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Bendix Brake / Parts Cleaner and Degreaser - 400g 3 for $10 (Normally $15.49 Per Can) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


My favourite parts cleaner is back on special.

Full Product Info

Safely and effectively removes brake fluid, grease, oil and other contaminants from brake parts and parts components


Australian made
Leaves no residue
Non-corrosive to metals, non staining
Stops squeaks & squeal in brakes
Ozone friendly, contains no CFC

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  • I got a few cans from last time, and one of them had no gas. So now I'm stuck with a full can that I can't use

  • So this should be perfect for bikes?

    • It shouldn't be used in anything with rubber seals or O rings. If your chain uses o rings, don't use it on this

    • This. I sprayed it on my disc rotors, wiped and rinsed off with water. They are now quieter than ever. One thing is you do need to remove the disc rotors first.

    • I've used it on bikes before, but with any cleaning on the bike, dont go dousing the headset, freewheel, bottom bracket etc with any degreaser / cleaner.

    • yes, I use it to clean the chains and some greasy parts. It's super effective.

  • would this be good to get rid of brake dust from wheels?

    • They have an SCA branded foaming wheel cleaner that works quite well for that. Would definitely be a lot better than this. Although this would be better than soapy water too, but for money saving, if u didn't want to go for dedicated wheel cleaner, you could buy bulk degreaser liquid concentrate and diluate it down a little and use a spray bottle to spray it on your wheels and things. That'd be very cheap and probably similar to using these.

      • Great to know. Would this product help with slightly squeaky brakes from said brake dust? Had brakes checked and still have plenty of mm left.

    • No, best to use a dedicated wheel cleaner for that.

    • Would advised against this. Brake/Carb cleaner makes warps rubber if exposed for too long. i.e. side walls of your tyres might be compromised.
      If you had to, apply it to brush for control on heavily stained and baked in dust and in small amounts

      If its just loose dust would use Bowdens own wheely Clean or Mothers professional wheel cleaner. I've had amazing results from it

  • Thanks! Was shocked how expensive it was when I bought it recently!

    I probably will never even touch these but at $3.33. Cant go wrong

  • Why not just wd40 on the brakes?

    • cos this dries in about 1 second where WD40 will be on there lubricating the surface for ages and causing a safety hazard.

  • shhhhhhhh….. Don't tell anyone, it's a bit of a trade secret, but brake cleaner is great for use in the kitchen or around the house. Better than IPA at removing sticky labels or grease. Though be careful on painted surfaces as it can strip/remove paint!

  • Thanks OP for posting this. Bought 3 cans as this stuff is best for cleaning brakes! For others contemplating it, for general grease / grime removal just use the cheap export degreaser. Brake cleaner specifically doesn't leave behind residue that adversely affects braking. Good for disc brakes on bicycles, but I always clean afterward with soapy water anyway.

  • Got this last time. Its great stuff can also clean out grease from bearings in hubs etc. better than stuffing around with kero.

  • Lovely stuff to clean up garden tools. 1 can is barely enough for my chainsaw and pole pruner.

  • Brian from Tech Yes City (YouTube) uses brake cleaner on PC parts for "Tech Yes Lovin".

    He's mentioned he's an Ozbargain user in his videos too. Shout out to Brian if you're reading this!

  • It's cheaper than the usual price for Bendix, but not as much of a bargain compared to the generic brands which are really much the same (although still very cheap if you need some now)

  • I've been buying this. Looks like they updated the can because mine looks different. It's in the Tool Shop section of the store.

    Doesn't smell as nice, cleans almost as well, steam is still powerful but a little thinner.

    Basically it's 50/50 IPA and Napatha (Shellite/Lighter Fluid).

    • But as a degreaser does that mean you need to rinse it off with water?

      • I’ve never had any residue left from it. But I only use it as a degreaser not a brake cleaner. Same when I buy Bendix.

    • Different stuff.

      Hose Off degreaser pulls the grease & bonds it to water, which then carries it away. (SCA sold the Hose Off degreaser for like $18/12pk last mth, their usual Export housebrand) If you don't hose off, it stays stinky wet & messy.

      Alcohol Solvent degreaser dissolves the grease & flushes it away. If you collect the drippings & let the solvent evaporate, you'll get your oily grease at bottom of pan. Solvent evaporates pretty quickly.

      Yeah this Bendix can smells like IPA+shellite ;) but my nose is not a calibrated solvent detector.

  • Coming up as $15.49 on their website (today at 5pm).
    Maybe special starts next week?

  • Just spray and walk away?

  • can i use this to clean tyres and rims?

  • Always wear eye protection. Had an instance where the spray cap was faulty and sprayed my face. Not good for the eyes.

  • nice find… ordered 6 cans for little more than 1.. hate to be the guy who walked in grabbed 1 as trhats all was needed to see 3 were much cheaper than 1 lol……