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Boost Mobile $150 Sim Pack | 12 Months Expiry | 80 GB Data for $135 (10% off) | Delivered @ CELLPOINT


Dear All,

We have the last 150 sims left now. If this deal is expired it means we have run out of sims and will not get any more stock moving forward. Please be patient if you are not receiving any confirmation of your order most likely the order confirmation email should be in your Junk / Spam folder and if you still have not received that we will anyways send you an update with your tracking number and order confirmation in 24 -48 hours max. Meanwhile our Web Partners are already working to resolve the issues of email orders not getting sent to customers and please be rest assured this should be fixed asap. You can also email us your queries on [email protected]

Please be advised that the current sims we are shipping has an expiry till March 2022 so as long as it is activated before March 2022 the sim and the below offer will be valid. This sim is for new customers only and customers porting from other providers but not Boost Mobile. This Sim cannot be used as a recharge voucher.

Last Limited Stock.

~ Boost Mobile $150 Prepaid SIM starter kit for $135 with 12 month expiry.
~ 80GB data to use via Telstra 4G network within 12 months.
~ Unlimited calls & text to Australian standard numbers.
~ Unlimited international standard calls & text to 25 selected destinations.
~ Stream Apple music data free.
~ Free Shipping Australia Wide with Tracking.


Thanks for supporting small business. Very Much appreciated.
Team @ Cellpoint


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    FYI - I was reading something about:

    • Activate before the 10th of August, and be able to renew on the $150 plan after 12 months
    • Activate after the 10th of August, and you will not be able to renew on this plan again, you will need to change plan in 12 months time.

    Although it is not entirely clear on their website


    • Yes your right, their website doesn't make it clear. The OP needs to make this clear, whether or not existing customers(or new ones) who buy this can activate it as late as 03/2022.

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        Hi @Luc,

        @BluBoy is absolutely right. Please refer below link.


        1. As long as you activate this sim before 10th of August 2020 it makes you eligible to renew the same prepaid offer i.e. $150 Boost Mobile Recharge via Boost Mobile website.

        2. However if you activate it after 10th of August 2020 than as per the link you will NOT be able to recharge the $150 offer again.

        I hope this clears the doubt.

        Regards @ Team Cellpoint.

    • +1

      Why people are so obsessed about whether we can renew the same deal for $150 after 12 months or 13, 14 months, given some would have current plan completed in 2 or 3 more months time.

      Who knows what the world will be in 1 year time, may be it gets better or may be it gets worse, same to say about telco plans.

      If your current plan complete after 10th August, just buy one of these, then switch to Boost and enjoy the $150 plan for 12 months, then we will have 12 months time to find out a better telco plan to renew next.

      • +4

        absolutely agree with jayzee here, there might be even better plan out there after 12 months

        • +1

          However, doubt it will be cheaper than $135.

          • @PeeDee: well, we'll have to wait for another 12 months to find out ;)

            • @arsetight: @OZB fan @PeeDee In the past 2yrs I haven't seen a better deal than this alongside 80+40GB data offer in Mar'20. And no other provider gives unlimited international calls at this price. Please counter if any.

      • +2

        Because the $150 plan has unlimited international calls to countries that no other carrier offer i.e Philippines.

        • Is it confirmed that the new plan will not include unlimited international calls?

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    They had this deal with 120Gb of data in March.

    • +10

      Thanks, activating the time machine in 5,4,3,2,1

  • https://boost.com.au/get-help/vouchers-faq-010720/#SO-IS-THE...

    Hi @ Bluboy, The $150 Recharge Vouchers are still avail as per Boost Mobile website. I hope this will answer your questions. Should you still have any question than please feel free to ask. Thanks.

    • Hi OP, we must of posted at the same time. See my post above.

    • Cheers.

      I want to activate this in September. If I do this, will I be able to renew on the same $150/80GB plan in 12 months time (using a voucher directly from boost)?

    • My current $150 plan expires in 03/21, will I be able to renew this plan then and every 12 months after that ?

  • Any chance to price match this at officeworks?

    • I can't seem to find the $150 prepaid SIM on officeworks website.

    • +6

      Why don't you support the small business offering the deal?

      • Because 5%

      • Well since it said limited stock, maybe he wanted to give other a go at getting this bargain price by price matching at other retailers

        • +1

          Maybe since it was limited stock they should have ordered while it was in stock instead of waiting until the next day to try and get it price matched in store because it has now expired

          • @spaceflight: that's what you get for trying to do a good deed I guess

  • +1

    How soon after ordering will the item be dispatched ?

    • Would like to know too. Can't seem to find the info on the site either.
      Hoping it will arrive before the new month starts.

    • Hi @ KVT, We will be shipping all orders placed before 4am WA time on the same day. Once order is placed you should be receiving order confirmation email along with your invoice. We recommend to check your Junk / Spam folders as well just in case if the email's are sitting there.

      Additionally, you will also receive an email as soon as we update tracking thru the Australia Post web portal and you can track your shipment all the way thru.

      Thanks @ Team Cellpoint

      • +1

        Hi OP

        I purchased 2 sims and didn’t received my invoice too yet. I have checked junk too.

        • Maybe you will get it when they send the sim

  • : )

  • oh, sssht, just bought the $140 one from cellmate this afternoon. this one is better.

  • Any deals on $300 Vouchers? :)

    • Hi, Thanks for your inquiry. Yes we are working on a fantastic offer with the Boost $300 Sim Starter pack and will post the deal in 1-2 weeks time upon finalization. We recommend if you can please subscribe with us to get all the latest updates.

      Thanks for your support.

  • So I presume that a current customer could port away for a month then come back & activate with this starter kit as a new customer?

    • Exactly @BugsBunnyAus, that's the way a current Boost user will have to do I suppose unless there are any other conflicts.

  • +2

    bought one but didnt receive the receipt.

    • anyone bought and receive the receipt from their website?

      • Didn’t get a receipt either

      • Bought one an hour ago , paid via PayPal, have not received any receipt yet.

    • Dear All,

      We will be shipping all orders placed before 4am WA time on the same business day. Once order is placed you should be receiving order confirmation email along with your invoice. We recommend you to check your Junk / Spam folders as well just in case if the email's are sitting there.

      Additionally, you will also receive an email as soon as we update tracking thru the Australia Post web portal and you can track your shipment all the way thru.

      Thanks @ Team Cellpoint

      • Thanks , Email was sitting in spam folder.

      • Still nothing include spam folder :(

      • Ordered Last Saturday. Still not received any confirmation email. Checked junk folder as well.

  • +3

    Lets us take a minute silence for us OzBargainers who bought these for $140 just recently haha.

    • any chance these getting much lower?

      • @hopper, I see this is the best deal ($135 80GB on 365days plan) Boost has provided in the past 2yrs, alongside 80+40GB in Mar'20

  • Can I use this as an existing customer?

  • Thanks, this is very hard to find now

  • The question remains if this $15 saving worths it as apparently you can't recharge 12 months plan again (as doubts exist if activating after 10 Aug will disallow recharging next year). Anyone knows if recharging now @$150 directly with Boost will allow recharging next year or not?

    • Regardless, there may probably be better plan in August. This is already cheap though. Not sure if you want to keep recharging for $150 or be on a possibly better plan rolled out.

    • Doubt it
      After that August date, I believe boost are releasing new plans so I suspect this 150 plan will be superseded

      You can recharge before 10th August, but once that expires you'll need to recharge with whatever is available at that time (next yr)

  • Can existing Telstra customer do this??

    • Boost's using Telstra network has got nothing to do with it. You need to be currently using a non-Boost service, even Telstra.

      • That’s not right. You cannot simply port from Telstra because of same network. You need to either call customer service or port out to another network then port back in.

  • How do I port from Belong to Boost, both use Telstra network?

    • You'll port just like you are porting to Optus.

      But remember people, including myself have faced issues while porting from Belong to Boost. I got all messages and emails from Boost saying my number has been ported, but instead, they issued me a number. There is practically no support from Boost call center. I tried calling them for two days and then I just gave up and opened a complaint with TIO. Issue was fixed within few hours.

      Visit boost forums to read more horror stories. But, the TIO hack is the best way to make them do things.

      Rest, network is far superior then Belong. So far, I have no issues with network. Once it starts working, it just works.

    • I am on Telstra network as well and to make things simple, I will port out to Optus and then port back in to Boost. I have ordered two $2 sim from Optus website for free.

      • Does Optus allow activating the free sim with 0$ recharge or do we need to put some plan to activate ?

        • Hi @ashftc, @kvt, I suppose you need to recharge with minimum validity plan before you port to another provider and cant port on $0. @ashftc, please clarify on this If I am right?

    • Belong uses the Telstra wholesale network, so you can do an ordinary port…

    • I ported from telstra to boost last month and it was a nightmare took more then 8 hours in total as had to convert telstra to prepaid first then had to be without service for 5 hours then i was allocated another number rather then porting my own after many calls finally it was solved since then all good would recommend to port from another provider rather then belong or telstra

  • If anyone can give me information on my Boost same plan is expiring in October 2020, would I be able to recharge with voucher from boost website with same plan after 10th aug or I have to take action before 10th aug otherwise I have to choose whatever option available at that time. I really like this plan because of international calling included. Thanks.

    • Read the post again.

    • -1

      You'll have to buy a recharge from website before 10th aug

      I assume there will be a new plan replacing the $150 plan. May still include international calls… But my guess is it'll be more expensive

    • Hi @rosy I can suggest you an idea here as my Boost 1yr prepaid plan also expires in Nov'20. Port your current number in Oct'20 to some other provider for 1month and switch back to Boost Mobile using this SIM pack. Others also please throw an eye if its a feasible idea.

  • Just port my number from Optus. Just to remind everyone who will making or receiving lots of phone calls, there is No Call Waiting Service from boost, such a basic and essential fuction, and boost doesn't provide it. Very disappointed 😞

  • Just port my number from Optus. Just to remind everyone who will making or receiving lots of phone calls, there is No Call Waiting Service from boost, such a basic and essential fuction, and boost doesn't provide it. Very disappointed 😞

    • If by call waiting you mean receiving a call while you are on another call, it's definitely there. I get a call while on call and can answer that (which puts first call on hold) or can merge it with current call to have a teleconference.

  • So can you confirm 101% existing boost numbers will be able to recharge before the date you provided?

  • I am still waiting for a discount on Telstra 12 months $300 prepaid, really need the esim ability now as I need to host a foreign sim.

  • About to buy this but there is no mention about porting numbers during checkout. Am I missing something?

    • When you activate?

    • Hi @Ant75a, You can port in your number from any other network other than Boost mobile during the sim activation process.

  • Deal All, Due to overwhelming response and shortage of stock we will have to expire this offer in a short period so please place your orders asap before we run out of stock. Also we have secured some more stock which will arrive 1-2 weeks and upon availability will renew this offer again so please subscribe to get the updates when we Renew this offer again.

    Thanks for your kind support.

    Team Cellpoint.

    • Oh no! Just missed out!! Ill subscribe, hopefully you renew the offer again soon:-)

  • Hi op, I just ordered one 15 minutes ago but did not receive any confirmation is that normal? Paid with Paypal

    • Hi @ Awaischb, Thanks for your order. Please be rest assured that you will receive order confirmation along with tracking details of your sim card before EOD. We recommend you to check your Junk/Spam folder just in case if our email's are sitting there.


      • Thank you will keep checking

  • Question: I've had to order a blank Sim from boost to be able to port from Telstra Post Paid to Boost. Can I use this deal to activate the $150 plan?

    • Hi @ XXRydeR, Yes you definately can. Once you receive the blank sim card you will have to call boost mobile and give them the sim serial number and they can tranfer your number along with the credit on the new blank sim.


    • Hi @XXRydeR, I hope you can do the porting yourself on Boost Mobile website. If you already did your porting, Is the porting done, Did you dial *111# and check the details?

  • Hi OP, I ordered one last night and I could see my Google pay payment went through but I haven't received any confirmation email yet. I should've received one, shouldn't I?

  • -1

    Hi Cellpoint

    I sent you a PM also regarding my order placed on 24/7/20. Can you please advise update on order as I have not got email confirmation either?

    Edit* sorry just checked spam, I have got my tracking number now. :)


  • Hi I placed my order last night and no confirmation email, not in junk either

  • Oops misSed out ..Looking for a restock

  • Hi op, ordered last night before 11pm and yet to receive any email, checked my spam folder and nothing as well.

  • just woke up and missed out on this deal.. hope there's a second batch for tonight

  • +1

    Hi cellpoint,
    I also placed my order last night and have not received any confirmation email from you.
    I only received an email from paypal about this payment.
    If you need the reference number of the transaction i can pm you.

    • Ditto

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