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[BF] Complimentary Cruises on 'Spectrum of The Seas' for First Responders That Helped Fight Bushfires @ Royal Caribbean


Will leave this with the mods to decide if it's a deal or a forum post (confirmed ok). Enjoy :)

Royal Caribbean is to move one of its newest and biggest ships to Australia and offer free cruises to those who helped fight the bushfires, the line has announced on a blog. “In light of the ongoing Coronavirus issues in China, Royal Caribbean has announced it will move Spectrum of the Seas to Australia as a gesture to thank the humanitarian efforts put forth to combat the wildfires”, says the Royal Caribbean fans’ blog, an unofficial site run out of the US. “Spectrum of the Seas will travel to Australia and be deployed on complimentary cruises sailing from Sydney in support of Australia’s first responder community, who worked tirelessly over many weeks of the bush fire crisis.” Further details of the cruises and itineraries are still being worked out, and an announcement is expected next week.

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  • +16

    Great gesture

    • +80

      So the reality is "We can't dock in China due to the Mexican Beer Virus, so let's go anywhere else to dock and say we're doing a good thing for the first responders".

      • +36

        not a bad thing

      • +19

        Well they could just dock and sit idle somewhere which would be cheaper for them.

      • +5

        They are a Business? Not a charity.

      • +3

        yeah but other countries are not letting people dock aswell, the last shop had to doc.in Cambodia cause Thailand, japan, Guam, Philippines etc wont let them dock, and they dodnt.even.have any cases

      • +13

        They didn't have to do anything, they could have docked and saved money and used it as a chance to do maintenance or such that they normally have to rush. They are doing a good thing.

        • They are using the volunteers as advertisement.

          People are scare of being trapped on the ship while Coronavirus.

          So they give this trip free with “high visibility” to public.

          If the people from this trip don’t catch the virus after they arrive back, they would say, cruise ships are safe and customers come back alive, there is nothing to worry about.

          It is way better than sitting at the dock losing money.

          • +2

            @goraygo: I think you are completely right. I think people who don't recognized this are kidding themselves. But bearing that in mind, we have to take what we can and some people will get a free/cheap trip out of it, so good for them!

      • +8

        How horrible of them Maz78. Can't wait I hear about all your efforts and good deeds.

        Singapore dock is still fully operational. They could have gone there to dry dock which would have been considerably cheaper. They offering cruises. They aren't dry docking.

    • +1

      They probably make some money or at least cover their cost from guest's purchases, and plus get to dock at AUS ports what a great idea from the marketing department.

    • +1

      Would hazard a guess that they had a slew of cancellations, but not enough to warrant canning their shedule / contracted services. Provides an awesome advertising ploy put of a bad situation.

  • +45

    Bad timing for cruises

    • -45

      Because they'll be sailing straight to Wuhan and letting plenty of Chinese onboard…

      • +8

        No, becuase ports will be reluctant to let you dock.

      • +67

        Ah yes Wuhan, the province next to the sea.

        • +9


        • -4

          Wuhan is 800+ km from the sea.
          It is just like saying, Gold Coast, the city next to Sydney :)

      • +1

        I think kronicmastigator was replying sarcastically to PlagueistheBargainer's comment. Please confirm.

        Note to self: always refresh before publishing a comment.

      • +7

        People just don't get sarcasm online haha

    • +1

      Username checks out

    • Not all cruise should be bad. Any cruise ship sail only inside Australia pacific borders since from Nov19 till now still pretty safe to my opinion

  • +22

    People will be staying away from cruises in droves, so this is a good option for them to fill some cabins and regain some public goodwill

    • +4

      Until they are quarantined due to gastro or other bug.

      • +3


    • +2

      Floating hulks of disease

  • +1

    Should be forum post IMO

    • +1

      @Zondor It's an (Oz)bargain for Australia’s First Responders That Helped Fight Bushfires.
      So it seems appropriate for this section?!!

    • How do you figure that? This is a free cruise. Prior to this offer any first responder would need to pay full price. Just because it does suit you doesn't mean it's not a bargain for someone. I don't get upset because Tim and Tam got free biscuits.

  • +2

    cant see any form to fill in. This is just a post with the "free cruise onboard" information

    so it was a part of news, not a part of transactional bargain

    • +1

      plus for the news
      neg for the wrong post location


  • +25

    Unlimited drinks, including Coronas.

    • +19

      Whilst reading a novel? Novel Coronas?

      • +7

        A zombie apocalypse novel - "The secret lab in Wuhan".

      • +3

        With a side of corona pickled bat?

  • +2

    I've heard of arsonists that join the brigade to start fires and put them out but this is some next level coordination

  • +1

    It awesome that so many businesses are getting behind the first responders of the bushfires. At the same time I hope this doesn’t come at the cost of other charitable causes. I heard that other charities are reporting drops in donations as people are donating to the bushfires instead.

  • +2

    They couldn't pay me now to get on one of these things. For each his own though.

  • +26

    Next month free cruise for health workers for assisting with coranvirus victims onboard our cruises

    • +2

      The month after free cruise for first responder health workers assisting bush fire victims with coronavirus?

      <too early??>

      • +1

        You'd think three hundred sixty five degrees is enough to kill the coronavirus though

  • +2

    Comes with complimentary breakfast with a side of nCov.

  • +4

    I hope they stick and do paid cruises after these are done. Spectrum is beautiful. I wonder how they decide who get the suites, balconies, insides, etc.

    • +1

      Probably by rank…

      • +1

        Shane Fitzsimmons in the captain's quarters?

    • Yeah it would be awesome to have a Royal Ship to choose in the winter months. South Pacific will be cooler, but still nicer than a Melbourne winter, or it could do FNQ, Darwin trips.

  • Are there actually medical staff on cruises? Or do you just have to suck it up til you're back on land?

    • +6

      They always have 'qualified' medical doctors onboard. Whether they are competent or not is another matter

      • +5

        So just like any doctor?

      • Pretty much.
        Would argue that there's very limited scope though, because it'll only be history and examination.
        Investigations (include fluids, blood, imaging, etc.).

        Wouldn't want to work in that sort of environment, just seems a little pointless.

        • Can confirm some cruises have pathology testing - Chem20, CBE, Gas and the like. Don't know about radiology though - doubt it.

  • +11

    Lol, I remember one year a dad at my daughters school who owns lots of resorts said he'd shout all the girls to a 5 night stay with their DADS at his resort as a nice father daughter fancy "camp". The amount if notching and whining that ensued was embarrassing. The resort offered is very expensive. So the dads wanted to bring the rest of the family as well. Wives, grandma's, siblings, siblings partners, etc etc. It was completely forgotten by some that this was being offered as a nice fun alternative to the dad and daughter outdoor camp.

    I wonder if this will devolve into a situation where distant rellies of the firies will start demanding that they come along as well. 😜

    • +2

      The eligibility criteria will need to be clearly defined or this could become messy.

    • now taht you mention it, this sounds like a sausage fest

  • +1

    The irony is I'm not a firie but have training in a related field with plenty of experience and knowledge in PTSD. Would absolutely love to come along and just help them out. PTSD for a disaster on this scale is almost guaranteed to be affecting A LOT of emergency services workers. Just a question of percentages and others… may not recognise they have it or just simply need the help now to ensure it's not long lasting.

    It's DEFINITELY a great help, the cruise will take their mind off things and alleviate it but then again… there can be nothing to do on a cruise given enough time so naturally you can draw back into yourself psychologically and…

    I think a good measuring stick would be the consumption of booze on the cruise!

  • +3

    Is it ironic that cruises are awful for the environment/climate change?

    • +4

      You would need to offset that "awfulness" with the savings in having 200* (*substitute for actual no. of households on board each cruise) houses basically in black out, no cars being driven by the car owners aboard, etc. Short answer: probably not ironic.

      • -9

        What a weird way to think

        • +6

          Actually it's not a weird way to think at all and I was about to mention exactly the same thing on a comment further up the page. It may not offset the environmental impact completely but would certainly go some way to doing so.

          Not saying that cruises are good for the environment but you have to take stuff like this into consideration when calculating impact.

      • +1

        Failed to mention that the effect that the fires had/have on the climate would be even MORE catastrophic if we didn't have these volunteers to help put the fires out in the first place! (Gave you a plus BTW) Due to the fact they'd be bigger and burning longer.

        • Fire is part of nature. So how is nature behaving normally bad for nature?
          What do you think happened before humans were around to interfere?

    • How is it ironic?

      • People think that cruise ships contribute to climate change, they believe that manmade climate change caused the bushfires, which in turn needed cfa/rfs volunteers, who are now being given free trips on cruise ships?

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