This was posted 2 years 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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50 x Face Masks 3 Ply $20 (Shipping from $9.99) @ JohnnyBoy


New Stock Just arrived.
In our Melbourne warehouse ready to post Australia wide.
Face Masks are 3 ply and great quality.
Box designs may vary but masks are the same due to a few different suppliers.
Bulk orders welcomed.
No pick up available at this point in time sorry.

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Johnny Boy
Johnny Boy

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    No deal

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    Spam. crap deal.

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      Hi can you please explain why my post is spam

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        charlie, your base is in vic and you cant sell this in vic?

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    Even in China the 3 ply medical mask is not this cheap…so …

  • Are these TGA approved ?

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      Hi jv these are not we sold out last night TGA approved at $59 a box.
      Trying to get a better deal on TGA for tomorrow

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    lol at the $80 RRP what a joke

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        Please show us who and where sells 80 rrp for mask made in china

  • Probably made from 3 ply toilet paper.
    Can we move all this junk to the forums?

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      Hi these are not junk.
      Suppliers purchased to many and we have a clearance outlet we have been asked to have a sale on them

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        ….. Because their junk and no one wants them….

        • Why are they junk?

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    I am a little confused why so many negative comments are made due to my offer.
    I am a legitimate family run business in Melbourne since 1999.
    We sell clearance goods from wholesalers that have excess stock or want to clear some products.
    Unsure when I can offer probably the best price at the moment it becomes a negative.

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      I think people have concern for the quality of the mask..

      • They seem the exact same as what I see 90% of people around Melbourne wearing atm and the same as what bunnings are selling now too. I did see one guy in bunnings wearing an old hanky, I couldn't see any snot on it though so guessing it was clean, these would be better than that still, and all that is required by the law.

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          You can't tell whether it's a good quality mask or not just based on what you need to get the mask and have some test.
          Check this video , at around 9:30 they shown you how to test the quality.
          That's why people prefer to buy FDA or CE certified masks.

          But again, even a bad quality mask is better than nothing.

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        I see
        The quality of the masks are great.
        Selling at $45 on sale last week.

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          They have no certification. How is the quality 'great' if they're not approved to protect properly?

          • @shaibankek2:

            They have no certification.

            That's not true. These have been certified by my dodgy mechanic — if you can find him.

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      Dont take it personally, there are a few people on here who have nothing better to do than troll all day. Under normal circumstances this wouldn't be considered a deal by ozbargain standards but given the current shortages and higher prices I really think it is. You are paying $10 for 10 similar masks at bunnings.

      Sure they are not medical grade but they meet the Victorian government requirements.

    • As with any high demand items people on this site are looking for a "bargain" and when key details are missing like (TGA or certification) which indicate the quality of the product. It raises a lot of questions since people aren't buying this for a fashion statement and I am sure those buying want to their money's worth knowing that they are of recommend industry standards and that their health is protected by wearing the said item.

      At the moment people in general are looking for disposable mask which are TGA approved and shipping that doesn't cost a fortune.

      The reality is unless you were going to include a further discount code or free shipping many view your post as just a classified ad (not an actual bargain).

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      This community loves overreacting and riding the hate-wagon , once someone thinks like an idiot, suddenly everyone thinks its okay to think like an idiot, and they're led like a herd.

      Your deal isn't all that different than other deals posted before - quite offensive that people are so freaking moody.

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      definitely no shortage of masks in melbourne

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    Why is this deal being negged so hard when it is similar price to this with over 70 upvotes

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      because those are TGA compliant while these are not? different product quality

      • Ah okay I see

    • Looks like that one you linked has higher certifications

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      I think it's the user's Gravatar…

      Or maybe the one you linked to is TGA approved ?????

      One of those two reasons…

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    Whether it is FDA, CE or TGA approved doesn't indicate the mask is of good quality.

    Need to ask if the masks are ATSM level 1, ATSM level 2 or ATSM level 3 masks.

    If the masks have no ATSM levels then you can assume the masks are no better than 3 layers of tissue paper.


  • same as cutting up a shirt and layer it on?

  • I have been wearing masks that look like this since early March. I have not caught the Covid or the flu

    • I willl continue to rely on them since I bought heaps

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    so which brand are we buying, how can they be different BUT SAME as well?

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    Rather pay $5 more and get tga approved level 3 masks than 3 ply toilet paper

  • Johnny boy masks - made in Jersey

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