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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 256GB $1199.20, Note 20 Ultra 256GB $1479.20 (20% off RRP), Bonus UV Steriliser @ Samsung Education Store


20% Off RRP when you pre-order the ridculously overpriced Exynos based Galaxy Note 20 (60Hz refresh rate) or Note20 Ultra at Samsung Education Store.
plus a bonus UV Steriliser.

5G versions are available as well.

Terms and Conditions applied.

Mod Note: Offer has been extended to 7th September.

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    For those interested last year in mid September Samsung had a 30% off deal for the then just released note10 (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/482761)

    Might happen again this year if you wish to try your luck and hold out

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      I think this is very likely to happen, with the combination of the pandemic and Exynos hate they'll be even more aggressive to push sales before Apple's annual release

      • Why do they care about Apple releasing a new product if they have the best phones?

        • Is that a rhetorical question?

          Not that I am a Apple fan and to be honest I am a pro Android.
          But I am utterly disappointed with the S20 Ultra which my brother bought. Terrible camera performance for all the hype and the stupendous price tag.

          • @SriAvi: Yeah, being with Samsung since the S2, each release has been a great upgrade, except for the S20 Ultra! And this Note 20 Ultra doesn't have much going against the S20 Ultra except for the pen, unlike previous Note models.

            Same disappointment with tree S20 Ultra's camera with mine, but the June firmware update fixed it and it is now good.

            • @Sleepycat3: S6 was terrible, S8+ was pretty average too… currently on a 10+ but I feel the 9+ has been the best so far

              • @ry34: I had an S6 and an Iphone 6 in parallell. The Samsung was light years ahead in performance but the iphone had a real switch to silence and a reversible connection. Wanna know more? Youtube mrwhoistheboss

          • @SriAvi: You do know that stupendous is meant to be a postive word.

            • @PlushToys: stupendous
              UK /stjuːˈpen.dəs/ US /stuːˈpen.dəs/

              very surprising, usually in a pleasing way, especially by being large in amount or size:
              He ran up stupendous debts through his extravagant lifestyle.

              From cambridge dictionary, but do understand mostly used in positive sense but sometimes interchangeably used for amazing. But thanks the more appropriate word is ridiculous.

        • They don't have the best phones and they are not the best with after sales support.

    • Noting that the buds live/buds+ offer will likely have ended. So if you value either of those at more than $180(10% of phone RRP) then you're better off pre ordering

  • any tab s7 plus prices ?

  • If only it is the snapdragon version available here in Australia

  • I didn't see the option to pre-order note 20 in the education store tho?

  • There is no galaxy note 20 ultra version for education store :(

  • Waiting for Z Flip 2 5G deals next month 🙏

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    -$50 coupon as it is back on @ Samsung EPP

    +bonus UV Sterilizer With Wireless Charging - GP-TOU020SABWW

    T&C: 1. Discount off eligible purchases equal to or greater than $350 on the Samsung Online Store (shop.samsung.com/au) or selected Samsung Enhanced Partnership Program sites from 9.00am (AEST) on 27 July 2020 to 11.59pm (AEST) on 3rd January 2021 (unless withdrawn earlier). Offer is available new marketing opt-in customers only. Offer limited to 1 promotion code per customer per transaction. Customer must opt in to Samsung Australia marketing communications to be eligible to receive a promotion code. Customer cannot receive multiple codes to one email address. Promotion code can only be used on selected Samsung Online Store (shop.samsung.com/au) or Samsung Enhanced Partnership Program sites but not both. Subject to stock availability at time of purchase. Promotion code cannot be applied to previous transactions. Code may take 48 hours to be received and must be added to the cart at the time of purchase to redeem discount. Discount is not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash. Not available in conjunction with any other offer unless otherwise specified.

    • +1 vote

      I've tried signing up to this with 3 different emails and the code never arrives in my inbox.

      Anyone else manage to get theirs?

        • i got it and i think its the same email id i used before on samsung … check your spam or search samsung in your mailbox. i got on 05th August.

        • Also i got another code for Free Samsung Care + 2years registration (they replace phone with a new one for any reason, broken screen or if you want another color), for subscribing to live event (although i didnt watch it)

        • i am not sure if all of these will stack together, but will be worth trying. Reply if you manage to stack $50 with this deal.

        • Did you get yours relatively quickly after signing up or did you have to wait a few days?

          • @dny: i think i got it in 48hours … i remember when you signup, there was a contact no or email mentioning to contact if you dont get code in 48 hours.

      • I got this code too.

        DAMN! Now it's tempting.

  • Is the 512Gb Note ultra also included in the discount - thanks?

  • If you have a friend who works at Telstra they will have access to a 50% off code.
    I have purchased the following 50% off using one-time codes:
    Samsung S10+ ~ $740 ($1500 RRP)
    Samsung S10 5G - $999 ($1999 RRP)
    Samsung Galaxy Active 2 LTE ~ $380 ($799 RRP)
    Note 10+ 5G 512gb - $999 ($1999 RRP)

    • I don't have any friends.

    • Can I use your friend's code?

    • Did you let them order on your behalf? It strictly says orders may be cancelled if code is not used from same account? I'd like to grab the code from a friend instead of bothering them to order it for me.

      • Code must be used with the linked account, only way it works.
        I was a Telstra employee at the time of purchasing these.

        Were all purchased for myself or family.

    • Breaching T&C's. Unfortunately ruins these discounts for those genuinely eligible as we'll start to see them being revoked. Plus your friend is at risk of being pulled up by their manager if caught.

    • friends with benefits ;)

    • I bought the 12GB/256GB Note 10+ from a friend in Optus for just under $900 (50% one-time discount code). It has been 10 months, so I can't recollect the exact price. I even managed to claim the GST under TRS last year. I didn't want to buy the Exynos phone, but under $900 for a just released flagship phone was a great deal (Plus the TRS). Not intending to change till Note 30/21 or whatever next years release is. And yes, my friend has to order it for me from his account, I paid using my card in his computer and put my home address for delivery.

    • I have heard from a friend that the 50% discount might not be available this time around.

  • Can you still get galaxy bean if you order from Edu store? or just UV steriliser

    • *Discount off RRP on the Galaxy N20 | N20 Ultra purchased from selected Enhanced Partnership Portals from 12.00am (AEST) on 6 Aug 2020 to 11.59pm (AEST) on 20 August 2020. Bonus UV Steriliser (GP-TOU020SABWW) valued at $79 RRP when you purchase one of the participating products from selected Enhanced Partnership Portals. Selected Enhanced Partnership Portals does not include Samsung Staff, Samsung Family and Friends and retail staff members. Maximum of 1 bonus UV steriliser per eligible device purchased. Subject to stock availability at time of purchase. Discount and bonus UV steriliser are not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash. Not available in conjunction with any other offer, including Galaxy Buds Live | Galaxy Buds+ pre-order offer.

  • Really doesnt seem like much of an upgrade from the Note 10 plus if im honest. That whole high refresh only at 1080p business is kinda trash.

  • Exynos 990, why? why? why? Just give us the snapdragon 965+!!!

    • i honestly have nfi why they segregate like that … seems moronic to me… but what would i know.

    • they want to use exynos everywhere but aren't allowed in the US due to some qualcomm shenanigans. In those markets they're forced to use SD. It's something to do with the modem in that market that requires SD.

      • SD SoCs are primarily used in regions where CDMA is still being used (China, NA etc) which i believe Qualcomm own the patent to. Everywhere else is the inferior Exynos SoC. Exynos would do much better in a tablet where the battery is larger and power draw not such a big deal.

        • yes that's the story I've heard. If Samsung had their way, it would be Exynos in US and China also.

          People think they are deliberately denying us SD as if they're not allowed to give it to us. It's the other way around. They're forced to use SD. They'd rather we all be on Exynos than all be on SD.

          Since Samsung makes the Exynos chip, they have a vested interest in using it over a competitor's chip.

    • Samsung want to use Exynos everywhere, and probably eventually will.

      Snapdragon isn't financially viable for them.

    • Future Exynos SOC's should be much better, as they have canned development of their uncompetitive custom micro-architecture and are implementing standard ARM A series cores from now on, just like Qualcomm: https://www.anandtech.com/show/15061/samsung-to-cease-custom...

      Their GPU probably still won't be as good as Qualcomms custom Adreno though…

    • Ewww Exynos..

    • You mean 865+

  • The rest looks good, IMHO they don't seem to have addressed the achilles heel of the thing - authentication.

    If the in screen finger print sensor is as bad as the s10/s20 (tiny area, poor speed, unreliable) compared to a standard fingerprint sensor, and it doesn't have the iris sensor of the Note 9 - then it's a massive downgrade for me. I unlock my phone hundreds of times a day, and if it's not reliable, quick, and painless, what's the point.

    IMHO the Note 9 is the ultimate phone for a glove wearing +/- mask wearing pandemic

    • My s20 ultra is near perfect with reading my fingerprint, you just have to do the setup correctly. I also hear its a lot better without the screen protector.

      What really annoys me is if I have wet fingers it won't work, not sure if they can fix that.

      • Yeah note 10 plus finger print scanner is crap, have to reregister so often its not worth it. If it cant work reliably with the default pre-installed screen protector it pretty terrible

    • Agree. This is one thing I hate about my Note 10+! The finger print scanner is just garbage! They should have just left it on the back like the Note 9.

    • if you have a bluetooth device, you can set it to not lock as long as the phone remains in BT range of the device. For safety reasons it will still lock after a certain amount of hours, but infrequently enough to not be a nuisance and require unlocking every time you check your phone.

      It is assumed that if your watch or buds are still close by, the phone is still in your possession and if someone is trying to access the phone, it's probably you. I believe they call it Smart Lock.


    What colour are we all getting for the Note 20 Ultra?