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Free 30 Day Horror Movie/TV Trial (Normally 7 Days) @ Shudder (CC Req.)


Get a free 30 day trial, normally 7 days at Shudder. You need to put in CC details but suppose you can just put in an old prepaid card if you like. They will offer you an extra 30 days if you try to cancel so a 60 day trial (thanks WoodYouLikeSomeCash).

Shudder, owned by U.S. entertainment company AMC, has finally launched in Australia after years of teasing it had plans to arrive down under. The service’s biggest selling point is that it doesn’t bother delivering subscribers everything they could ever dream of. Instead, it caters to a very specific dedicated audience — horror fans.

The service offers movies, TV series, podcasts, and live streaming events across the horror, thriller, and suspense genres. But it’s expected to have a different content library here in Australia due to existing licencing agreements.

Seem to have loads of content plus their own produced stuff.

Code: SHUTIN via their Instagram

Updated Code: HORRORHOUND via Horror Hound

You may cancel at any time during your free trial and will not be charged. To cancel, go to Manage Account and click "Cancel Membership."

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    Seem to have loads of content plus their own produced stuff.

    Is there a link to their content that doesn't require signing up first?

  • Spooky 😧

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    Supposedly they offer you an extra 30 days if you try to cancel so possibly a 60 day trial.

    Can confirm :)

    • +1

      What happens if you cancel again? Will you keep 60 days?

      • +1

        Yep, you can cancel again and it shows when the trial will end (60 days).

  • Friday 13th!

    • +9

      Tuesday 11th!

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    the amount of content you can watch is shockingly scary!!!

    total movie count is 125, most of them are craps anyway, and the TV is not TV series, you just click to watch whatever they are streaming….

    i cancelled straightly away, don't even need the extra 30 days

    • +5

      We need fewer streaming services, not more. We can’t go creating a new one for each genre.

      • Pretty sure shudder has been around before even Amazon prime video.

    • -1

      reacher said…
      "and the TV is not TV series, you just click to watch whatever they are streaming…."

      Not quite.
      If you looked properly, they have TV series and you can pick the episodes to watch any time in any order, just like you would with another streaming service.

      Yes, they do have another feature where you can view a window that has something streaming at the time.

      Just wanted to clear up your misinformation for anyone reading up on what they provide.

      • +2




        to quote text.


        Just wanted to clear up your misinformation for anyone reading up on what they provide.

  • I could of sworn I went clicked on this app on an old non Android bravia from 2014

    I remember it looking pretty terrible

    Read outlawVern's slasher fest articles instead would be my advice

  • +3

    OMG! They finally opened the service up to aus. <3 Subbed.

  • After attempting to cancel and getting offered a free 30 days, it seems I only have 37 days for free.
    Also no confirmation emails from Shudder at all.

    • +1

      now I realize I neglected to use the code. Oops.

  • Can I watch on ps4 or Xbox one?

    • +1

      You can stream Shudder through the following devices:

      Shudder Website via home computer or laptop
      Android (mobile)
      Fire TV

      Shudder Support

      • Xbox

        You mean, I can finally bust out my dusty original Xbox from way back when?


  • +2

    My wife will love this - thanks!

  • I like the slightly ominous code.

  • -1

    A lot of old movies

    • -1

      Yeah, lot of silly ones too

      • Netflix already has stupid horror movies covered. It's about half their catalogue in AU.

        • +1

          Well two months free is two months free…
          Some people absolutely love this genre so I guess it's a little niche

  • -1

    It's no good movies, you'll regret losing your time watching this.. Unsubscribe already… Thanks OP… Good deal for some…

  • Wow just what we need, another steaming service

    • +4

      On the plus side, you’ll have crisp shirts at least.

  • Thanks very much for this info as I didn't realise it had launched here.
    Got the 60 days free.

    Definitely a niche service and one that suits myself and the wife.
    Going to be fun with classics like the original 3 Hellraisers and Maniac Cop, more recent stuff like It Follows and The Autopsy of Jane Doe and some good TV there with Creep Show and The Dead Lands (movie it's based on is awesome).

    Not for everyone, but many hours of content for us and some fun movie nights for the older kids too.

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    To get 60 days:
    Go to My Account
    Press Cancel Membership down the bottom
    Agree and Continue
    Next page asks you to pick why you cancelled
    Pick and Continue
    Next page you will get the chance to change your mind and get an extra month
    Now follow steps again to cancel after 60 days.

  • Been dying for this but non Shudder exclusive content seems sparse atm. Hoping it picks up.

  • +3

    Just going to point out that you can use a VPN to access the US selection, which has a much wider range of movies and tv shows.

  • I just signed up and got the 60 days free. Now if I cancel now, will I keep the free 60 days or do I need to cancel on the 59th day?

    • How'd you go with this? Did you cancel it or are you waiting until the 60 days is almost over?

      • Well it’s been more then 60 days… it’s been a year since I made that post hahaha

        Any how, to be honest I wouldn’t go with Shudder again. I signed up, got the 60 days for free, I canceled the trial within 3-4 days. After the 60 days was up, my credit card got charged by them and I had to contact then and get my money back.

        So yer, after that bad taste, I decided not to use them again