +1

      Just for signup.

      Been using Indian for over a year now.

  • Has anyone tested similar drill for Netflix?

    • +1

      Netflix is really good at catching VPN during playback. They could potentially sell this detection technology to other providers.

      • +1

        Shhh don't give them ideas!