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[Backorder] Seagate Expansion Desktop 16TB External Hard Drive $431.22 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Same drive as this deal but even cheaper by more than 50 dollarydoos, however it is on backorder and is fulfilled by amazon UK rather than US https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/557264

This model should have an Exos X16 ST16000NM001G 16TB (7200 RPM) inside and is less than $27/TB.

The seagate external drives come with AU plugs. So stop asking.

Does not need mod for 3.3v pin issue, that affects some WD drives not Seagate.

Highly recommended to do a write check to see if there are bad sectors before shucking. Use a program like HD Tune. Takes around two days.

You should be able to use Crystal Disk Info to determine the drive inside.

Tutorial on HD Tune

Video tutorials on shucking

Was $422.43 at original time of posting.
The Amazon US deal also seems to have dropped to $459.23 ($28.70/TB).
Thanks to XZT for letting me know of the price change.

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  • $26.6 per TB.. close to my golden $25 aim… tempting..

    • I had stocked up on some discounted amazon gift cards from previous deals. Still above $25/TB but close enough for me. I don't have a full backup of my linux distros yet.

    • When do 20TB drives start existing? Maybe if you wait a bit you can get an even bigger one.

      • Towards the end of this year, they are expected to be SMR from both WD and Seagate.

      • Whenever they get around to releasing HAMR drives

      • i'm more waiting on the 22-24tb drives. i don't really like getting rounded number drives because the actual space ends up being less.
        i.e. i much prefer to buy a 12tb drive (instead of 10tb) because then the actual storage space ends up being around the 10-11tb mark.

  • Highly recommended to do a write check to see if there are bad sectors before shucking. Use a program like HD Tune. Takes around two days.

    With your external drives, did you find the temperature goes pretty high during write check?
    I got an old HGST Touro 4TB, within in an hour of write-test commencing, drive temperature jumped to 52° and climbing and HD Sentinel started coming up with warnings
    Vent holes not covered or anything.

    • Hammering a test like this would make it heat up as it'll be using all the power it can get to operate and spin etc. More active = more heat. same for SSD's.
      If u can get air moving over it, it'll help.

    • The enclosures aren't well ventilated. I recall getting temps in the 40s when I ran a check on a 10TB Barracuda Expansion drive. After I shucked I was getting high 20s in my desktop.

    • 52C is normal. HD Sentinel is a solution looking for a problem to justify it's own existence.

    • Still well below the 60-70c most drives are rated to.

  • +3 votes

    If this has the Exos X16 ST16000NM001G 16TB inside then it really is a good deal - thanks OP.

    Shame no cashback though as Electronics and PC categories are currently sitting at 0% but we can't have it all ;)

    • you could get some Suncorp vouchers for Amazon shopping to bring the price down.

      • +3 votes

        Thank you for this reminder. I'm an AAMI member and I keep forgetting there are gift cards for Amazon on their store.

        Now to cancel my order and buy it again with the gift cards.

        Thank you again :)

  • Brought, Thanks OP. Will go good as a media drive.

  • Does anyone have a power use comparison for a 5k drive vs a 7k drive? louder, more juice etc? Looking for reasons to replace some older greens in my NAS and not sure if 7k drives would be overkill for a NAS unit :/

  • Damn Amazon. Could of saved me $600 from my order based on the previous deal! Oh well! Pity it shipped yesterday and I can't cancel!

    • Try asking. Amazon are usually good with credits. Worst that can happen is that they say no.

    • just threat to return it and see if they can partially refund you or return the previous ones and order again

  • Jesus christ, why am I buying these, I JUST bought the 12tb WD's a few weeks ago

    Guess it's time to shuck and sell those…

  • These deals are dangerous, Already filled a cabinet with spare HDDS for no real reason :/ Now im making excuses/finding ways to use drives just to burn them out and move on! Only one 2TB green has failed so far at 60k hours.

    • I'm exercising self control as best I can given I have 3x12TB in my SHR (so 24TB usable) and I've only got about 5TB of data… as much as I'd love to fill up my 5 bay NAS, I don't think I need another 16TB lol

    • Wow, 2TB. I've almost got rid of my last 4TB drive. I want them all to be 10TB+, otherwise they are just a waste of space.

  • Does this drive need the 3v tape?

    • Nope. That's something to worry about with WD drives not seagate.

      • That's something to worry about with WD drives not seagate.

        Not neccessarily… The WDs that went into my Synology did not need the tape. I believe it depends what you connect it to - some connectors send power to the PWDIS pin and that's what causes it to not power up. From memory, it's something to do with a new SATA standard so might be related to how new the power source/board is

        • Good point. Sounds like I meant all WD drives, when that isn't true as you've pointed out.

          Not an issue with Seagate to my knowledge, which is the message I was trying to get across.

          • @Caped Baldy: I've not had any experience with Seagate, but interesting if it's not… would've imagined if it's a standard, it'd be a standard across companies! Either way it's not too difficult to work around anyway so not a deal-breaker thankfully

        • All depends on the power supply unit. If the SATA connector has 5 pins then you need to do the 3.3v mod. 4 pins and everything is fine. Most power supplies are either 4 pin or have multiple cables so you can choose which one you want. Rarely a problem unless you have a much older setup.

    • A molex to sata adapter will do the trick too.

    • No it does not.

  • Omg good deal. Damn I bought 2 from the last deal and it has shipped so cant cancel it. Damn could of saved 100 bucks if only this deal came earlier!! :(

    • Doesn't hurt asking, it is still Amazon and they've been good to me in the past. Worst they can say is no.

      • Amazon isn't as kind as they used to be. They do not 'adjust' prices if you bought something and it went cheaper before it shipped, and it's very unlikely they're going to just refund you the difference after they've shipped it to you.

        Bezos gotta get his new factories somehow.

      • Yer will do man. Apparently according to reddit these enterprise drives are better than even ironwolf drives which means less chance of a URE based on Seagate stats performance. These are made for data centres and should have better data endurance. Thanks for these hard drive deals mate. Now all I have to do is wait for a NAS deal to complete the package lol.

        • You're welcome. I am an enabler :)

          Could always buy this to average the cost lower or try returning the other ones. Or have off-site back ups.

  • I want to but I have no need for all that space.

  • This or the WD 12TB deal on currently?

    • WD 12TB drives are more suitable to NAS operation due to lower running temperature and resilience to vibration. They're filled with Helium (confirmed via S.M.A.R.T stats) for better performance and longevity. I have 3x12 WD. They're also much easier to shuck without any damage to the case (in case you need to claim warranty, they'll look as good as new!). WD's drives are rebadged (white-label) WD Drives that cost a lot more! (I saved around $700 by not buying Red drives at retail price).

      • I am finding these Seagate disks are also Helium filled, but higher rpm (7200) than WD Reds (5400). For reference I am currently running 4 X WD Red 4TB disks in my HP Microserver Gen8 (UnRaid), and looking to gradually increase available disk space…

        So WD Red 12TB disks are still better placed than these Seagate's?

        • Never mind, just got myself a Suncorp giftcard and ordered 2.

        • Both are good. The WD is cheaper, around $25/TB but you get more TBs in one drive here. This drive is faster and is intended for server/enterprise use.

          • @Caped Baldy: Is this drive still good for a NAS or will it run hot/noisy being 7200RPM?

            • @sav11: Personally I'm trying to keep all my drives at 5400rpm given it's a 5 bay and it's already a bit noisy with three WD 12TB drives in there. I previously had a 2 bay with HGST 7200rpm drives and it did make a bit of noise when seeking so I was deliberately trying to go a bit quieter this time around since hardcore performance isn't the goal.

              • @jace88: How do you find the noise or heat of them? I'm running some older Seagate Greens and considering options to upgrade but also keen on the slower drives to keep noise down as much as possible,

                ONly issue i find with the WD is seems all of them need the tape hack and dont like the fact need to run some tape in a NAS over the connector port :/

                • @brent3000: Never had to do tape mod on my Synology NAS with the WD drives if that helps. So far the WD drives are alright but I'm not eager to add in 7200rpm drives into the array since AFAIK they won't perform optimally anyway with 5400rpm drives.

  • Thanks. Cancelled my wd 12tb and ordered this!

  • I use HD Tune. Ran the check before bed and it finished the next day around 6-7pm for the 12TB WD

  • So how long is typical for backordering?

  • Great deal OP. I'm only barely resisting the temptation - I need to upgrade my current NAS (HP N36L running Unraid) before worrying about more space.

  • has this been any cheaper? swear i saw a crazier deal than these past 2 last year…

    likelihood of it getting cheaper?

  • The one time Backblaze's data might actually have some significant meaning for the drive in question lol
    They have a 6.72% AFR on their Exos X16 ST16000NM001G. The caveat is that they've only run 60 drives over the last 91~ days for a combined 5431 drive days.

    • That's crazy high. These exos drives are supposed to be great… 🤔

      • 60 drives as a sample size is basically 'no actionable data'.

        • In my tired state I somehow missed the "60 drives"

          You are completely correct, useless information on such a tiny sample.

          • @Click_It: It is still a bit of a worry. On the bare drive listing on amazon there are a lot of 1 star reviews complaining of DOA and poor warranty.

            • @Caped Baldy: Seems ok so far. Reviews for https://www.amazon.com.au/Seagate-256MB-3-5-Inch-Enterprise-... give a 5 star review so far. Where are these 1 star reviews complaining about DOA cos I see them for the smaller drives but not the bigger drives.

              George T.
              5.0 out of 5 stars great value for money and extreme performance
              Reviewed in Australia on 6 March 2020
              Capacity: 16TBVerified Purchase
              The drives are great in my NAS, quite and seems to operate at a faster speed then i expected.. I'm getting more like SSD speeds then a SATA hard drive. Not complaining just surprised.

              Kevin Ng
              5.0 out of 5 stars Fast data transfer. Great price!
              Reviewed in Australia on 6 March 2020
              Capacity: 16TBVerified Purchase
              Love the data transfer speed. I use it to store all my movies, games, music etc. everything and then some!

              • @storageguy: Ahh, you're right. I forgot that Amazon grouped the different capacities together. It does show 11% 1 star reviews.

                The us store only has a few 1 star reviews when I did a filter for 16tb.

                All good then I guess.

      • I wouldn't be scared of the high AFR that they're reporting at the moment. Like others have mentioned, the sample size is too small to really mean anything. Also should be noted that the 6.72% AFR came from their Q2 2020 data release. If you look at the lifetime (which I should have in the first place) it's actually a 3.49% AFR.

        The main point of the comment is to point out that for once the data from Backblaze can be used as an indicator as to whether the drive is good or bad. I expect the AFR for the ST16000NM001G to drop once BB brings more of them online, since 1 failure in a small sample size can harshly skew the data if interpreted in isolation.

    • Yeah the drive pool is very small to not good to compare vs the others which have 100's of 1,000's in the pool size

    • Yeah, I saw that too. I had two sitting in my cart from the other deal. Also worth mentioning blackblaze is using the internal version with a 5-year warranty. These are only 1 year but apparently, if you register the shucked drive serial it will give 3 years. So tempting as a WD Ultrastar H520 blackblaze had better luck with is so much more expensive and I need lots of these.

      • Doesn't matter what version they're using; a ST16000NM001G is a ST16000NM001G (until someone can confirm that the ones in the enclosures are binned drives in which case that's even worse for shuckers). The warranty is a factor that affects pricing, want a longer warranty and you'll pay for it with money.

        • This. There was someone else in another thread suggesting that all these external drives are binned with no evidence to suggest that is true.
          One would also question that if it fails to meet product specifications then the label's would be removed or modified as such. (eg. the WD white label drives)

          Speculation on my part would put forward a theory that they would put any surplus drives they have stock of into the enclosures to meet market demand at the time.

          My testing of the shucked 12TB Exos in regards to SMART data appears to be very much inline with my 14TB Exos (not shucked)

          Further to that my 4TB seagate shucked drives from back in the day (~5yrs ago) are still going strong in my qnap (used for 24x7 writing for NVR duties)

  • Congrats to those who got them. Missed out, oh well.

  • Damn, I ordered 4 of these from the Amazon US deal @ $481 8 days ago

  • Just saw it's no longer available for preorder anymore! Oh well! (me and my indecisiveness)

  • Any funny stories about losing 16Tb of data in a drive failure?

  • +2 votes


    They should all end with "but a few hours later I'd restored the 16TB from my backup, and everything was fine".

    So the stories end up being pretty rubbish 😁

    • More like 30 hours later! That's the hairy thing about backups/restores to or from these huge drives - speed improvements haven't kept up with increased capacities.

      • +1 vote

        IMO it doesn't matter if it takes 2 hours or 2 weeks, as long as the data is recoverable.

  • Is there any indication anywhere, when this item will be back in stock and therefore get shipped ?

  • This is now available for $437.58 + delivery.


    Backorder but at least you can still purchase it though not as cheap as the original.

  • Bit cheaper today,

    $431.22 from UK with no ETA - https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B08899GVT6
    $446.45 from US with 2-3 week ETA - https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B088S9PWNM

    The UK ones are a bit weird in that they've been backordered for some time now and no drives sent, no ETA.

    • Argh this is too good for an X16 Exos drive… willing to take my chances and order for $431. If it ships, great, if it doesn't, I'm sure it'll come down in price one day again in the future.

      Whilst the UK price is $431.22, the US price has gone up to $467.64 so it's enough of a difference to be material.

    • I still see no updates from Amazon UK on the availability. Is there any historical evidence around how long Amazon might take to get the stock in ?

  • Has anyone had theirs shipped yet ?

    • Nothing. Even had a camel price drop down to $387 briefly but gone when I checked, get the feeling they're trolling us :)

      • Yeah I had an alert earlier this morning. But no updates on stock availability yet.

      • Yes i was up when that happened but took too long to to action it not realising it will only last about 4 hours. It was $387.77