This was posted 1 year 2 months 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired

$5 off ($5.01 Min Spend) When You Order (Delivery) from Independent Restaurants @ Menulog (4pm-6pm AEDT Each Day Mon-Thu)

  • Codes change every day of the promotion (Mon-Thurs weekly, until Menulog stops) and there are multiple codes, so check the "For You" tab on the Menulog app or offers webpage.
  • A little tip: I have found that the "For You" section doesn't load if you have AdGuard enabled on your smartphone.

Awh yeh, it's on!
Show some love to your locals and get a tasty $5 off any independent restaurant between 4pm to 6pm (AEDT). To redeem, simply copy and apply the code at checkout.

*Promotion valid today, between 4pm-6pm AEDT. Delivery orders only. Not valid with orders from Chicken Treat, Crust, Grill'd, GYG, Hungry Jacks, KFC, Mad Mex, McDonald's, Nando's, Oporto, Pizza Hut, Schnitz, Subway, Red Rooster and Taco Bell.

(FWIW, I have been able to successfully redeem the voucher with Red Rooster Richmond several times in the past)

Mod Edit 28/9: Now delivery only (No pick up).

It will stack with free delivery and any restaurant discount offers however.

Update 6/10: Now 4-6 PM AEDT.

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          Thanks for that. It’s appreciated. If you don’t mind continuing to share, please do so. 💐🤗

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    5JE1-93KV for NSW

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      Cheers, ordered a box of sushi for 4 cents pick up :D

      • Wow that's cheap!! I only managed 2x nigiri and still had to top up 30 cents!

      • best deal i've seen

  • Dumb question, but I can't see anywhere to input the voucher on the website. It expired already but I want to find out where to input the code tomorrow.

    • On the page where you actually enter payment details.

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    Is it on today? I think the other promotion has cancelled this one??

    • Yeah, I can only see the curfew delivery offer right now:

      Wednesday FREE Delivery
      We know Melburnians are doing it tough. During curfew, Menulog will fund your delivery so you can still order from local restaurants. Order between 8pm and midnight, spend $25 or more and apply your code at checkout.
      *Voucher valid from 8pm-11.59pm on 05/08/2020. $25 min. spend. 1 redemption per customer. CC payments only.

      • Bugger!!!

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        It’s working now

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          ahhh. time to get my daily fix of 19c bubble tea.

      • Was good while it lasted!

      • Rip it was good while it lasted

        Nvm: working now

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      I can see it in NSW, code J3DT-NSPW
      Maybe not available to places under level 4 restrictions?

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    8ZL3-L9IY SA + Probably WA/QLD

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    Thanks OP. Always tend to get free chips through this deal 1-2 times a week.

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    Got a piece of banana bread, cheers OP

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    VIC code is IX52-GA1W

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    SA code 9ZMM-ONWI (and probably QLD/WA)

  • B6CJ-QDB8 for NSW

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    IX52-GA1W is $5 off between 4-6pm

    Free delivery is WG3M-7632

    • Is there a minimum spend on the free delivery? Is it for any shop? When does it expire? Thanks!

    • So it's one or the other?

      Wait there's a curfew, how is delivery from 8pm to midnight?

      • Can I order food delivery after 8pm?

        You can’t leave your house to pick up a takeaway order after 8pm, but food delivery services are allowed to operate during curfew hours because they are permitted workers.

        • food delivery services are allowed to operate during curfew hours

          Wasnt sure, cos I got some emails saying they won't be delivering after 8pm cos of the curfew.

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    For some reason worked with free delivery from Roll'd. So I'm getting one Bao delivered for 22 cents lol.

    • thanks for the tip! i did it as well lol

    • Lol thanks for the tip. I just tried it on Soul Origin and got $1.50 large coffee delivered.

    • thanks, ordered the same.

  • Does anyone know how this works for the restaurants? I ordered something that is $5.95 with free delivery which meant it only cost me $0.95, however who is paying for the voucher? Does the place still get paid by menulog when I use the voucher or is the restaurant out of pocket and just have to suck it up because menulog say so? Curious cause I'd feel bad making them out of pocket especially in times like these.

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      The $5 voucher comes out of Menulog's pocket.

      • How did u find out? Either way, perfect it's a great deal haha. Cheers.

        • If you look at the restaurant receipts, the total amount shows the original price. In fact, the restaurant doesn't even know about the voucher.

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            @itsfree: Awesome. I'll be taking full advantage of this one then lol. Cheers.

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      Is that a cupcake?

      • Indeed it is lol. Got the black forest one. Looks quite tasty.

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      Nah, I can confirm that the restaurant gets the full amount and Menulog foots the discount.

      For example my delivery had $5.22 that Roll'd got paid and I had to only pay 22 cents.

      Oops, beaten. Should probably refresh before posting lol.

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        Nah all good thank you for that. Good to know I'm not screwing the businesses over. Even better that menulog dont shove the cost onto the restaurants.

        • On the other thread with free delivery during curfew hours one restaurant owner said that menulog is still charging high fees compared to uber eats.

          • @Craze: Really? I would've thought itd be the other way around tbh

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              @billbob123454: Check out the comments here

              I've been using this $5 voucher for single items around $6-$8 value so it works out cheap.

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      I just picked up an order for my husband and I, and the Menulog receipt we were given actually shows: paid by voucher $5 then the small balance paid by card. I wonder if that’s why one of our order was cancelled the other day by another restaurant.
      So the restaurant can actually see the promo used, but some might not notice. I do still hope menulog foots the bill though.

  • Is this showing up for anyone anymore?

    Edit: realised it's Mon-Thurs

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    Free delivery has been canceled on every store that could be used with this voucher.

    • Do you think this promo is still running? because they released a new 5$ off lunch promo 11am-1pm, monday-thurs too

      • I can’t see the new code :(

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    Edit: thanks capri

  • Can't see the new code for this promotion today

    Edit: Just come on:

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    Code for VIC is M5T5-MZPN

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    Code for SA is JABV-BZKO (Probably QLD/WA too)

  • How can you see independent stores nearby? Any ideas for examples?

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      Not valid with orders from Chicken Treat, Crust, Grill'd, GYG, Hungry Jacks, KFC, Mad Mex, McDonald's, Nando's, Oporto, Pizza Hut, Schnitz, Subway, Red Rooster and Taco Bell.

      Basically any restaurant that isn't one of those.

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        Okay that was really obvious, my bad, thanks!

        • No probs at all.

  • sadly everything around me has a $5 or more delivery fee

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      If you can, pickup is always the best option

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    I have probably consumed my last cupcake ever from the Cheesecake shop. At less than $1 delivered it was a bargain that I enjoyed many times. Now in WA there is a delivery charge. All good things come to an end. Thanks for the memories Menulog.

    • Personally not a fan of cupcakes so haven't ordered. Had a quick look and my local store is also charging $5 for delivery now.

    • I agree 100% and I happen to even try quarter cake after trying so many $1 cupcakes just to give some sort of return to the business but yea, enough is enough 😂

  • YB8V-Q2Z5 NSW

  • Guess it really is over now. Was good while it lasted.

    • Nah the 3 codes have been added today, mate

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        I was referring to the free delivery deals that most of us have been stacking it with, e.g. cheesecake shop, soul origin, etc.

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          no cupcakes for me today :(

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          The good days are def over. I wanted free delivery as I want to avoid going out picking things up.

        • Is there a link for the deal? Thx

          • @Meovel: no link, you should get a code under 'for you' once logged in or wait here for someone to post it

        • chargrill charlies is still free delivery + $5 voucher

  • VIC Code: 2YFJ-GWNI

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    Code for SA is TDXS-U337 (Probably QLD & WA too)

    • too late to see this damn

  • NSW code : 9VZD-608Z

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    VIC code is W0UH-XV0Q

  • When does the code usually come out?

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      around now :)

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    Code for SA: U3XS-O91T (Probably QLD & WA too)

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    NSW Code - A1HJ-LNC9

  • WA code U3XS-O91T

  • My order was canceled tonight and menulog sent me a $5 voucher to use on anything. Weird as my order was canceled last week and no voucher, I wonder why?

    • Your coffee order got cancelled?

      I've had a few cancellations over last week but received $5 voucher each time. Unfortunately not much use for me as doesn't apply to pick up orders, only delivery. Guess the voucher would be useful to waive the delivery fees…

      • +1

        Have you tried the voucher on pick up orders? Last time I got one of those it worked for pick up.

        • Ah I might just give it a try! Thanks for the tip :)

      • My salad got cancelled. I was trying to be healthy for once since all the red rooster.
        It worked on all the other free delivery places (the happy hour code doesn’t work on these) so that was good.

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    I was thinking that Ubereats was more generous as offered 50% off during their local fest promotion in comparison to $5 off, but given Menulog has run this for longer period seems like they have a bigger marketing budget for this.

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      And Menulog's isn't targeted.
      Uber Eats might as well have had a 90% off promotion because I wasn't eligible.

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    VIC code is 4H9E-1YFV

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      Thank you very much :)

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    NSW code: NFT0-L03S
    Just ordered half a kilo of Buffalo wings for 40 cents. Nice.

    • From where?

      • Plan B (formerly Down N Out) at Castle Hill if you're nearby :)
        Wings were technically only $5 but had to add $1 gravy for coupon to work and 10% off first order combined

        • half a kilo for 5 bucks on Menulog is pretty cheap. Most of the stores near me (casula) sell for about $7+

          • @kedaking123: Yeah indeed it is, although to downsize to 300g costs another $5 so I'm guessing there's an error.

            Edit: they fixed and now they charge $10 for 300g or $15 for 500g WTF 😂