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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller $79 ($59 for Zip Pay New Users) + Delivery ($0 with Club Catch) @ Catch


First time post here! This was out of stock for a while, back in stock.
Can cancel Club Catch membership before end of 30 day trial period.

Edit: $59 delivered ($20 off for Zip Pay new users + Club Catch)

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  • not a bad pandemic price

  • I am hanging out for a new controller but I really wanna try the 8Bitdo one that looks like the SNES.

    Anyone got any feedback?

    • Yes. I have used the 8bitdo (one that looks like the snes is the sn30), I have also used the sn30 pro (one with the ps4 style joysticks). Both are amazing, responsive, works great with pi3, pc, bluetooth. They feel like original snes controllers and the battery life + quality is great. Honestly the best retro controllers you can get. I would get the sn30 if you just play retro snes ect, but get the sn30 pro if you're looking to play n64 or any games that require a joystick. I have also used the switch pro controller and that's pretty awesome too.

  • I almost believed I found a genuine nintendo switch pro controller for $59.98

    But it was too good to be true. Dick smith endorses fake products


    • Nope this is fake one. See the package.

    • Fairly certain Dick Smith=Kogan nowadays

    • Unsure how genuine this one may be considering the Nintendo logo is removed from the controller. Item title also seems a little sus "Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch Pro Switch Controller with Adjustable Vibration"

      Too good to be true :)

    • Its not sold by kogan/dick smith but by a company using their website similar to ebay sellers. It is clear however that it isnt a genuine nintendo controller

  • Not bad, Grabbed it for $59 Delivered with the $20 off with zippay purchases.

  • Picked one with zip pay offer and target pickup for $62… this is 4 time I am using zip pay $20 offer 😊

  • Can it be used on wii u?

  • Just be warned, im not sure if its for this product, but i got Animal Crossing and its being shipped from VIC. There is delays to NSW if you expect it to come in a week. Bought it last week, stuck at VIC

    • Got animal crossing today (ordered a week ago too) EUR version but that is fine. Yours shouldn't take long.

      • not sure what version but ive got mine within a week

      • Is there a difference with the Versions? Im not sure what i got.

        • If you open any Australian release of a Switch game, you'd almost certainly find the serial LA-H-#####-EUR (showing that it's the European version of the game) on the cart's label.

          As far as I know, only a tiny number of early 1st party Nintendo titles will have the LA-H-#####-AUS serial on them (and even then I think the game is still the same build), so in most cases there's literally no difference between the Australian and European versions of Switch games.

  • Thanks O.P. - grabbed one for the $59, bargain!

  • Another option if you have other controllers (in my case, Xbox) is to buy a USB controller adapter for the Switch. Sub $30 from Amazon :)

  • Can someone explain to me what zip pay is and how it gives you a discount on this item?

    • Its similar to afterpay, buy now, pay later. You can choose when and how much you want to pay. New users get the discount, also if you sign up using a referral link, both you and the referrer gets $20 credit!

  • I tried to do it via zip pay but it kept asking if I wanted zip pay or zip money.

    After that it kept asking me to log in.
    No idea what went on

  • Thx heaps.. my boy was asking for one to go with his ebay bargain switch i got during sales..
    Was an effort to do though as my home internet crashed half way through so redid whole thing on phone to make sure i got my cashrewards $1.55 on top of the click frenzy and zip discounts..
    a true ozbargainer looks at the 3 min to midnight and shrugs it off .. no wuckers plenty time to save another handful of coins lol…
    Awesome deal for a switch pro controller @ $50.27 πŸ‘

  • Great deal but what's wrong with the joy con grip?!
    Any differences?

    All I see on the net is it has longer battery life and more comfort, is that all? I'm fine with the joy con grip and got 4 joy cons, so longer battery is moot.

    • IMO..It’s mostly comfort !… due to which your response in combat and other games improves.

    • I used the joycons for 18 months and recently bought the Pro controller - it's worth every bit of the RRP and then some IMO. At $59 you're crazy not to get one.

    • oh sweet, thanks fellas.

      Just saw LiMaaa comments, the 8BitDo SN30 Pro+ is looking really sick with a cool snes design which was my first ever gaming console!! Read a few Pro controller vs 8BitDo SN30 Pro+ comparison on the net, now I'm in a dilemma! :(

  • Awesome deal. Have been trying to find one for awhile now.


  • Thanks OP, grabbed the last one in stock

  • Crap. I was in the middle of purchasing it but had to jump into a meeting. Nooooo!

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