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Primo Chorizo from The Deli $12/kg (Was $24) @ Woolworths


Made in Australia with less than 10% AU ingredients :D.

Pizza ideas - https://myfoodbook.com.au/recipes/show/spanish-chorizo-capsi...

Pasta ideas - https://www.taste.com.au/recipes/chorizo-pasta/6871b2f9-5686...

More recipe ideas from OzB community in the posts below :) 👍

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  • Ty, much nicer then Han's Chorizo I reckon

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    I remember these were around this price normally, years ago at Woolies, now it’s a half price special.

    • Must be a very long time ago. They have been in the $10-11.50 zone on half-price special for quite a few years.

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      I remember these were $8-$8.50 on half price sale only a few years back.

    • Thank you for the link, OP. I eat these Woolworths deli sausages a lot. Although, the flavor has changed. :(

      a) I remember when Woolies kranskies and chorizos were regularly around the $12/kg just 2-3 years ago. Now, the meat items at Woolworths and Coles are all above $20/kg. What happened.

      2) I'm very surprised to learn according to Woolworths website that the Made in Australia Woolworths Chorizos only contain 10% Australian product. The Primo/Hans/Beehive Smallgoods factory is right next to Woolworths Chullora.

      I would feel very uncomfortable eating food with unknown provenance. Imported meats from another developed nation like New Zealand are fine, at the right price. However, meats from more developing nations like Vietnam, Tanzania, Brazil, South Africa and China have questionable meat processing regulatory practices, along with health, safety, labor and environmental standards. Thats why Woolworths sell them at a heavy discount.

      Very dodgy behaviour for such a large national food provider. Will pay more attention in the future.

      • That goes for most processed pork products, bacon, ham etc. pork comes mostly from USA in big frozen chunks then processed/made here.
        Woolies and all other supermarkets are open with it, years ago you would never had know the percentage.

        Look for good that have the pink Australian pork logo, or see on the back that it’s over 90%, plenty to choose from just not in the deli. Coles is the same.

  • Chorizo with pasta is quite nice

  • Come by the woolies deli at Marden SA and say hi :)

  • Recently been going through a deli meats phase and my top picks are always Strasburg and Kransky.

    Now I can add chorizo to my list as trying to stick to stuff under $18/kg if possible.. so far been good on prices.

    Add some garlic sauce and omg taste explosion.

    Which reminds me I gotta pick up some garlic sauce today as I can't find them in my coles and Woolworths only iga.

    • Woolies and Coles are dropping a lot of things in recent years…can only find them at IGA now. How can they say made in Australia…assembled at best…what is the 10% Australian content…worker sweat? Would be good if the country of production was mandatory…save accidentally ingesting anything from China.

    • You can try some SALUMI deli products as well. They make deli products from local meats and have wide range of products. You can visit its shop which is in Norton Plaza, Leichhardt inside Harris Farm or you can order online.

      • What's their cheapest $/kg meats

        I am on a tight budget for now can't go above $25/kg right now I'm aiming for meats below $15/kg but sometimes it's hard and I get $18/kg meat.

        One good thing about eating simple vegetarian is that the frozen veggies are cheap.

        • The prices are quite expensive than the supermarkets as they only make free range product in Byron Bay. Even if you do not buy regularly, it will just be the experience :D. Chorizo will cost you around $8 for 2 piece which is about 100g each. Free range ham for about $40/kg. They have the best Italian sausage called Salssisia Fresca for grilling. Salami's are aroung $5 per 100g or $50/kg.

  • Better than shitty Don’s
    “ingredients: Meat including pork” that’s not very reassuring :D

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      Don smallgoods have gone from best many decades ago (1960s & early 1970s) to worst today IMV. They're now just a corporate entity brand name all about presentation packaging & gouge pricing. What's inside is rubbish. We don't buy Don smallgoods ever these days. I'd rather just go without.

  • Made in Australia with less than 10% AU ingredients

    This contains mystery meats from all over the world. Made in Australia doesn't mean anything when we could easily provide 100% of the meat for this good.

  • I don't eat this meat but is this stuff pre cooked? Like can U just buy from deli and place on grazing board to eat? Or needs to be cooked first?

  • Eat in moderation - processed meat (especially salami, chorizo etc) have fairly strong links to bowel cancer. Doesn't stop me indulging on occasion though.

    • Yup - processed meats are classed as group 1 carcinogens by the WHO. Same group as tobacco and asbestos.

      • the WHO also writes

        processed meat has been classified in the same category as causes of cancer such as tobacco smoking and asbestos (IARC Group 1, carcinogenic to humans), but this does NOT mean that they are all equally dangerous. The IARC classifications describe the strength of the scientific evidence about an agent being a cause of cancer, rather than assessing the level of risk.

        also most of the wording in the WHO is vague at best

        Cherry picking lines which suit your narrative is what Mr Trump does and you don't want to be lumped in with that guy do you?

        • They never said that they were equally as dangerous as tobacco and asbestos? They said that they are in the same group - which is exactly what the extract you pulled states.

      • They're in the same group because they cause cancer. How much cancer is a very different story.

        "The latest study analysed data from half a million UK adults and found that moderate processed and red meat eaters had a 20% increased risk of bowel cancer compared to low meat eaters. To put this in context, for every 10,000 people on the study who ate 21 grams of red and processed meat a day, 40 were diagnosed with bowel cancer. Eating 76 grams of processed or red meat a day caused 8 extra cases of bowel cancer per 10,000 people."

        "Processed and red meats increase your risk of bowel cancer by 18-20%" sounds a lot scarier than "eating three times as much processed and red meats increases the risks from 40 in 10,000 - that is, 0.4 per cent - to 48 in 10,000, or 0.48 per cent.

      • I genuinely did not know that and I go crazy for processed meats. Huh.

    • Such a high fat content but thats half the flavour

      • Not gonna lie the nice fat and oil that comes out of the Don Strasburg is damn tasty but I can feel my arteries clogging up every time I eat it.

        Yeah I think I need to keep the processed meats to a once in awhile meal the thing is I am a huge bulk orderer to you know be efficient and save time and energy doing the whole shopping one at a time trip… So I have like $70 worth of sausages in my refrigerator still and I want to eat cereal and salad now or just anything healthy because too much meat does not feel healthy even the flavour is too much.

        Ah well my bulk mentality has pros and cons.

  • these go great as part of a hearty stew. fry off the chorizo, then cook pork, minced garlic and onions in the chorizo oil. add in 4 bean mix, canned tomatoes, a bit of stock and some spices and you've got a stew going. mop it all up with crusty bread.

    • I usually also add chicken thigh, potatoes, paprika, italian herbs and canned corn, occasionally arborio rice as well.
      I tend to us butter beans not four bean mix though.

  • Just got 500g from my local Woolies. Have to admit I've never tried it before. I usually have cabana, salami. Does it taste like cabana?

    • You need to cook it first. Once sliced and pan fried I could eat it all day.
      I mainly put mine in pasta dishes, on pizzas and omelettes but it goes anywhere you might normally put meat.

      • Oh man sliced chorizo with fresh white rice is the best.

        Add some eggs and spam and you are in heaven.

        Add a bowl of frozen veggies boiled in water to make it a bit healthy.

        Stir fry some eggplant and broccoli with dark soy sauce and we got a meal going.

  • Key ingredient to one of our household favourites Chicken Chorizo Hotpot

  • Chorizo, olive oil, garlic pasta. Super easy.

    Fry the chorizo in oilive oil first to get the Maillard reaction going, then take it out of the pan. Fry the minced garlic on the oils reduced from the chorizo, then add the meat and cooked pasta. Add salt and pepper to taste.

    Add a bit of lemon juice (or zest if you're really like) if you want a bit of a zing.

    • meatwave.com

      I swear I've heard of a site like this before…

      Meat Twirl… Meat Rotate… Meat Pivot… Meat Twist???

      This is gonna drive me nuts…

      • I hate you so much right now why did you have to do this to me.

        I just wanted some nice conversation about meats nothing else!

    • for ther recipwe
  • They weigh 125g per chorizo. Grabbed 4 and it came to 500g. Asked for 2 more and it came to 750g.

  • Very tasty & easy midweek recipe:

    Pasta, chorizo, onions & Leggos Pasta Bake Sundried Tomato Garlic 500g.

    • Please stop. You're making me hungry.

    • 500g of garlic, still not enough.

    • Question how do you do the onions.

      I can boil pasta just add some salt and olive oil.

      I can fry chorizo just add a tiny bit of oil.

      But onions I'm not sure what the process is.

      I assume the Leggos Pasta Bake Sundried Tomato Garlic you just add when it's all finished and then keep the heat on low to simmer.

      But yeah not sure what to do with the onions or do you just pan fry them in oil.

      This sounds too good I need to try it

      Might add parmesan cheese if it fits.

      • DO NOT ADD OIL to the Pasta Water. It stops the sauce sticking to the pasta correctly. Only exception would be if making an olive oil based sauce.

        Cook the onion in oil in a fry pan until translucent or cook it in the fat/oils that come out of the Chorizo when you cook it. Add the pasta sauce last as it's a jar sauce so just needs to be heated. Keep some of the pasta water (1/2 to 1 cup) and add some to the sauce, it adds nice flavour and helps the sauce stick to the pasta better. It act's like a binder and will slightly thicken the sauce.

        I'd also fry some garlic but maybe the sauce has enough garlic in it (doubt it). I've never tried that sauce.

        Source: I'm Italian.

  • 30 sec microwave + sriracha + wine

  • Does anyone know if these Primo stuff made from the pigs that's been stunned using CO2?

  • No one has sliced chorizo pan fried together with bacon for breakfast?

    • Yes but add eggs and if you really wanna go all out add some eggs.. Fresh white rice makes it from a snack to a full on meal.. Gotta get those oils and juices coated onto something.

  • My grandma does chorizo and spam and sunny side fried eggs.. It's a killer but somehow when I have it cooked from grandma it doesn't feel like it's going to kill me as much as when I cook it myself.. Must be missing that special rare ingredient unconditional care and love.

    • Coles cleared out chorizo flavoured spam a year or 2 back for like 70c at my local. I stocked up.
      Wonder if I have any left? Might find out this weekend. It was yummy.

      • Damn wish my local did that.

        I haven't seen a spam deal on here for ages.

        They probably discounted at my local to half price but only been paying checking myself at the local only this week.

        Yeah I would have got them all up at that price.

        $5.50 for a 340g or basically $16.50/kg ish is not ideal.

        Wish spam was closer to 1/3 that price that would be ideal and make more sense to me.

        $5.50 can get you some nice snacks in my area

        • local sushi food court vendor does 4 dim sims for $2.50
        • domino's $5 value range
        • pork roll for around $5.50-$6
        • medium hot chips from various local takeaway shops
        • sit down meal of a bowl of fresh hot chips and aioli sauce from best and oldest Cafe style restaurant in the region
        • pretty sizeable bacon and egg roll for $4.80
        • small hot chips $4 from same place as above
        • subway value range six inch $5
        • hot dog with cheese $5-$6
        • garlic bread from domino's $2-$4
        • 4 spring rolls from Vietnamese restaurant $6
        • bunnings sausage $? But less than $5.50 hopefully but weekends only
        • milkshake and thickshake from various places $5-$6
        • potato spiral thing from Tibetan restaurant basically just some sliced potato on a skewer with chili sauce.. Not as good as the street vendor ones honestly it's just like 1-2 whole potatoes thinly sliced, fried then put on a wooden stick.. Wow

        Really great margin I should open a store that just does that.. Huge profit margin but the environmental waste is huge with the cardboard box the foil and the stick.. But yeah cost less than $1 to make including packaging probably and can sell up to $7 probably if you dress it with other stuff like cheese sour cream herbs bacon and whatever other stuff you can think of.

  • These aren't bad, only worth getting when half price.

    If you're in Sydney then i recommend Rodriguez Bros in Chester Hill.

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