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Bonds Protective Comfy Face Mask 3 Pack $22.46 Delivered for Members @ Bonds


Bought these and yes feels like a g string on your face but easy to breath good for running.

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  • 007?

  • +17 votes

    Model looks like Pusey.

  • How do you know that it feels like a g string on your face?
    Is that a feeling you have often?

  • Designed in Australia. Made in China.

    • +12 votes

      I don’t mind, I just washed it in anti bacterial and the way I look at it …the designers and staff selling these have a job in Australia.

    • All Bonds made in PRC for a decade next month. Boycott them I say.

      • Yeah, let's wish more misery on people. 2020 hasn't filled your appetite?

      • the boycott happening these days are very politic. i think we have to be very careful, dont let those politics gain their profit by using us as their tool, in the end the one who suffer will be us.

        china has a huge number of population making it a cheap labour and thats why we can save up by getting cheap stuff to use for our lives.

        even big international company want to invest and use china to manufacture goods for them, so those international company can make higher profit. for example, apple design in us made in china

        once you boycott, be prepare to pay more expensive on any goods.

        $300 xiaomi vaccum VS $1000 dyson, which one will u choose if both gove you the same power, purpose and function? the $700 difference does it worth it to boycott? who is the one to suffer and need to make more money during this pandemic?

      • I wouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

        While there are many things which are justifiable, such as blocking Huawei and potentially the likes of TikTok for security reasons, a broad boycott of China is nonsensical and unworkable.

      • The Bonds stuff I bought the other day were made in Thailand… not all their stuff is made in China… is this a “boycott China” or “buy Aus made and owned” argument?

        • A lot of textiles are moving away from China, with South East Asian and subcontinental countries producing much more the China does now. China with its aging population and now higher wages is starting to lose a bit of its pulling power.

    • Relax more than 1/3 of what's in your house was made in china

      • Doesn’t mean we can’t start a new Aussie revolution. We will need to create local industry to pay for the hole caused by Corona…

        • I agree, but blatant comments like "made in china" and avoiding the product is silly. They're usually the same people that would complain about the premium price tag if it were manufactured locally.

        • what are you going to do to start Aussie revolution, typing with your keyboard?

        • Aussie revolution… 5x the price sounds fantastic to me

          • @JulianP: I'd gladly pay a premium for products manufactured in Australia. We all benefit from it indirectly.

            Money really is God in Australia, it is very sad to see.

            But hey if our investment properties make sure that the housing market prices most Australians out of buying a house so that we can sell to non-resident buyers, that's all that matters. But let's make sure that these same people who can't afford property subsidise it through negative gearing.

          • @JulianP: I think it would be a great time for a revolution.
            People are out of jobs so starting a manufacturing company might help our economy too.
            We should stop exporting raw minerals to China and stop importing Chinese made goods.

        • Here you go


          $24.95 per mask - knock yourself out

      • Short memory. They sold out Australia decades ago in the name of revenue. I remember the strikes, picket lines and the strikes.

      • No sane manufacturer is looking at China as business as usual at this point.

        They made a disease (or more accurately, they make diseases regularly. This one was just a bad one) and spread it around with stupidity and duplicity. Nobody wants to do business with dumb and evil governments.

        Shipping was compromised as a result of the disease. They then deliberately interfered with shipping by turning ships around and confiscating paid goods. Nobody wants to do business with thieves.

        There is no doubt at this point that they knew well in advance that their containment had failed but they used that knowledge to horde supplies and their paid shills in the WHO to interfere with global health strategies for China's economic gain. This killed hundreds of thousands. This killed our people. Unsurprisingly, dead people make for poor customers, and people too scared or legally precluded from leaving the house also don't make for good customers. China is bad for business globally.

        There may well be no cheaper labour than in China (especially now we know they're using forced labour in their Uyghur death camps) but there are plenty of other countries where cheap labour is available and you don't have to worry about Winnie the Pooh and his sycophants screwing your business up with their idiocy and vileness. If China cannot keep its house in order then it doesn't matter how cheap their labour is, it's a bad risk for business.

        Finally, and most obviously, China are the Nazis of the East and have imperialist designs on the entire world. Right now they're pissing off the US, and to a lesser degree the whole of the West (thanks to their avoidable disease killing and maiming our people). Unless things change China is going to be heavily sanctioned at the very least. The decision to do business in China will be removed from companies by government.

        Right now, every business with Chinese exposure is either partially or wholly divesting that. Because it's prudent business to spread risk and remove choke points. Logistics from China is the number one choke point on the planet right now.

        • Please stop typing on the device that has most of the components manufactured in China then and we'll all be better off.

          • @MrBear: China is the future. Learn Chinese (Simplified Chinese). Numba1

          • @MrBear: I too am in favour of domestic production and diversifying the manufacturing base. That being said, globalism was a bunch of easy money and everyone wanted on that train. We got the money (for many decades, I might add), and now we're getting the downside of putting all your eggs in one basket (I was reading today that one airline was looking at 2023 as a reopen date). If there's one thing that people are terrible at it's planning for the day the party is over.

            The more unreliable China becomes the more manufacturing will be divested from them or spread between them and other countries. I don't understand why people seem unable to differentiate between their personal views on this and the pragmatic concerns of business. Nobody doing business wants to be screwed over by the likes of covid again, so they'll all take steps to harden their manufacturing and logistics chains against that scenario. Business now has direct experience of global pandemic and thus will adapt for it.

            People are focused on China at present but there's no inherent reason the next plague (inevitable) has to come out of China. Sure, the Chinese are unhygienic but everywhere in the world is one chance mutation away from something we cannot treat. Anyone dealing with risk management and business continuity is well aware of that.

        • The Moon Landing was faked, LHO didn't shoot JFK etc.

          I'd say that China is loving the fact that these moronic conspiracy theories are doing the rounds, which collectively undermine genuine arguments against China's role in interfering with the national communications infrastructures in other countries.

          • @ChaseIsOnTheCase: What conspiracy? I assume you're talking about the claim that covid is engineered? I see little reason to assume that is the case when the Chinese people's filthy living conditions sufficiently account for covid evolving in the environment. People seem to forget SARS and MERS weren't engineered either. I should have used the word evolved, but there's no ability to revise here, so that's that.

            If by conspiracy you mean China's behaviour in reference to covid, then we'll have to disagree on that.

            Did China have knowledge of covid as a pandemic prior to informing the WHO? Yes, we know that they knew as early as late November 2019.

            Did China use that knowledge to horde medical supplies? Yes, we know that they executed multiple buying campaigns in other countries, including here. We know they reserved domestic production capacity for themselves (which in itself is no crime, but it certainly is if you know you've got a plague in your country and you are deliberately hiding that fact) and that they recalled shipping vessels with medical supplies that had been bought and paid for.

            Whilst China may have sufficient reserve capacity of the modular prefabricated cells that they used to make the 'hospitals' in Wuhan there's still the matter of transportation and assembly. Logistics are a thing - you have to know something's happening, make choices about it, and then move the manpower and equipment into position.

            Does China own the WHO? I would argue that Tedros is one of the fruits of China's massive money for political support campaign in Africa. Others are free to disagree with that. They definitely lied about their infection and death counts, and continue to do so to this day.

            Five Eyes countries aren't going to be going with Chinese equipment, that's already a decision that's been made for political reasons independent of covid or anything China has or hasn't done about it. So you don't need to worry about who does or doesn't buy into my ramblings.

            • @cfuse: COVID-19 being artificially manufactured is a conspiracy. And as it is theoretical, it is literally a conspiracy theory.

              Some conspiracy theories end up being proven correct of course, but as of right not this is still a conspiracy theory. No matter how you dress it up

              Generally people want to attribute events of huge significant to human thoughts and actions, as you are doing, as they can’t comprehend the random nature of life. It fuels most of the exciting conspiracy theories

        • I think the question around sanity should be with you. They have done many extensive DNA studies of the virus and it's NOT man made, let along by China. Let alone all your other BS conspiracy theories you are putting out here with not an OUNCE of substantial evidence.

          Go back to watching your Infowars..

    • Then just go on your local facebook group … you will find lots of Aussies making facemasks and selling there … handmade. Good way to support some people.

    • Not for long. The world logistics is changing. Factories are shifting out of China in droves. We will see more of Made in Australia or NZ or Taiwan or India or Japan or Vietnam. And that is a good thing!

      • China +1 it's called.

        Any major manufacturer knows that China is very difficult to replace. But corona has taught them a lesson about putting all your eggs in one basket.

        It's not about jumping into the China bashing queue (you can if that make you happier though lol), it's about risk management which has never been considered previously. Better late than never.

        • I think they did, Seagate and WD also Honda from Thailand, not the virus but the monsoon… 1TB of Hard Disk tipped A$180 when normal price is half.

      • Yes but no matter where it produced, guess who was the boss behind the scenes?!

    • +18 votes

      made in china dosent mean its bad. They match the quality to the price and specifications they get told to. They make exactly what the buyer tells them to just like any other factory in any other country in the world. Made made in china dosent make it bad. Our greed makes it bad.

  • Anyone worked out a way to stop my glasses fogging up like buggery while wearing one of these ?

    • These have no nose bridge so I find these don’t cause fogging.

      • +28 votes

        Wouldn't that be exactly the reason why it fogs up glasses?

      • Definitely fogging My glasses 🤓

      • Maybe FogStop - Optic Brush Pen?

      • That makes no sense. The nose bridge doesn't prevent fogging, only helps to stop inhaling through the gaps around the bridge.

        Only thing that would stop fogging is a vent, but that would defeat the purpose of wearing one of these (they project your droplets in a concentrated stream - keep away from anyone wearing one).

    • A tissue folded several times after folding the ends in so it's six or so cm long, wedged under the mask at the very top (so usually held in place by the glasses), works pretty well.

    • Soap is your friend. Of course it is advisable not to drop it.

    • +15 votes

      Laser surgery.

    • Saw someone sew a button into the top of the mask and rest their glasses on that. Apparently prevents fogging

    • Rainx antifog

      • Unless they changed it recently it says not suitable for lenses. When I asked them it was because it can damage some types of optical coatings.

    • Try wearing G string instead

    • +2 votes

      There's a product sold at many motorbike shops called "cat crap", designed as antifog motorcycle visors but also works brilliantly on glasses.
      Comes in a little red tub or spray bottle. Very good stuff.

    • Surgical tape, though you could be bold and try hollywood (b**b) tape.

    • We have to wear safety glasses at work and the masks are really annoying for fogging them up. They have purchased some anti fog spray and also some anti fog wipes for us. They both work really well for about 2 or 3 hours for me, and then it needs to be reapplied. I think the spray seems to work a bit better. I can't rememeber the name of the products, but I'm sure if you google anti fog spray you will find something (check out user reviews). But as someome above said, it might not be suitable for prescription glasse… Another person commented that soap works. I haven't tried that one, but I've also heard the same thing from 2 other people.

    • A 5cm piece of surgical tape over the top works wonders.

    • Hi mate, i found that if I wear the mask first then put on the glasses it doesn't fog up, best way is to also wash the lens with soap and dry.

  • For that price they could have at least have adjustable ear hooks.

    I got some from china for $2 that had them. (this was back in Jan).

  • Got these last week. Should note straps do not stretch so it either fits you or it doesn't. Also fogs up glasses

  • Bought these and yes feels like a g string on your face

    It is possible they are g strings. I read somewhere that China sent masks made of underwear to Pakistan.

    OTOH, if the g strings were used, that will satisfy a whole lot of perverts.

  • Damn it, just bought 3 individually lol

  • I ordered these and they were $19.99 delivered for me - not sure why

  • Seems to apply a additional $7ish off if you buy two 3 packs ($37.45)

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