AussieBroadband Price Rise

Sup All

Since Aussie Broadband is hiking the pricing up for plans by $10 who will be staying or looking for better deals ?

There are 3 components:

  • From today, 3 August 2020, we will start selling all our residential and business 100Mbps plans at an extra $10 per month and our seniors unlimited plan at an extra $6 per month
  • Throughout September, we will contact existing customers on these plans to give them 60 days’ notice of the price rise
  • Also throughout September, we are contacting customers on legacy plans, to let them know that we are retiring their plan and have matched them to an existing plan that we think will suit them best. Again, we will give 60 days’ notice of any changes.

If your plan is affected, you can accept our recommended replacement plan, or can easily jump into MyAussie/call our team to choose a different plan.

Not everyone on legacy plans will see a price rise. Some will get better bang for their buck, or their price will stay the same. Some of the legacy plans that we are retiring have been grandfathered for more than 2 years.

In the spirit of no bullshit, you can also go to another provider – although of course we sincerely hope that our focus on quality customer service and network operations convinces you to stay. If you’re on one of our old modem pay-off contracts, we will waive any exit fee if you wish to leave us.

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    This is Ozbargain. We are always looking for better deals.

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    Too many idiots downloading 34TB per month for funsies?

    • +1

      Why the neg? That was a true story, even made the news last week. From what I can gather the idiot wasn't even downloading stuff to use/watch, he just kept downloading the same 8gb file over and over. How many other idiots like that are out there? I imagine it has to add to the running costs for an ISP? (Luckily they cancelled his account so some other ISP has the problem now.)

      • +2

        Maybe you found one of the “idiots”?

        • Ha, maybe, I don't usually use pejoratives but when someone engages in activity that effects everyone else it kinda brings out the worst in me. :)

      • +2

        There's a few salty neg voters lurking around this year.

      • -3

        They did advertise it as unlimited plans.

        We used to go to star city when it wasn’t star city and to eat the buffet. The buffet was prawns. Everyone loaded up on 8 plates of them. The manager gave us a dirty look when we finally left.

        • to eat the buffet

          You weren't kidding.

        • +1

          Yes, they were also subject to a 'fair use' policy. :)

          • +1

            @EightImmortals: You're right.

            These types of policies are a violation of the CCA 2010.


            [email protected] cable Internet service will no longer be promoted as an unlimited download service where Internet use is limited, after Australian Competition and Consumer Commission action.

            "Consumers had complained to the ACCC that rather than offering unrestricted downloads, Internet access via [email protected] was effectively capped by an Acceptable User Policy ", ACCC Chairman, Professor Allan Fels, said today. "Optus had relied on this policy to terminate customers from the service.

            Customers that get disconnected by their RSP because of AUP may make a complaint with the TIO.

            • @whooah1979: Is the AussieBB AUP reasonable? Do they just trim the top 5% of customers like Optus' Netstats each month?

              I'm doing around 40GB a day when averaged across the month. I'm starting to get worried. It is quite a reasonable amount from my perspective. I'm not doing anything crazy…

              • @BrainDead: I don't know about ABB AUP but 1TB per month sound reasonable for an unlimited plan. I'm on cable and do about 500GB every month. You have the right to make a complaint with the TIO if they disconnect you.

              • +1

                @BrainDead: There is no problem doing 1TB a month. If you can schedule downloads outside of 6-11pm that can help. Taken from here

                So to set the record straight, the person that was disconnected wasn’t the highest user. The highest user had 34TB in the download direction. The person we disconnected had 35TB in both upload and download combined.

                The highest user we believe is reselling the service and we are in communication with them about ceasing that activity. If they don’t cease that activity then they will be disconnected, most likely with 30 days notice.

                The person we immediately disconnected was disconnected at my request after of their reading their socials post that we were tagged in. It was clear that they were not using the service for normal use and they admitted to deliberately trying to cause the network pain or to break the network for nothing more than to see a spike in a graph.

                If people have 20TB of project work to download/upload l have no issues with that. But downloading the same file over and over again just to see a spike in the graph, sorry that’s just abuse of the network.

                To keep it simple:
                - resale of bandwidth
                - using it for any backhaul
                - running constant file downloads for no legitimate reason
                - doing anything illegal

                Will be things that trip the fair use policy.

                • +1

                  @Twix: Yep agreed. I set my downloads to happen late at night/early morning. I go through 3-6TB a month and have done so for years.

      • *her

  • +6

    I’ll likely stay - ABB has been an excellent provider and their staff were the only mob who could press nbn hard enough to fix my dodgy HFC service when it needed a new lead in.

    • +3

      Yeah same here. When things don’t work they are available and the support team are excellent.

  • +1

    I'll probably stay, can't beat local support from an Australian call centre.

    If I have to I'll just drop down to a more affordable plan with less data and monitor more closely what I'm using each month.

  • Might be a good idea to jump to 1gbps for those on 100mbps unlimited plans ?

    • +1

      Im seriously considering the $129 250/25 plan from $109 100/40.

      • Or, for $5 more, 1000/50 instead of 250/25.

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    I would rather drop down a plan to save the $10 a month than switch. Coming from Optus which I can only describe as excruciating torture, Aussie BB is reliable and their call centre staff are knowledgeable / are able to actually do things (unlike Optus)

    • +1


      Was on hold with Telstra last week for 3 HOURS! and then gave up as they still didn't answer. Rang ABB and they answered within a couple of rings. Says it all really.

    • +1. This spider is indeed inspired.

    • Absolutely. As long as their service and support stays as good as it is, that extra $10 is still a steal. Never had an ISP so good.

      Also, (profanity) optus.

  • +1

    Did they explain the reasons for the price rise? My understanding was a composite of factors emerging mainly from tier2 ISP's and NBN upping their charges, as I understand a lot of ISP's will be upping their costs around the same amount over the coming 6 months. I only say that just looking on seems to be a lot of 6 month plans with price rise after. I also had heard the NBN pricing structure was being reviewed… basically being hiked. Happy for any further info on this though.

    • +1

      From WhistleOut:

      At is stands, NBN Co will be offering the CVC boost until the middle of September, but even with the extra capacity, Aussie says it is still losing money on plans.

      "We need to raise the price of some of our plans because of increased costs associated with the data being used on those plans," said an Aussie Broadband spokesperson. "Part of this cost – but not all – is the NBN CVC charge. Even with NBN’s extra CVC COVID offer, we are either at cost or losing money on those plans."

      "Whilst we really appreciate NBN's extension, it does not address the underlying issue for ISPs of trying to set prices to cope with rapidly changing data use by our customers - the CVC overage charge being one of the contributors to this, but not the only one."

      • cheers I thought I had heard/ read such

  • Telstra just tried to shift me from $79 50/20 500gb to $90 50/20 unlimited as part of their plan to “simplify their products“. They offered a discount to $85 to aid in the transition. Migrated instead to Mate 100/40 unlimited for $89 so we’ll see how that goes.

    • Where I am fttp mate and Aussie at 100/40 little or no difference. The differences lie in the 250mbps and above plans.

    • I received the same email and trying to reach out to speak to someone before making the move. Aussie broadband gives unlimited 50/20 at $79, which is much cheaper than the current offer of Telstra.

      • +2

        Mate took about an hour to take over the connection - it’s ridiculously easy to switch, I say go for Aussie and don’t look back. Very disappointed with Telstra’s arrogant approach.

  • +2

    hmm so the people questioning how they were going to give free data upgrades / unlimited data to lower plans (during the lockdown) that were on data limits were right. They did that and now we have to pay more. ..

  • I would like to stay, but my grandfathered 100/40 500GB $80 plan equivalent is going to be $105… I'll probably switch plans.

  • +1

    Just switched to 250mbps plan, done in 2 mins .

    • Nice, we're on wireless NBN so no upgrade path for me! :)

  • Does anyone know if i can transfer my promo to a lower speed?

  • I'm moving house and just had Aussie Broadband decline my move request as they're at capacity on their bandwidth, now have to find another provider :(

    • +4

      This makes me like them even more. I am sure some other providers would continue to sell well past their capacity.

      • I'm of the same thought, being cancelled for the best possible reason

  • +1

    ABB is probably one of the very few things I'm happy to pay extra for. You get what you pay for with unthrottled speeds and great customer service for one of the most important aspects of our lives; internet access.

    I don't think they're trying to rip you off and would be happy to support them. $99 100 Mbit it is I guess. Unless someone can offer faster speeds at my residence.

  • +1

    I hope they don't raise mine.
    I'm paying $80 a month for 100/40 for 500GB limit.
    There's nothing close this price with similar speed and limit.

    • +1

      It will be raised.

      Emails to be sent out next month with a 2 month time frame to change plan or accept new cost.

      Im currently on the 100/20 unlimited $89/m, which will rise by $10. I might drop down to the 75/20 but unsure.

      • Even if I drop to 75/20 on the same limit, I'd still pay more than I pay now.

        • Mates NBN does $89 for 100/40, not advertised, you just need to call them up. i'm on the $79 100/20 plan.

    • +1

      It’s a bit more than your $80 but you can get 100/40 500GB from Superloop for $84.95/mo (less $10 for first 6 months if you get a referral). It remains to be seen if others will follow Aussie’s lead in price jacking though.

      • that's the closest one. Thanks.

    • Just got an email today from ABB, i'm on the same plan as you and now its gone up 18% to $95, while upload speed has halved to 20mbps.

      • wow,that's a big increase.
        I haven't got any email (finger crossed)

      • finally got the email today.
        increase the price from $80 to $95 and downgrade speed from 100/40 to 100/20.
        oh well, time to look for new provider.

        • You have choices at least if you still want high quality.

          I'm with Future and they are as solid as any.. with very interesting data plans that include data banking.. You can bank data and then move to a cheaper plan and save. Also they have pay in advance so you can further save up to 8%.

          Launtel with their daily charged plans that allow for plan changes. You can go with stay on a slower plan and only move to a faster one when downloading, save that way. Bit expensive though if you just sit on one plan, especially after 6 months.

          Superloop with their really cheap 100/20 plan.

          • @Ruprect: thanks.
            Future seems interesting and they have the right data quota (250GB) that I need. I might look at this later.

  • I am wondering if this price increase is a lot down to the rise in covid cases and the new stage 4 in victoria. Can understand that the CVC costs are rising for them but wont this end up being counter productive? aka they risk losing a large portion of their customer base.

    • +1

      ABBs for good service and support, makes sense they'd chose to increase price over decreasing the service.

      Stage 4 restrictions probably have nothing to do with this, just NBNs approach to selling iirc.

  • Who are people going to?

    Flip NBN?


    • I'm seeing a few people suggest Launtel have pretty good customer service and with the earlyadopter code/referral credit, 7 day trial, and promo rates for 6 months, it was enough for me to give them a try.

  • Merged from Aussie Broadband - don't change your plan (plans have increased)

    tl;dr - if you're with Aussie Broadband and change your plan you'll be stuck on the new, more expensive plans (about $10/month more). If you need a speed upgrade, downgrade, extra data, churn to get that free month… you'll be forced permanently on the new plans.

    Hi all,

    We went a bit crazy with our XBox Game Pass and tripled last month's total downloads, hitting our cap for the first time. Support were polite but every "temporary" solution (add night owl to discount past nightly downloads, one off quota help, buy add extra data, etc) wouldn't work or was shot down - even after getting a team leader involved, the only answer provided was "you need to change your plan" and there's no way to go back.

    I understand the general business case - they're buying more CVC so need to charge more for higher usage. But stonewalling any short term quota fix for new, light users to force us permanently on new plans is pretty bad customer service. I sold my partner on ABB's customer service, even though we'd be paying a bit more.

    It's their business, they can make that call. They're prepping for an ASX listing so this will look good - fewer churners, push everyone to pay a bit more to cover higher costs.

    I've now got 8 days to churn elsewhere. Bye ABB.

    • Existing users will have price increases too in the next 2 months apparently. Not really a big deal, they're well worth what we pay for and aren't just doing this to line their pockets with profits so I'm okay with it.

      • Thanks for the info - to be honest, I would have been more ok with "hey our costs are up, prices are going up in a couple months to cover this". The ASX listing would definitely put some pressure on the business to clean up the books a little though.

        But the "sorry, nothing you can do, yeah that shaped 1mb/s is really slow.. you better change your plan right now to fix it" left a bitter taste in my mouth. I can get this kind of service from any other mob.

        • I would have been more ok with "hey our costs are up, prices are going up in a couple months to cover this".

          That's exactly what they said.

          Why are we doing this?

          For us, the costs associated with higher usage on some of our plans means that those particular plans are no longer profitable. We’re not out to make an outrageous profit, but we do need to be a sustainable business.

          We know this change won't be popular but we can't continue offering plans that are barely at cost price, or making a loss.

          • @Hybroid: Yep, I didn't know about the whirlpool post or this one - my introduction to the higher plans was "sorry, those three ideas won't work, I can't help you: upgrade now".

            If they'd said "that sucks about hitting the quota - pay $10 for some extra data and you can stay on your plan… but just so you know, this plan's going to increase in price in a couple of months anyway", that's fair.

            They're not the devil, I'm not calling for a boycott or anything. But I'm echoing the sentiment that customer service seems to be going from "Great" to "good/meh". Launtel seems to be getting rave customer service reviews for around the same price (after discount period is up) so I might try there next.

  • I can live with that. Sucks, but then that's just the general tune of the NBN. High prices for good service/support, poor support/service for good prices (or just all 3 being bad…)

    If I remember right they made it clear this was down to cvc in general making it difficult to get anything outside of 50/20 well priced (might be mistaken on the plan). Here's hoping the ISPs can push the NBN into a better service model…

    As a footer, there's a new 75/20 plan at the price of the old 100/20 for anyone just looking for decent speed at that price.

  • When i read comments here, i can't understand how my house lives off 12/1 internet. But lucky me, i don't need anymore and only pay $44 a month (that's after my recent price rise).

    I even recently had 2 AGM's at the same time, so i logged on both and my wife was working too and there was no hiccups, does everyone here have like 4 kids or something?

    • high bandwidth is for people that watch a lot of video, the higher the quality the larger it is, look up lossless compression

      back in the uni days there were people that would just download stuff 24/7 filling up hard drives, hell i even have a hard drive full of stuff i got off friends 90% of which i haven't watched, looking back now i wonder why i found the stuff i watched interesting lol…

      • like i said, lucky me. Having four eyes helps. My mate told me to switch to 7HD for footy when i was on 7, I barely notice the difference. I guess it helps that im 34 years old and i've lived thru the years where the TV was analog and had no remote.

    • Depends on how many in the house, how low res you're willing to watch video and how little you're able to download.

      I was running off 3 - 5mbs at 200gbs then 1.5mbs after for a while (mobile Telstra plan) chewing up around that 200gb mark. Now I'm living off 100~mbs unlimited data and chewed up 1.5tb last month. In the future I want to up it to 1000mbs sooner rather then later.

      *It helps when you haven't experienced better internet.

      • Well, you absolutely right.

        back in the day, the age had these simple adds that doesn't hit my face, no movement or anything. Now days, its like a background scroll video, wth. Slows me reading experience and occasionally crashed my old phone a bit before i upgraded.

        Same with a number of sites, the faster the net i have the more it just chews up data with no benefit to me. :)

  • Still shopping around for a good deal least we have 2 months notice before that happens

  • Does ABB drop out often?

    I moved to ABB from Telstra a few weeks ago but the drop out seems to happen more often and the speed is very inconsistent.

    Is this an unusual problem?

    • Unusual. Lodge a fault

  • Merged from Aussie Broadband Price/Plan Changes in Nov 2020

    Been with Aussie BB for ~1.5 years on FTTP. Been occasionally annoyed at the bonuses for new customers (reduced fee/free months) that popped up here on OzBargain but stayed due to good customer service and no faults/disconnections/congestion.

    Got an email today stating:

    "We're writing to let you know that, unfortunately, from your billing cycle in November 2020, we will need to migrate you from your current plan NBN 100Mbps/40Mbps Unlimited ($99.00) to NBN 100Mbps/20Mbps Unlimited ($99.00) for the same cost of $99.00."

    The rest of the email was reasons why etc and it all seemed quite legit, however I can't help but wonder if this is to try and push people with FTTP/HFC into higher tier plans.

    What I would like to know is if people who don't have FTTP/HFC (capable of the higher tier plans) have also gotten this email, or if it is indeed targeted.

    Also, would you change to another company, and to who? (I've only been with Aussie BB and MyRepublic).

    • +2

      That’s a ridiculous price for 100/20 esp for a loyal customer, Aussie service or not.

      I’d be pissed. Time to vote with your wallet.

      Options: superloop, launtel, tangerine.

    • I'm on 100/40, capable of unlimited or 250 download. No email

      • +1

        It's going up to $110. You'll get the email shortly.

        • To clarify, i'm on a 600gb data cap. Just saying that my connection is capable of their new unlimited (1000MBs) plan

        • It goes up.
          But if you don’t contact them they lower you to 100/20 at $99

    • Agree with you OP. I will be pissed as well

    • I just got the email, 100/20 going up from $89 to $99. I wont be staying.

      Now would be a great time for other providers (superloop etc..) to woo us over to you with a great signup offer - if your listening !!!

    • Isn't it just TLDR not enough CVC (2.5mbit) is included on the 100Mbit plans to the point they aren't profitable?
      It does say throughout September all customers on legacy plans will be contacted about the price increase. So I'm guessing it is that.

      • Yeah I came across a few of the WP posts only after I posted my OzB post in a fit of rage. Still interested to see how many OzBargainers will be moving on.

    • Got an email Your current NBN 100Mbps/20Mbps Unlimited ($89.00) at $89.00 will increase to $99.00.

    • 100/40 to 100/20 and then whacked an extra $10 to $99 is in my humble opinion, absurd.

      I am with Vodafone on 100/40 FTTP at the cost of $77.

  • +3

    I’ve moved to Future broadband. It’s cheaper and better value if you use less than 1000GB a month.

    It’s not unlimited but their system is different, your unused data can be used in future months (databanking) so you can hop around different data plans to save, you can also prepay to save 8%

    Sign up does cost $55, to balance that out use a referral code to get $35 credit, 1000GB plus the 2000GB included databank for sign up.

    So I’ll pay $79 for 100/40 first few months, then $82~ for 6 more, etc..

    Not even going to post as a bargain since people will neg not unlimited and sign up fee, but it works for me.

    Superloop also may suit some people with their 6 weeks free but on 100/20

    • +2

      Never heard of this, thanks for the info.

    • +1

      I with Future as well…High quality network.

      I'm on the 50/20 1000G plan with 5000G data banking…

      It costs me $79 a month but I pay in advance so it brings it down to $72.68.

      I use about 600gig a month and will bank the rest. When the bank reaches 5000G I will move to their 50/20 500G plan and pay $63.48 (pay in advance) and should be able to stay on that cheaper plan for a year or more as I slowly go through my data bank.

      Its a different type of plan range compared to other ISP.s The network is top notch and includes a static ip which is a bonus if you need one.. (Some games, security cameras etc).

      Aussie are great if you want that feeling of never having to worry about your data as they have unlimited plans. They also have higher speed plans and a really good portal and customer support… but it all comes at a price. If you don't download the net every month and don't mind keeping a bit of a track of your data, there are some saving to be had if you look at some of these different plan models around the traps.

    • +1

      ooo i use less than 300gb a month. might be worth jumping to this

  • Today with my fresh billing cycle i upgraded my previous 25/5 ($55 for 100GB) plan to 25/10 ($60 for 100GB) because I needed my uploads to improve. Few hours later got an email saying 25/5 will be $5 more from November, but nothing about my current 25/10. Should I be worried that 25/10 will also go up by further $5? If so yeah I'd go for another especially since there are promotional plans 50/20 unlimited for the price I'm paying now for 25/10 100GB ($60).

    • +1

      Hi there,

      There shouldn't be any change to your 25/10 plan.

      If you want to double check for your own peace of mind, get in touch with the Customer Service team either via LiveChat or phone (1300 880 905) and they'll be able to tell you for sure.

      Cheers, Nicole

      • Thanks Nicole, if there is no change maybe you can suggest that as an alternative for 25/5 price increase. Just saying b'cos there can be some who would like better upload speed for the $5 extra.

        • +1

          Not a problem. I'll pass this on and see if we can make that messaging clearer.

          Have a great Friday!

          Cheers, Nicole

          • @Aussiebroadband: What about my 100/40 500GB plan that I currently pay $80 and have been told that i'm going to the 100/20 500gb plan for $95, an 18.75% increase. Not very happy that I'll be paying more for an inferior service.

            • @Cartman2530: Hi there,

              If the 100/40 500GB plan is the plan you want to stay on, you're more than welcome to.

              The idea behind the messaging was to try and keep you around the same price per month. However, we totally understand that there are people who just want the same service they already have and enjoy.

              In the email it lets you know how you can stay on your current plan. The MyAussie app is the perfect place to start. We've got a help centre article that explains how to go about it here:

              Alternatively, you can give the call centre a buzz on 1300 880 905 if you need.

              If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to shoot us a message and I'll see what I can do.

              Cheers, Nicole

  • +1

    Now I wish I grandfathered into a different ISP's plan all those years ago. ABB is the only one who are upping prices it seems, so far anyway. Wonder if more will follow, or if ABB are taking advantage of the customer loyalty they've developed through their service etc. My net is going up $35! Basically 1/3 increase at once, will look at other options, even though I do love ABB.

    • +1

      i wonder if it has to do with AussieBB going public to the ASX to make the shareholders happy

    • +1

      Yup, it seems ABB customers get the worst deal, no grandfathered plan like other ISP's, and no special deals, because ABB only does that for new customers.

      I'm enjoying 100/40 for $89.99 with TPG.

      • A lot of ISP's do grandfather. As for Future Broadband, they have kept everyone on their original plans. Their idea is to try and entice people onto later plans. For example, they bought in "pay in advance" discount that made new plans very attractive to existing customers. Sure its not exactly as good as you have to well… pay in advance… but added to that the new data banking concept…

        On balance I discovered I would be better off so I moved to a new plan.

        I'm not real sure why Aussie would do what they have done. I would have thought they might just go after their worst performing grandfathered plans (income wise) and not upset a whole heap of people. Can't really work it out.

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