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Seagate Expansion Desktop 16TB External Hard Drive $459.23 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Cheaper from Amazon UK - out of stock again.

Just under $29/TB for a 16TB external drive which should have an Exos X16 ST16000NM001G 16TB (7200 RPM) drive inside.

A great option if you want to fill your NAS. No order limit from what I can see.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    • lol netsurfer I have decided to gamble too. Either I get a 16tb enterprise exos drive or a 16tb burracuda pro drive. Fingers crossed that we are lucky.

      Oh yeah does anyone know the original price for these segate 16tb drives. Just curious to know how much we are saving on these hard drives?

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        Seagate Exos x16 16TB HDD is going for $1088 AUD from Shoppingexpress. RRP is $1318.90 AUD.


        JW wants $1195.


        So you're saving a crap load of money shucking it from one of the enclosures although you do lose out on warranty.

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          Hey holly thanks for the reply.

          Wow never knew that the barebones Seagate Exos x16 16TB HDD costs more than $1000 with a price tag of almost 1.1k AUD. That means we should save at least 500 bucks if we shuck it from inside the enclosure. I will always do a full write and error check with HDtune pro to see if there are any bad sectors before I shuck.

          As for warranty, its not worth the $500 plus premium on top as long as you ran surface scans on your HD before lol.

    • Theres nothing to lose, amazon offer returns within 30 days.

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      this has been mentioned again and again whenever theres a bump in capacity. if you are afraid of losing data, back it up. if you want it to have good uptime, then put in redundancy such as RAID.

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      If you are buying 16tb, then you will have more than 16tb already.

      Over the years, I have gone from 500gb drives to 1tb to 2 tb to 4tb. Every time going up a step, the old drives act as back ups. I would have gone for this, if it wasn't for the fact I only have about 8 tb in data all up, and they are already duplicated, if not triplicated.

  • How much cashback?

    • currently zero parcent for electronics, checked SB and Crewa last night

  • So damn tempting but I'm going to be good and not buy this one… going to leave my DS1019+ with a couple of empty bays and one day will buy 2x16TB drives to upgrade!

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    WD Elements that I purchased recently worked out to cost around $25/TB (after cashback, $310 each full price). This is cheaper than this Seagate, per/TB. Also, it's more difficult to shuck a Seagate external drive without damaging the enclosure (which makes it difficult to make a warranty claim later). It takes very little effort to shuck a WD Elements.

    If the primary use case for this drive (shucked of course) is NAS, you should consider WD Elements 12TB or 14TB instead. Being 5400RPM and filled with Helium they run a lot cooler than any 7200RPM drive. I have two three NAS servers, two of which contain WD Elements drives. They're also very quiet and more suitable to NAS operation due to higher resilience to vibration (NAS enclosures have typically 4 or more slots so the combined vibration of all drives can be considerable).

    And before you ask… no, lower RPM drives in a NAS will not be a bottleneck for most users due to way RAID's operate (usually network is the bottleneck).

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      IMO it's six of one half a dozen of the other. Agree with your point generally about speed for using these in a NAS but so long as these contain the Exos X16 you're comparing enterprise against consumer grade HDs. I'd be very surprised if the data would support the WD Elements drives lasting longer than the Exos X16 - but happy to be corrected on this.

      Also, if you only have 4 bays, using 16TB drives instead of 12TB or 14TB makes sense if space is important to you.

      Ultimately I'd say it depends on your needs. Backblaze are using the Exos X16 so I'm happy to take that as recommendation enough.

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        hollykryten reported that these are probably Barracuda Pro. The re-labeled HGST Ultrastars reported on the WD 14tb Elements would be in a similar class IMO. Some people reckon that these higher end drives might be the ones not rated for the full spec of their original label and are downgraded into enclosures. If that's the case they might not deliver the same resilience as a true Exos or Barracuda. Max drive/vibration tolerance is a major factor there (along with noise being a personal concern), so I definitely have to agree with jace88 if you're concerned about vibration, noise, or heat the elements are the better choice, but when it comes to longevity yeah it's uncertain to make a call either way

        • I would add that if you're really concerned about risk of data loss and/or performance, then just spend the little bit extra and get the NAS drives with the warranty. I know nothing is entirely guaranteed, and you should always have backups (inb4 RAID is not a backup), but I wouldn't be cheaping out if the data was critical to me.

  • How do these compare to WD Red for use in a Synology NAS home media server?
    At the moment I have 2x 4TB drives in SHR/BTRFS setup which was ample for 3 years whilst we had our old TV and used 1080p media, but now I'm saving a lot more 4k content and have sailed close to running out of space a couple of times.
    Before buying those drives I had a Seagate external 3TB unit which failed after 2 years (and still sits in a cupboard with a few years worth of inaccessible old photos on it that were foolishly not backed up elsewhere), then research at the time told me WD were more reliable than Seagate. But now at half the price per TB for these is it a safe upgrade?

    • Stick to 5400rpm drives. No point getting a loud high speed enterprise drive if you've still got slower drives (and you're just using it as a media server/photos/etc).

      Best bang for buck though I've found is shucking 12TB drives - perfectly suited for home media duties.

      And as for drive failures, plenty of views and experiences out there but that's why we have RAID setups, and also backups (RAID =/= backup).

  • Come on job market! I need a new job before I can justify any more tech, damn this is tempting.

  • God I can't wait for the all SSD future. The wait is killing me with HDDs (haha)

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    The bare Exos drive that doesn't have to be shucked is $100 cheaper from Amazon US??


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      That's USD.

      519.66 Australian Dollar

      • +1

        I stand corrected.

        3 including shipping and GST = 1,851.19 AUD (Amazon converted) so actually 617 AUD each, but they are including 5 year warranty and no shucking to do

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        And then 10% GST added (and shipping)

  • why does the size keep increasing every 'deal' lol

    • Has been happening with storage since the beginning of time. It always just gradually drops in price.

      • I know I just meant we had a deal for 10 tb then 12 then 14 and now 16

        I just want a 5tb :P

        • +1

          5TB would be pushing it for me. My Steam game library is hitting 4TB. So i went and got a Barracuda Pro 10TB HDD shucked from a Seagate Backup Plus Hub 10TB. Works great.

          • @hollykryten: I need to replace a 10-year-old 2tb drive so yea i dont wanna quadruple/quintuple the size for no reason lol

            my PC has 3tb of SSD and 6tb of hd storage already :P

          • @hollykryten: Or maybe hold out for a really good deal on 4TB SSD even if it’ll be QLC? Perfect for steam!

            • @jace88: 4TB SSD won't be any where near affordable for a long time yet. Give it a few years.

              • @hollykryten: I think circa $550ish is where it seems to have plateaued (with Samsung cashback). I was very close to pulling the trigger on an 860 QVO previously but ultimately decided I'd rather upgrade my laptop to a 2TB 970 Evo Plus instead and later on I got a 2TB MX500 instead.

  • Dang now we are talking, 16tb for $500 not to bad, 32tb for $1000 not too bad, still reluctant to buy it, but about time.

    • 64tb for $2000 not too bad

      • Geez that's crazy.

        • Not as crazy as 128tb for $4000

          • +1

            @Click_It: What about 1 petabyte that's nothing. πŸ™Š Becareful children

  • A noob question, if I back up internal drive to this one before shucking, the partition and data should still be there after I shuck and put it in a rig? I expect it to be the case since this is just a closure, but not 100% sure.

    • +1

      Data that is copied across while in the enclosure will remain exactly the same once shucked and used as an internal drive. If you wish to copy across a boot partition then you will need to use imaging software to make a bootable drive.

      • Cool, that's all I need to know, thanks.

      • can you confirm its right for this enclosure? some usb to sata bridge chips can encrypt the data

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/555825
      Free storage utility software

  • Can anyone who's shucked this in Sydney spare a power supply or two by any chance? Inner city would be ideal. Thank you.

    • +1

      People wont be receiving their disks for at least 2 weeks, so you might be waiting a while.

    • Doesnt it come with the power adapter/plug.

      • Yes, it does. Unfortunately, I now have a couple without power supplies after lending them to friends and families,

    • I'll PM you

  • i need a new backup drive thats 14-16TB, as a weekly backup for my NAS array.

    what will the warranty coverage be for something like this? seagate seems to be the only cost effective option, but ive had too many seagates die…

    • It's right there on the Amazon page :

      "Enjoy long-term peace of mind with the included one-year limited warranty"

  • Total for 2: $963.66 ($0.00 delivery or other fees)
    Total for 3: $1,528.59 ($0.00 delivery, $83.10 Import Fees Deposit)

    Is that deposit refundable?

    Guess I'm better off placing 2 separate orders if I want 3 or 4 of them?

    Why is Import Fees Deposit charged for orders > $1k ?

    • +1

      It's an over $1000 AUD importation deposit for tax. You won't get any refund unless your import tax, customs duty and fees turns out to be lower than the deposit. But it's likely not to be.

      This is information about the Import Fees Deposit.


      • Thanks. So it seems that for < $1000 orders, Amazon charges GST itself on the US import and avoids having to pay customs clearance fees but for over $1k they are payable

  • +3

    This works out a bit cheaper…Looks to be the same drive.

    • I think that might be USD ?

    • Good find mate, I also got an option to buy $100USD to my Amazon US gift balance to get $10USD free gift balance (for those topping up balance for the first time with minimum $100) which I then used towards the purchase. Worked out to get a $20 saving over the original deal.

  • Ah. GST

    When you go through the checkout it adds GST, making the USD total about 354 (~$493 AUD)

    • (profanity)…I didnt go that far…That sucks

  • +1

    Has anybody's order shipped yet? I placed my order on the 10th and it hasn't moved yet.

    • +4

      The estimated delivery date was about 3 weeks when you ordered - I wouldn't expect it to ship any time soon.
      My last few orders shipped after about 2 weeks, and then took 5 days to arrive πŸ‘

      • Thanks Nom. It arrived today.

  • +2

    Received and teardown it just now. It's 16TB Exos X16 ST16000NM001G. connected my external usb adaptor and tested copying 180GB movies to it, the speed is about 170-210MB/s.

    • Sounds like a great deal compared to how much the Exos X16 HDD is going for from Australian PC stores. Easily over $1000.

      • +2

        Just received the 16TB HDD yesterday. Can confirm its the ST16000NM001G-2KK103 16000.9 GB using Crystal disk info which is the 16TB Exos X16 HHD drive inside. Running the Error scan now with HD Tune Pro to check for any bad sectors.

        Just wanna ask is it usual for the tempature to heat up to the high 40s like 48 degrees while running these checks because it looks like the hard drive is spinning at full pelt trying to scan the sectors so I suppose it could be that reason. Also its inside these enclosures which have no ventalation so Im guessing high temps is because of these 2 factors.

        • Yes, the drive in the case runs warm for most of them and when your doing a burn in, gets heated much quicker for the many hours it will be hitting the disk,

          Great to see them all arriving with the exo drives :)

          If you plan on running this in the PC after keep us posted on the temps you get :D

  • Unfortunately it's gone up to $467.64 now… so time to take chances with the Amazon UK deal for $431.22 even though it's on backorder.

  • Received 4 of them bought at $481.83 each, tempted to get a fifth now at $467.64 although cheapest was $446 just 3 days ago https://au.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B088S9PWNM

    • Did you have to pay any tax or duties at customs?

      • +1

        No, I split it into 2 orders, each of which was below $1000. If you do more than $1000 in one order coming from Amazon US it adds an extra charge

        • Through Amazon the customs tax is already pre charged in the Amazon order. So you should know any way if you check the cart before purchasing.

  • Placed order for UK listing (backordered) at $431.22 yesterday, will try to cancel and re-order if it drops again

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