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Razer Viper Ultimate w/ Charging Dock $215.20 (RRP $289) Delivered @ Microsoft eBay / Microsoft Website


This is part of Microsoft's 20% Razer gaming peripherals sales which is available on both Microsoft's site and eBay.

Link to Razer Viper Ultimate on Microsoft website

So this mouse was released December 2019 and it looks like the prices have not been coming down sub $200 yet BUT if you have the targeted eligible items eBay coupon code you can take a further $20 off which will make this only $195.20. Don't forget to use shopback/cashrewards if not using your coupon code.

I was going to pull the trigger on this but I think I'll be waiting for another $66 deal from Amazon for the Basilisk X Hyperspeed instead (link to expired deal). I know they're different mice but I think for my grip, I prefer the shape of the Basilisk and for me rechargeable batteries are definitely a plus for the Basilisk X Hyperspeed. But hey, for those of you who prefer the shape of the Viper and is looking for what is the king of wireless gaming mouse now, then the Viper Ultimate is the one for you.

Update: Out of Stock in eBay but still available on Microsoft Website

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  • Actually the best mouse unless you have small hands. (I have big hands and use mostly Claw/fingertip grip, If you play palm and have small hands it's probably good too)

    Just a warning to anyone that I've had 2 of these and neither charges consistently sitting on it's dock. (Plugging it into the cable to charge isn't the biggest deal for me but it might annoy some)

  • Damn that 20 off would have been brilliant for the wired viper. Shame ive used it

  • 2020 but still mirco usb. Only good mouse come with usb-c available now is logitech MX 3

    • Pwnage Ultra Custom has USB-C but I can't think of any others off the top of my head. At least with the RVU it's not as annoying since you have the dock but Logitech still selling the GPW for nearly $250+ with that awful micro usb cable is a pretty poor effort in my opinion.

    • This is a good point but to be honest for a wireless mouse that charges on a dock, I think it becomes less of a issue. What I'm thinking more on is the end terminal is USB-A which while it is "ok" for today's standards, its not really future proof for such an expensive mouse. Like you'd expect at least to get 3-5 years life from this mouse.

      • Surely getting a USB-A to USB-C adapter in a few years if you still need it is preferable to getting a USB-C to USB-A adapter now. USB-C ports are still not all that common especially on desktop computers which is where I would imagine the vast majority of buyers would be using a mouse like this.

  • I paid half this price for a Logitech wireless mouse without the janky dock. It's very comfortable and the sensor is flawless. Why would you pay this much?

    • It's an enthusiast level product with an enthusiast level price tag, it's not meant to be good value. It's Razer's competitor for the G Pro Wireless which still retails for over $250 despite being much older and having issues with double clicking. It's as expensive as it is because their target demographic will pay the price.

      • I don't see a difference between my G703 and the G Pro apart from shape, so why the expense?

        • Check out the review if you want to know the answer https://www.rocketjumpninja.com/

          eg g703is heavy as hell, and big compared to the razer

        • G703 is significantly heavier than the GPW and has a worse shell shape for fingertip/claw grippers
          The HERO version uses the same or very similar sensor (it shouldn't matter for most people) but the weight and shape is a pretty big deal for people who play competitive games where aim is important

          Some of those pros for comp. gaming make the GPW feel less premium to some which I think is reasonable but it's clearly a better mouse for gaming & has a ton of sponsored E-Sports players using it so you're probably paying extra for that

          RVU feels like the best of both worlds to me, even better shape, lighter, optical switches + doesn't have any of the GPW hollow/ringy sound & feel and apparently the wireless technology is slightly better than Logitech's already very good lightspeed (and a better sensor but probably irrelevant).

          I ended up using my G703 for work, GPW sits there patiently waiting for me to need to use it while charging my RVU

        • Better battery life, lower weight and extra (as well as swappable magnetic) side buttons would all contribute to the actual cost to produce but I imagine the margin on a GPW is quite a bit higher than something like the G703. The GPW has a wider market appeal due to its size and shape, the G703 is much more suited to larger hands and obviously only right hand users. More potential users for the GPW = higher demand = higher price.

      • Dunno where you're seeing GPW's actually being sold at $250. I got it a few weeks ago for $139.

        • JB - $279, HN - $278, Logitech direct - $279.95. Even at places like CPL, Scorptec, PCCG, etc you're looking at around $220 so once you factor in postage you're pretty close to $250. Taking this into consideration I probably should have said $200+ and obviously they've been on sale much cheaper from time to time but the key word in my original comment was "retails".

  • Bought one from JB a couple of weeks ago for $230 (price matched with another online store).

    The dock charging doesn't work so Razer support is sending a replacement unit. I paid for the dock so I want it to work.

    I like the fact that the mouse is light but not as comfy as my MX master 2s and most people don't need 20,000 dpi.

    • Did you find it stop working after time or straight out the box?

      I use ear bud things with a cleaner on the contacts and it was great.

  • Damn jsut got mine yesterday and paid $242, great mouse though, like it a lot more than my G Pro Wireless

  • Oos eBay now, although I got one from their official store, combined with the 20% off gift card still a decent price.

  • Love the shape, hate the mushy click.

  • EBay is showing out of stock