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25/5 Mbps Unlimited nbn FTTP or FTTN from $1.79/Day ($59.70/Mth) - New Customers Only/First 180 Days @ Launtel


I’ve recently relocated to Launnie so I wanted to check out what the local ISP had to offer. In my testing pricing varied depending on location; all I can suggest is enter your address and see what you get. Note that discounted pricing applies for 180 days from the date of connection and then reverts to the normal price.

I’ve heard about their daily rates and wondered what it was all about. It’s actually pretty cool because you can pause your service at any time (e.g. holidays, long weekends, or self-imposed TV binging bans), change your capacity as required (plan ahead for a house full of visitors, or see what 1 Gig feels like!), or add a static IP for an extra 15¢ per day. There are no contracts, no setup fees, no cancellation fees, and no download limits on most of their plans (see below).

They used to have a 7-day trial period however I was unable to find any concrete information on that. All their FAQs mention the trial and that it’s only available at select locations, but no mention of time limit. You’d need to contact them directly to find out more.

Now on to the pricing. All speed are in Mbps (Megabits/second), and all prices are per day; add 15¢ per day for a static IP address.

Fibre-to-the-Node (FTTN)

Residential Internet Premium - link to CIS

Plan Name Data Speed (Down/Up) Regular Discounted
Entry 25 5Gb/Day 25/5 $2.28
Standard Unlimited 25-50/5-20 $3.15 $2.57
Fast 100 Unlimited 25-100/5-40 $3.58 $3.29

Residential Internet LoLow (plan 1) - link to CIS

Plan Name Data Speed (Down/Up) Regular Discounted
Entry 25 Unlimited 25/5 $1.99 $1.79
Standard Unlimited 25-50/5-20 $2.28 $2.08
Fast 100 Unlimited 25-100/5-40 $3.00 $2.80

Residential Internet Premium Direct - link to CIS

Plan Name Data Speed (Down/Up) Regular Discounted
Entry 25 5Gb/day 25/5 $1.99
Standard Unlimited 25-50/5-20 $2.86 $2.28
Home 100 Unlimited 25-100/5-20 $2.82 $2.75
Fast 100 Unlimited 25-100/5-40 $3.29 $3.00

Residential Internet LoLow (plan 2) - link to CIS

Plan Name Data Speed (Down/Up) Regular Discounted
Entry 25 5Gb/day Unlimited $2.42 $1.99
Standard Unlimited 25-50/5-20 $2.86 $2.28
Fast 100 Unlimited 25-100/5-40 $3.29 $3.00

Fibre-to-the-Premise (FTTP)

Residential Internet Premium - link to CIS

Plan Name Data Speed (Down/Up) Regular Discounted
Entry 25 5Gb/Day 25/5 $2.28
Standard Unlimited 50/20 $3.15 $2.57
Fast 100 Unlimited 100/40 $3.58 $3.29
Super Fast 250 Unlimited 250/100 $4.85 $4.56
Ultra Fast 500 Unlimited 500/200 $5.93 $5.64
Full Gig Unlimited 1000/400 $7.74 $7.55

Residential Internet LoLow (plan 1) - link to CIS

Plan Name Data Speed (Down/Up) Regular Discounted
Entry 25 Unlimited 25/5 $1.99 $1.79
Standard Unlimited 50/20 $2.28 $2.08
Fast 100 Unlimited 100/40 $3.00 $2.80

Residential Internet Premium Direct - link to CIS

Plan Name Data Speed (Down/Up) Regular Discounted
Entry 25 5Gb/Day 25/5 $1.99
Standard Unlimited 50/20 $2.86 $2.28
Home 100 Unlimited 100/20 $2.82 $2.75
Fast 100 Unlimited 100/40 $3.29 $3.00
Super Fast 250 Unlimited 250/100 $4.56 $4.27
Ultra Fast 500 Unlimited 500/200 $5.64 $5.35
Full Gig Unlimited 1000/400 $7.45 $7.16

Residential Internet LBNCo - link to CIS

Plan Name Data Speed (Down/Up) Regular Discounted
Entry 25 5Gb/Day 25/5 $2.17
Standard Unlimited 50/20 $3.07 $2.17
Fast 100 Unlimited 100/40 $3.62 $2.89
Super Fast 250 Unlimited 250/100 $4.34 $3.98

Residential Internet LoLow (plan 2) - link to CIS

Plan Name Data Speed (Down/Up) Regular Discounted
Entry 25 Unlimited 25/5 $2.42 $1.99
Standard Unlimited 50/20 $2.86 $2.28
Fast 100 Unlimited 25-100/5-40 $3.29 $3.00

Referral Links

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$50 account credit for referrer, $25 account credit for referee. Min $50 to apply discounts.

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  • +4

    Per day pricing? really?

    • +22

      Yes, also .. you can pause/resume the service whenever you want.

      • -23

        There are fees associated with pausing/resuming…

        • +7

          no there isn't.

          • -9

            @jezza p: Maybe I'm mixing them up with Leaptel or another LBN provider… I was browsing plans a month or so ago and found another RSP that offered plan pausing, but passed on LBN's fee for pausing your connection.

            • @psyren89: Aha. Well definitely not with Launtel (NBN connection via Vocus). I have been with them for a while…never got charged for pausing or changing speed.

      • +2

        Wow that's a cool plan. I can see myself only ever using 10 bucks a month under this plan, if I was living by myself. I don't Netflix and i mostly watch documentary or educational videos. I play games, but only 2 days a week for online games.

    • +1

      This is great for people that have holiday homes that they don't visit that often.

      • +1

        Agreed. Otherwise, it's actually a bit pricey for 25/5. With Tangerine you get 50/20 for the first 6 months for the same price.

        • It's more expensive than Telstra for me. I live in Tas and whilst I know launtel team is great and top notch, I can't see why I should pay more for a product which at best will be the same as what I get from Telstra. However, for speeds above 100mpbs or those who want to pause or change plan speeds throughout the month I can see why launtel is a great choice.

          • @tessel: Have you ever had to actually speak to someone at Telstra?!? Ceteris paribus, this would be reason enough to use Launtel!

            • @dcash: Yup, drove me insane and almost ended in going to ombudsman. However, they work and provide the absolute most reliable net for money for where I am. I've been with launtel and know the excellent service they provide. However, my experience is nothing compares to the quality of internet from Telstra where I am. Also, I see no reason to pay the same or more to get a product that isn't as fast and reliable. Again, I've used launtel but end of the day their product is not worth it for me.

      • -3

        Just tether

    • It's really good pricing per day, you can change speeds when you like and manage things so much easier, other RSPs (TPG) Require 30 day before termination for example, Launtel doesnt.

  • +22

    Launtel = upvote.

  • +11

    Per day pricing? Whatever.
    And $59.70/Mth is nothing special..

    • +5

      yeh don't understand the hype. Plenty of ISPs have ~$60/mo for 50/20 for 6months

      • +2

        I've been using launtel for three plus months now and the service is great. Nice clean professional UI for their customers. The difference paying day by day is you can line up big downloads and boost your connection to 100mbit for a day then drop it back down to 25mbit (or 50mbit).
        Of course, it's circumstantial to your consumption requirements, but the option is there.

        • +3

          That's some impressive pornhub streaming! =D

      • I've been enjoying $60-$70/mo for 50/20 for 6 months for a while actually.
        But reading elev87's comment, which he could boost the speed to 100mbit on a particular day does sound like a good use case.
        Though not sure if it'll be practical for me, I mean once your're on 100mb why bother going back? Unless if I am going away for holiday, set it to 25mbit to save some coins.

        • +4

          If you go on a holiday, just pause the service and save more.

          • @Putin: This is somehow useful, as with others fee is paid monthly, to avoid paying for the 20 days holiday break is not possible.

            • @beOson: If you log into the portal, on the bottom left there's a big blue button "pause service". Sure you might have had an automatic $20 recharge go through the previous day, however a holiday break is absolutely possible.

              They do note " it may not be possible to unpause your service within 48 hours of being paused."

      • @FrugalDealHunter And plenty of them have sh!t service too.

    • Per day pricing is meh on FTTN. This would shine on FTTP. 50-1000 in minutes. Sure. But on FTTN it’s been pretty useless.

  • Can any Belong users in Tasmania compare the above to their pricing/plans etc?

    • Why Belong specifically?

    • Fttn for me. Belong quoting $65 a month and launtel cheapest $3.50 a day or about $105 a month.

      • Huge difference. Go Aussie if you can. Or if you want cheap. Go with Kogan.

        • Was just replying to the question above. I'll stick with Telstra. $90 a month and when the bass cable dies again I know my net will be fine like it has always been in the past yet every other provider goes to shiess.

          • @tessel: Yes Telstra obviously is a premium network. So you’re in capable hands.

  • +2


    Not sure why previous code with this code was expired just 3 days ago.. not sure an entire new post is necessary here.

    P.S. You can pay a fully-refundable $100 fee for static IP.

    • TBH, I saw the old post and noticed it was expired, but I confess I didn't check when that happened. I thought it merited a new post because some of the pricing is cheaper, and the dates of the CIS docs are actually later than the original post date.

      (Note that per the OZB posting guidelines all deals are automatically expired after a certain amount of time if an expiry date isn't specified when it's first created. So, this one will probably expire, too, at some point.)

  • +10

    I am their client and I am very happy with them. Support is good and quick.

    • are you charged daily (not monthly)?

      • +10

        It works like the Opal card charges you on automatic charge. They will charge your card a minimum of 10 dollars and they will keep at least 10 dollars credit on your account. Whenever you credit goes under 10 dollars they will charge you 10. You can increase how much they will charge your card so you have less transactions if you want. They will debit the daily value from your account. You can pause your internet if you will go on a vacation or something.

    • Until they log into routers and change the subnets for no reason. Owait that's business only.

  • +1

    for those wondering.

    you recharge your account and the daily amount is then deducted.

    has its uses as per https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/553544#comment-9037780

  • ok ok, thanks for clarification.
    daily charge is not such a bad idea then as it looks at first sight. I just need to create a web-bot to change plans for me automatically :)

    • Be aware that although speed changes usually happen very quickly, they can be delayed. If you are making something to schedule the changes don't do it too close to midnight or you will get charged for the rate into the next day.

      • +4

        Their T&Cs say that even if you swap speeds multiple times per day you'll always get charged for the highest speed you attained on the day. So, if you start on 25/5, go up to 100/40 for a couple of hours, then drop back to 25/5 you'll still be charged at the 100/40 rate for the entire day, even though you only used that speed for a fraction.

        • Are theyva vocus reseller?

          Ps. Get on the atomic discord chazz, lol.

          • @MasterScythe: Yes. Vocus for mainland and TasmaNet for Tas.

          • @MasterScythe: For most of the mainland, yes. Although they are rolling out more and more of their own POI on a weekly basis (I think from Facebook updates they've added 7 or so in the last few days? in NSW and Vic)

            • @odgregg: Thats fine, in QLD, VOCUS seem to easily be the fastest and most stable.
              Pings are always locked at sub 20ms, and I've only ever seen at worst 44Mbps instead of 50Mbps at my home (usual is 48.5Mbps).
              I'm with Tangerine.

  • +1

    Their service and support is quite good. Unfortunately the discounts were not available for my area castle hill exchange for some odd reason.

  • +14

    Surprised people here are so negative on the per day pricing…

    You basically pay the same as you would on a normal plan per month, but if you go on holidays etc., or need to ramp up/down speed then you can. It actually sounds amazing - sounds like if every ISP did this we'd be in a much better place overall.

    Guess people just struggle with change.

    • +3

      Yeah, it's odd. It also seems that people think the per-day pricing is the only reason anyone would choose Launtel. For me, I couldn't care less about the per day pricing. 100% Aussie, people who know their stuff, and non-congested CVC (on the non-Vocus POIs, at least) are some other reasons to choose them. Nobody (Launtel included) is suggested they are the cheapest around, but in terms of the service they are on par with AussieBB etc. For those people trying to compare Launtel to budget providers, they're barking up the wrong tree.

  • Good service and support. I've got HFC with them, and they worked hard to get third parties (Vocus and NBN Co) to fix a dropout problem that wasn't theirs (was NBNCo street wiring and house connection)

    • I second this. They really do have great support. Switched from superloop to Tangerine to utilise their 6months promo.

      Unfortunately when my FTTC got switched over to Tangerine (and my superloop service stopped working) Vocus was having some order backlog problems, and so I couldn't connect to the internet.

      All Tangerine's support had to say was it could take up to 24-48hrs. Fair enough. 2 days later, still no internet, and again got the "could take up to 48 hours, please just wait" but this time a hint of exasperation from the support person on the other end.

      Signed up with Launtel, and the next day their support guy called, tried to troubleshoot over the phone, chased up Vocus, and followed up until I got my internet.

  • I'm with Launtel and they're good! But I can only see Residential Internet LoLow (plan 1) in my services, anyone can tell me what the other options are?

    • That's their best rates, its location and service type dependent. Just don't question it. Note there is an option in the portal to "upgrade" to their latest pricing… It's not actually an upgrade (at least that's what support said when I called them).

  • Can I sign up and pause unlimited number of times? Also can you pause for months at a stretch?

    • +1

      You can pause any time you like, but note that it will only be for one full day at a time. If you un-pause during a day you'll be charged for it. Don't know about a limit on length, you'd need to ask them about that.

  • -2

    On a somewhat related note, has anyone here on FTTH/FTTP looked in their CTC cabinet recently? The one outside your house? We have recently discovered that the original (probably around 10 years old now) gear inside the cabinet has been removed/changed without our knowing. Opennetworks (presumably) also removed the UPS that used to be inside. They've then replaced it with a WIRELESS HUAWEI fibre router.

    Not keen on why the router/converter has to be wireless (roaodside diagnostics??) and also on the Huawei brand. Neighbour discovered the same has happened to his box when we went over to have a look.

    Seems to be the new standard issue gear, though it kind of defeats the purpose of setting up a safe, reliable, firewalled network at home when you have all your data moving in and out of your house, passing through a Huawei router that sniffs at all your packets… :/

    • +1

      The new converter/router is a huawei hg8546m

      • FTTH/FTTP means that fiber is going from CTC box to NTD box inside your house, it can't be going through that router as it does not have any optical ports and your traffic can't be passing through it either. It's likely there for some remote cabinet management purposes.

        • There is an optical cable going to it though. I've taken it out of the cabinet, the optic cable is plugged into the back of the router where it mounts flush to the wall of the cabinet.

          The rj45 then goes from the router, to the patch panel in the box inside the house.

  • What are the differences between these 5 FTTP plans other than their prices?
    Residential Internet Premium
    Residential Internet Premium Direct
    Residential Internet LoLow (plan 1)
    Residential Internet LoLow (plan 2)
    Residential Internet LBNCo

    • +3

      I suspect it's a regional differentiation, possibly a connection type depending on the POIs in the area.

    • Lol I was looking at them thinking the same I'm like jeesus how many names do you need for the same thing. Pass if they complicate something so simple I can't imagine the mess they'd make of everything else.

  • Meh, code is expired, not a deal.

  • +3

    Their post 19/01/21 are obscenely expensive for me - $2.42 per day for 25mbps ($72.60 for 30 days), $2.86 per day for 50mbps ($85.80 for 30 days) and $3.29 per day for 100mbps ($98.70 for 30 days).

    Even their discounted pricing is just average - 50mbps is $68.40 for 30 days. I'm currently paying $60 per month for 50mbps with Exetel.

    Whilst per day pricing and the ability to easily change speeds are cool - no thanks Launtel.

    • -3

      They bribed heaps of IT companies to recommend them. When you dig down deep enough you'll find exactly that. Not cheap.

    • They work great for second home or holiday house. Only connect the service when you need.

    • Comparing to a grandfathered rate with Exetel isn't really apples with apples - the current Exetel price for new customers 50/20 is $79/month, which isn't that much more than the non-discounted Launtel price - and the extra could be justified by the day-to-day flexibility offered by Launtel. Launtel's effective monthly rate for 25/5 is similar to Exetel (approx $73.61 for Launtel undiscounted LoLow 2 vs $69 for Exetel), and their 100/40 rate is similar too (approx $100.07 for Launtel undiscounted LoLow 2, $99 for Exetel).

  • In my area there's no Vocus connection in Sydney, so on HFC the 100/40 plan works out to $4/day! I'm on 100/20 which is $2.90/day. Too bad, the 100/40 plan appears to have the highest upload available in my area:(

    • +2

      Launtel are reselling Vocus?!?!?!? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
      No thanks - after the poor CVC allocation Vocus provided to Buzz (when Buzz moved to reselling Vocus), never again.

      • -1

        Yup Vocus resellers.

        • +1

          They are rapidly building out direct connections, saw a thread on Whirlpool for that
          From what I understand they don't use all of the Vocus routing.
          The Vocus connects are cheaper though.

          • @odax: It's actually the other way around. The direct (non Vocus) connections are cheaper.

            • @dcash: Not for me! It used to be $3 per day on Vocus before I signed up. But they recently changed to a direct connect in my area and it's $4/day for the 100/40. The 100/20 is definitely cheaper on the direct connect though.

              • @odax: If you are an existing customer you get to keep your LoLow (Vocus) pricing when you are switched to a direct POI. If you weren't already a customer, then you're right, in some instances the non-Vocus connections are more expensive than the previous Vocus equivalent. Bummer! But on the upside, the connection will be far superior!

        • +1

          They service a rapidly growing number of POIs around Australia directly (not through Vocus), so your repeated posts regarding them being "Vocus resellers" is not particularly helpful.

          • @dcash: They're vocus resellers.

            • +2

              @Clear: No matter how many times you repeat yourself, it doesn't change the fact that they service around 30 POIs directly (not aggregated Vocus).

              • -2

                @dcash: You'll never stop me. Vocus is their upstream provider.

                • +2

                  @Clear: They have links with Telstra, GSL, direct connect to Equinix, Megaport, EdgeIX, et al. What are you on about and why have you got an axe to grind with them?

                  • -1

                    @dcash: I have ethics.

                    • @Clear: Clearly you have a grievance with them. Why not tell everyone what the issue is, instead of simply chanting "Vocus, Vocus, Vocus"?

                      • @dcash: Now that I think about it nothing will change here. There are better places where it'll be effective. Thank you.

                    • @Clear: …and what sort of ethics are those….?

  • +1

    I don't get it?
    I'm on Superloop for less than this and I'm getting 100/20 as a special for 6 months.

    I get the daily stuff, but seems you're getting screwed.

    • +1

      Where’s that deal? Can’t really compare legacy plans to a current offering with no fixed term…

      • Fair play, the deal I got was from February.

        I guess NBN prices have increased a fair bit since I jumped in…