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[PS4] The Last of Us Part 2 $60 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Great price for this game.

The Last of Us Part 2 is the sequel to the highly-acclaimed release from Naughty Dog, set after 5 years have passed, and features Ellie and Joel encountering new characters and challenges
Taking advantage of the PS4’s hardware, The Last of Us Part 2 provides detailed visuals and realistic graphics for an immersive gaming experience
A Complex & Emotional Story-Experience the escalating moral conflicts created by Ellie's relentless pursuit of vengeance. The cycle of violence left in her wake will challenge your notions of right versus wrong, good versus evil, and hero versus villain.
A Beautiful Yet Dangerous World - Set out on Ellie's journey, taking her from the peaceful mountains and forests of Jackson to the lush, overgrown ruins of greater Seattle. Encounter new survivor groups, and terrifying evolutions of the infected.
Tense & Desperate Action-Survival Gameplay - New & evolved gameplay systems deliver upon the life-or-death stakes of Ellie's journey through the hostile world.

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  • Decent but perhaps I was expecting more…

  • +67 votes

    I know I’m in the minority, and I’m not saying I’m right…but I’ve never been so disappointed with a video game sequel in my life.

    • Really? I loved the first one.
      Should I wait until it’s like $20?

      • for sure

      • You might love it, most people did. The first game is one of my all time favourite games.

      • Hard to say. Personally I thought the game was 10/10. As good as the original. Maybe better. But it's definitely divisive and there's many that just won't like it. Until you play it you won't know for sure.

        • I really enjoyed this second part.

          I think it touches on the same topics as the original, but doubling down on them.

          In the first one, you explore how it is to be the bad guy in someone else's story - the second one just explores that concept in more detail. The characters make sense, their motivations make sense - that we disagree with them is what makes the game powerful?

          I've seen some valid criticism on the game: how the female characters are just motivated by what happened to male characters, the game being too long, etc. I don't necessarily agree with all of them, but I haven't seen any valid criticism for the story being bad, more than "it features queer characters and I think that makes it politicized, meanwhile, I think COD is perfectly apolitical", which I don't think is a point that deserves discussion.

      • Lol dude so did everyone else. That's why there's so much disappointment.

        • I was told it's better to forget that this is TLOU sequel and just treat it as a superb graphic & game play series where you just ignore the main story line altogether (like a few AAA). Then the game can be enjoyable XD. I'd buy it, but there are still game backlogs for me so I'd just wait a little longer.

      • it is a fair bet that, it will be free for PS plus members very soon.

        • I wouldn't say very soon. Sony first-party games do tend to become PS plus free games down the track, but for games like tlou2 which will remain a PS console exclusive, that won't happen for at least 2-3 years from experience.

      • I would highly recommend it to only who has not played for the first game. then it would be a great game to see how far a ps4(pro) can go on performance perspective and how much attention to details that a game company can put effort into.

      • I loved the first one and lived the second one. No clue what these people are on about.

      • +5 votes

        I would wait till it hits a big sale. It's a solid 7/10 title.

        I feel like it's got the sequelitis common to movies. They tried to make everything bigger and better, but instead, it lost all the intimacy that made it special. A beautiful game, great sound, and solid world-building. Some really nice set pieces, the gameplay is fun in parts.

        But, the gameplay loop gets repetitive, the enemy variety is very limited for a game of this length, the story is driven by dues ex machina and MacGuffins (to an extent that I noticed far beyond the first). Too many characters, with not enough to do, and what's worse they constantly make nonsensical decisions.

        It seems like a lot of people are really angry/defensive about the game, personally I don't really understand. It's not terrible, it's not perfect. It's just a bit disappointing given the talent involved.

      • $20 is a good price but it's the story that is inconsistent.

        Especially if you really loved the story in the first game. This game makes the first one throw away its ideas down the drain.

    • What made you hate it (without spoilers) ?
      I'm a couple of hours in and not a fan of the political crap .

      • I think you've answered your own question

      • Uh, I can’t say too much without big spoilers. I’ll just say I absolutely hated the second half of the game.

      • +12 votes

        I loved the first one and loved the second one, perhaps even more than the first… Though I feel like I need to play that one again now :)

      • I think the main reason (and mine as well) that people dislike it is because of the second-half of the game. You'll know when you get to that point, it's just a change in direction with the story (and I would argue gameplay) that people dislike.

      • +20 votes

        My understanding is
        1. the story telling is garbage. If certain things had more build up, or certain events are told in different order it would make a big difference.
        2. characters are out of characters. Say if batman all of a sudden start to gun down criminals, its just out of character and makes no sense.

        • Mostly not accurate, and story telling is story telling hey. I mean if you want it laid out in chronological order for every game and movie, I'd say they are a boring person.

          • +7 votes

            @onlinepred: Without spoiling, I think wizedz is suggesting that a change in the order of events might actually establish empathy for a certain character. It doesn't need to be chronological, it just needed to be more thoughtfully written.

        • Not sure about point 2, but point 1 is one of the critiques. Personally I loved the way they did it. It was risky and I thought it paid off, but I fully understand why some just didn't like it that way.


        I agree, this game has too much politics. Luckily this year we have games like Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Cyberpunk 2077 that focus on being good games without any politics.

        • What do you mean by too much politics? Almost every game has politics in it… obviously some games are more political than others, but TLOU2 is not one of them. If you think Cyberpunk 2077 won't have any politics in it… you're going to be disappointed.

          • +3 votes

            @Phade: I was being sarcastic and agree with you lol. The same "Gamers" who complain about "politics" in games will be doing This in a few months.

            • @DisabledUser74792: Haha sorry man, it's hard to tell sometimes because there's people out there who would say something like that unironically.


                @Phade: No worries haha, I thought I might trick someone. Can't wait to play Part 2 when I hopefully get my PS5 in a few months.

            • +4 votes

              @DisabledUser74792: But that's the difference right there - some games manage to subtly weave politics into a game via encasing it in fantastical skin - such as cyberpunk's 'what makes us human' or elves and dwarves and orcs fantastical racism to each other - to the point where it shoots over some peoples heads like in your image. And then there's the Last Of Us 2, which instead shoots you in the groin with its political message with all the subtlety of a brick. That's what people mean when they say the don't like politics in their games - they mean they don't like overt politics that can't be ignored and just enjoyed as 'hey, orcs are pretty big and brutal and cyberpunk is cool' if the person doesn't want to be engaged on that level.

      • What political crap? There's a same sex couple and a guy calls them a dyke?

      • What political crap? That the main character is gay?

      • What is the political crap?

    • same here, guess I'd attached too much on original characters' story and can't move on.

    • I don’t think that’s an uncommon opinion

    • You're most definitely not in the minority here, this game was bloody garbage. Not worth the $60 imo

    • From everything i've seen, it seems you are in the majority. Their sales plummeted compared to the original and the toxic woke politics infesting Naughty Dog seems to have leaked out on to the internet.

    • Mass Effect Andromeda … just putting it into perspective.

      Great mechanics, graphics, and overall impressive experience. Tirelessly over the top political correctness b.s. ruined it.

      • Wasn’t it bugs, boring gameplay and terrible mission structure? I’m speaking of its launch release

      • Hardly comparable. There were some shocking technical flaws in andromeda. Embarrassing for a studio to release software like that

      • Andromeda is the buggy-est PS4 game I have ever played. even after being patched up, the game still runs like ass.

        That was the reason it sold like crap and killed the franchise. Not because bioware is 'woke'

      • yeah those animations were top notch IGN 10/10

    • Well I played Fable 3, War-hammer 40000 2 and the EA battlefronts (1 & 2) these games were all very disappointing

    • Its the game sequel equivalent of IT: Chapter 2 :D

    • The graphics, animations and game engine wise are all top notch (especially due to a lot of dark indoor areas, without hardware ray tracing, a lot of effort put into static baked lighting). The writing, unfortunately, is a disappointment. Characters we knew can behave out of character for the sake of the story. The writers went overboard at a number of key moments to emphasis the bitterness of the story.

      The LGBTQ part of the story is fine for most people and raises awareness. However, it upsets LGBTQ groups (won't get into details here, but I see their point of view and isn't the whole thing ironic). Thing is that it shouldn't be done at the expense of the main story writing. You can have a story about two strong female characters, and bring in LGBTQ theme, but make sure rest of your story is organic with believable dialogues.

      Going down this bitter journey, adds insult to injury at key moments - is it really the best to tell a story about two strong female characters? You also killed off most of the male characters alone the way so they cannot possibly factor in the final conclusion. And, the writer's original statement: this is a story about Ellie. Is it really just that? Abby plays a big part of the story and been given a VIP treatment.

      • In reply to netsurfer -

        The LGBTQ part of the story is fine for most people and raises awareness. However, it upsets LGBTQ groups

        As someone bang smack in the middle of those groups, this comment couldn't be more incorrect. It was incredible to see stories featuring these protagonists, and it's utterly hogwash that it hijacked the main story in any way; it gives it depth and believability by anchoring real characters in a genre world.

        Representation matters.

        To anyone who hasn't played the game - take note, this is not a valid criticism. This is down and out homophobia and transphobia masquerading as critique.

        • strangely most people couldnt give 2 stuffs about the things you mention. If the story was written well and characters developed in the same manner as the first game they would probably think they were awesome regardless of their gender.

        • This isn't homophobia and transphobia masquerading as critique, this is just general ignorance from the general pop. Not everything is insidious.
          As for the rest of your points, I completely agree.
          All the LGBTQ themes and story is perfectly natural and well done.
          Not as horrific and violent as all the reviews suggested also.
          Dead Space 2 was far worse.
          This from another person smack bang in the middle of those groups.

    • Totally agree. What an absolute shyt story… Great gameplay and graphics.
      The main aspect of the game, The story just Pissed me off.
      Took me 25hrs to complete, Also hated the ending. Felt pointless

    • Yep. Kids won't like it. Adults will

    • Ur upvote suggests otherwise. The first one was quite an emotional journey for me and my brother. Once he was done with the second one he has just asked me to move on knowing Joel and Ellie had a good life together. I chose to skip this one.

  • I think it's a must play even though the story and choices made will test you a lot. It's quite an experience really and one of the best gameplay experiences I've ever had.

    • I like this. You’ve formed your own opinion based on your own experiences. Didn’t just copy paste what other sheep are saying

  • Loved the game. Its a rollercoaster of emotions thst for sure. Was angry at the midgame point but by the end it made sense. Well to me it did.

    • Thats exactly how i felt. Having not completed Last of us Part 1, I was a bit hesitant to play this. But got a copy from ebay for $49. Started off slow, but really got into the characters. The whole game was so emotional. I was so angry half way through but everything made sense in the end. what an ending for the game, I almost cried. I will be starting again in Survivor mode soon.

  • will fall even more

  • GOTY 2020

    What a brilliant game. Story was top notch

    • Too early to call GOTY before Cyberpunk 2077 is released in November

      • From what I understand about GOTY awards, there are cut off dates and cyberpunk 2077 will not make it for 2020 GOTY awards

        • It's not currently eligible for Geoff Keighley's Game Awards. They could always be postponed, which would be understandable in 2020. And there are hundreds of other goty awards, it could still wind up winning a majority of them elsewhere (sort of like Death Stranding last year).

    • Nice try Neil Druckmann. We know it's you.

  • +18 votes

    Loved the game. Naughty Dog, as usual, creates an excellent cinematic story. I understand why people got mad at some elements of the story, but I think the reasons all make sense as you progress. Great gameplay, emotional character development, and well worth $60. Don’t let the exaggerated hate stop you from playing a great game.

  • Not the biggest fan of the backend of the story.

    BUT both my buddy and I who loved the first one agreed the gameplay was awesome, super engaging. Plenty of thrilling moments and the mechanics were refined.

    Spewing they did what they did with the direction of the backend, but it was still worth playing for anybody who is a fan of the gameplay IMO.

  • Loved the first game, but heard/seen bad stuff about this one. I was going to pass but I'll wat till its under 30 bucks.

    • Don't (profanity) listen to the incels who haven't played the game.
      Just prepare yourself emotionally, because it's not a Disney story.

      But well worth it.

      • +13 votes

        Just because someone hates a game, doesn't mean they're incels.

        The story was just bad and inconsistent, and that's what Last of Us series has always been about. Everything else was great (not so much innovation but it's Naughty Dog, they know how to make things more realistic with story driven games).

        If you love the first game's story, you're gonna question everything the characters do in this game because you have no idea what separates one character from another. And in the end you don't give a shit because the ending is so crap as well.

        • The story was bad and inconsistent?
          And 'thats what the last of us series has always been about'
          How can you make a judgement on what a series has 'been about' when there was just one game prior?

          And the ending doesn't suck it's fantastic.

          I've never felt so viscerally conflicted by a game before.

          To each their own but your opinion is wrong. Sorry.

    • Dont believe that. Play the game and form your own opinion.

  • only rope(cable) physics is sensational.

  • Borrow the game from a friend, buy a second hand, or watch some youtube clips before you really buy it.
    $60 is not a big amount, but I am confident to see the price will drop again.