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$10 off Superloop nbn 200/200 ($209), 250/25 ($119) and 1000/50 ($139) for The First 12 Months


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Would be the cheapest we've seen the gigabit plan for on a temporary basis.

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  • $10 off $149 gigabit? Great scotty!

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    1000Mbps - Typical evening speed 250Mbps


    • I think they've said it's because they don't have enough data to make a proper calculation. Aussie Broadband for comparison sake have 215Mbps listed as their typical speed for the gigabit plan.

      • +5 votes

        Suppose it's to keep the naysayers at bay when they order 1000, and get 100 when their equipment is not capable of it.

        I rather RSPs list pings and such to websites tbh.

      • they don't have enough data to make a proper calculation

        If it's taken off real data, it could also be because the customers on that plan aren't able to saturate the connection - whether due to their own hardware limitations or they just aren't utilising it.

      • Im with aussiebb and minimum evening speeds for me is 800Mbps, normally i get 900-1000Mbps.Been hammering my data currently at 2.6TB usage with 4 days to go. Couldn't be happier with AUSSIE

  • Joke offer. While I have GBit link my typical evening speed is 900 mbit

  • Isn’t that a 3TB data cap for gigabit plan? That’s abysmal

    • Yeah fine print, they cap you down to 100mbit

      If the 3TB allowance on the 1000Mbps plan is used up before the end of the billing cycle, a reduced Speed of 100Mbps is applied for excess usage at no charge.

      • That doesn’t sound so bad?

        • If you pay $10 more you can have unlimited data with ABB. It’s terrible compared to that. Many gigabit users easily surpass 3TB. I’ve used more than that on 100Mbits plans.

    • 3TB wtf that's a joke on a gig plan!

    • At 100% utilisation your cap will last ~7hrs. Not the worst I've seen.

    • I mean if you go over like 10TB on unlimited Aussie throws you off their service crying about fair use anyway. So at least Superloop is upfront about how much data they expect you to use. If it ain't truly unlimited, don't call it as such.

  • 200/200 is alright but am I missing something in respect to the other plans? Doesn't Aussie Broadband already do 250/25 at $129 and 1000/50 at $149 with no coupon required?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I assume the price in the title is before discount which confused me.


    Why go 250/25 when gigabit is only $20 higher

    • +17 votes

      To save $20/month when you only need 250/25?

    • Some people in HFC areas can only get 250/25 due to NBN limitations. The stats that were released said 70% of HFC customers could get 250/25, and only 7% could get 1000/50.

      • I checked my address with super loop and can get 250 but not 1000. When I check with ABB I can only get 100

  • Is anyone here with Superloop? I left them a year ago because their support was so slow.
    Have they improved since?

    • I sent a contact form enquiring about POI changes 7 days ago and haven't heard back

    • +2 votes

      Still slow :( . Getting a response back takes ages.

      • I second that. Be prepared to spend ages on hold on the phone and getting no reply to emails.

        • thanks for the feedback from actual usage.
          and am I missing something - why the negs for passing on real world experience?

    • Leaving Superloop due to dropouts and terrible support. Had to contact TIO to get any help.

    • On NBN Fibre you never really need customer service.

      I have only ever called ABB to disable CGNAT or CANCEL.

      Only every called Superloop to CANCEL.

  • Cries in FTTN

  • Just for comparison I'm living in Vancouver atm and I'm paying $25/month unlimited gigabit. 10pm here just tested @ 920mbit.

    BUT….there is a huge BUT…… for my mobile plan I have 100mb of data and i'm paying $10 lol. Oh and CALLER ID IS FREE YEA THANKS WHAT A F** PERK PUBLIC MOBILE. $40AU will get me 1.5 gigabytes lol…AT 3G SPEED AHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    So really… at that price it's a bit pointless getting any data at all because you still have to ration it.

    • Haha yeah I remember when I lived in Toronto 3 years ago.

      Mobile was $50pm (plus tax) for 750mb
      But internet got 250mbs for like $70pm

      Plus I originally signed up for my mobile phone number when in Vancouver so it was a long distance call for anyone to call me when living in Toronto

    • Mobile phones are a total racket in Canada - is it still Rogers and Bell basically?

  • Anyone moved over from aussie and have any feedback on the quality of their connection? I’m 250/25 hfc with aussie and considering switching over.

    • I've been with SL on the 250/25 plan since release. ~255mbps 24/7. SL routing is excellent too. :)

      • Wow that’s great mate! Will make the switch then. Be nice to save $10 a month and get basically the same speeds.

  • +10 votes

    This couldn't come at a better time after Aussie Broadband having just announced they increasing the price of the 100/40 plan I'm on at the moment

  • How does one be lucky enough to have gigabit woah

  • Kogan finally fixed my account (I was on 100/40 when I signed up but they've bought it back down to 100/20) but 250/25 is just a stupid option (and I'm not in the 7% of HFC to get 200/200)

    I sync all my data with a work server so while working from home and use cloud backups so I'd love 50 up at a minimum. Just not an option though :(

    • What did they fix? I signed up a month ago and I'm sure I saw 100/40 but now its 100/20, so I'm a bit confused on why I lost 20m of uploads speeds for no reason.

      • They weren't selling it as 100/40, just as 100MB. Presumably it was never meant to be 100/40 is what I figured.

        I've asked them to change it back but heard nothing.

        I found that I can still get 100/40 off Superloop, just not through the regular webpage. Easy to find on Whistleout though.

  • OK question, will getting a Gig connection improve my ping in game? I live in WA so the distance to the server is still the same right? Assuming that most servers are in Sydney is there anything I can do to help my ping time aside from moving to Sydney. I'm on a 50/50 plan at the moment.

  • given the price rise announcement at aussiebb, i just churned from 100/40 at 4.54PM and at 5.02PM and i'm with superloop on 250/25… i have to say first impressions are looking positive.

    • I’m keen to do exactly that too! Do we need to give aussie any notice for cancellation? I have 10 days left in this billing cycle.

      • Be prepared to experience long waits

      • no, you can cancel any time… i just did it… I went from iiNet 100/40… fired up a 1000/50 trial on launtel… suspended that at the end… went to Aussie 1000/50 for a month and now back to Launtel 1000/50… all within about 2-3 months lol

        • Ok how does it affect your billing cycle? I’ve always had issues where telecoms previously charged a month on advance or something of the sort and had to give them some notice. If I cancel today I’ll just pay for the current month of Aussie that I was using?

          • @dwhes: I was told they'd refund anything remaining, best just give them a call… of all the providers they're pretty damn good to talk to…

            • @KRiSX: Called them and yep they were very helpful. Planned disconnect for Monday and they’re refunding the remainder of my cycle. Superloop ordered for the same day. We will see how this change over goes…

  • 3tb limit on 1000/50…. no thanks… I'll stick with Launtel for roughly the same price

  • How does this work if you're on HFC… You plug in your address and whatever the available max is well appear as a plan? I get the 250/25 pop up, but I don't want to be paying 119 if my HFC can't do docsis 3.1

    • Yes, I didn't see plan appear as my HFC area was the minority of regions where 250 isn't available.

      So if it shows up after entering your address you can sign up to it

  • -1 vote

    Myrepublic has a plan 250/25 which is $109/month

  • Cries in Satellite NBN only

    We live in country Nsw…

  • Why does the plan with the higher upload speed have to be so expensive?

  • WHO pays this much for internet??

  • $10 off? That's like $1 off at the $20 store. Nothing here worth getting exited about. Australia also have the worst pricing against some of the worst speeds in the world. $100 plans should be up to 200mbps right now..

  • Internet subscribers in most countries don't have this sort of pricing. We have FTTC to our home. A day or two before our area came live, I saw someone in the pit across the road. As we'd been eagerly awaiting cabled broadband for the first time, we had pair-gained telephone wires in our small turning, I went over to have a chat and hopefully get some info as to when we could get it. He told me was testing line speeds at the end of each run and we tested (off the top of my head 450/300) but did say that that it wasn't a real word figure when everyone was on it.
    We have 100/40 and rarely get less than 94 down which suggests we can go faster.

    When I put my address into the Superloop and Aussie websites they then I see something like "great you're all set for NBN, choose your speed" and then all I see is the same old > 100Mbps plans.

    This is why Ookla reports Australian fixed line internet average aggregated testing is slow compared to other countries. Australia could be unique in charging different prices for different speeds.