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[Backorder] AMD Ryzen 5 3600 $271.30 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Unfortunately I bought it when it was being shipped from US and the expected delivery date is 18/08 :(

Should have waited for this. Shipped from AU

Mod Edit 24/8: Now $271.30 (from $264.39) Deemed a small price fluctuation, so deal updated rather than expired.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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Amazon AU

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  • expected delivery date is 18/08

    Is it shipped via a sailboat?

    • FML

      Shipped via Fastway :(

      • +14 votes

        Fastway are the worst

        • +23 votes

          fastway left a card with blank depot and time but with printed tracking number despite me being home all day. Going online, the tracking number does not say where it is going and what time to pick up. Calling them, message says they have no customer service call centre for tracking enquires due to corona. The worst delivery business I've every encountered.

        • Not any more - they are now called Aramex

          • @baddie1: Phone msg still says fastway. It's a strat for failing businesses to rebrand to get better. See it a few times with real estate agents but they don't always get better.

        • Thanks guys. I feel much better.

        • I have told Amazon customer service on several occasions to avoid shipping my stuff with them. Amazon have "gifted" me free stuff in the past due to delays so long that the items were presumed lost! But I rather pay for stuff that arrives on time.

          • @viirgon: I thought I’m the only one complaining about Fastway to Amazon.

            I received email from amazon telling me to contact fastway after I had my parcel delayed/back to depo by fastway, saying my address was incomplete/courier unable to find my address despite it was my default address on my account and had receives countless delivery from amazon via auspost without fail.

            I think Fastway doing this to cover the fact that they failed to deliver and don’t want hit their fail delivery rating with Amazon, “incorrect address” is not their fault if delivery is delayed.

            This isn’t my first unpleasant experience with Fastway, been happening a lot in the past too, nowdays I just avoid anyone using their service, especially sellers from ebay, no Auspost no purchase policy.

        • If you have Auspost Parcel Lockers or a post office that supports Parcel Collect nearby and are willing\able to go leave your house to collect a parcel, get one of those addresses via MyPost, and use that address for Amazon shipping. They will ship it via Auspost because only Auspost and Startrack can deliver to parcel lockers\parcel collect.

          • @douglasac10: Unfortunately Amazon will not deliver this to a post office or locker or even a pickup point. I tried that once before and it took weeks for fastway to find the parcel and try and redirect it to a residential address. I have sent many emails and contacted Amazon many times regarding fastway service, but they just don't seem to care about the feedback from their customers.
            Amazon previously sent their US goods to a locker or post office but they changed their carrier to Fastway according to the Amazon rep I talked to. I try not to order anything when I know fastway is involved, but sometimes you can't tell.

      • Fastway are awful to the point I will wait for a deal that doesn't involve them. Thanks for pointing this out.

      • Have you received yours from Fastway? Mine is also being sent via Fastway.

    • I included some peppercorns in an Amazon bulk order and it delayed the whole thing from next week to mid September.

    • Things are taking forever from overseas atm. Even express.

      • Yeh i ordered melatonin gummies from some yank place 2 1/2 months ago for my daughter.. Can get a refund on 31st as it was lost by ups ofc.. First time ordering from america.. Will NEVER make that mistake again..

    • I ordered the Ryzen 9 3900X and it was shipped today (25/7/20 US time) via FedEx. They used international priority and is due to arrive in 3-4 days to Syd, NSW! (29/7/20). Tracking number shows it would cost $200 but I guess they have a business acc with them with much cheaper postage. Quite amazed, we’ll see if it delivers by then xD

      See here

  • If it hasn't shipped yet, cancel and order this?

    Otherwise I've found Amazon US delivery estimates to be way too conservative, usually arrives within 1.5 weeks of shipping.

    • Unfortunately cannot cancel as its already shipped.

      Hope you are right and it arrives sooner.

      • I’ve found Amazon from the US stuff tends to arrive a week to two ahead of schedule, which is a pain in the ass when you have to go out of town and the just dump it in front of your unit block and don’t give you any notification…. They just take forever to dispatch….

      • I ordered a GPU and MOBO before and it arrived full 2 weeks early, messed up my plans since had no ssd to start the build with lol

      • Do you think you can buy this one and then return the one from Amazon US when it arrives? ( not sure how refund works for international amazon purchase )

  • Good deal, bought this from Amazon AU last 21/07 for $295.90.

  • Don’t forget 5% cash back.

    $254.55 after cash back.

    • What exactly is this cashback process? I hear about it a lot on these forums but I'm clueless.

      • Use SB or CR to use their affiliate link to go to the store you're getting cashback from, then use it as normal and purchase. Once that's done it can take 2 years to an eternity to get the cashback.

  • What does it mean when seller is "Amazon AU"? Is that Amazon themselves directly selling the CPU?

    Also, will the prices drop further once Ryzen 4000 series for desktop is out?

  • Any one else seeing "Processor 3.6 GHz Ryzen 5 2600 " in the technical details summary?

    • Nope. Mine says
      Item Model Number Ryzen 5 3600

      • I see it.

        Processor 3.6 GHz Ryzen 5 2600

        Seems to be a typo as Ryzen 5 2600 is 3.4 GHz. Also, the rest of the details say Ryzen 5 3600

    • Yeah I see that in the Summary, but right under it sais Item Model Number Ryzen 5 3600 🤔

  • How the performance boost from a R5 1600?

  • Isn't the deal with CPU + Mobo on the same page better value? Just $20 more for shipping for me.

  • Still waiting for my Amazon UK $254 deal to arrive.. initially support tried to make me cancel the order due to no stock but it has finally shipped and has made it into the country

    • is this deal better since you can send it back to Amazon AU warehouse vs UK if doing warranty?

      • I'd say the $10ish difference is worth paying to get AU stock, this is a good deal.

        Ironically they offered me $10 credit to cancel my order, so would have been basically the same cost for me. Except two weeks ago the Amazon Au price was like $275+ postage so it never crossed my mind

    • When did you buy it?

    • I bought from Amazon UK end of June when it was $250. It was delivered quicker then the other PC items ordered from stores in Australia

    • I'm also still waiting. my payment went through but still haven't received shipping email.
      any thoughts/suggestions on who/how to contact?

      • The payment doesn't actually get taken from the account until it ships. My bank statement shows a "pending" deduction but it only went through a few days ago when it shipped. It's DHL express and has moved very quickly from Poland.

        If you can, I'd contact support, they may tell you to cancel due to no stock (like they did for me) and if they offer the same $10 credit I'd totally just reorder via Amazon AU for essentially the same price after the credit is applied

  • Thanks so much OP! I was able to cancel my Amazon US order from last night and go with this even though slightly dearer but quicker delivery. I had $27 credit with Amazon AU, so with Cashrewards it should only cost me about $230. Win!

  • For someone needs a motherboard for this cpu, msi mpg B550 gaming plus for $238.27 from Amazon US might be a good choice? But it might coming end of August
    MSI MPG B550 Gaming Plus Gaming Motherboard (AMD AM4, DDR4, PCIe 4.0, SATA 6Gb/s, M.2, USB 3.2 Gen 2, HDMI/DP, ATX) https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B089CRF5XV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i...

    • Good pairing if you want b550/pcie gen 4 is asrock b550 pro4.

      Asrock b450m pro4 is also good.

      This is you want a decent board at a solid price.


      • B450m pro4 near the $100ish mark is the best value board you'll find. Don't know why b550 is so expensive, can someone give the real world benefit of 550 over 450 assuming that bios updates will come to 450 for next gen

        • B550 benefits:

          • Usually better VRM setup, B450 boards already have such good setups that unless you're getting a 3900X+ there is no need even for a realistic overclock.

          • 2.5 gigabit ethernet, there is no need in Australia lol.

          • Better audio chipset, I can't tell the difference.

          • USB 3.2 Gen2 headers are more common, for all of you trying to use an H510.

          • M.2 E-key is more common, making it easier and more compact than ever to get Wi-Fi capabilities on a board that didn't initially have them.

          • PCIe 4.0. I don't see the appeal, PCIe 2.0 released 13 years ago and modern video cards still function on it with a very minor performance toll. PCIe 4.0 SSDs are really just bragging rights, the only thing improved on them is sequential speeds which don't matter much if at all after a certain point.

          • The boards looks clean asf.


          • You'll have to sell a kidney, now you only have one left for the RTX 2080 Ti but you can't sell that because you're going to die :(
          • @Rajeh: Thank you for the nice list. So clearly NOT worth paying double as yet..

            • @scottySK: For most no. Audiophiles will want the better integrated audio, people running a high speed NAS will want the 2.5 gig ethernet, people with an H510 will want the USB 3.2 Gen2 header. Then there's obviously those with higher budgets looking for a board to pair with their 100W TDP+ CPU.

    • If $50 can get you anything then I strongly suggest the MSI X470 Gaming Plus MAX for $189 shipped at Centrecom, AMD has not planned for socket AM4 to continue on to Ryzen 4000 and AMD have backtracked on their statement that B450 will not support Ryzen 4000 so I see B550 boards as ultra high tier B450 boards.

  • I’m not planning to build for a couple more weeks, in case of emergency, I can return if unopened/sealed right?

  • Anyone on here done a hackintosh with one of these?

    • That's like buying a new car and replacing the parts from a datson.. Why would you buy sweet hardware and then give it over to crapple?

    • I have done one with the R5 2600 with OpenCore and it’s running great

      • what other components you running?

          • Asus B450-I Strix
          • 16GB Corsair LPX @ 3200Mhz
          • MSI RX 5600 XT Mech OC
          • NVMe: Kingston A2000 for Windows + Samsung 970 EVO Plus for macOS
          • Replaced stock wifi card with BCM94360CS2 so wifi+BT works with Mac out of the box (I have a spare one due to shipping issue, let me know if you’re interested)
  • Does anyone know if this comes with thermal paste pre applied?

    • Yes. It's on the fan.

    • Yep on the bottom of the stock cooler.

    • Yes it does, but peel the protective film!

      • Thanks mate.

        Hopefully I will get mine soon. I have little to no hope since it being shipped via Fastway. Has anyone actually got their amazon US order from Fastway at a decent timeframe?

    • Stock cooler has it pre-applied on the bottom, but I would strongly recommend using your own, even if it's a cheap $4 one.
      This is because when I swapped my CPU cooler after about 4 months of use with the stock paste, it was so sticky and thick that the CPU was stuck to the underside of the cooler and got ripped out of the socket, bending a few pins. Luckily was able to straighten them out and fix it up, but I suspect the consistency (really thick and dry) of the thermal paste was largely to blame for this, and have heard of others having the same problem.
      I found the cheap thermal paste I bought (deepcool) to have a much better consistency.

  • What's the performance difference for gaming between this and the Ryzen 3600 3.8Ghz XT model?

    • Minimal, only 1145 difference in benchmark. (This = 17824, XT = 18969)

      • Yeah basically zero (can simply oc to the same) for $50 more.. Nice little scam..

        • Amd said they used different dies, and Not entirely true, the max frequency on a good 3600 is all core maxed at 4.2ghz, obviously some can go higher while most can't achieve this number, but a common 3600 xt chip will able to hit all core 4.6 GHz no problem, while 400 MHz is matter or not it is up to you , it is about 10% faster on frequency and 3-5% better in fps but in my opinion the price difference are so huge make it not worth it to consider