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Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) CL18 DDR4 3600 $102.82 + Shipping (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Lowest price ever? Great price for great RAM. Get it while it’s HOT.

updated to new low price 31/07
updated to slightly higher price due to USDAUD fluctuation 02/08
updated to new lowest price 25/08 - now sub $100!

Mod Update 30/8: $94.95 now.
Mod Update 31/8: $99.87 now.
Mod Update 1/9: $102.82 now.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    5 up votes in 2 mins. Amazing price!

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      74 in 52

      • 205 in 1263

  • +19

    Thanks O.P, Just bought 4 for my 64GB Mastabatorium build.

    • +2

      Now all you need is a 50TB Deal

      • +3

        Those are rookie numbers! Gotta pump those numbers up.

        • +8

          The pump was implied

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    CL18, would be great if it was a CL16 set

    • +18

      CL16 isn't the important factor here, on Ryzen frequency is far more important than CAS latency due to FCLK gains. 3600CL19 will easily outperform 3200CL16. CL16 will get you 1-2% gains at best, 1800 FCLK will get you the larger 3-4%.

      • -1

        Good point Rajeh :)

      • I think he meant at 3600CL16…. but yeah not happening at this price :)

        • 3600CL19 has a higher true CAS latency than 3200CL16. My point is that even with that higher CAS latency it's still far superior to the 3200CL16, 3600CL19 vs 3600CL16 isn't really a big difference. The difference mostly comes from the different IC used in the 3600CL16 kit which gives different subtimings. tCL isn't even in the top 3 most important timings for latency. tFAW, tRC and tRFC are much more impactful.

      • Currently using Corsair Vengeance LPX 2666 C16 2x8gb with a Ryzen 5 2600

        Would this be a worthwhile upgrade? Still very new to PC's

  • +20

    Wow this is a great price for 3600CL18! I've noticed that the new Samsung C-die they use in these kits is quite temperature sensitive, and in poor-average airflow setups the kit becomes unstable at the stock 1.35V. If you experience these issues try getting more airflow to them or undervolt. 3600CL18 shouldn't require more than 1.32V on average C-die. It's also quite common to get 3600MT/s memory but not have your CPU be able to support it or only be able to support it with voltage tweaking, the infinity fabric on Zen 2 is guaranteed up to 1800 (3600MT/s 1:1) with tweaking but in my instance I couldn't even get 1633 stable at first. If you are on Zen and Zen+ it isn't going to work at XMP at all. On Intel it will work, IMC is a lot stronger on the blue team.

    • thanks for helping people with the info.

      • +2

        Also should mention it isn't always going to be Samsung C-die, I've seen kits with Hynix CJR too, but I've heard it misreports as Hynix MFR in Thaiphoon Burner, and C-die misreports as B-die. CJR shouldn't have these issues, the problem with C-die is that it has a much smaller transistor size so it is more prone to heating up.

        • Zuh?

          • +3

            @DynamicEntrrry: Thaiphoon Burner is a popular program widely recommended in guides on tuning RAM timings on YouTube. It's used to determine what chips are being used in the RAM. It's often incorrect though because mainly Corsair and G.Skill aren't writing their SPDs (hold the RAM's information about itself) properly. It leads something like Samsung C-die to be read as Samsung B-die, and they are 2 wildly different ICs. It also often reads Hynix CJR as Hynix MFR. It has trouble mostly with the newer ICs, particularly Samsung C-die. If you want to check on Corsair RAM you should find the version number listed on the sticker of your RAM, main ones being 4.31 which is Samsung B-die, 4.32 which is Samsung C-die, 5.32 which is Hynix CJR and 5.39 which is Hynix MFR. If using G.Skill RAM there is a code on the sticker which starts with "042", but I only know 2 that I can identify with this. If it ends in 10C it is Samsung C-die, and if it ends in 10B it is Samsung B-die.

            • @Void: Thank you for that well written explanation. Now I (kinda) get it.

  • -1

    How would I know if it's worth it upgrading for my laptop?

    • +7

      Don't think these would fit in a laptop?

    • +2

      This is desktop ram. Laptop ram is SODIMM ddr4 I think…basically half the length.

      How much ram do you have in your laptop and what model is it? 8GB is min nowadays and 16GB is plenty for even enthusiasts.

      Some laptops (i.e macbooks and other fancy skinny laptops) have soldered in ram so you can't upgrade. You can usually upgrade in the chunkier ones (depending on specific model).

      • +2

        Oh yeah, that would be why I wouldn't upgrade my laptop with this lol.

        Got 8gb at the moment. Can definitely upgrade on mine luckily, but not sure whether it's worth it

        • +1

          Chuck another 8gb of Sodimm in there! You can get 8gb for pretty cheap

          • +1

            @TheGoodPart: Depends though. It could be 2x4GB stock which means that we can't just put an extra 8GB stick in there.

            For the laptop best bet is to physically check (or look at a review/teardown), some programs can tell you if you have free slots, etc but don't count on them.

            In terms of the RAM, you'll want some sodimms of the same/similar speed with a 2x8GB capacity.

            • @Matt86: True, I assume qube knows which RAM he can upgrade with as he definitely knows he can upgrade so the slots must be accessible.

  • Can I use this with my Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3000MHz Memory Kit - CMK16GX4M2C3000C16 Black (For AMD Ryzen and Intel 200) ? Pros and Cons? Thanks .

    • +5

      Yes, but it will be slowed down to 3000CL16, and I can't guarantee stability when mixing different kits with different timings and possibly different ICs.

      • +1

        Thanks, will not buy atm. Thank you!

    • You can, as mentioned it will run at the lowest common denominator by default.

      However, if you get it (it's still a good deal) you could try and run 3200 or 3400MHz as an overclock (run memtest, do not boot windows).

      Or if you want to swap to 3600Mhz and you have a mate with a build, you could offload yours for a bit cheaper then new DDR4 3000Mhz and get some new 3600Mhz.

      • do not boot windows

        Can confirm I corrupted a couple of installs while overclocking. Usually I just run it in safe mode now though, because I want to use the more aggressive TestMem5 but it doesn't come in bootable form.

        • I've done this too. It wasn't fun figuring it out over quite some time..

          I run passmark memtest for the full test, then I know it's at least somewhat stable enough to run Windows and then test for a while.

          Have been successful with.

          3000MHz 16-18-18-38 2T @ 1.35v (it actually ran at 1.25v with stock speeds)


          3400Mhz 16-17-17-34 1T @ 1.35v - I even for tRFC down to 476 which is decent.

          • @Matt86: tRFC 476 is pretty nice for 3400. I'm guessing this is like Hynix AFR or MFR?

            • @Void: No idea to be honest 😂

  • Any chance in running this at 3200mhz cl14?

    • +4

      I believe the only IC that can do 3200C14 is B-die, if you're extremely lucky you can get B-die (ver 4.31), but most will get Samsung C-die or Hynix CJR. I've heard of about one person who got legit B-die in a kit like this.

    • +1

      After double checking it seems Hynix CJR can also do 3200CL14, so if you are lucky enough to get CJR, and that's a big if, you could do it.

      • Decided to jump the gun and purchased, thanks for the info!

  • AaaAa hah so, as someone newly contemplating a new build but hadn't gotten round to researching ram yet…this is good? I thought always go for cl 16, not 18, even if it's slower ram? I mean, I don't intend to overclock wildly i did that aeons ago and it got old fast, so is this fine for out of the box performance/simple one-click overclock?

    edit: also, do people not recommend corsair ram with amd chipsets?

    • +4

      3600CL18 will be better than 3200CL16, the true CAS latency is identical but there's subtimings which will be reduced on the 3600 kit and bandwidth and FCLK gains.

      • and the AMD issue?

        • +3

          It's often an issue with FCLK being unstable, you'll find most 3600 kits will get worse reviews because they don't work universally across all Ryzen chips without some tweaks. About 80% should be able to run 1800 just fine, but plenty can't do it without adjustment,.

      • How good of a deal would you say this is? I have been looking at 3000 CL15 G.Skill kit for a while, and it is the same price, with faster shipping. Would it make a large difference to go with this kit?

  • +1

    So I have Corsair CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 sitting around at home ready for my next build. Can I buy this product (higher speed, 3600hz) and will it be compatible with my current RAM for my next build?

    • +4

      They will both run at 3200CL18 or 3200CL16. Either at 3200 18-22-22-42 or if there is an XMP profile programmed on the 3600 kit for 16-18-18-38 they should work at moderately tight timings. If you're lucky you could get the same IC in each kit so they will overclock better, but I'd be weary of running 4 sticks at 3600MT/s on Ryzen, it requires a pretty lucky IMC and a good board.

      • good thing i'm on intel - thanks

        • +3

          Should work fine then. Intel's a less of a baby when it comes to what RAM it likes and how much of it.

          • @Void: the CL16 is 16-18-18-36 from what Corsair say.
            the CL18 is 18-22-22-42 from what Corsair say.

            Does that change things?

            • +1

              @damianjakov: 16-18-18-36 and 16-18-18-38 are pretty much the same thing, any IC that the 3200 kit comes with should be able to do tRAS 36 even if it's a 38 kit.

            • +2

              @damianjakov: When they talk about "CL16" it's referring to the first primary timing.
              The power of marketing makes you think that all "CL16" kits are the same, but they're not.


              3200MHz 16-16-16-36 is CL16
              3600Mhz 16-18-18-38 is CL16
              3200MHz 14-16-16-32 is CL14

              You also have the command rate, which most (if not all) Intel CPU's can run at 1T as opposed to 2T for most kits? without much issue unless you're running a butt load of RAM.

              • @Matt86: I don't think Ryzen needs 2T either, I mostly see OCs with 1T and Geardown Mode enabled (often described as like 1.5T), I don't know if I'm lucky but my OC is running without it.

  • worth upgrading from 16gb (2x8gb) 2400mhz for an Intel CPU?

    • +6

      Probably not. You could try overclocking it, RAM seems to overclock a lot further than CPU or GPU. I got a 2666 kit to 3733 and it would push further if my CPU wasn't the limiting factor.

      • +3

        You're carrying this whole thread rn, good job.

      • It is only worthwhile if he has a Z series motherboard. Intel doesn't allow memory overclock on H series motherboard.

        • You can still get to the CPU's spec though right? I think if you've got a Core i5 you can still OC to 2666, a Core i7/i9 2933.

          • @Void: Buy DDR4-3600 RAM modules to do DDR4-2666? Seems to be an overkill.

            • +1

              @netsurfer: Isn't my comment about overclocking the 2400 kit to 2666 with tighter timings? Not buying a new set?

  • my current ram is Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000Mhz C15 (2*8GB) with Ryzen 5 3600 on asrock ab350m pro, should I upgrade to this?

  • What's the difference between these and the Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200MHz C16? Which is better?

    • Which specific kit?

      Check the primary timings and compare, if this is the same/close (lower is better for timings) this will be better as a higher clockspeed.

      Clockspeed is far more important typically and you need to take this into account.

      • +1

        On AMD side 3600CL18 with loose ass tRCDs and tRFCs will probably still outperform 3200CL16 because of the FCLK gain. I tested 3733CL18 and 3666CL17 (lower true CAS) and found 3733CL18 to match it if not beat it.

        • I cant work out if this will run on a MSI 450i carbon pro. A number of reviews claim they can only get this to run at 2133 or 3600 as no XMP profiles are working. If the motherboard only supports max 3466 will I have issues running this at 3600mhz?

          • @Voucherd: Because this is a B-series board, which AMD supports overclocking on, you can exceed that. I have the shitty Biostar B350 from Techfast which is only rated for 3200, but it's running 3733 rock stable right now. XMP profiles not working probably boils down to 1800 IF clock not being stable without some tweaking.

            • @Void: Thanks for the informative and quick reply

  • +1

    I have c14 3200 running with 3900x. Is this an update?

    • No

      • thanks mate

    • You have B-die, you could OC it to crazy shit like 3600C14.

  • I have the 3200 vision of this ram in my 1600x on a b350 board. Would it work and would I get any performance gain?

    • +1

      Are you adding RAM to it, or replacing?

      If you need more RAM adding to it, will work and you'd technically be able to either run it all at 3200MHz with the higher timings or overclock it to a in-between 3400Mhz or maybe 3600MHz (if lucky) but you'd want to test with memtest.

      I wouldn't replace / upgrade the RAM, keep the 3200Mhz and save the money for a CPU or other upgrade down the line that will make more difference. E.G R7 2700.

    • +1

      Ryzen 1000's IMC is pretty weak. You're lucky to even have it running 3200, there are many cases of it not budging above 2933. It would be an upgrade but it wouldn't work lol.

      • Interesting. I knew Ryzen 1000 was weird with ram. I'm lucky it worked flawlessly with my 3200 kit and XMP on.

  • Will this run at 3200 in my cheap fastech machine? I know my biostar mobo only supports upto 3200 and I'm still running this single 8gb stick

    • If it's a B-series board it will still work above that as it supports overclocking, my B45M2 is running the stock RAM OC'd to 3733 with no issues. This should work.

  • I've heard 3600 is the sweet spot for Ryzen 3000-line processors. Just wondering if I were to buy this now but looking to build in the near future with a Ryzen 4000 processor would the sweet spot be different?

    Also as someone coming from Intel - I get the impression AMD is more finicky with RAM. Say if I buy two kits of this for 32gb of RAM to slot into my build, would there be any issues with it?

  • For those think that 3600 CL18 could be so much better than 3200 CL16 - https://youtu.be/EnRVEgCZJ7c

    Not that much difference.

    • Literally unnoticeable while playing

  • Would you guys take this over G.Skill CL15 3000mhz for the same price, but the G.Skill having much faster shipping? My build has an R5 3600 on a tomahawk max.

    • Sacrificing a fair bit of performance with 3000CL15, go for this. Amazon US is pretty quick anyway.

      • How about warranty? I'm about to pull the trigger but if the ram is DOA on arrival I don't want to be screwed. Do you know how warranty works when a product is shipped by Amazon US to Australia?

        • +1

          Hopefully we can get others' opinions as I have no experience, but I've heard their warranty is pretty good.

          Edit: "DOA on arrival" lmao that's another one to add to my list.

          • +1

            @Void: Lemme go find the nearest cliff…

          • @Void: Sorry to bother you again, but I meant to say Crucial not G.Skill. The kit would have Micron Rev E which I've heard overclocks insanely well. Would you still go for the higher speed C die?

        • According to this thread there were some successful claims.

        • +2

          When my RAM died last year Amazon took it back and paid me back for everything INCLUDING shipping

          so its pretty good, dunno if thats normal though because thats my only experience

  • +2

    Dropped to $100.79

    Reordered and cancelled previous order to save 43c :)

    • +2

      Saving is a saving, stack it with cashback too

  • I wonder how this will perform with Ryzen 4000s. I guess I'd have to wait no matter how tempting it is to buy this now.

    • +1

      There have been some leaks of Ryzen 4000 running an FCLK (infinity fabric clock) north of 2000MHz, so double that and it could mean that 4000MT/s RAM will actually net gains rather than just lose you performance from decoupling. The ICs in this kit should OC that far. Samsung C-die usually does 4000MT/s and more if lucky and Hynix CJR should be able to as well.

  • unlikely if needed, but 64gb kit in 2*32 capacity is at lowest on camelcamelcamel at 465.


    Useful for those after 128gb capacity 4dimms or those who don't want 64gb over 2 dimms.

    There are cheaper 64gb kit, but this is 3600c18 snd be good for mid-high end ryzen for those with photo/video rigs.

  • Is this RAM compatible and will perform well with the following?

    Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 2X8GB DDR4 3200MHz C16
    Intel Core i7 8700K Processor 12MB 3.7 GHz

  • Is this worth replacing my 2x8GB Crucial DDR4-2400 (CT8G4DFS824A.M8FD) that's paired with my Ryzen5-2600?
    I only have 2 DIMM slots on my BIOSTAR B45M2 mobo.

    • +2

      Depends if you can overclock the Crucial kit. The B45M2 ain't half bad, I got my 2666 RAM to 3733 on it.

      • Oh sweet!
        I guess I'll have to watch some YouTube videos on overclocking RAM.

  • lol this thread is becoming tech support.
    dont mind if i jump in too, RAM noob here….
    I am thinking of replace my ram
    currently using:
    AMD Ryzen5-2500U
    CPU speed: 2 GHz (3.6 GHz - max turbo boost)
    HP DDR4-2400 DDR4-2400

    would this be compatible?

    • +1

      AMD Ryzen5-2500U is a mobile processor,
      and this RAM is a desktop ram.
      sounds like it will not you need DDR4L or SODIMM it is a smaller size

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