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$50 Cash Bonus with a New Everday Illawarra Credit Union Transaction Account (Requires $500 Deposit and 5 Card Transactions)


This has been running for a few months but I noticed it is not on here.

Get $50 on us when you sign up for an Everyday transaction account by 31/08/20.
Just make 3 deposits totaling a minimum of $500 within 45 days of account opening and at least 5 eligible transactions.
New everyday account customers only.

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  • Ozbargainized in 3, 2, 1….

    Will cost them $10000's

  • God their app looks terrible

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    Fyi $2000 deposit or $6 monthly fee.

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      •Deposit at least $2,000 into your account each month (AKA your salary); or
      •Ensure your average membership balance is $50,000 or above.

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    I joined this and they make a call back and asked where I saw it and also if I was going to stay with them.

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      Also they don't send the card or on default. When they called me the first time and asked me if I wanted a card I said yes, but called them again 2 weeks later and a card has not been ordered for my account. It is now a month since I opened and I have just gotten the pin in the mail - hopefully I'll have the card on Monday.

    • Wow, sounds a bit weird.

      I would refuse to answer, particularly if they ask me to identify myself … hey, you're calling me!

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        It was a bit unusual.. I applied online, a call back followed, and he actually asked where I saw the ad and if I intended to stay. I dont see them coping well with thousands of applications

        • I just got my card - the only verification method available to add card to google pay is to call the bank. No SMS code!

          • @archiexyz: how many days did they take to deliver the card? have you verified your account/?

            • @ozbargainerlife1: I called them the second time and they actually ordered a card for my account on 6 Jul because they apparently hadn't when I called to activate my account over the phone on 19 Jun. Got the card on 20 Jul and the pin on 16 Jul.
              I didn't bother calling them for google pay just used the physical card and won't keep the account too long. At least their phone wait times aren't bad.

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    Purchases must be no less than $0.99; i guess its 5 x $1 buys at woolies then. i wonder is beem it will work?

    • 5 payments to your phone bill, water or council rates, etc etc. Don't even have to leave the house.

      They really should have tightened this by requiring the transactions to be contactless/tap.

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    Have received my bonus 👍

    • How do you close an account like this? No branch nearby

      • Hopefully over the phone or there could be a form with ID verified at a post office. I'll advise when I know, I'm waiting for my 55 days to pass as per T&Cs

        • The 55 days is an obligation on ICU, not on you.

          Eligible customers will have the $50 cash bonus deposited into their Everyday account within 55 days of account opening, following successful identification verification.

          If you have already received your bonus, based on my understanding, that's it. You're free to close your account.

          • @YesPleaseThankYou:

            Block-quote "8. The account must remain open during this period in order to be eligible for the offer."

            I assumed this referred to the 55 days, unless it is the 45 days or the entire promotional period (until 31 Aug)?

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              @archiexyz: Agree, it's ambiguous.

              However, once you have fulfilled the eligibility requirements and ICU has fulfilled its part (to pay you the bonus), I would think that there are no further obligations under those conditions.

              In any case, if you close your account, I imagine that it is unlikely that ICU would revoke the bonus then chase you for the money.

              If I am paid soon, I am happy to be the test case and will close my account immediately.

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                @YesPleaseThankYou: Let us know how you go. I've met the eligibility criteria, now just waiting for payment, so will likely do the same.

  • For those who signed up was it worth the $50? Does the card usually come automatically or you have to request it by phone?

    • a lot of hassles they call you up and you need to request the card. got my $50 today sent them a secure message to close it

      • Ah OK. And did you get any indication talking to them if they're OK with interstate ppl just signing up mainly for the cash? Was just wondering if they're friendly or throwing us shade lol

  • I called up to close my account. Apparently you get $2 share paid out to your new account as well.

  • Thanks OP. I received my bonus and am staying with them.

  • How long did bonus take to pay out after qualifying?

    • I just got mine today. About a month after completing the deposit and transaction requirements

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