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15% off Boost Mobile Recharge @ Coles in-Store


15% Off Boost Mobile Recharge @ Coles

Info from NSW Metro catalogue received today.

* Available at any checkout
* Promotion valid from 22nd to 28th July.

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    They don't offer the $150 recharge via stores any more, only direct online

    • According to Coles FAQ: Phones and recharge vouchers are currently not available for purchase online due to their varying range and availability in store.

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        As in $150 Boost recharges are no longer available at physical in store locations anymore and are only available online via Boost directly.

        • I dont see the $150 recharge on the boost website either?

            • @CVonC: Is it being discontinued in August? I don't need to recharge until May next year.

              • @whey4000: It looks like that you need to be active on the $150 plan before that August deadline. After that, you can recharge via the website ongoing but if you move away from that plan, you can’t return to it.

                I think you should be ok as I understand that you are already on that plan. Your voucher should still work next May unless the voucher expiry date is before then.

                • @jdr: I thought they were still going to sell it but not via any third party store. To stop them being discounted essentially.

                  • @SgtBatten: That's my understanding too. But it also seems that this plan will not be available to new customers after August 10th. So if you don't have an active service on that plan by August 10th it's too late. But if you have a service connected to that plan before that deadline then you can do future recharges but only direct online with Boost, no more vouchers from retailers.

                    "$150 PREPAID RECHARGE

    • That is not good at all

  • Wonder if the $150 recharge is in this.

    • “All” I guess so.

    • Klingons are obviously faster than humans

    • Any idea if existing data rolls over on the $150 prepaid when I recharge?

      • To my understanding, the answer is “No” but will be really glad if I am wrong

        • I was looking at the website earlier tonight. From what I could see, data only rolls over on monthly plans.

      • No, it doesn't. It resets. I did it recently. My mates warned me about it so I used up 50GB to download a game.

        The only bonus is the recharge counts towards Telstra Plus so you get some points (not much, but better than nothing).

        • Can you explain how to do that?

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        nope, did my recharge a couple months ago, just used about 5 gb from last year, and they didn't roll over the remaining. tried to ask why as it says the data rolls over on their page, but unavailable to call through due to the pandemic. but feels fine, i won't need that much data anyway.

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          Unless you desperately need a particular part of the boost plan, international calls or coverage for example, there are cheaper options for low data use.

          • @SgtBatten: agree. catch, aldi and some other providers have slightly cheaper options. but telstra has better coverage in my area (new developed area where previously my vodafone and optus didn't work well)

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              @lone0113: Fair enough. Sometimes you can't choose.

              I just switched from also to Woolworths so I can use the 10% off groceries. Pays for itself.

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        The simple answer is no.

        If you ask them, they will say yes - but it is misleading.

        DO NOT recharge before your current prepaid is on the last day.

        Recharging will -

        1. Replace your existing prepaid expiry date - will expire in exactly 1 year from day of recharge. No addition days regardless of what's left in the current plan.

        2. Data "rollover" meant that your current data will continue to be available, until the ORIGINAL expiry date

        i.e. if your 1st prepaid was done on 20th Nov 2019, if you recharge now (20th July 2020), your new recharge, replacing your old, will be valid until 19th July 2021. Your old recharge's data will only remain available until 19th Nov 2020 (old recharge's expiry date).

        However, when purchasing the recharge, I believe you have up to 2 years to use it. The last recharge coupon I bought in Jan 2020 expires end of 2021.

        • based on your example (ie. expiry of 19 NOV 2020),
          what if you do NOT recharge on 19 NOV, but recharge after expiry, e.g. on 20 NOV ?

          do you get to keep the same number after the expiry ?

          is there a 'grace period', where you can still recharge and keep the same number ?

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            @whyisave: I forgot to recharge on the expiry date luckily it didn’t cancel my existing number and allowed me to recharge and keep the same number one day later. Can’t say for how long the number will stay active for receiving calls though.

      • From experience, don't renew until it's time to renew; no rollover.

  • Do Coles sell the $150 recharge?

    • My first $150 recharge is due Sept so don't no if coles sell them for that.

    • Yes, I bought my $150 recharge last December at Coles

      • I think they stopped selling the $150 one.

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          yes, a couple of weeks ago they were texting people on the 12 month plans to announce that the only way to recharge a 12 month plan after July 1st was via Boost direct and that there would be no more vouchers,

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            @jdr: I didn't get the text

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              @jv: The text that I received on July 1st said :

              “ Hi there, from today $150 recharge vouchers will no longer be available. You can continue to recharge on our $150 plan using the Boost website, app or #111#.”

              • @jdr: does that mean you cant use this vouchers as recharge when your plan expires??

                • @angelkulit025: I expect that you could use a voucher that was purchased before July 1st but my understanding is that it is not possible to purchase a voucher from anywhere for these particular 12 month plans anymore.

                  • @jdr: ohhh i see,, so sourcing it is the problem, not recharging using the vouchers. Ok, thanks for clarifying.

                    • @angelkulit025:

                      sourcing it is the problem

                      yeah i've noticed several smaller store selling discounted $150 SIMs recently. my guess clearing stock before new plans are released soon.

            • @jv: Neither did I, on either phone number. Both with Boost $150 (12 month) prepaid, expiring in 2 days.

        • Their website now only shows $200 (150GB/6-month) and $300 (240GB/12-month) plans available.

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            @zaqwsx3: Not if you want to recharge.

  • Does this recharge usually have and expiry date on it?

  • Looks like the $150 12 month expiry isn't an option anymore. Only $300/12 Months

    • Looks like they're getting complacent, or a tad mischievous, for the lack of a better word.

      There was a time when Lebara was challenging the status quo (before amaysim existed), but they too, have gotten complacent.

    • it means they ain't making enough money on the $150 which is obvious choice for many ozbarginers with discount and covid-19

  • I am currently on $40 plan, will it be possible to re-charge with $150 voucher and switch (or switch and recharge) the plan to the annual (80GB, Unlimited Calls)?

    • if you have a $150 voucher you can. My wife started on a $10 plan because Coles had no $150 sims, then recharged on $150 plan.

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    Best option for people on the $150 plan, but don’t want to buy $150 directly from Boost, would be the $100 6 months plan.

    With this deal buying 2X$100 vouchers is costing $170. Just remember to use the 2nd recharge voucher in 6 months time.

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      Why would you want to spend $170 on two six-month vouchers when the full price 12 month recharge from Boost direct would be $150? Did I miss something?

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        More data

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          I see, thanks. I think that the $150 12 months plan is still a great plan for many people like me who don't have huge data usage away from wifi, especially given the international inclusions.

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      $100 is discontinued too.

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        Didn’t know that. Thanks

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        Not advertised, but looks like it still shows up if you go into recharge an existing service via the app on your phone.
        My problem is that if you recharge via the app or web, there's no receipt, so you can't claim on your tax if you use your phone for work.

    • $100 vouchers you can't buy them anymore

  • Thanks OP.

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    This might be a stupid question but can I get the $300/12 mo plan for $255 as a new customer? I'm with Telstra atm.

    • I believe you can get a $2 Boost sim which you recharge using the $300 voucher as a new customer

      • A comment above says they've stopped selling $150 12 months vouchers on physical stores (like Coles), so that should mean same case with anything more expensive… You'd need to buy from Boost Direct

  • How long does recharge lasts?

    My $300 expires at end of Nov. Will be sweet to get it for $255.

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      Last time I brought from coles in April it has about 20 month untill expire.

      • My next concern would be - what if they discontinue the voucher recharge option (as in the $150 plan) by then? As the unused data cannot be rolled over, not sure if recharge before expiry is a good option

    • How can you get 15% off from $300 and get down to $255 ?

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          Haha, my maths is out. Was taking it off $200. $255 is definitely correct lol.

      • 300 * .85 = 255?

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  • can i buy 3 $50 to use as a $150 recharge?

    • I think you will get 3x$50 recharges instead of 1x$150.

    • Check with Boost support before purchase

    • No

  • How long do you typically get before you need to use the recharge? Can you get a few to use for the next few months?

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      They generally have 10-20 months expiry. YMMV.

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    Find the $150 12m plan best value for me. Current plan expires in Aug so can a Lebara prepay for $5 for port out/port in. Now looking for the best discount offer on a $150 starter pack :P

    • I have similar thought as well. Can we just get $2 prepaid sim and activate it to port the number out and then use the starter pack to port back in?

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        I believe it’s doable but don’t want to stretch it too much. With the $5 Lebara sim with 3GB data, it will last me more than 2 weeks easily (indoor most of the time now) so the $5 is not a total waste.. Pls note Lebara Very Small Plan now on special at $5 at Woolies (regular price $14.95)

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        Just be aware that my wife and I both took some weeks to port to Boost, so you run the risk of being without a phone for some time.
        Their support was good once we found someone to help - but that took a while.

        • wtf weeks? i remember it was like 20 minutes, for me, from vodafone to boost.

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            @OssieA: I've done plenty of 20 minute ports. This was my first to take 20 days!

            It was finally discovered that they were trying to port from prepaid, when it was actually post-paid (telechoice). They were saying the problem was our date of births didn't match telechoice's records!!?? hence a lot of people on a wild goose chase and doing nothing towards getting us activated.

            So there is something wrong with their processes not correctly capturing the information they require to do a port, and giving false errors, and I'm sure a lot of "this is too hard - put it to the side".

            I finally got someone's email address. Then I did the troubleshooting to see what their problem was, and it was resolved same day.

            What I learned from this lesson is, don't port phone plans more than you have to…It might usually go smooth, but one day you might get ol' mate or his cousin doing your activation.

      • when the condition says offer valid until 31/07/20 i dont have to activate the sim by then do i? or am i able to buy a couple and keep the sim for the next year thanks

        • I think as long as you order before that date, it'll be fine. I'm not sure when they have to be activated by though. May be worth asking them.

        • T&C:
          Note: The discounted prices are applicable for the New Sim orders/1st Month only and the Plan will be renewed at the standard rate from the 2nd month.
          Offer valid until 31/07/2020.

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    To make it simple - what recharge vouchers are available from Coles?

  • My plan expires soon in Nov. Can I buy this and assume it will last until then to recharge

  • I'm porting to Boost in September and would like to know if i can recharge with the $150 plan direct or is the $150 plan being discontinued altogether?

    • I think it's gone from 1st July. The only 12 months plan is $300 for 240GB.

      I am not sure if the $150 starter pack still available from some retailer (old stocks?)

      • +1

        Boost app shows you can recharge $150 for 12 months.

        You might be able to get $150 recharge voucher, you can no longer get starter packs at $150 I think?

        • Thats really good. Thanks for the info on app. Rather pay 150 than saving just 10 on 140 starter kit deals.

  • To make it simple -
    1) The $150 voucher will not be available at Coles. One may even check any time at the Self-Checkouts if $150 appears in the Mobile Recharge. Even if it does, it is best not to purchase it as Boost has clearly mentioned it on their website that we may not be able to do a $150 recharge using vouchers.

    2) Regarding the $150 SIM Retail packs still available,they may be activated and used.
    - If you activate by 10 August 2020 you get 365 days validity, then you can still recharge $150 again (a second time, after 365 days)
    - If you activate after 10 August 2020, you still get the $150 plan inclusions with 365 days validity, but once it expires, you wont be able to take the $150 plan again (a second time). You would be able to continue using any available plan valid at that point in time.

    • Really so there's not much point then, so recharge voucher $150 no longer available? if so I will just recharge via the app.

      With Covid-19 and less going out no point spending on $300 voucher with 15% off

      • For all we know, Boost might completely discontinue $150 recharge at a later point in this FY for all users, and offer only a higher priced plan.
        My guess would be $180 with 120GB for 365 days
        Or probably $200 with 150GB for 365 days

        It will be interesting to see if the $150 recharge from Boost's App/Website with no discounts still remains attractive after the launch of new plans mid-August.

        • Well this is the link to the site


          However if you can get a hold of $150 discounted voucher potentially you might not be able to recharge with it.

          It only says no longer sold not saying can't recharge???

          Boost without discounted voucher is not that attractive

          • @neonlight:

            It only says no longer sold not saying can't recharge???

            Yes, we all are contemplating what is the answer to this question. Boost has conveniently dodged answering it on the same link you provided:

            Transferring your number to Boost Mobile service is easy. Simply head to activate and click ‘bring my phone number.’ You do not need to contact your previous provider. We’ll sort that out with them.

            • +1

              @djoz: It's the wrong answer they dodged it

        • they probably realized most people don't use all of the data,
          so someone paying $150 is less attractive than $180, when both users are NOT using all of the data anyway.
          at the end, it's all about cash-flow into Boost / Telstra.

          • @whyisave: Which sucks big time, I probably only use ~40Gb a year. I may move back to Woolworths then.

    • +1

      I was at coles today, and can confirm that Boost $150 recharge voucher is still being sold at coles.

      • yeah but what is the expiry if you can really use the voucher one purchased…..that's the question

  • Thanks. Bought one for family member. Will be porting a service from Pennytel (from mynetfone) from their $10 p.m plan. I figured we'd live it up a bit for the $1.67 p.m.

    • +1

      The deal starts tomorrow, what did you buy exactly?

  • Wish you can still get the $150 voucher. My recharge is due in 8 days from now. The 12 month plan saved me a fair chunk of change ($210 to be exact). I use to recharge $30 a month, before switching over to the 12 month $150 cap.

    • just recharge online through the app for $150… it just means no 15% off

  • You may consider Aldimobile's data plan https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/553042

    • Data only, so no unlimited phone calls which is a big plus for boost.

      I would used about 5GB of data with them this year but made lots of calls.

  • of course i bought a recharge today at coles before i saw this post

  • +3

    So i was at coles today and can confirm that Boost $150 voucher is still available there.
    I am not sure if we still be able to buy a Boost $2 sim then recharge using the $150 voucher to be on the 365days plan with 80gb and oversea calls???

    • As long as you activate and recharge before 10th of August.

      • +1

        If you’re already on the plan a $150 voucher should recharge without problem so long as the voucher hasn’t expired.

    • $150 is not available at Coles. It’s listed but when you attempt you add it to checkout there’s an error. Did you successfully purchase one or just see it listed without buying on Tuesday?