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Q Acoustics 3010i Bookshelf Speakers Pair (All Colours) - $299 Delivered (RRP $549; Last Sold $499) @ RIO Sound and Vision


PRICE DROP on Q Acoustics 3010i Bookshelf Speakers in ALL COLOURS to ONLY $299 a pair!

We just received a new shipment of stock for the 3010i speakers and it's first in best-dressed! Our sale is only on for a limited time or until stocks last!

What HiFi? gave these speakers a 5-star review and described them as 'exemplary budget bookshelf speakers'­ and 'among the finest speakers you can buy for this money', so getting them at a $299 is a more than satisfying steal, especially when you can have them in any colour you want!

The last time we listed the Q Acoustics 3020i bookshelf speaker at a reduced price we sold out very quickly so don't take your time thinking about this one!


  • Enclosure type: 2-way reflex
  • Bass Unit: 100 mm (4 in) / Treble Unit: 22 mm (0.9 in)
  • Frequency Response (+3 dB, -6 dB): 65 Hz – 30 kHz
  • Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohm
  • Minimum Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Sensitivity (2.83 [email protected] m): 86 dB
  • Crossover Frequency: 2.6kHz
  • Dimensions per speaker (H/W/D): 253 x 150 x 252 mm
  • Weight (per speaker): 4.1 kg

As an Authorised Australian Dealer, buy from RIO with peace of mind with a full 5 year Australia-Wide Warranty.

We've also got a wide range of Q Acoustics products also on sale so if you're after something else in their range you can grab it at a great price!

And don't forget that we also have our MASSIVE WAREHOUSE CLEAR-OUT on to move as much stock as possible as we make room for our Preston Store renovations which are currently underway so there are price reductions on all your favourite items store-wide.

Our physical stores may be closed due to restrictions but you can still shop online today for some great bargains!!

Can't afford to buy outright but want the product now? No problem at all! We have ZipPay available online now so you can have your item now and pay for it later!

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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  • does this have bluetooth

    • +2

      It needs an amplifier so it does not have bluetooth.

      • thanks

  • +10

    Some seriously quick delivery on your last deal! Arrived within 18 hours of ordering.

    • +1

      Yeah I ordered on the Friday, and received it Monday in Adelaide. Pretty damn happy with that.

  • +2

    These are a deal…
    If i had another amp to drive these i'd pick these up.

  • Any good value amp to pair this with?

    • +1

      I would pair with either the AMC XIA 30 or the XIA 50 if you're after a pure stereo amplifier. Great value for money and definitely pair well with the Q Acoustics speakers :)

    • Otherwise if you're after something with digital inputs/Bluetooth then I would recommend the Elipson MC Mini. 80 Watts per channel and again pairs really well with the 3010i's :)

    • +2

      smsl ad18

  • +3

    Fantastic price. Sells for US$225 at Amazon US.

  • +4

    This might sound stupid but can I replace my desktop PC speakers with these? I've currently got an old logitech 2 speaker+sub set but am looking to upgrade it.

    • +3

      You would need to have an amplifier as an intermediate. So output from the PC to the amp, then from the amp to the speakers.

      • +1

        Okay so I'd need to shell out more money for an AMP on top. Probably makes it a bit too expensive. Thanks for the answer.

        • I've had great results with cheap amps from 3e-audio.com. requires some DIY but nothing too difficult. Or they also have a complete amp with Bluetooth for under $150

          • +1

            @garethb: I got this one from amazon https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07QRRQDDW to try with my new 3020i's, it just arrived today so I haven't tested it yet, but in theory it should do nicely, total cost $63 and delivered in 5 days, as long as you get the black colour not silver. This is a bluetooth receiver, with 50w per speaker so power output theoretically equivalent to the XIA 50 the rep recommended above .. but for $60 instead of $500 and includes bluetooth.

            I did the research and these amps are meant to sound pretty good, but have some reliability issues - which is why I bought through amazon not ebay for easy returns I think.

            • @bono: Any way I could connect that to a PS4?

              • @noodlesfordaddy: Not well, you'd want something with an optical input on it

              • @noodlesfordaddy: Yeah it has 2.5m stereo audio in connection. I use that wired connection for the tablet connected to the speakers all the time.

                I also use the bluetooth if I want to pick the tablet up and control the music somewhere else in the house, or connect from my phone etc. Sound seems identical between the line and the bluetooth setup.

            • @bono: I bought one too, about a month ago.
              I use it with my old classic DSE book shelf speakers in the office… The old value for money speakers back in the day.

              I'm talking circa 2005

              More info here, https://minirig.org.au/2010/05/03/tweaking-the-dick-smith-el...

            • @bono: I’m looking at getting the same amp and would love to hear what you think of it, cheers.

              • @irrits: Its doing the job fine, see my other comments for more detail

            • @bono: Hi, How was it? is it working well with the amplifier that you bought from Amazon? Is it have enough bass? as i assume your setup is 2.0 without subwofer.

              Im considering ti buy the same amplifier and elipson planet m speaker.

              • +1

                @BeNice: It's pretty awesome actually I'm 100% happy with it.

                The bass level is fine for general listening .. the amp is able to put out a bit more than the speakers can handle so I have to keep volume below max for really bass heavy songs. Not that I listen on max usually anyway, I usually listen about 75% and that sound will travel through the house into the other rooms.

                Really happy with the setup, both the sound, and the looks and operation of the amp. I really like that's it's small and unobtrusive plus has a physical knob for volume.

                • @bono: Thanks for your response, bought the amp today as well.😄😄

        • +2

          Gumtree often has great deals on amps tbh. They might be older, etc, but you can find something that'll drive these for under $100 easily.

        • +2

          You might be better off looking at something like the Edifier powered speakers that seem to be pretty well reviewed on here as well. Something like these would be a decent upgrade from your Logitech gear in terms of sound quality, and you could also connect them to a PS4 (optical in).


          Might want to look elsewhere on OzBargain for deals though.

          In saying that RIO are great to deal with and QAcoustics gear is fantastic. If you did buy a set of these they would last forever if they're looked after - the only thing you'd ever have to replace would be the amp you decided to pair them with.

    • You'll still need an amp to drive the speakers

    • You probably want powered speakers

    • No. These are not powered speakers, and will require an amplifier to power them.

    • I bought a pair of KEF Q100s for the same price from an OzB deal last year and use them as my computer speakers, paired with the Topping MX3 headphone and speaker amplifier/DAC which serves as an excellent audio hub for any computer. I love it to bits - and this is coming from a high end headphone user.

      If you don't care about looks - but you do care about good sound quality and you're on a tight budget cosider the Dayton Audio B452-AIR with a Lepai or Nobsound amp, which you should be able to put together for just over $200.

  • Can I plug this to my iPhone

    • +2

      You will need to plug these into an amplifier as they are not powered speakers. You can then plug your iPhone into the amplifier :)

  • How would these be connected to a surround sound amp? Need to replace existing speakers with something better. Need back two, front two and a centre speaker.

    • +1

      How would these be connected to a surround sound amp? Need to replace existing speakers with something better.

      The same way the existing speakers are connected - with speaker cables.

      • Gold .. comedy gold hahahhaa

        Seriously though, depending on the other speakers you have you could use these as either the L/R front, or L/R back speakers.

        But these are more targeted as simple stereo music speakers instead of TV speakers.

        • What's a tv speaker?

          Get 5 of these and it would be a perfect timbre match.

  • +1

    How about the 3090ci centre in black? $299 like last time?

    • +3

      Keep an eye out! We always have great deals on so it might come up :)

  • can someone please tell me if this will work with a FIIO K3 or will I need a seperate piece of equipment?

    • You will still need a speaker amplifier to power the speakers

  • I have a pair of 3050 floor standing front speakers. Would these 3010i be good as satellites?

    • These will definitely work perfectly with the 3050 speakers as surrounds/rears. They are larger than a satellite speaker so make sure the dimensions are right for what you want them for :)

  • +1

    I got my 3020i's yesterday and they are awesome, can only assume that these are great speakers too

  • +1

    I checked out with the insurance but it still charged 299 instead of 399. Not to worry.

    The amps the OP linked were too expensive for me - can someone point me in the direction of a decent budget-ish option? I'm a speaker noob. Someone mentioned smsl ad18 but it's not available on Amazon until September.

    Even a second hand amp on gumtree ?

    • +1

      Happy to help… you just after 2-channels? Where are you and what's a rough budget?

      • Thanks mate. I'm in Sydney - I think 100-200 would be ideal. Preferably smallish in size as to be able to hide It. Bluetooth would also be nice but not a necessity.

        • +1

          You can't go past the AD18 for all-round bang-for-buck, features and compact size… but I'll see if I can find an alternative. I assume you'll be wanting to use your phone to Bluetooth stream?

          • @SteveAndBelle: Yep but its not a 100% requirement as I can just play music through the PC as easy.

            • @Bigredkeg: OK so there's this on Gumtree and the same thing on Amazon AU for about the same price. I've never heard one so can't compare it to the SMSL AD18 however I can't see it being too different.

              The alternatives include a few nice little 'vintage' Receivers/Amps well within your budget however they don't offer Bluetooth and are regular Hifi component sized. The obvious alternative of course is to just get the SMSL AD18 and just wait 3 weeks :)

              • @SteveAndBelle: Thanks mate - appreciate the help. I'll look into those.

                Wait so am I going to need a sub as well??

                • @Bigredkeg: No, not unless you want a Sub. These little amps will run those speakers nicely but of course adding a Sub will give you that bottom-end kick… if that's what you desire. You can do it later though… you don't need a Sub.

                • @Bigredkeg: I have something you may find useful. PM me if interested.

              • @SteveAndBelle: Chifi market is very hit or miss. Stick to known quality brands like SMSL or Topping. I'm sure there are plenty on Amazon for a little more that will arrive in a few days.

                • @krisspy: I've used a few DOUK Amp modules in projects and they seem fine… but yes, I understand what you're saying.

    • +1

      Topping MX3 is a good alternative to the AD18. Try Amazon or shenzhen audio

      • The amp section on the smsl is better. Headphone amp is better on the mx3 though

    • Check what i got in my reply above, to go with the 3020i's I bought recently. $60 on amazon, small and with bluetooth. That's after buying one from gumtree that ended up having issues.

    • I returned my AD18 as the power brick gave off the loudest whine ever. It was unbearable. I would probably go for the Topping MX3 in that budget but I am currently using a Yamaha WXA-50.

  • I bought a pair of these for my Vinyls, they sound great and fill my little house quite beautifully.

    • +3

      The plural of vinyl is vinyl. It is also not a proper noun.

  • Hi Funky D,
    Looking to replace a pair of wharfedale 9.1 of which my toddler kindly poked a hole through a woofer. Would these be decent replacement for them or would the 3020i be a better match? Note, realize I missed the boat on the last deal. Cheers!

  • +1


    Sorry i’m a newbie to this stuff. I have a few question.

    Does these speakers ok for some casual karaoke? Do they need an amp to come with or any amp should be fine?

    • +1

      They could do Karaoke but I think they'd be overkill plus you'd still need an Amp with Mic capabilities anyway. Most 'casual' Karaoke systems I've seen are very cheap & nasty yet still seem to command $1000+… but I'm not sure why. I'm not an aficionado though so maybe someone else can comment.

  • Missed the 3020i deal last week but picked these up instead. Looking forward to them!

  • Now just holding out for the 3030i $299 deal… Can someone poke me with a stick from time to time to make sure I've not passed away?

    • No chance, keep an eye on KEF deals on Amazon

      • I know, was being playful. If they ever get down below 700 I'm in!

        • I got the kef q350 for 719 from Amazon. 3030i retail for about 400USD, the q350s retail for about 650USD.

      • Which model of the KEF goes down to sub-$300 these days?

  • 86db, you would need some serious power amp to drive them.

  • +1

    hi guys I have been using a Voll B44 pair of bookshelf speakers for the past few years, thanks to a deal posted on Ozbargain.
    They have been pretty good but unfortunately one of the pair of speakers got damaged while moving house.

    I realise comparing these $299 vs a $100ish set of speakers is not fair but could someone have a look at the below specs and advise ?

    specs for V44 below:

    4″ Carbon fibre woofer
    1″ Silk dome tweeter
    Magnetic speaker grills
    75 watts power handling (per speaker)
    84dB/w sensitivity
    60hz-20khz frequency response
    4 Ω Impedance
    Third order crossover (18dB/Octave) with Zobel network
    240mm (H) x 147mm (W) x 156mm (D) (per speaker)


    • Voll's are very cheap; most speakers for receivers have astronomical price tags. Voll also has a subwoofer for $220.

    • +2

      Why not just go for the newer Voll B50s? No doubt you'll be able to hear a difference between the Volls and the 3010is however $180 worth of positive difference is in the ear of the beholder.

  • I'm giving these a whirl for rear surrounds on my 5.1 setup. Spewing I didn't jump on the 3020i deal the other day but fingers crossed they'll do a similar job for that purpose.

  • Still waiting for my Edifier s3000pro sale… No need amp

  • A relative picked up some acoustic energy ae100 meant to be quite good bookshelf speakers for the price also. I'd usually go for Dynaudio or over it those brands but been happy with active monitors for quite a while, Yamaha hs80m. These look interesting tho for the price for computer setup .

  • +2

    Hi OP,

    Any subwoofer deals? Looking to upgrade my current yahama NS SW20 sub. My budget is $300-$400, specs wise something smallish to fit 30x30cm space

  • Damn no more white ☹️

  • I have a Grace M9XX, will that be able to drive these?

    • No, the Grace is a headphone amplifier, doesn't drive passive speakers. Look at something like the Topping MX3 instead.

      • The M9XX has RCA outputs, would the M9xx be able to line-out to active speakers then? I don't really feel like getting another DAC/AMP.

        • No, I believe that is to connect it to an external amp and use the M9XX as a DAC only.

  • How would these pair with a Cambridge AXA25 amp?

  • Hey @FunkyDan - just wondering if there are any left in white?

    • all gone now, we have white 3030i left brand new

  • Hello we will finalize stock later today keep checking on our website

    • Did the whites drop down to 199?

  • they were ex display and had cosmetic damage to them, as stated when clients bought

  • Completely missed this one - all out of stock?

  • Might have a couple left just doing final count