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[NSW] Free Entry for Frontline Healthcare/Emergency/Education Workers @ Sydney Tower Eye, Sydney Aquarium, Wild Life Sydney Zoo


Nurses, paramedics, doctors, teachers and aged care workers will received free entry to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, Sydney Tower Eye and WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo throughout August in a big thanks to frontline workers. To redeem the offer, use the codeword ‘THANK YOU’ when booking online and present a valid Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) card, staff ID or proof of work. The offer also extends to police, fire officers, ambulance officers, pre-school workers and correctional services officers.

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  • -2

    Going to lock down soon…

  • +4

    It’s very sad that the “essential” workers list is that limited.

    • +1

      Was thinking the same thing…

    • +2

      And what, a bunch of essential workers from work go together? They should extend these kind of offers to their family

      • +1 and maybe extend it to those families whose the parents lost their jobs

        • +1 and maybe extend this to the brave people who just feel entitled /s

  • +11

    Sydney will lockdown soon..

    How about supermarket staff, they do a very essential role amid all the abuse directed at them by some

  • +1

    Don't have time to go! Prefer to rest or sleep if have time! Need prayers instead!

  • +5

    The last place I'd be going right now is an aquarium…

  • +2

    This is not essential workers list, but more frontline workers

    • there are much more frontline workers than the ones included in this list

  • What about supermarket and servo staff????? Not essential? Who’s gonna sell them toilet paper then?

    • +1

      Amazon prime :)

    • -2

      I have always thought that the next evolution of the supermarket was just one big warehouse with all the boxes just stacked there and the customers can peruse them before they are even opened.

      With self service checkout you basically need less staff.

      The deli and bakery would have to be the same and you would still need staff to stock the frozen and fridge sections but all the other stuff could probably sit in the boxes and just unloaded in there respective aisles.. It's probably not space efficient at all but yeah you would save on shelving and staff to restock those areas because you just essentially remove empty cartons and boxes and replace with the big new ones as needed.

      I don't know I'm always thinking on how you could minimise or improve a system sometimes it seems smart other times not so smart just a change and different.

      • sit in the boxes and just unloaded in there respective aisles

        Like Aldi?

        • yes

  • +1

    Are they allowed to take their kids?

    • Yes of course.

      Just pay the price of admission. : D

  • +2

    Imagine the billions lost if the postal system closed .
    All the people keeping the post going are my heroes !

    • Lots of ozb will be devastated for sure, no more online shopping

  • they should change their promo choice of words from frontline/essential to just health workers… so many ozb peeps get triggered when these deals appear…

    • +1

      I get triggered all the time, because there are thousands of frontline/essential/health workers who are never included in these “deals”

  • I wonder how many visitors have safely social distance in those wedge-style elevators @Sydney Tower, only 1 at a time maybe?

  • -1

    I guess cleaners are not essential workers huh you know the ones who's primary job right now is to clean and sanitise this virus haha lol.

    Nobody thinks about the cleaners.

  • +4

    forget about half the essential workers that keep this country operating

  • Thanks. Comes very handy.

  • Reminds me of the "Complimentary Cruises for First Responders" just before corona virus started getting bad lol - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/518900

  • Why is pharmacist always excluded? 🤦

    • +1

      Have you ever seen a frontline pharmacist? They are always located at the back :)

      • I messaged them, apparently all healthcare workers with an ahpra number can redeem the offer :D

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