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Replacement Toilet Installation (Front of Wall Type) $149 @ Bunnings


First time poster, here.. please be gentle to me :)
Looks like bunnings is getting ready for price match to aldi sale. It started today.
Details as belows;

From just $149 Bunnings can help you replace your toilet*. This offer is like-for-like replacement only and does not include an initial install for toilets. New toilets must be installed in the same spot as previous toilet.

*applicable for front-of-wall-cistern toilets only

Toilets from $97

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    Aldi deal is complete dunny, cistern and install $299.00.

    What do Bunnings give you at $150.00 for toilet and cistern?

    Is the Bunnings $160.00 s trap dunny comparable?

    Cheapest Bunnings is $149.00 for a p trap set up.

  • Thanks Op! I was quoted last month (via Real Estate Agent) $420 to replace the cistern only! This was due to a very minor running of water in the toilet after flushing. The plumber was there for another reason too so it was not a specific call out. There are plenty of YouTube videos on this so I just fixed myself with a washer. It may need replacing someday so I would consider this then.

    • It probably won't need replacing, short of a cracked cistern or bowl, every part of the toilet can be replaced, as long as you can find parts. If it is a Caroma, or made in the last 20 years, you won't have trouble.

      I picked up one on Aldi clearance cheap and I still haven't an excuse to use it. Fixed the last issue for under 5 bucks.

      • This is great advice. Replacing cistern parts is easier and simpler than a whole cistern or toilet. Stylus brand is made by caroma and on par on price with the cheapies

        • Haha, didn't stop someone negging me. In fact the only reason would be to go to a half flush, but even then there's ways to somewhat get around that if you put in the time and effort

    • REA are all obviously vultures, but 99% chance you just need to replace the inlet.
      Bunnings have drop-in, self-contained replacements that are DIY and work for all toilets for about $25.

    • This was due to a very minor running of water in the toilet after flushing.

      That sounds repairable and is probably the washer. You could fix it yourself for $10

    • I had the same problem, running water in the toilet. A plumber I usually deal with just had to replace the internal fittings, all ok. There is no need to replace the whole cistern. The Real Estate Agent went for the big spending.

  • Interestingly this includes removal of your old toilet. The Aldi contractor charges $30 for that.

    Aldi also charge extra for some of the fittings where this seems to include them.

    It also seems that you can use this for S-trap or P-trap whereas Aldi is just S-trap.

    For my circumstances this seems to be the better deal but where the real value is is when they sell of the toilets at Aldi on clearance for like $99 and still include the installation.

    • +5 votes

      Aldi contractors are not easy to find here in Canberra. They have a crap booking system, where you get one month of wait time, and the tradie never shows up on the day. System re-books you after one month, and the customer service politely decline to intervene.
      I gave up after 3 months and simply returned the heat light set, where the manager kindly understood my situation and accepted the return.

    • You could just break it up and chuck it in the bin, it's either ceramic or plastic so it's as good as any other landfill.

      The likelihood is all you might need is a new flex hose if replacing a really old toilet that doesn't have one, 5 bucks most likely? On the other hand the onky toilet that will match the price of the aldi one is plastic cistern, whereas the aldi is ceramic and will look better. Cheapest cermaic is 160 so an extra 60 bucks at bunnings.

      But you are right, have seen these go way under price at aldi.

  • Will this solve my sh*t not getting flushed and always getting clogged issue?

    • Mine doesn't get clogged but sometimes doesn't flush not sure if toilet issues or my sh*ts are just too buoyant? Anyone have the same issue???

      • Mine are too big it seems, just need one with a lesser curvature at the beginning or need a bigger hole, not sure if there are such ones. I believe mine is an S trap, not sure if there are different sizes on S trap too?

        • there's an S and P trap. Also, if the toilet is off, even by a fraction on the pipe (ours is, old house, dud installer), it effectively halves the flow. Try things like 2-3 wipes then flush and go again (rather than filling the bowl).

          • @Willowtea: its gotta be S as it goes under the floor, just looked up on internet for differences between the two :) believe me i've tried everything since i moved in to this new house 8 months ago :( i end up using a lot more water that 4 star water rating on it must be less than 1 star with my usage lol.

            • @PrasangaD: Does it flush well empty? If not, maybe try a main line/septic cleaner. Otherwise it could be roots or blockage (assuming enough water is being discharged etc)

              Also, if you have an inspection point outside, have someone monitor when its flushed. Then do that at each IP. Might help pin point the trouble spot.

      • Damn those Malteser turds always float!

    • Use less tp

    • Eat more fruit, veggies and fibre

    • Maybe eat less curries.

    • Buy a bidet.

  • I guess I'm eating KFC chicken skins tonight

  • aren't all toilets on the front of some wall? never seen a toilet in the middle of the bathroom….

    • +3 votes

      Some toilets cistern is built into the wall/hidden.

    • a toilet in the middle of the bathroom

      In some cultures the middle of any room can be a bathroom …

    • Surprisingly I've seen a toilet in the middle of the room inside an opened-planned warehouse turned home. It's the strangest thing I've ever seen but the guy lived alone and didn't care. Whoever installed it probably did it there since all the plumbing were in that area. Looked so surreal like something out of The Matrix!

      • Well being a warehouse. Thats likely where the original toilet plumbing was. It would have cost a fortune to relocate the toilet plumbing elsewhere. So the new owner never bothered relocating it.

      • So where was the dunny roll holder installed? Or did it just hang off a rope from the ceiling?

        • This is genius tbh, especially in newer apartments where the holder tends to be in hard to reach places!

        • Hanging from the rope would be a good idea! But he just had a pile stacked up next to the loo! It makes me wonder what would happen if he bought a date back home.

      • 'a toilet in the middle of the room inside an opened-planned warehouse'

        the throne of contemplation - for the Lord of All He Surveys …

        his tiny kingdom - not expecting any female visitors … ?

    • I have! The bathroom was about twice as big as the average living room, and had doors on 3 of 4 walls. The whole bathroom was situated in the middle of the house and was the quickest passage from one side of the house to the other — and was generally used as such.

  • I have been waiting for this to return. Hooray for dunny wars!

  • Does this deal include smart bidet toilets?

    • Well seeing there are no smart bidets sold by bunnings thats a no. Only front of wall toilets that bunnings sell are eligible for this Replacement Toilet Installation deal.

  • Will pick something up tomorrow, what do people think of this:

    Trying to keep the price close to the aldi option, but still something reasonable.

    • Just bought that. Looks OK. Not bad price. Soft close lid.

      Now just have to figure out how to organise install without having to go to bunnings as I'm getting the loo delivered.

    • I was put off from these cheaper toilets. Mondella specifically had poor comments in review sites.

      Unless you are flipping houses, for longevity of cistern parts especially, I'd go with one of the larger names like Coroma and haggle a good price.

      • Yeah reviews don't seem good, however it seems there's a 10 year warranty on the toilet, figured if there's issues with quality then Bunnings will get a visit and there's always the consumer protection laws.

        Based on that, just picked one up.

        • Yeah but if you claim warranty (which reviews say gets ignored) at best you'll get new parts and it's going to cost you hundreds to get a plumber for the labour. Then your cheap toilet becomes an expensive toilet but without the quality. You might be fixing it again before long.

          • @skysurfer: Firstly, I would be making my warranry claim via Bunnings, if mondella choose to ignore the claim between Bunnings and them, that has no relation to the claim I make with bunnings.

            And secondly, I would hope the expense of having the plumber come out to perform work related to the warranty claim would also be covered by the ACL:

            "Your customers can seek compensation for damages and losses they have suffered due to a problem with a product or service (in addition to any other remedy provided) if you could have reasonably foreseen the problem. In other words, customers can also recover losses that would probably result from your failure to meet a guarantee."

            If someone knows consumer Law well, please tell me if I'm wrong.

            But personally I would be explaining my situation to the Bunnings customer service and quoting the ACL if they refused to cover the plumbers labour where there was a defect in their toilet they sold me.

            I thought that's the whole point of having consumer protection laws in place, so that you're not stuck replacing toilets, TVs, toasters every year.

            • @Moral hazard: ACL is fine in theory, but by its nature of being subjective and imprecise (there are no written rules to refer to about the exact lifetime every product must last without defect, nor anything written about reimbursing the labour component required to replace some products) in practice it can be difficult (think time, energy, big fight) and often simply impossible to claim on. I know, I've tried and failed twice and I'm not a poor negotiator or weak willed.

              You're believing you will be able to enforce a 10 year Warranty for a $300 product. If you think ACL will deem the reasonable lifespan of a $300 product to be 10, 8, 6 or even 4 years I think you're going to discover otherwise.

              They wouldn't help with a $3000 TV dead after 5 years. They deemed the cost of 600 per year reasonable whereas I didn't. And "They" is whoever you get on the phone or whoever answers your letter or email, it's just someone from that office's opinion because as I said there are no hard rules to look up. And that's my claim dead in the water very quickly.

              Good luck claiming on something costing less than a hundred per year, and you'd need a miracle to get them to even try forcing a retailer to fork over more than you paid (so you could cover labour costs required to replace the toilet).

              • @skysurfer: I agree with what you're saying, I just have to add that it's not just about how much the item cost, but also have to factor in how long a reasonable person would expect the product to last.

                A toilet is not like tech, where people think it's reasonable to change phones every couple of years.

                I would think a reasonable persons expectations would be at least 5-10 years for a toilet until it's time for another renovation.

                But you're right, it all depends on who you end up speaking to.
                Many years ago when I managed the electrical department at my local Myer (my first job) , whenever someone just mentioned the ACL I knew we'd end up finding a solution for them. But I guess we had a good store manager in that regard.

                So maybe my perception of how easy it is to claim your ACL rights is skewed because of how many times I witnessed old TVs, lounges and beds replaced out of warranty from my departments at the time (at the cost of the Myer store, not the manufacturers).

                Either way I will be inspecting the porcelain of this toilet thoroughly before it goes in…

    • I installed this 3 years ago

      Soft-close has sped up (the spring) otherwise still good.

  • Is this offer available for a limited time only? If not, I might get one toilet changed next month.

  • I recommend supporting your local plumbers rather than Bunnings. I recently had a plumber replace my cistern and standard price was $290 + GST = $319. The cistern I had was $170 from Bunnings … add the $149 and it's exactly the same price $319.

    • If only the other 99% of plumbers price like yours.

    • share the plumbers contact

    • Bunnings is going to have to pay a local plumber to come out and do the job, no?

      Anyway a cistern replacement is relatively easy compared to replacing the whole toilet.

      So you're saying the plumber charged you the same price for the easy bit of the job as we could potentially pay for a full toilet replacement with this deal. Not really comparable.

      Personally I have a toilet that is relatively new and the porcelain has a crack, causing a leak under the toilet bowl.
      It's quite a pain to have to replace a relatively new toilet just because of a small leak.

      I don't have proof of purchase as we bought the house after the renovation was done to that bathroom, otherwise I'd be looking at a warranty claim.

      If any further leaks happen after this replacement toilet goes in, I'd much rather have the option to deal with Bunnings than a random local plumber. I feel like after sales support is much easier from a place like bunnings.

      • Does the bowl have a crack or the cistern, if it's the bowl that has a crack please get it replaced ASAP. If the bowl breaks completely while you are sitting on it, it can do done serious damage to you. There are several deaths and thousands of injuries from broken toilets each year. Google it.

        • Thanks for the info, it was the bowl and as soon as the leak was identified the toilet has not been in use (it's the one in the ensuite, not the main bathroom).

          Still that's a scary thought.

  • Was going to take up the Aldi deal, but this seems much more accessible.

    Avoids 8am rush to find all loo's sold within seconds of opening cause they only stocked 3 of them.

    • That would give me the sh**s

    • You missed nothing, the aldi toilets are rubbish. I have had them for about a year and hate them, ill be changing them soon.

      • What's so bad about them?

        • They're just sh!t…pun and reality, always blocked, installation took ages, 6/8 weeks from memory, just poor all round. I thought they would be a good alternative to the toilets that were in the house that I bought, clean etc as previous owner was nasty. So in that case they provided clean new toilets butt ( tee hee) they're just poo. Renovation on bathrooms will see them flushed away.

  • Can anyone post a toilet link whhich can have Xioami bidet

  • Thanks for OP. Was on the lookout for a new one

  • I've just had 2 Mondella Cadenza toilets from Bunnings installed with this deal. One of the installers didn't install the bolt near the bottom of the pan and the reason was it might crack it whenever there's house movement and he doesn't recommend using it. Can someone comment on that? and what's the purpose of that component?

    • I've just had 2 Mondella Cadenza toilets from Bunnings installed with this deal.

      Had bought this delivered. I rang bunnings was initially told this was not part of the replacement toilet deal.

      I told them the deal was for front of wall toilets they sell. They even tried to sell me the below which is not going to work as I have an s trap toilet.


      They are now going to check with their installers and get back to me.

  • How to order bunnings toilet installation online ? I search for product and cannot found toilet installation online for add to the cart ? Thanks !

    • Trying to find this out also since I'm getting the loo delivered.

      They should really make that available to add to cart.

    • Further update. Ended up going to bunnings to get install paid for. Apparently you can do it over the phone but paypal payment not an option then.

      Also this deal ends tomorrow according to bunnings staff I spoke to.