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Sony 65" X9500H 4K UHD Android Bravia LED TV $2995 @ The Good Guys



Credit to Runeflinger who posted this deal on Whirlpool last night.

This has just been released and is $3500 at Harvey Norman and JBHiFi which hasn't even started selling it yet. $3215 on Goodguys Commercial.

Eligible for $60 store Credit if purchased online.
Eligible for free 1 year subscription to Disney+ GoodGuys promotion on TV's above 65inch.

TV Technology: LED
TV Processor: Picture Processor X1 Ultimate
Screen Size: 65"
Screen Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Display Resolution: Ultra High Definition
Colour Technology: TRILUMINOS DisplayTRILUMINOS Display
Dimming: Local Dimming
Refresh Rate: 200Hz
Motion Rate: X-Motion Clarity, Auto mode
Smart TV: Android TV
Compatible Video Streaming Apps: Netflix, Stan, Disney, Amazon Prime, Foxtel, Kayo and Optus Sport.
HDR Format: HDR10 / HLG / Dolby Vision
Sound: Dolby Audio / Dolby Atmos / DTS
HDMI Input: 4
USB Input: 2
Width with stand (mm): 1576
Depth with stand (mm): 353
Height with stand (mm): 833
VESA Wall Mount Size (mm): 300x300mm
Weight with stand (without stand): 32kg
What's In The Box: Table Top Stand, Remote Control, Batteries, AC Power Cord, Operating Instructions, Quick Setup Guide
Manufacturer's Warranty: 12 Months
Release Year: 2020
Series: X9500H

YouTube review by Rtings.com https://youtu.be/YSt_gUS_2rQ

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  • Shame the 10% ShopBack just finished

    Now to decide between this, CX or Q95T!

    • I'm in the same boat and currently in the doldrums

    • Given this is minimal difference over the predecessor and is around $1k more….

      The CX is daylight ahead.

      • i just watched the rtings youtube channel comparing this to the 950g, and one huge improvement i saw was the perfection of blooling around white objects, side to side comparison you can really see the huge improvement in the back-lit algorithm. check it out on youtube.

    • CX is best because OLED is great For movies and games. Q95T is really awesome as well at both without risk of burn in, however overpriced. The 9500H is a solid TV that lacks some of the gaming capabilities that the other tvs have. Really depends on your budget - they’re all great tvs.

    • Nothing beats OLED PQ

    • Best bet is to go back in time and pick up a C9 for $2800 :(
      I'm in the same boat.

    • Got the CX a few days ago (going to use 28 degrees shoppers protection to recoup max. $1000 when price drops in next year).

      It's just on a different level, it's blacks in the picture are blacker than then the rest of my room at night.. it's mental.

      Completely changes the viewing experience from anything I've seen before.

      OLED <3

      • Which model CX are you all talking about?

        Has piqued my interest.

        Quick Google shows its an LG, but the 65" CX is ~$4500?

        What am I missing?

        • Yeah that one..

          There was a sale on Good Guys last week that brought it down to $3865, and I doubt it will drop to $2865 in the next 12 months at a major retailer, so that seemed a good price to buy at considering I can get up to $1,000 back from 28 degrees.

          I think the C9 got down to $3k last time if you wait it out to Christmas, but who knows given the current climate.

          But given these rather large prices for a TV.. you want to be pretty happy about it.

          And it is other worldly, which I'm sure is true of all 4k HDR OLEDs, was important to have the future proofing for PS5 for me.

        • Whirlpool thread for the CX has someone purchasing the CX 65" recently for $3600 and they uploaded the receipt. Recent posts have highlighted some issues with the tv as well.

        • The BX is a very good substitute for around $3400 for 65".

    • Well the LG CX is $4,500 starting, even if comes in less on deals it's not the same ballpark as this

  • FYI those reviews I believe are 2 different models.

    Unsure if we get all here.

    • Just noticed I linked the wrong review, the X90H/9000H is expected to be released around Sept in Oz.

      Will delete it. Thanks.

  • I can't find anything about it having HDMI 2.1 or not? Does anyone know if this has?

  • Bit of a TV noob, but how does "full-array LED" fair against an OLED display?

    • As a general rule, OLED would be better. However in certain situations, e.g if you are using it in a bright room then you may prefer the Sony. There is also the potential for burn in to consider, although I think that has been minimised these days

  • Bought one of the KD55’s last year from TGG on a similar discount and an internal panel just died 2 months out of warranty. Sony repaired it but still, not what I would expect out of it.

    • My KD55 W900a from 2013 is still going strong. It dying would make buying this easier.

      I do agree that 12months warranty on a $3k TV is horrible.

      • That's where you are protected in Australia…. it's meant to last longer, Sony knew that, so didn't bother fighting it for 2 months.

        • Can you elaborate on this please?

          What is the regulation and what can a consumer do to reinforce it?

          • @MerlinKlendatu: From https://www.accc.gov.au/business/treating-customers-fairly/c...

            Consumer guarantees applying to goods
            Businesses that sell goods guarantee that those goods:

            are of acceptable quality - the goods must be safe, lasting, have no faults, look acceptable and do all the things someone would normally expect them to do

            If the problem is major or cannot be fixed, the consumer can choose to:

            reject the goods and obtain a full refund or replacement, or
            keep the goods and seek compensation for the reduction in value of the goods.

            Dealing with customer complaints
            If a customer complains to you about a purchased good and demands a remedy, your business is legally obliged to provide the appropriate remedy under the consumer guarantees provisions of the ACL.

            If you do not comply, the customer can:

            report the problem to the ACCC or their local consumer protection agency, or
            have the matter heard in their local small claims tribunal or magistrates court. The Magistrate or tribunal member’s decision is legally binding.

    • My KD-60X6700E purchased direct from Sony in April 2018 died suddenly 2 years 4 months in. They replaced it with an upgrade KD-65X8000H within 3 business days with no fuss whatsoever. Very impressed with their service.

      Tempted to upgrade to an X9000/X9500 for upcoming PS5 console but not sure the price delta is really worth it..

      • The X9500H doesn't support HDMI 2.1, there are rumours that it might be enabled with a future firmware update once the PS5 releases.

        Probably not the best for gamers. The X9000H supposedly supports HDMI 2.1, but best to wait until it releases here to confirm.

  • Oled or nutting

  • Should have bought the x9500 when it was $1900, I imagine the differences between these models is tiny.

    • You probably mean the X9500G (2019) model. That was a great deal and it is very close to this in performance.

      I think the key difference is the wide-angle Xfilm things the newer one has that sacrifices a bit of brightness for better viewing angles.

      The X9500G for $1k less was a steal.

    • Exactly when and for how much I grabbed mine for in boxing day sales. 7 months on and it never got down to that price again, now stock is all but gone and new one is so much more

    • This, the 2020 models are lemons in comparison when you factor in price.

      • the 2020 models got features cut out and price increased %50, talking about sony Samsung LG
        only hisense can be had for an ok price these days. talking about the hisense Q8 (comes with its downsides too)

  • I picked up a 75 inch x9500G. For $3300 last week. The 2020 models are over priced

  • Eligible for free 1 year subscription to Disney+ GoodGuys promotion on TV's above 65inch.

    This TV is not above 65 inch

  • Dont forget you get $60 store credit with over $360 spend

  • +1 vote

    Isn't there a huge recall on LG OLED? Does it impact the CX? I would prefer to give my money to Sony than LG…

    • Only for some models sold in Korea.

      I don't feel the attraction of giving money to Sony, given the fake sales they've been having. Honestly, their Click Frenzy sale in May and their EOFY sale in June made Kogan look like a fair and transparent company.

  • This is OLED on sale territory not sure what the point of this is unless you just watch low quality content in a bright room all day.

  • How does this compare to this 75 Inch Hisense for the same price also offering full array dimming?

    Link: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Hisense-75Q8-75-Q8-4K-UHD-SM...

    • Sony is better at motion.. And has a better local dimming algorithm.. However.. A think the size increase would make up for that.

  • Man its a $1000 increase in price from X9500G and all you get is some ugly stand design and a coat over the screen…They've even used the same internals.

  • I have 4k sony tv and i am a fan of Sony tv but the only issue i see is you cannot mirror apple devices for that you need apple tv but for samsung you can do it directly

  • This has just been released and is $3500 at Harvey Norman

    It's down to $2995 at HN now, if your local TGG doesn't have stock or whatever.

  • Bing Lee also have it at the same price - https://www.binglee.com.au/sony-kd-65x9500h-65-ultra-hd-hdr-...

    • called and they said stock in tomorrow
  • Put a price alert for $1,200.

  • oh man i remember when x950h was 2000 few months ago, now we paying 3k for similar tv's.. still waiting on a banger tv deal from the likes of hisense q8 or the q80/q90 samsungs or this very tv but with a better price

  • in market for a 85" TV (preferably sony). i think i missed the boat when KD85X8500G was going around 3.1-3.4k. havent seen a decent deal since.

  • You can get a price match at Sony Australia and they usually include free delivery.

  • I spent a lot of time staring at TV's during the past year to compare. The X9500G was a very good tv, and last year at $1900 it was quite amazing. At $3000, I would not be interested. In a brightly lit room, a tv like this may be more suitable than an OLED. But we have a dimly lit room, and I have a serious aversion to motion blur, so I strongly prefer OLED.

    When I buy a good tv, I keep it for 10 years; this Android OS will be very much out of maintenance by then, and either unusable or a serious security vulnerability. I wouldn't see Android as a major plus for a tv.

  • Sony is just trading off their once good name & marketing induced hysteria, regarding burn-in & low contrast on OLED's.

    Sony use a better piece of software with their processor to make their LCD panels look great. This however can be replicated using software on your computer feeding any full array LCD.
    You still need a full array LCD, which makes them superior to a reg LCD. However, if the fundamental idea of how to get a better picture is through lighting smaller sections of a panel individually, following that same logic, surely OLED is evolution - why choose individual, relatively huge "zones" being lit up via an array when you can have a panel type that lights each pixel individually?

    Those pixels have near infinite contrast. Dark room, bright room, no issue - just negative marketing that keeps LCD alive, largely by LG's opposition (and even by LG's LCD division), as LG make the best OLED panels this season. There's a lot for other manufacturers to lose if you believe the facts:

    1. LG currently manufactures the best OLED panels;
    2. OLED is the new LCD, in the same way LCD was once the new CRT.

    Why buy old tech LCD/LED/QLED when you can help push tech forward for the benefit of all by buying OLED? It'll ultimately make OLED cheaper and drive the focus of development towards whatever tech comes after OLED, instead of the current focus - branding & software polishing of a hardware turd.

    Personally, I've gone from LCD to backlit LCD now to OLED.
    OLED's have burn-in protection measures now, so when I game using a PC, no issues, I just turn the TV off when I grab a beer & back on when I return. This allows the pixels to refresh, or run the manual refresher as it's turned off for the night.

    When watching films using MPC/madVR, there is no comparison. It comes down to how much light & colour your panel can push, the bottleneck being the size of the area's the panel can adjust (and by how much) at a time - the software adjusts the rest and you adjust the software to your liking.

    I still perceive Sony as the pinnacle of technological excellence, but can't justify that using logic - Their OLED's are inferior in quality & greater in price. Any LCD is old tech, comparatively…so it must be branding.

    I wouldn't pay this year's price for last year's model and I definitely wouldn't pay this year's price for last year's tech.

    3K is expensive for what it is.

    • When you mentioned turning on and off…. in my experience, atleast with Plasmas, you still need to show something different otherwise the problem exists.

      I remember burning in the speedo from NFSMW on 360 on a Panasonic Plasma over a week or two period. I was more or less only playing that game for a few hours at a time and not viewing other content.

      Agree with everything else you've said though.

      • Turning the TV off somehow runs a refresher, no idea how as the display is completely dark when this occurs, but most games I play have a HUD (which I like fully non-transparent), and I've seen no issues yet.

        I play PC2 a bit, but GR Breakpoint full on with HDR calibrated in-game to 1000, PW 250 (bright af), all good so far.

        This is on a B9 65" LG btw.

        I also use its pixel shift feature where the entire image moves X amount of imperceptible pixels to one side and back, periodically. Combined, these features seem to do the trick and the panel is a 2019 model. The 2020 models are out, so the tech that is built-in to combat burn-in might even be better still, although I hear it's all software based, so would appear in firmware updates for earlier models like mine, hopefully.

        • Im sure it's better, just bear in pixel shift probably won't help alot given the areas of logos or HUD items will far outweigh a subtle pixel shift.

          A windows task bar for instance should undoubtedly cause problems eventually.

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