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iDrive Throttle Controller $174 (Was $229) @ Repco


Repco is currently having a promotion. Spend over $200 and save $55

$229 - $55 = $174

Discount automatically applied at check-out

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cheaper than sparesbox deal

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    I had a similar device (Pivot 3Drive Flat) in my Evo 10. Honestly all it does is either dull or increase the sensitivity of the throttle. I guess it could potentially be useful if you need it to change how your right foot is interpreted but it won’t make your car faster.

    • any review on this mate? worth the money?

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        Brilliant, good for sluggish diesels
        feels like a different truck

        Plenty of good reviews on YouTube

        • The problem with that is that you obviously will not a see huge difference in a performance car… if you have an Evo then you should already have all the performance you need so there shouldnt been a need to 'fake' more with these devices.

          These suit modern diesels, small turbo hatches and low power SUVs. At $174 this is a cheap as its going to get.

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          All it does is apply more throttle than you are applying. Push your foot to the floor and accomplish the same thing for free.

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            @brendanm: And the opposite of course, I have mine set to Economy 0 setting.

            It smoothes out the ride and prevents you from being heavy footed with the accelerator and saves fuel in the process.

            I enjoy it, but then I like to drive like a grandad.

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              @gooddealmate: So if you're buying it for economy purposes, how much smoothing of your inputs do you think it needs to do before you recover your $200 in fuel?

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            @brendanm: But if I do that I can't take advantage of this bargain

      • Interesting lengthy video on the impact & how the power is not changing - just throttle sensitivity: (jump to around 10:20 start)

        Essentially reduces throttle lag.
        Above video has good graphs etc.

    • My previous Renault had 5 throttle sensitivity settings and I've got a Pivot 3Drive in my Toyota. Yes, it's just placebo of tricking you about how the engine reacts to your right foot, but that placebo effect is pretty fun.

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      It technically does make it faster because of limitations imposed from factory, but you are correct about emulation of the right foot as it adds an exponent multiplier to the depressed throttle amount. This is the same reason a stock R33 is Boost limited to 4psi until a certain rpm, unless you ground the factory Boost regulator etc.

      I have a similar device and have logged via OBD2 the voltage/% of each setting against the stock baseline increments and it makes a huge difference… I have a diesel and this does more wonders than a diesel chip for drivability.

      I put one on a 2010 Kia Sorento Platinum Diesel. For example, on stock, 100% throttle only equates to the throttle body opening 95%, which means it never reached wide open throttle in stock trim to trigger the ecu open loop via O2 sensor.

      On the highest setting, 100% throttlebody open can be reached with around 50% pedal input. On eco mode, the throttle open ramping is less and only gets to a max 90% open on full pedal etc.

      Wide open throttle at an ecu signal can't be emulated even on old cable driven throttles and adjusting the butterfly.

      For mild mods with noticeable feels (not power, but response) my personal opinion is that these are an awesome bang for buck especially at this price.

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    Thanks for the post.
    Seems Repco in SA didn't stock my model 505L so i just changed store to a different state and added free postage.
    Also 2% cash rewards :-)

    • I was after the exact same model (for a RG colorado) and used your trick to get it from Queensland - almost bought from sparesbox this morning except they wanted me to pay postage.

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      Ha ha jokes on me the Queensland store cancelled my order and put it back in stock.

      Edit :- Phoned to find out why and they said it was a warranty return and he didn't want to send it out to me - so all good.

    • Yep. Same with me. I have the EVC622L model for my BT-50. No stock around SEQ. Couldn't find anything in NSW. Thankfully some stores in WA had some - so just ordered it and got the free postage. Easy as.

      • did the same but just got a phone call from Perth store to say they need to send to my local QLD store and ill be charged the Toll delivery?

        • Strange. Just got my delivery confirmation email from Repco and Toll saying it has been posted. Going from Vic to SA.

          • @zxtc: Yeah I ended up calling customer service 1300 number and they sorted it for me.

            Said the store that called me did the wrong thing

  • Can't speak for other vehicles but the Colorado pages I'm in can't get enough of this thing.

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    Strangely enough - Sparesbox and Repco are both owned by GPC Asia Pacific -

    • That explains a lot… Cheers.

  • looks pretty amateur

    i had a racehip one on my bmw 435i quite a few years ago though which was pretty good.

    takes away the sluggishness big time

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    How do these compare to the $70 ones from AliExpress? They look the same.

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      Would you trust a $70 AliExpress device to hijack the throttle inputs of your car? I honestly wouldn't trust this one either…

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    Got one on my 2012 Navara. Best purchase I've made

    • D40 or d22? d22 has the same(but different) yd25 engine so would be interested in knowing if the effect is greater in the d22.

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    Good price for the iDrive. I'm personally going with the Hikeit x9 though, which has more features and is actually slightly cheaper with the 30% off code posted in the previous deal:

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      Me too at $163.80 (that’s with a black face plate $5 option added).

  • How do I find the part number on the iDrive website to search the Repco store? Chose my car, but doesn't show anywhere the idrive part number…

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      Click on "more information" - next to the "details" button look for "MPN"

      • lovely thx

  • Spend your money on a tune instead, not this placebo thing.

    • An ECU tune is around the $800 to $1,000 mark to get it done properly. Agree that will increase power and torque which these units won't and you can have the throttle response adjusted in the tune but it's not a comparable price. Also the tune doesn't give you the adjustability that these do. For a 4wd you can dial back the throttle response for technical tracks where you'd prefer dialled down throttle inputs. If money isn't an issue though, why not have both!

      • I got a Racechip S recently for $227. Does what it says on the tin.

        I agree though the two are different things. Get both.

      • lol no. $300 for a Golf, $400 for my BMW. Don’t know where you are getting your prices from lol

        • Do you know who tunes a 1GRFE in a Prado for that price? Definitely keen to look into it if it's possible and they have a reliable tune making worthwhile gains.

          • @thestig: think he/she is talking about off the shelf ecu plug,labour alone won't be that much for a custom dyno tune

            • @028: Oh those can cause all sorts of issues. Surely such an experienced "modifier/tuner car guy" wouldn't be referring to those?

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                @thestig: BMW owner who spend $400 on a tune

      • 2 quotes for diesel tuning were $1500 and $2000 in Brisbane

    • Don’t waste your time the noobs don’t get it - they must be part of the ricer brigade buying useless devices like this

  • Had one in my d4d prado a couple of years ago. Sold it for pretty much price i bought it. Online reviews indicate its the best thing since slicebread but i wasn't really impressed.

  • Does anyone have any experience with how using it may affect car's factory warranty?

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      not at all. you just remove it if there are any troubles and it can't be traced back

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      If someone claims to be a "real car guy" and laughs at you saying that throttle controllers "don't do anything", then I suggest you smile and nod but don't take any more advice from them about cars as they clearly share opinions on things they don't understand.

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        “Real car guy” mates have all said these devices made a nice difference to their various diesel 4WD daily’s

      • Lol for the downvotes - I’ve been modifying and tuning cars for decades and these are an absolute waste of time. A real tune can cost roughly the same depending on the car. “Throttle controller” = your right foot. but sure waste your cash if you want.

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          A real tune may be an alternative if it happens to change the throttle response to exactly what you prefer but you have no adjustability after that or for different situations. For someone so knowledgable I still can't understand why you would say "these don't do anything". They allow you to change the throttle response to match your preference/situation, which by definition is something. Thousands of people are buying these and 99% are extremely happy with the change in feel of the throttle response and consider it money well spent.
          Why would you tell people not to buy these and they are a waste of money as a general statement when 99% of people who buy them are happy with the results?
          Sure you may be perfectly happy with your cars current throttle response and that's fine and it may not be for you but this isn't a product that most people aren't happy with after buying.

        • What sort of custom tune costs $174?

          • @Randolph Duke: Not having a go at you Duke…

            How are you supposed to tune a fixed function ecu like the vast majority of cars have these days?

            Even if you replace the ecu with a Motec or whatever and a dyno tune, do you think this will pass emissions? Further what effect will this have on warranty?

            In the past with Commodores turbo Falcons JDM imports you could literally pay thousands for a 'tune' in the fact you had to buy an ecu and engage the services of a tuner like the old Croydon Autosports… the realtiy is that for many newer cars, this sort of thing is done.

            All these devices do is improve throttle response without affecting emissions warranty fuel econ. WHat are you expecting for $174?

            What kind of man baby are you to get upset if someone else 'laughs' at you for buying this?

            • @tonyjzx: Yep, that was my point. Think you’re responding to the wrong person.

              • @Randolph Duke: Yep that's why I said not directed at you…. just the crappy way the reply system works here.

                I bought a Hikeit for $160… I mean $10 less and more functions.

                In the old days, the ECU could be reflashed like the bios on a pc. Those days are largely over. Although I hear VAG tune for VWs works.

  • Are throttle controllers the new eneloops? There's been 3 deals in less than a week!

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    I don't really understand the logic of this thing? does the original pedal retard your pedal press and this little magic "un-retard" it? Or does this just change the "electronic" throttle position? What + does it have over me adjusting my right foot to be heavier/lighter?

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      It remaps the pedal to throttle body relationship. On ultimate the throttle body opens faster than it would at factory settings and on economy the throttle body opens slower than it would without it. There is some advantage to a more aggressive or passive use of the throttle pedal in the rate of signal sent, precision and repeatability.

  • dont know how they would go on a petrol car but my Hilux diesel now drives like a petrol.
    all the lag is gone, just got to be a little careful in the wet

  • My wife's Lexus SUV has a really sensitive throttle when accelerating from stop. Would this make a difference to smooth it out?

    • I think your wife probably just drives like mine. But curious to know too.

      • She probably does. I don't think it'll help with the regular scratched she puts on the rims though.

    • +1

      when set to one of the economy modes it should smooth it out.

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    Got one of these a few months back and has been the best thing for my Triton GLS.

    95% of the time I leave the iDrive on auto mode so depending on right boot aggressiveness it responds perfectly. Driving on sand the economy modes make the drive so much easier.

    I was considering getting an ecu tune to help with the low end response. With this thing on the auto or an ultimate setting I have no need to spend the $1k for a custom tune.

    Takes less than 2 minutes to install as well. Only thing I suggest is probably a dot of tape over the bright led as it can be a little distracting at night.

    • +1

      This is one of the reasons I've gone with the Hikeit over the iDrive, it has an ambient light sensor to dim the display at night.

    • does it use more fuel with greater throttle response?

    • Hahaah

  • -1

    Just don't buy this.

    • because?

      • If you want to change your throttle to be more or less aggressive, you can actually just push with your foot more or less.

        If you want your car to actually be more efficient or powerful, you'll need to modify it or tune it to do so, which this does not do.

        All this does is make your car feel more or less sedate by dulling the throttle- it's a tenth of a step away from placebo.

        • tell me why AMG or Ferrari have different driving modes?still same engine output,I'm sure those factory options cost more than $174.

        • If people shouldn't buy it for any reason as your comment suggests, then why are so many people happy with the difference it makes and consider it money well spent? They all could've put their foot down harder to get the same result.

          To me if the majority of people who spend their money on a product enjoy the product, then you shouldn't be telling everyone "Just don't buy this".

          Definitely don't buy it if you're looking for just more power and torque or don't understand what it does but it's definitely not a completely useless product for everyone as the majority of purchasers seem to confirm.

          • @thestig: For the same reason that many people love their magnetic bracelets, herbal supplements and placebos generally perform well in clinical trials- because your brain is powerful. Part of what you said is correct though- they could have indeed just changed their driving behaviour for the same result!

            If you specifically have the problem that you feel the throttle responds too much or too little at a given foot position above 0 and below 100%, then sure, I guess this is the ideal product for you. If that's your problem, which I'm sure exists on a handful of shit-to-drive mid 00's turbo diesel 4wd's and utes, then go for it I guess. In that position I'd still be more inclined to spend the money on one of the very ubiqitous chips or tunes, which will actually make a difference.

            But I could in good conscience never recommend this, when for the same price you could have your car serviced, brakes checked, wipers replaced, etc.

            I especially don't like products like this being marketed as mileage or power improvers- which they are not.

            • +1

              @SolidworksError: Have you used one?

              • @thestig: I've driven a scoobaroo with one fitted. It does exactly what they claim it does- make the throttle feel more or less angry.

                It does not do what the clever marketing seems to make people think it does- improve fuel economy, make the car faster, etc.

                And before anyone says "well why r u knocking it if it does what they say"- you can market a dumb product with completely valid claims. It doesn't make the product not dumb.

                • @SolidworksError: I don't consider a product dumb if it does something to the car that genuinely changes the feel of the car in a way people prefer (a placebo would be a box that plugs in and actually does nothing) and the majority of purchasers consider it money well spent.

                  Half the mods on cars are for preference only and don't improve power but aren't considered dumb. How many cat back sports exhaust systems change the sound but not power? I never hear people say they are a dumb product and it's only worth spending 3x the cost on a full system with extractors so you actually get a few kw gain from it. Mag wheels, lowering cars, etc are all the same, majority are not performance mods in most cases but suit some people's preferences. Are you saying all of these are dumb products because you should only spend your money on it if it improves your speed?

                  • @thestig: Yeah, those are reasonable points, and I'll repeat exactly what I said:

                    "Look, whatever- different things do it for different people. If you buy this fully understanding all it can do is make the pedal feel different, then fine."

                    The reviews and testimonials for these and similar products is absolutely rife with choice supportive bias though. There's plenty of people who think these make the car faster, or more efficient. Mainly VW Golf and Navara owners though, so that says something in itself.

                    • @SolidworksError: "Look, whatever- different things do it for different people. If you buy this fully understanding all it can do is make the pedal feel different, then fine."

                      I completely agree with this. I'm not saying the product is for everyone but as long as you understand what the product does and it isn't marketed as something it isn't then I see no reason for a blanket comment of "Just don't buy this." when it's a good product for a lot of people.

                      I'm not sure about the choice supportive bias, from what I have seen on review sites such as Product Review people are far more likely to post a review on a product/service they are unhappy with than happy with but who knows.

              • @thestig: I should probably apologise though- I've committed the cardinal sin of ozbargain- the goal isn't to get something which is good value, but just pay less than rrp…

                Look, whatever- different things do it for different people. If you buy this fully understanding all it can do is make the pedal feel different, then fine.

            • @SolidworksError: it was never marketed as power improver,have you actually read?for $174 to have an option of having different driving modes,it's worth what it does with life time warranty.

        • +1

          Incorrect for throttle-by-wire. Correct for old cable cars.

          All the "real car guys" needed to do was log via obd2 to realise the pedal isn't linear due to emissions and safety.

          I already detailed my full logged testing above.

          Once upon a time in the actual ricer jdm days before owning a current generation car, i would have agreed and said this was all BS. That thinking is no longer valid.

          I cant say for all cars, but for mine it definitely makes it faster. Why? Because before, full pedal press can only achieve 95% butterfly open, now i get 100%>> which also means the ecu will trigger WOT and can run in open loop off o2 sensor adjustmemts instead of closed loop straight off the factory ecu maps.

          Why do manufacturers limit? Emissions and safety from over acceleration.

          Are all cars with throttle-by-wire limited this way? Probably not… I'll bet my nuts all the family cars are.. hence why there is a divide in opinion on this which is both correct

          • @dsp26: Probably the only reasonable argument for one of these devices I've seen honestly.

        • No, not with most electronic throttles, my vehicle would be sluggish as hell even when the loud pedal pushed fast and hard. Doing this same action in auto (AC) or ultimate mode and you're pushed back into your seat. Stick it in eco mode and smash the pedal and its a doughy experience perfect for beach driving etc.

          Watch any of the videos on youtube with the idrive, especially 4wd ones. It makes a real world difference.

  • bought one online. got the confirmation email, but was refunded not long after with no explanation. not sure why. lack of stock I assume?

    • I rang local Repco ,they back ordered one for me so it's in their system,meanwhile they asked me to add it in the cart.will be ready when they receive it.

    • same here

  • If someone could help, would greatly appreciate it!

    I think I have the one car that doesn't have the MPN available on the product page?

    Other than that, does anyone know if these can be reprogrammed to suit another make/model in future, should you say change cars in future etc?

    • +1

      Chances are no. Given it is installed between the throttle and wiring loom bit and this can vary a lot between makes and models. Unless your car had the same plug as a vehicle that they make one for then you may be out of luck. Maybe shoot 'em an email and ask.

  • so is this only for diesels? our petrol auto has major lag before the turbo kicks in, it's doing my head in.

  • +1

    good lord. so many garbage comments here.

    • +2

      Yep. So many people stuck in their opinions. I do get it… I believe in total solutions like a full ecu and a dyno tune but lets be realistic… that day is close to being over.

      There's so many reports of people happy with their sub $200 investment so even though these things arent a silver bullet, the do improve the driving experience so what else do you want for that kind of money…

    • +1

      I personally think it benefits diesel engines. The throttle response on my n80 is slow. So this would fix it. I do get where people are coming from. But for less than $200 this does what It needs to do without me going to get a diesel tune.

      Did I buy one? No because I'm not fussed anymore with my laggy throttle on the n80.

  • +2

    Just a note, the "hikeit30" code actually expired 2 days back. I called the company to see if it could be extended and they agreed to do so till this Friday. So if you are still keen, grab them before then!

  • Mine arrived today. Not going to lie it is pretty awesome.

    • what car?